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Department of Human Services
2013-2014 Annual Report
Letter From the Board of
County Commissioners
It is a great pleasure to present to you Jefferson County Department of Human Services Annual
Report. As you read through this report you will see that this was a challenging yet rewarding year
for us. Although revenues have declined the demand for services has increased. We have maximized
and stretched every dollar and we delivered quality services during the most difficult of times.
As County Commissioners we believe we should work to improve the quality of life throughout
Jefferson County by lowering barriers and increasing and enhancing services for those in need.
Our work in the community especially during this very difficult recession has been critical to meet
the needs of so many of our residents.

We are proud that our Human Services Department has partnered with faith based organizations,
non-profit agencies and businesses and together they have maximized services through innovative
cutting edge practices. We have a commitment to excellence. We expect visionary leadership and
strong partnerships. We expect wise stewardship of the taxpayer dollars and we believe we are
meeting these expectations, especially during these difficult times. I believe you will enjoy reading
this report and you will also be proud of the work being done to ensure Jefferson County is the
best place to live and to raise a family.
Faye Griffin, Chair
Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners
Letter from Lynn Johnson
Executive Director, Department of Human Services
I am proud to present the Jefferson County Department of Human Services 2013-2014 Annual Report.
My original purpose of doing an annual report was to be completely transparent about our spending
and our services to the Jefferson County community. Yet, when I reviewed this year's report I noticed
that it also told a story about very difficult times during a hard hitting recession. We continue to hear
that the recession is over but those of us in the helping professions have not yet seen a reduction in
need, in hunger, in fear of abuse or neglect or in poverty. We continue to serve every day to see a
positive impact. That is what I saw in this Annual Report.
Impact is not about what we do, how many people we serve, how long weve been in existence or
how far our service area reaches. It is about whether we achieved positive change and whether
or not it lasts.
Impact does not happen by accident but through dedication and rigorous attention to high standards.
That is why I am proud of this annual report. This report shows that we are not just collaborating
with our partner agencies, non-profits, faith based organizations and businesses but that we are
beginning to move from collaboration to partnering to truly integrating.
There has been a convergence of energy in Jefferson County moving towards a positive impact
for people never seen before. There has been a convergence to enhance services and to eliminate
duplication. There has been a convergence to streamline systems and to become more efficient.
There has been a convergence to be innovative and to tackle difficult issues. This convergence is
transformative, ensuring that Jefferson County is the best place to live and to raise a family. People
are front and center and systems see faces not cases. It is an honor to be part of a Jefferson County
team that truly makes a difference for those living in this County.
This Annual Report helps tell this story of a community committed to taxpayers, to individuals, to
families and to our entire community. Thank you for helping us have an impact.
Lynn A. Johnson
Executive Director
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Integrated Services Chart ............................................................... 6
Program areas
Adult Protection and Senior Services ............................................. 7
Employment Services .................................................................. 10
Family and Children ..................................................................... 14
Food, Health, and Financial Assistance ........................................ 22
Housing Assistance ...................................................................... 27
Justice Services ........................................................................... 29
Veterans Services ........................................................................ 32
Financial Overview ....................................................................... 34
Divisions ...................................................................................... 36
Thank you .................................................................................... 38
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Table of contents
Vision, Values
Employer of Choice
Jefferson County Department of Human Services is committed
to being an Employer of Choice, an organization where
employee actions are directly aligned with customer success,
employees feel appreciated and valued for their hard work, and
where employee contributions are acknowledged and rewarded.
This direction focuses on encouraging staff to join,
stay, perform, and adapt in the organization. At an individual
level it means providing solutions that empower people to
reach their fullest potential in an independent and sustainable
way. At an organizational level its about generating a healthy
community by collaborating to overcome challenges and
create innovative solutions that make a difference for the
residents of Jefferson County.
Culture of Inclusivity
Jefferson County Culture of Inclusivity is driven by the
talents of many and the uniqueness of all. As an inclusive
agency, Human Services has built inclusive values into every
aspect of the agency. For over six years, Human Services
has committed time and resources to staff and programs in
the area of inclusivity and is committed to fully supporting,
actively participating in, and contributing to achieving
inclusive goals and objectives. Inclusivity is a value that
is shared by all staff as they are expected, as part of their
performance, to provide all people who walk through the
doors with dignity and respect.
We will collaborate to provide a wide-range
of integrated services to meet diverse
community needs
We will be the employer of choice for
well-trained professionals
We will provide excellent service throughout
our organization with dignity and respect
Service First
Well-Trained Leaders Throughout
Professional Excellence
Open Communication
Fiscal Responsibility
Jefferson County Department of Human Services
will employ the most talented professionals to
provide opportunities for our residents to be
self-reliant and to protect individuals and the
community from harm.
Family and
and Boards
and Community
State and
Federal Funding
Services Staff
We are committed to doing things differently and improving the agencys effectiveness. The utilization of cross-program and
cross-system practices and services creates an outcome based approach pictured below. This outcome based approach is
shaped by customers and follows their ideas of success. To drive this cultural shift, cross community engagement and full
integration of services is essential.
Jefferson County Department of Human Services
Cross-program and Cross-system Practices and Services
Adult Protection
and Senior
The number of at-risk adult abuse, neglect
or explotation reports that Jefferson County
responded to in 2013.
Over 175
The number of participants who attended
Jefferson County's 4th annual Aging Well
Summit in 2013.
Celebrate Success
Al's first referral to Adult Protective Services (APS) was in September, 2013. At that time,
Al was living by himself in a small home in Edgewater. The landlord contacted APS due
to concerns Al was driving, getting lost, showing signs of confusion, not caring for his personal
hygiene, not eating, and not being able to care for his health and safety. Al's wife and daughter
are deceased and his son's whereabouts are unknown. He has no other known living relatives.
Alison Mangold, APS Caseworker, visited Al at his home and found it was in poor condition and
the bathroom was not functional, unsanitary and dangerous. Al was sleeping on a loveseat, with
no bedding or sufficient heat in the home. Al was carrying large amounts of cash and appeared
to have no concept of money management. He stated he was lonely and wanted to move to
assisted care.The new state funding for emergency services for seniors allowed for a cognitive
evaluation. Conservatorship and guardianship was recommended. Emergency funding paid for
moving expenses and housing in assisted care, while a Medicaid application was completed.
Emergency funds also purchased clothing, bedding and toiletries for Al.
In less than one month after the initial APS visit, Al moved into assisted living and
began receiving Medicaid and day program services from Innovage. Jefferson County was granted emergency guardianship,
conservatorship, and Long Term Care Medicaid in the same month. Al has improved since his move and states he wants to stay
where he is. He is now social and receives support with all activities of daily living.
Thanks to the new emergency services
funding for seniors, Al is now enjoying
his new life and is actively engaged in
his community.
Adult Protection provides services to prevent, reduce, or eliminate
the current or potential risk of mistreatment, exploitation, or self-
neglect to the at-risk adult (age 18 and older) using community based
services, health care services, family and friends when appropriate,
and other support systems. Adult Protective Services receives
reports from a variety of resources (neighbors, law enforcement,
etc.) and determines the need for an investigation or assessment
as mandated by the state. In 2013, Jefferson County responded
to 931 reports of at-risk adult abuse, neglect or exploitation.
Adult Protective Services made great strides in 2013 to connect
and collaborate with the District Attorney, local police authorities
and jails. Conversations and cross training took place between
agencies resulting in a better understanding of how to handle cases involving seniors with dementia. Often, inappropriate behavior from
seniors with dementia can land them in jail, which is not in the best interest of the senior or an appropriate place to receive treatment and
help. This education has everyone working together for the benefit of not only the taxpayers, but our aging senior population.
Senate Bill 13-111, mandatory reporting for at-risk elders (age 70 and older), was signed into
law in May of 2013. The new law states members of helping professions are now mandatory
reporters and are required to report known or suspected abuse of at-risk elders. Mandatory
reporting begins on July 1, 2014. With this bill, and for the first time ever, Adult Protection
Services received state funding for emergency services for seniors. This funding is used
to help at risk-adults who need housing or placement in a care facility, medication, clothing,
food and other basic needs.
Jefferson County Proclamation for World Elder Abuse Awareness Day,
June 15, 2013.
Adult Protection and Senior Services
(May 2013, Denver, CO) Governor Hickenlooper signs new law stating members of helping
professions are now mandatory reporters and are required to report known or suspected
abuse of at-risk elders. Mandatory reporting begins on July 1, 2014.
Jefferson Countys Aging Well Project
Jefferson County has a rapidly changing landscape with the largest number of adults age 60
and over in Colorado, and that number is expected to double by the year 2030. For the past
six years, Jefferson Countys Strategic Plan for Aging Well has been exploring this aging
population and actively getting the community involved.
Jefferson Countys Aging Well Project held its 4th Annual
Summit in June, 2013. Over 175 participants from all
different aspects of aging attended the Summit from
caregivers to businesses to faith based people and elected
officials, transportation and housing experts, financial
and medical professionals. The Summit was a call to
action to unite and create communities that are senior
friendly including funding for assisted transportation,
greater options in senior housing, greater awareness of
care giving issues amongst businesses, a more structured
approach to volunteerism as well as many more topics.
Other workgroup projects included reaching out to employers regarding their caregiving
employees and putting together 100 emergency kits for isolated seniors.
Adult Protection and Senior Services
Long Term Care
This team determines financial eligibility for those who need ongoing
medical or social support. Eligible individuals include:
Adults over the age of 18 who may have a chronic illness or
disability and need long term care
Disabled children who are at risk of institutionalization in a
hospital or nursing facility and who would not otherwise be
eligible for Medicaid due to parental income or resources
Options for Long-Term Care
(Single Entry Point)
Serving as a gateway for Medicaid services, case managers conduct
functional client assessments to determine the appropriate level of
care for individuals with chronic illnesses or disabilities. Individuals
have the options for in-home care, assisted living or nursing home
care depending on their needs.
Contact Susan Franklin at or call 303-271-4051.
Aging Well Annual Reports are available
Human Services employee, Britanni Trujillo, was
honored for her excellent customer service by the
Colorado Health Care Association.
Britanni and her team
greatly improved
their relationships
with nursing homes,
assisted living centers
and other Medicaid
providers, allowing
for faster Medicaid
application approvals
for our customers.
Emergency kits created by an Aging Well
Taskforce and distributed to 100 isolated
seniors in Jefferson County.
Lynn Johnson, Executive Director, Jefferson County Human
Services and Susan Franklin, Project Manager, Jefferson
County Human Services, received a Serving Our Seniors
award. Colorado Senior Lobby presented the award for
their dedication and service to Colorado seniors.
The number of local businesses American
Job Center partners with to place candidates.
The number of free talent workshops
available to strengthen individual talent.
American Job Center
Jefferson County Workforce Center has a new name! The American Job Center
(AJC) promotes economic vitality by identifying, developing and matching a
talented workforce to business. In 2013, the AJC served Jefferson, Clear Creek
and Gilpin counties by:
Identifying more than 16,000 individuals looking for work or to change
Strengthening individual talent through 700 free workshops;
Partnering with local educational institutions that offer hundreds of
different training programs;
Matching qualified job seekers to 7,000 employment opportunities; and
Partnering with 1,200 local businesses to place candidates in 72 different
Career Center Services
The American Job Center (AJC) operates a full-service career center in Jefferson County and staffs auxiliary centers in Gilpin County
and Clear Creek County. All services are free to Colorado residents. Standard services for a self-directed job search, including tools and
workshops, are available Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
The AJC recommends job seekers attend foundational workshops to strengthen job search effectiveness and maximize resources
whether the job seeker is presently unemployed, under-employed or looking to change careers. Veterans and their spouses receive
priority of service for all services offered in the career centers.
Employment Services
The American Job Center (AJC) provides enhanced employment services supported by staff to assist eligible adults in strengthening their
skills. Individualized services include one-on-one employment counseling, career assessments and specialized workshops.
Additional job search support or training opportunities may be available to individuals:
Who have recently been laid off;
Who do not have employable skills or current certifications;
Who need support finding and keeping employment; and
Who are displaced workers seeking a career.
Financial assistance for classroom and on-the-job training is available up to $5,000 for those who qualify.
AddME Academies
The AJC created a series of AddME Academies, which engage businesses to participate in targeted employment
events. Participation is by invitation only with preference given to qualified candidates in the AddME Talent Pool. Job
seekers can enhance their visibility to employers and exposure to job opportunities by being a member of the AddME
Talent Pool. Members will be first in line for referral to businesses with the job openings matching their unique skills
and experience.
Employment Services
The American Job Center is located in the Laramie Building,
3500 Illinois Street in Golden.
Employment Services
Workshops Offered at the American Job Center
The Training Services Team, a joint partnership between Colorado
Works and the American Job Center, developed a comprehensive
range of classes to help customers with family stability, employment
and career development. Over 45 workshops are available to the
general public and are held not only at the American Job Center, but
at other community locations. View and register for workshops at:
Business Services for Employers
The American Job Center (AJC) provides talent development and
recruitment assistance to local employers and entrepreneurs at
no cost. Businesses can search the database for that one perfect
candidate, fill many positions by participating in weekly hiring
events, or obtain financial assistance before committing to
training a new employee. Services include:
Subsidized On-the-Job (OJT) Trainings
Pre-Employment Candidate Evaluations
Wage Analysis
Layoff Transition Assistance
Talent Recruitment
Business Services is also able to provide up to $5,000 in subsidized
wages for on-the-job (OJT) training based on high-demand
occupations and the availability of qualified candidates.
How to Clothes the
Deal Workshop
Celebrate Success
Over 38 job seekers attended this makeover event and learned
techniques and strategies for engaging the interviewer,
selecting colors which highlight skin tone, shopping for a
business wardrobe on a shoestring budget, dentistry tips for
an award winning smile, and more. Professional presenters
offered their time free of charge to participate and give back to
the community. A professional photographer was on hand and
provided job seekers with photos for their LinkedIn accounts.
Stylists and makeup artists conducted over 23 makeovers and
job seekers left prepared for their next interview and making
that first great impression.
One of the job seekers commented,
This event was
phenomenal, thank you.
Celebrate Success:
APC Construction was having troubles
finding a quality, qualified applicant for
their administrative accountant. They
had used many different placement
agencies with varying results. APC
Construction was initially skeptical of
using a government agency for staffing help for fear of
paperwork and red-tape, but decided to try it out anyway.
Upon receiving the job description from APC Construction,
American Job Center staff conducted site visits to better
understand the position and the culture of the company.
The American Job Center staff marketed the position through
the Connecting Colorado website and the "AddME Talent
Pool." Resumes submitted by candidates were then screened
and reviewed for best fit to the position and culture of the
company. Interviews were coordinated through the American
Job Center with the oversight of APC Construction's hiring
manager. On-the-job training reimbursement for the company
was also sought.
APC Construction hired an AddME Talent Pool member
for the position and the company could not be happier.
Through the screening process the perfect candidate was
found, rather than just "a" candidate. APC Construction said
that after working with placement agencies for nearly 30
years, the American Job Center was as good, if not better,
than any of those agencies and the on-the-job training
reimbursement was the "icing on the cake."
Employment Services
Youth Services
The American Job Center (AJC) Youth Services
program helps youth ages 14 to 21 develop
job readiness skills and get connected to
employment opportunities. Youth Services
also offers free assistance in supporting youth
to obtain their high school diploma, GED or post-secondary
certificate/training (two years or less).

Employment First
Colorado Employment First supports food assistance participants
by helping them gain the skills or experience necessary to obtain
regular employment.
Jefferson County saw 5,940 Employment First participants
in 2013
The five person team was able to double its performance
based funding due to improved customer service and new
business process. This funding, approximately $80,000,
was used to double the amount of supportive services
provided to these participants
The program invested 108,000 volunteer hours back into the
community, valued at $840,240
Jefferson Countys Employment First Team.
Celebrate Success:
Meet Inna. Inna was a
youth in need of some
direction. She knew that
to make something better
for herself she needed
to find a decent job. The
problem was that Inna
had little training and
skills and no one would
hire "just a kid."
Youth Services coordinated an internship for Inna at St.
Anthony Hospital and funded Certified Nurse Aide training
at Red Rocks Community College. The Youth Services team
then assisted Inna in developing a professional resume and
refined Innas interviewing skills. Inna attended an American
Job Center hiring event which resulted in a job offer for a
health care position at Complete Home Health Care.
Before I was here, I was
lost. I didnt know how to
apply for school, finish
school, or get into college.
Without Youth Services, I
dont know where I would
be. I might still be lost.
AddME is part of the AddONE campaign. AddONE
is an entrepreneurial and innovative partnership
with the business community in Jefferson
County with one goal: to get people back to
work and enhance the bottom-line of business in
the community. All businesses are being asked
to just hire one new employee. In 2013, there were over 1,400
businesses that pledged to add one new position.
Family and
The number of families Child Support served
in 2013.
The number of children and familly members
Head Start benefited in 2013.
The number of child abuse or neglect cases
triaged in 2013.
Child Support Services
Child Support Services has served over 15,706 families and 23,557
children, and has collected $31.3 million dollars on behalf of children
in 2013.
The program goals are to strengthen families financially, medically,
and emotionally to enhance parents means to engage and support
their children.
Child Support Services is comprised of multiple programs directly
benefitting the financial, medical and emotional needs of children:
Problem Solving Court - Traditionally, a parent who did not pay child
support was sent to jail for 180 days once found in contempt. The
parent was rarely given the opportunity to address the underlying
reason for failure to comply with their child support order. Parents
who go to jail fall further behind on their child support payments and
often face additional challenges after their jail sentence. Jail is an
expensive burden on the judicial system and the tax payer.

The problem solving court seeks to help parents find solutions to the barriers keeping them from meeting their child support
obligations and an alternative to a jail sentence. Barriers might include access to their children, unemployment, challenges to
complying with orders, criminal history, mental health needs and substance abuse. Most often, parents do have the ability to pay
if obstacles are addressed. Parents who are able to overcome barriers and pay child support become positively engaged in their
childrens lives, improving the overall family situation.
Responsible Fatherhood Program This program assists fathers in identifying and overcoming barriers they face in maintaining
an active role in their childrens lives, and becoming current on financial obligations to their children. Research suggests that the
emotional and financial strength of communities is linked to the strength of the men in those families in our communities.

The Fatherhood specialist walks through the various stages and challenges of being a good father and helps identify ways dads can be
there for their kids even though they may not see them daily or even weekly.
The Colorado Parent Employment Project (CO-PEP) - CO-PEP started in October 2013 to help non-custodial parents (NCPs) with
supportive and employment services so they are able to pay their child support. Child support data shows that NCPs often find it difficult to
obtain employment, or they are under employed.

Utilizing community resources, intensive barrier assessments,
and partnerships with the Jefferson County Responsible Fatherhood
Program and the American Job Center, CO-PEP is demonstrating
restored parental relationships and consistent child support
payments. Jefferson County will serve 180 participants through this
project by October 2016.

Jefferson County has received national recognition for demonstrating
best practices in delivering services that create a return on investment
for our families, our communities and our taxpayers.
Visit YouTube to learn more about the Responsible Fatherhood Program
Family and Children
Jefferson County Head Start
Head Start is a high quality preschool program promoting
school readiness for children ages 3-5 from low-income families
by enhancing the childs cognitive, social and emotional
development. Jefferson County Head Start is unlike any other
preschool program because it provides supportive services for
the entire family. In 2013, Jefferson County Head Start served
1,900 children and family members.
Families participated in Love and Logic parenting classes, self care
workshops, fatherhood activities, cooking classes and multiple
advisory and advocacy opportunities. In addition, 246 families
received one or more services that were either provided by Head
Start or referred to an outside agency. Services included: 150
requests for crisis intervention, 44 for housing assistance, 49 for
mental health services, 114 for some type of training or education,
and 149 for some type of family assistance or parenting education.

The teachers at Jefferson County Head Start are among the most
qualified preschool teachers in the country with mandatory Bachelor
degree level lead teachers and Associate or leading to an Associate
Degree level assistant teachers in each classroom.
Field Day at Head Start is always a popular event with
teachers, families and the surrounding community.
Family and Children
Ray Washington, Responsible Fatherhood Manager, wins
the Liberty Bell Award at the 1st Judicial Bar Associations
Judges and Awards Banquet.
The Liberty Bell Award is given to an individual each year by
local bar associations to honor outstanding citizens within
the local community. The award recognizes outstanding
service performed by a non-lawyer citizen who has given of
his or her time and energy to strengthen the effectiveness of
the American system of freedom under law, in keeping with
the spirit of our Constitution.
Celebrate Success
Mike had recently been released from incarceration on a
domestic violence charge, was the restrained party on a
restraining order, and was also unemployed when he first
came into the Jefferson County Responsible Fatherhood
Program. Seeking to re-integrate himself into the life of his
young son Ben, Mike was willing to engage in individual
coaching to identify and overcome some of his barriers.
Fatherhood Specialist Dave Rosset immediately conducted
an intake and referred him to the Whitian House, where he
still engages in domestic violence therapy.
Fatherhood Manager Ray Washington conducted parenting
education sessions with the custodial mother, referred the
parties to Jefferson County Mediation Services and, with
the consent of the custodial mother, scheduled supervised
visits between Mike and Ben accurred during weekend
Fatherhood classes. As a result of mediation, the parties
signed a stipulated Memorandum of Understanding regarding
parenting time which ultimately became an order of the court.
To date, Mike is employed fulltime, has completed therapy
and safely reconciled with the custodial mother.


Employment, Training
and Education
Community Resource

JPP Model
Donuts with Dads is a special event to honor Head Start fathers.
Child Abuse Hotline 303-271-HELP (4357)
Family and Children
Celebrate Success
In May 2013, the Head Start Nutrition Coordinator and staff,
in partnership with CSU Extension, sponsored the First
Inaugural Family Fun Night to introduce and highlight the
Food Friends, Fun with New Foods Nutrition Program.
This night offered food, fun and advice to parents on how
to increase their preschoolers willingness to try new foods
and establish healthy eating habits. The event was a huge
success with 250 families attending.
Jeffco Prosperity Project (JPP)
JPP is a collaboration of community, school, business and county partnerships working together
to assist young children and families in poverty to foster educational and family success. Research
shows that children living in poverty face greater challenges in succeeding in school, and later in life.
JPP works to help Head Start families receive intensive support in order to become self sufficient,
while school age children receive academic support to attain their high school diploma.
This program is a gift for a
lifetime. My kids will have
more opportunities for a
better future than I had.
" JPP Parent
Prevention: SafeCare
A part of Governor Hickenloopers Keeping Kids Safe and Families
Healthy 2.0 initiative, prevention programs are being provided to
prevent families from entering or further becoming involved in
the child welfare system. SafeCare is an evidence-based, in-home
parenting skills prevention program. Designed for families with
at least one child birth to age 5, the program lasts roughly 16 to
19 weeks, with weekly sessions addressing child health, home
safety and parent-child interaction. The Kempe Center oversees
implementation of the program, including training, research and
evaluation. In partnership with Savio House and Denver County
Human Services, Jefferson County Division of Children Youth and
Families (CYF) was chosen as one of the three sites in Colorado
to implement SafeCare. A voluntary program, it is free to families
that meet criteria. This program fills a gap for families to receive
preventive services and support to parent and care for their
young children. Community agencies and families can access this
program by calling Savio House for the SafeCare program at
303-225-4185 or

COLLABORATION: Serving Domestic Violence
through Collaborating Partnerships
Human Services Children, Youth and Families Division (CYF) began
a unique collaboration to enhance child welfare's response to the
complex issue of domestic violence. Working with Family Tree to
provide expertise on victim concerns, as well as a key perpetrator
treatment provider, CYF built specific expertise to address work
around safety of victims and treatment of perpetrators.

The goals of this partnership are to improve health, safety and well
being of parents and their children who are impacted by domestic
violence, as well as improve child welfare practice with clients who
have experienced domestic violence. This collaboration is unique
with only very few programs like this in the state of Colorado located
within a county child protection office.
Child Welfare
In 2013, 9,513 reports of child abuse and/or neglect were triaged,
ensuring children in our community are safe. The Division of
Children, Youth and Families completes comprehensive assessments
of allegations and provides protective services to children and
youth who are at risk, or are victims of child abuse or neglect. The
Division responds to reports of abuse and neglect 24 hours a day,
7 days a week.

The County constantly works to support families to ensure the
safety of children, youth, and families but cannot do it alone.
Groups, organizations and individuals throughout the community
are highly encouraged to get involved in this effort. If you witness
child abuse or even suspect it may be happening, please call the
Child Abuse Hotline at 303-271-HELP (4357).

Family and Children
Child Protection HOTLINE Intake Team wins Customer Service Award.
Child Protection HOTLINE Intake Team received a Customer
Service Award. The team created a pilot program by designing
an enhanced screening tool to gather critical information about
the allegations of child abuse/neglect to assist employees in
making good decisions more efficiently and effectively.
Permanency Roundtables
Permanency Roundtables (PRTs) began on a pilot basis in Jefferson
County in January 2012. Eighteen months later, Jefferson County
expanded permanency roundtables to all children and youth (close
to 150) who have been in foster care for a year or more.

Permanency options for children/youth in foster care include
reunifying with a parent, legal guardianship, legal custody,
or adoption.
Why is permanency so important?
Studies have found that former foster youth who emancipate from
the system are less likely to be employed, have a bank account,
health insurance, and are more likely to be homeless or pregnant.
Permanency is a lifelong commitment that provides stability for
youth. Permanency Roundtables work to develop an action plan for
children and youth in foster care. The initial permanency roundtable
includes caseworkers, supervisors, attorneys representing the
youth, and a community representative referred to as the "external
consultant". The second meeting is referred to as the "Youth
Voice" roundtable in which the youth is invited to the meeting
along with anyone they identify as their supports. The youth then
revises and creates their plan for permanency with the help of the
team. Permanency roundtables are held every 90 days until legal
permanency is achieved or the case closes.
Permanency Sub Committee wins Excellence in Best Practice Award from the Colorado
Department of Human Services, Child Welfare Services.
Family and Children
A simple concept: children
and youth in foster care
deserve a family.
Permanency Sub Committee wins Excellence
in Best Practice Award
The Permanency Sub Committee was honored for
consistently demonstrating outstanding practice
promoting safety, permanency, and well-being
with children and families.
Celebrate Success
Tyler entered foster care over three years ago when he was 12.
After Tyler's mom was not successful in addressing the issues on
her treatment plan and the paternal side of the family was not able
to have Tyler in their home, his permanency goal was changed
to adoption. As recruitment for a possible adoptive family was
occurring, the permanency roundtable process began.
During the Youth Voice PRT, Tyler stated that he wanted the team
to find his maternal grandmother. Although the caseworker had
heard concerning things about the grandmother from Tyler's
mother, the PRT team made the commitment to locate her and
discuss with her any interest in becoming involved in Tyler's life
as a permanent connection. Grandma was excited to be contacted
and made an immediate commitment to Tyler. Over several
months, Tyler and Grandma, with the support of the PRT team,
re-connected and made plans for Tyler to live with her. As of June,
Tyler is now successfully living with his Grandma. Tyler now has
family that he can always depend upon for years to come.
Ask a youth what
permanency means to
them and they are likely
to say a key to the house,
someone who would attend
their wedding, or who they
spend the holidays with.
Collaborative Foster Care Program
Arapahoe, Douglas and Jefferson counties formed a partnership
to recruit, train, certify and support foster families. Through this
partnership, the three counties are better equipped to provide the
best possible out-of-home experience where children can thrive until
they can be reunified with family, live independently, or be adopted.
Learn more about becoming a foster family by visiting

Misti - Born December 2001
Misti is a sweet, imaginative and creative girl. Misti thrives
in a setting where she receives positive attention and
affirmation. Misti loves music, especially Justin Bieber and
Taylor Swift, and she also loves to sing and dance.
Misti does well around other children, but would do best as
the youngest child. Misti will do well with a family who allows
her to be herself without judgment and one that appreciates
her spunky, active personality.
There are more children like Misti. If you are
interested in adopting, call 303-271-4396.
Family and Children
Partnering for Safety
Partnering for Safety: From Screening to Permanency is the
practice model for the Division of Children, Youth and Families,
which provides a framework for how the Division as a whole
works internally and partners with families, service providers
and community members to put our mission and guiding principles
into action in daily practice and operations. At the core, the model
is the description of what we do, how we do it, why we do it and
what outcomes we hope to achieve for children and families. Child,
youth, family and community engagement is the value the Division
emphasizes throughout the practice using different components.
Doing foster care is helping
children feel safe and secure in a
world that has been turned upside
down for them. It allows them an
opportunity for normalcy.
" Pam Herrera, Foster Parent

Family and
Jefferson County Kids Waiting for Adoption
Adoptive parents become a 'forever family' to children who
can no longer live with their biological family due to unresolved
concerns for their safety and well being. Adoptive families must
be able to provide for a child unconditionally and know that even
when there are challenges and bumps along the way, they are
helping to prevent future cycles of abuse, giving a child hope.
Child & Youth Leadership Commission
The 1451 Collaborative Management Program in Jefferson County is
the Child and Youth Leadership Commission (CYLC). This group of
leaders from throughout the county includes a County Commissioner,
City Council member, the Jefferson County Sheriff, the Jefferson County
District Attorney, the Jeffco Public Schools Superintendent, Jefferson
Center for Mental Health, Human Services, and many more family
serving community agencies. The CYLC is committed to enhancing the
health and well-being of children, youth and families by establishing
collaborative leadership, accountability, efficiency, and cost effective
coordinated systems. CYLC was created by the Jefferson County
Board of County Commissioners in 2008 as a response to issues of
duplication, fragmentation, and increasing costs of providing services.
Through collaboration, CYLC promotes cutting edge practices and ideas
to address multi-system families and multi-system integration efforts.
JCHS Confronts Human Trafficking
Human Trafficking is a
$32 billion dollar a year
industry. It is the fastest
growing crime, now second
only to the drug trade
and it is happening here
in our own community -
Jefferson County. Jefferson
County Department of Human Services through the Children
and Youth Leadership Commission has formed a network of
collaboration with law enforcement, public safety, health care
providers, County Public Health, legislators, educators, mental
health professionals, and community outreach agencies as a
coalition to best serve victims of human trafficking. The U.S.
Department of Justice reports that between 2008-2010, 83% of
sex trafficking victims found within the United States have been
involved at one time with the child welfare system, specifically
foster care. Human Services is working to increase victim safety,
support victims in protecting themselves and their children,
identify and create appropriate referral options for each victim,
and standardize procedures and resources for screening victims.
The Jefferson County Board of County Commissioners issued
a proclamation declaring zero tolerance for Human Trafficking
in Jefferson County. All Colorado counties are now challenged
to proclaim the same commitment to putting an end to Human
Trafficking in the state of Colorado.
This is not an issue that can be solved by any one agency; it
takes partnership and multiple resources to solve. You can do
your part. If you suspect human trafficking, contact our Child
Protection Hotline at 303-271-HELP (4357) and the Colorado
Network to End Human Traffcking (CoNEHT) toll-free, 24
hours a day, 7 days a week at 1-866-455-5075.
Right: Amanda Rodriguez,
Caseworker, was honored
with the Outstanding
Case Practice Award by
Colorado's Administrative
Review Division (ARD).
Amanda's case was
nominated due to her work
on two cases in which she
engaged the birth families
in selecting adoptive
families for children freed
for adoption.
Family and Children
Awards for Outstanding
Case Practice
Left: Lisel Atherton,
Caseworker, was honored
with the Outstanding
Case Practice Award by
Colorado's Administrative
Review Division (ARD).
Lisels case was nominated
due to exceptional effort
by Ms. Atherton to seek
and establish familial
connections for youth.
Fox31 News Feel Good Friday Award
goes to Allison Pearce, Caseworker
Allison helps youth as they transition out of the social services
system and into adulthood. She assists in finding them their
first apartment, employment, other support systems and
lifelong connections.
Ken Clark from Fox31 News awards Allison Pearce with an award
for all the life changing work she does. You can find the video on and search for Allison Pearce.
Food, Health
and Financial
The number of families that received food
assistance in 2013.
The number of households LEAP assisted
with heating costs in 2013.
Food Assistance
Increasingly, many Jeffco residents need assistance with food insecurity issues, and the Food Assistance program enables eligible, low-
income Colorado residents and families with the cost of purchasing healthy food.
14,615 families, or 32,858 people, received food assistance in 2013
Jefferson County was recognized by the Colorado Department of Human Services for achieving 95.6% timely processing for regular
food assistance applications, in other words, nearly every person who comes in seeking assistance receives that assistance in a
quick, efficient manner
For the first time ever, customers applying for Food Assistance and Medicaid are receiving those benefits on the same day they
visited Human Services, with more than 95% receiving their benefits in 12.5 days
The food assistance program is an economic generator: over $53 million goes right back in to the community in the form of dollars
spent on groceries for needy families

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) assists eligible,
low-income households with a portion of winter home heating costs. The
program, which runs from November 1st through April 30th, served 5,615
Jeffco households in 2012-13. Over $1.2 million dollars were invested in
the community through assistance with utility payments and helping people
to stay in their homes.
Economic and Medical Assistance Ongoing Team wins Jefferson County Customer
Service Award
Food, Health and Financial Assistance
The Economic and Medical Assistance
Ongoing Team was honored with the 2013
Jefferson County Customer Service Award for
its efforts to meet the challenges of serving a
growing number of customers, created by the
downturn in the economy. As the number of
customers and the number of customer needs
have risen, this team banded together to do
something about it. They voluntarily examined
their processes, and themselves, to find
efficiency, increasing their effectiveness and
the overall customer and employee experience
along the way.
Colorado Works
Colorados Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)-also
known as Colorado Works - provides temporary financial assistance,
job preparation and work opportunities to assist needy families in
achieving economic and family stability.
The Program:
Invested $5,566,491 in benefits to help more than 1,200 families,
contributing to health, safety and future economic well-being
Contracted with Jefferson Center for Mental Health for
on-site and home-based clinicians to work with
approximately 212 families tackling mental health challenges
Invested $139,410 in local businesses through its paid
internship program, using a combination of Community
Service Block Grant and TANF funds
Facilitated 86,670 volunteer hours given back in the community
by TANF participants a $662,205 value
Helped 83% of its customers remain employed with 21%
receiving promotions
Food, Health and Financial Assistance
Stories of Success
Christy packed up and moved from Florida to leave a
distressing situation with the father of her child. Christy
started in the Colorado Works program with counseling from
the on-site Jefferson Center for Mental Health clinician.

She then enrolled at Red Rocks Community College and
received her Group Leader Teaching Certificate. Christy
is now working for Red Rocks Community College in the
Child Care program with excellent reviews. Christy came
to Colorado with a suitcase and her daughter - now has an
education, a job, an apartment and a vehicle!
Christy says,
There are not enough words
to thank you to tell you how
grateful I am for this program
and everyone who makes it
happen. You all are amazing
gifts with resources that seem
to come from heaven.
Colorado Works
Colorado Works contracted with Disability Beneft Services
(DBS) to assist customers with applying for Supplemental
Security Income (SSI) and/or Social Security Disability
Insurance (SSDI). When an individual applies with Social
Security on their own, the award rate is close to 15%.
When an individual applies with Social Security using DBS,
the award rate jumps to close to 70%, allowing those who
need this vital help to receive it more quickly (or receive it at
all, as the process is quite cumbersome and often those who
need it the most have the least ability to navigate the process
to receive the help they need).
Colorado Works partnered with the Colorado Department
of Corrections to connect 17 parolees with jobs in the
community and provided $28,550 in subsidized wages
directly to parolees in 2013.
Colorado Works partnered with A Precious Child organization
to distribute 300 backpacks and school supplies to families
and their children enrolled in Colorado Works.
Connect for Health Colorado
Colorados new
health insurance
marketplace for
individuals, families
and small businesses
opened October 1,
2013 with the launch of the new shopping website, offering 242 health
plans from 11 carriers, and a broad statewide Customer Support
Network to personally assist shoppers.
Jefferson County established a Connect for Health Colorado Team
within Human Services. This team complements the Jefferson
County community with navigating the health insurance marketplace.
For more information visit
Colorado Child Care Assistance
Program (CCCAP)
Eligible Jefferson County parents receive peace of mind and
financial support from CCCAP while continuing their education or
working. This program provides financial assistance and child care
options allowing parents to choose their own provider while sharing
in the cost of fees paid to that provider. As a parents financial
picture improves, child care costs are adjusted to gradually shift
more to the family.
In 2013, the program invested $4,631,343 in the community
through payments to more than 475 child care providers
Over 1,000 families retained employment allowing access to
affordable health care.
Food, Health and Financial Assistance
Jefferson County, in partnership with the TRIAD Early
Childhood Council, was awarded funds to provide a higher
level of CCCAP reimbursement to the high-quality infant
and toddler programs.
In order to be considered for funding, counties were
required to partner with local Early Childhood Councils
(ECCs) to meet the following goals:
1) Increase the number for low-income infants and toddlers
who can attend high-quality early learning programs;
2) Provide greater reimbursements from the Colorado
Child Care Assistance Program (CCCAP) to high-quality
early learning programs to improve services provided
to children;
3) Promote collaboration among counties and ECCs to
create a system to achieve its goals for success; and
4) Provide staff training, professional development, and
toys, books and games that help develop young minds.
Nineteen child care providers will benefit from this project.
Welfare Fraud Investigation
Fraud is defined as the intentional deception or misrepresentation
made by a person knowing that the deception or misrepresentation
could result in some type of benefit to them for which they were
not eligible. Examples include false reporting or failure to report
important details such as the number of household members or a
change in household members, earnings from employment, any
change in type of household income, and the existence of bank
accounts. By reducing welfare fraud through the Investigations Unit,
Jefferson County increases public confidence in the welfare system,
saves taxpayer dollars, and ensures that funds are available to those
who really need assistance.
In 2013, the Investigations Unit conducted welfare fraud
investigations detecting $309,414 in fraudulent overpayments.
As a result of fraudulent activity, 59 individuals were disqualified
from receiving further public assistance which resulted in a
financial savings of $1,163,568.
Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance conducts case reviews to identify incorrect
payments, training needs, and potential internal or external fraud.
Incorrect payments not only penalize clients but also can impact
an individuals taxes.
In 2013, the Quality Assurance Team conducted 5,776 case
reviews for Colorado Works, Food Assistance, Medicaid, and
Long Term Care programs.

Food, Health and Financial Assistance
Report Welfare Fraud!
Do you suspect someone of providing information
they know is false, so they will receive assistance
they are not eligible for?
Welfare Fraud is:
Not reporting all individuals in their household
Providing false or untrue information
Receiving assistance in more than one state
Not reporting all of their income
To report Welfare Fraud, call 303-271-4287 or visit for more information.
Welfare Fraud Investigations and Quality Assurance Team.
The number of stable homes provided to
homeless families in 2013.
While Human Services does not deliver housing assistance directly to
county residents, it does administer State and Federal funds for a variety
of homelessness, housing, economic development, and infrastructure
improvement initiatives. All projects are managed and coordinated with a
wide array of partners throughout the county including private businesses,
not-for-profit organizations, faith based organizations, and other local
government entities. The collaborative efforts focus on ensuring that all
stakeholders are at the table since all sectors of the community have a vital
role in addressing these issues. The primary grants administered include:
Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG) priority is housing, economic development, and infrastructure for low-
income communities. Partners include private sector businesses, local planning and zoning offices, economic development offices,
and not for profit organizations.
Community Services Block Grant (CSBG) priority is job creation, employment, and emergency services to assist individuals
reach self sufficiency. Partners include employment organizations such as workforce centers, schools, faith based, and not-for-
profit organizations.
HOME Investments Partnership Program (HOME) priority is affordable housing and partners include faith based and not for profit
Housing Assistance
Celebrate Success
Housing for Educational Stability and Success (HESS)
Jeffco Public Schools, Human Services, Family Tree, Mile High United Way and Metro West Housing Solutions collaborated to
provide stable housing for 30 homeless Jeffco students and their families.
This project is focused on enhancing long-term family housing and stability to increase the probability of student academic
performance and success. Participants will not only be provided housing, but also case management and supportive services to
move past any barriers to self sufficiency.
Homeless students participating in this project can break the cycle of generational poverty and have the opportunity to create lasting
positive change in their lives.
The initial term of this $1million dollar project is two years. Funding was provided through the Community Services Block
Grant, tenant-based rental assistance secured through the State Housing Board, and the Colorado Division of Housing.

This type of collaboration is unheard of. To see government,

schools and not-for-profits, all with their own rules and regulations,
come together to help stabilize families, is truly amazing.
" Kat Douglas, Director,
Workforce and Community Development.
For a listing of Housing
Assistance Resources visit:
Justice Services
The number of defendants placed on pretrial
supervision in 2013.
The cost savings of sentencing offenders
to Community Corrections instead of
prison or jail.
Community Corrections
Important to Colorados criminal justice system, Community Corrections
enhances public safety, is cost-effective, provides supervision and accountability,
and offers specialized vocational, substance abuse and mental health programs
helping offenders safely transition and succeed in the community.
Community Corrections teaches offenders how to live in the community
lawfully and is an alternative to sending offenders to prison. The program
allows offenders to reconnect with their families, work and earn money to pay
obligations, obtain education, and relearn societal rules and laws while being
closely supervised in a safe, secure and controlled environment. Without
Community Corrections, some offenders would be living anonymously in the
community without resources, structure or monitoring.
Offenders who are referred for a community corrections placement must go
through a stringent, multilevel approval process in order to be accepted into a
Jefferson County Community Corrections Center. When appropriate offenders
are sentenced to Community Corrections, their chances to reoffend are much
lower because they receive the necessary support and resources to become
productive members of the community.
In 2013, a cost savings of $1,945,732 was incurred by sentencing offenders to Community Corrections instead of prison or jail. Community
Corrections residents earned $2,710,939 by working in the community, paid $125,157 in child support to their families, and paid $324,257
in restitution to victims. Over the past four years, Community Corrections residents paid over $1,287,459 in State and Federal taxes.
Community Service
Through collaboration with nonprofit and government organizations, Community
Service provides placement opportunities and ongoing supervision for
offenders ordered to complete community service. Many lives are changed as
offenders contribute hours in a restorative justice environment.
In 2013, Community Service collaborated with 790 organizations, saving
Jefferson County agencies, residents, and partner organizations over $1.7
million (calculated at $12 per hour by 141,631 hours).
Making a difference in the lives of our residents,
offenders made and distributed over 600 handmade
fleece blankets to safe houses for adults and children,
transitional veteran housing, homeless shelters, and
shelters for abandoned pets. In addition, children
involved in the court system received handmade
crocheted backpacks stuffed with bears, bracelets,
necklaces, hats and mittens.
Justice Services
What is Restorative Justice?
Restorative Justice is an innovative
approach to those involved in crime.
Unlike the approach of the traditional
judicial system where the crime is
treated as an offense against the state,
restorative justice acknowledges that
crime affects the persons directly
involved as well as the community.
Restorative Justice emphasizes repairing
the harm caused by crime. When victims,
offenders and community members
meet to decide how to repair a harm,
the results can be transformational.
Work Crew
Courts may assign offenders to carry out their community service
on work crews. This stiffer sentence involves physical labor at
various work sites. Residential crews (juvenile only) stay overnight
on-site, where non-residential crews are allowed to stay at home.
The juvenile residential crew provided community service
opportunities to boys and girls ages 10 to 17 at the mountain
outdoor lab schools. In 2013, a total of 6,800 hours were
completed, allowing youth to learn valuable life, social, and
vocational skills; and engage in teamwork activities and build
leadership skills. As part of restorative justice, the juvenile
residential crew gives back to the community by carrying out
responsibilities for fire mitigation, road and trail maintenance,
facility repair, snow removal, painting and weed control.
In 2013, the non-residential crew dedicated 26,000 hours of work
to Jefferson County government agencies and other organizations.
Projects include the collection of two tons of recyclable products
per week, assisting with fairground events, roadside trash pickup,
snow removal, and helping repair damage to roads, trails, and
bridges after the last flood. The work crew programs provided over
$314,400 in cost-avoidance to Jefferson County (calculated at $12
by 26,600 hours).
Pretrial Services
Pretrial officers interview arrested persons suspected of committing a
crime, and recommend bond and release conditions to the courts. If
pretrial release is granted, a pretrial services case manager provides
supervision of the defendants compliance with bond conditions,
court appearances, and GPS or substance abuse monitoring. Pretrial
Services serves courts in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties and is
available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.
In 2013, 4,691 out of 5,067 defendants interviewed were ordered
to pretrial supervision. An additional 471 defendants were
placed on pretrial supervision through judicial proceedings. The
successful court appearance rate was 97.8% and with no arrests
averaging 95.7%.
Technology enhancements were made to the electronic
monitoring equipment making it easier to determine a high
risk defendants whereabouts.
Working more cohesively with local law enforcement has resulted in
an 81% apprehension rate for defendants who had active warrants
for their arrest. In addition, Pretrial Services is better collaborating
with other Human Services programs. Often the defendant is
involved in more than one program and this integrated approach
better serves to enhance community safety by identifying needs of
defendants who first enter the Criminal Justice System. This reduces
duplication of services and promotes self-sufficiency and successful
outcomes for the defendants.
Criminal Justice Planning
Planners provide primary research and analysis to the Jefferson
County Criminal Justice Coordinating Committee (CJCC), which has
the mission to promote the highest quality of justice within available
resources, through collaboration and consensus. Planners assisted
the group in indentifying new priorities, creating new subcommittees
and beginning work on the identified issues of mental health triage
and mobile crisis units as wells as supporting the successful location
of a new community corrections facility.
Mediation Services
Volunteer mediators provide residents and local agencies with
no-cost conflict and dispute resolution. Steps to resolve conflicts
help reduce law enforcement calls, trips to court, and other service
requests. Qualified and dedicated mediators come from a variety
of professional backgrounds including: communication, education,
environmental sciences, health, human resources, law, counseling
and business.
Volunteer mediators handled 1,615 cases and donated 5,290 hours
in 2013; realizing a cost-avoidance of $529,000 ($100 multiplied by
5,290 hours.) This does not figure in the dollars saved by reduced
law enforcement calls, trips to court and other service requests.
According to the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution, the cost
to hire a mediator ranges from $120 to $350 or higher per hour.
Justice Services
Veterans Services
The number of veterans who entered into
employment through Veteran Employment
Services in 2013.
The preparedness and caliber
of the participants at the recent
Add-A-Veteran Academy was
extraordinary. My conversations
with a considerable majority
of individuals consisted of a
productive exchange of the
participants experience, current
employment focus, and which
positions we hold at NREL that
could likely be relevant. I look
forward to a continued and
productive partnership with the
American Job Center.
Joy Gonzales, NREL
Veterans Services Offce
Veterans Services assists residents of Jefferson County who served in the United States Military. The office may assist with claims for service-
connected compensation, pension, burial benefits, medical treatment, G.I. Bill, vocational training, or any other benefits.
Jefferson County is the third largest county for veterans population in the state of Colorado, with 42,000 veterans. The Veterans Services
Officer talks with approximately 125 veterans a month.
Welcome Peter Mortaro, Jefferson Countys new Veterans Services Offcer (VSO)
Peter is a United States Air Force Veteran and has extensive experience as a VSO. Peter works to ensure his customers receive all benefits they are
entitled to, even if they just inquire about one. Peter helped one veteran who was 40% service connected disabled and receiving $641 a month.
Due to Peters help and the additional claims, he is now 60% service connected disabled and receiving $1,137 a month. Often, spouses or
dependents have no idea what benefits they are entitled to and Peter is eager to help.
Veterans Employment Services
Colorado provides a Priority of Service for military veterans and eligible spouses who are seeking employment or job training services. Eligible
veterans are entitled to receive priority services in job referrals and referrals to training as well as other employment-related services. Veterans
may qualify for a scholarship or tuition assistance for retraining into a new field or upgrading current skills to improve marketability. Veterans
always receive first priority in job referrals and will learn about available jobs before the rest of the job-seeking public
In 2013, over 3,607 veterans registered at the American Job Center in Jefferson County
2,122 actually came into the center and received staff assisted services; 741 entered employment
Of those assisted, 381 were disabled veterans of which 120 entered employment
Add-A-Veteran Academy
The American Job Center is dedicated to creating job opportunities for veterans and their spouses and hosts a
multiple day event to get them back to work. Add-A-Veteran Academy helps each veteran job seeker with resume
and job search assistance. At the conclusion of the event, veterans attend a hiring event with local businesses in
attendance. The event gives veterans in our community a great opportunity to meet with employers and showcase
the diverse range of skills and abilities they possess.
National Veterans Training Institute Video flmed in Jefferson County
This online course guides staff at American Job Centers (AJCs) on how to assist our nations veterans to find jobs and help them to secure a job
with career potential. The Department of Labor, through its role in the Transition Assistance Program (or TAP) and in general, outreach to veteran
groups across the country and is strongly advocating for the use of the AJCs as the best source for employment assistance for veterans. The
sheer number of new veterans expected over the next few years, coupled with the increased emphasis placed on using the AJCs resources, will
likely result in more and more veterans seeking services at AJCs. Find this video online:
Peter Mortaro, Jefferson Countys Veterans Services Officer,
Commissioner Faye Griffin, Golden Mayor Sloan and others
cut the ribbon at Goldens brand new VA Community Based
Outpatient Clinic. Peter Mortaro (wearing the hat in the photo)
will collaborate with the new clinic ensuring veterans are
receiving the benefits they are entitled to.
Peter Mortaro is absolutely fabulous, cordial, extremely professional, very nice and thorough. He
knows what hes doing, and because of this, Peter was able to save us some time and we are
very thankful we were granted a permanent monetary veterans award. I wanted to let you know
that I am extremely pleased with the level of service provided by Peter.
" Patricia Stelter
Veterans Services
2013 Human Services - Expenditures by Fund
*Includes State/Federal
ledger expenditures (based
on 2012 CAFR); Excludes
Developmentally Disabled
Financial Overview
5% Social Service
Head Start
This chart shows $87 million is recorded on the Federal/State
ledger. This portion of cash is tracked by State and Federal agencies
and distributed into the community by the county. The remaining
portion is received and tracked by the County and recorded on
the County ledger. $52 million comes to the County from external
sources (i.e. grants), and $17 million is generated from local sources
(i.e. mill levy). While Jefferson County Human Services manages this
revenue in whole, the actual cash is recorded on separate ledgers.
*Excludes Developmentally Disabled county revenue
Based on 2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
County dollars
State/Federal dollars
Total: $156,411,750 *

2013 Human Services - Revenue
County Ledger State/Federal Ledger

2013 Human Services - Revenue by Fund
This graph
where actual cash
is recorded.
General Fund
Social Services Fund
Workforce Development Fund
Head Start Fund
Community Development Fund
Fund Total
County Dollars
Fed/State Dollars
General Fund
Social Services Fund
Workforce Development Fund
Head Start Fund
Community Development Fund
Fund Total
County Dollars
Fed/State Dollars
2013 Jefferson County Non-County Tax Revenues
County Dollars Invested
in Human Services
2013 Adopted Budget
This chart demonstrates the ratio of non-
county tax dollar sources received by the
county (such as federal and state grants.)
Financial Overview
Social Services Balance of County
This chart shows the proportion
of county tax dollars invested in
Human Services as a proportion of
total county revenue sources.
2013 Adopted Budget
Social Services Balance of County
Meet the Division Directors:
Jefferson County Department of Human Services
operates and manages over fifty programs through
multiple divisions.
Mission: To promote the safety, well-being, and permanency of children,
youth, and families within the Jefferson County community.
DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Mary Berg, (303) 271-4163,
Programs: Child Protection, Foster Care & Adoption, Post Adoption Support,
Youth Services, Kinship Support Works, Child Support Services, Fatherhood
Program, Aging and Adult Services, Long-Term Care Eligibility, Options for Long
Term Care, Adult Protective Services, Aging Well in Jefferson County Project
Location: 900 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401
Mission: Collaboration, professional excellence, open communication,
fiscal responsibility, inclusiveness, transparency, well-trained leaders
throughout and Service First.
DEPUTY DIRECTOR: Lynnae Flora, (303) 271-4658,
Programs: Oversight of Community Assistance, Policy, Legal issues and
Location: 900 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401
Mission: To promote social and economic well-being for our customers by providing exceptional services
through highly trained and qualified staff. To create a better community through fostering effective partnerships
which serve the housing needs of low to moderate-income populations and strengthen the economic vitality of
Jefferson County.
Director: Kat Douglas, (303) 271-8372,
Programs: American Job Center, Veterans Services including Employment Services for Veterans, Colorado Community
Development Block Grant (CDBG), Community Services Block Grant (CSBG), Home Investment Partnership Fund (HOME),
Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP)
Number of staff: 140
Location: 3500 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401
Mission: To strengthen individuals, families, and communities by promoting their safety, stability, and
Director: Wanda Cowart, (303) 271-4350,
Programs: Economic and Medical Assistance Services (EMAS), Aid to the Blind, Aid to the Needy and Disabled, Burial
Assistance, Colorado Quest Card/EBT Card, Colorado Works/Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Food
Assistance, General Assistance, Low-Income Energy Assistance Program (LEAP), Medicaid and Child Health Plan Plus,
Medicare Savings Plan, Old Age Pension, Telephone Assistance Program (Lifeline), Child Care Assistance Program
(CCAP), Connecting for Health Colorado (CHC), Telephone Assistance Program (Lifeline)
Number of staff: 200
Location: 900 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401
Mission: Jefferson County Head Start is committed to providing education, health, nutrition, and family
services to children and families in need. Head Start, in collaboration with families and communities,
will assist families to become strong, healthier, and self-reliant.
Director: Gayle Perryman, (720) 497-7901,
Programs: Head Start
Number of staff: 72
Location: 5150 Allison Street, Arvada, CO 80002
Mission: Justice Services supports and improves the functions of the Justice System by providing innovative,
integrative and cost effective services reducing recidivism and reducing system dependency. This increases
self-sufficiency and promotes public safety.
Director: Kathryn Otten, (303) 271-4841,
Programs: Community Corrections, Community Service, Mediation Services, Pretrial Services, Criminal Justice Planning,
Juvenile Residential Crew, Special Projects and Grants.
Number of staff: 46 and 240 Volunteer Mediators
Location: 3500 Illinois Street, Golden, CO 80401
Mission: To navigate the Human Services Leadership Team through the network of funding streams and
regulations and to strengthen and support the financial structure of Human Services to ensure sound
fiscal responsibility.
Director: Hal Straatmann, (303) 271-4401,
Programs: Accounting and budget management specifically for Human Services funded programs. Issuance and
reconciliation of all benefits disbursed to clients.
Number of staff: 30
Location: 900 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, CO 80401
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ACS Community Lift
ACTS Resource Center
Adams County
Adams County Animal Shelter/Adoption Center
Adams County Food Distribution
Adams County School District 14
Adaptive Adventures
Adeste In-Home Care
Adolescent Counseling Exchange
Advanced Health Care One Center
Advanced Patient Advocacy Group
Advantage Resourcing
Advocates For Recovery
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc
Agape Hospice Care Foundation
Aging Well Group
Alameda Gateway
Alamosa Intervention
Alano Club Wayfarers Inc
All American Beef Battalion
All Brothers in Christ
All Saints Catholic Church
Allison Brittsan
Alpine Access
Alternative Behaviors Counseling, Inc.
Alternatives Pregnancy Center, Inc.
Amend Inc.
American Animal Hospital Association
American Cancer Society
American Charities Inc
American Council of the Blind of Colorado
American G.I. Forum of Colorado
American Legion Post 11-11
American Legion Post 17-Edgewater
American Legion Post 193
American Legion Post 21
American Legion Post-Lakewood
American Lung Association
American Red Cross
Ameristar Casino Resort Spa
Amici's Italian Restaurant
Amusement Park at Heritage Square
Anbang Community Corporation
Angel with Paws
Angel's Touch, LLC
Angels Unaware
Animal Rescue and Adoption Society
Apex Field House
Apex Park & Recreation District
Applewood Business Association
Applewood Community Church
Applewood Community Garden
Apprenticeship Programs
Arapahoe Aurora Unit
Arapahoe Centennial Unit
Arapahoe County
Arapahoe County Public Airport
Arapahoe House
Arapahoe Santa Claus Shop
Archdiocesan Housing
Archuleta County Community Service
Archway Housing
Arid Club 1318 Eleventh Street Corporation
Art Students League of Denver
Artesian Spa
Arthur Lakes Library
"Arvada Center Banquet and Conference
Arvada Chamber
Arvada Community Food Bank
Arvada Covenant Church
Arvada Elks
Arvada Gardeners
Arvada Health Rehab Center
Arvada J.C's Cafe
Arvada Jaycees
Arvada Junior Baseball Corporation
Arvada Presbyterian Church
Arvada Seventh-day Adventist church
Arvada Therapy Solutions
Arvada United Methodist Church
Arvada Visitors Center
Aspen Diversified Industries
Aspen Family Services
Aspen Treatment Services, Inc.
Assembly of Christian Churches
Assistive Technology Partners
Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic
Atlantis Community
Audio Information Network of Colorado
Audubon Society of Greater Denver
Auraria Community Center
Auraria Higher Education Center
Aurora Animal Shelter
Autism Society of Colorado
Awareness Counseling Center
Awesome Pedodontics of Loveland
Baby Haven Therapeutic Early Childhood
Education Center
Baca County Useful Public Service
Bal Swan Children's Center
Ball Metal Beverage Division
Barbara Davis Foundation
Basic Faith Church
Bayaud Enterprises
Bayaud Industries
Bear Creek Church
Beautiful Savior Lutheran Church
Beaver Ranch, Conifer's Community Park
Belmar Academy
Beloved Ragamuffin Project
Belvidere Theatre and Concert Hall
Bemis Public Library
Benefits Planner
Bent County Community Service
Bessie's Hope
Bethel Christian Fellowship
Bethlehem Lutheran Church
Betty Proctor Fund
Big Brothers Big Sisters
Big Sky Outdoor Advertising
Birds of Prey Foundation
Black Pearl Entertainment, Inc
Blue Spruce Habitat for Humanity
Bluff Lake Nature Center
Boettcher Mansion
Boomers, Inc.
Boulder County
Boulder County Fairgrounds
Boulder County Justice Services
Boy Scouts of America
Bozinovski and Associates
Brainfit Safe Driving
Brandon Rooney Memorial Foundation
Breakthrough Counseling Center
Brian Bagwell
Bright Star Early Learning Center
BrightStar Home Health Care
Brink Security
Broken Arrow Firewise-Elk Creek Fire
Protection District
Broomfield Community Center
Brothers Redevelopment, Inc.
Buchanan Park Recreation Center
Buddy Center - Dumb Friends League
Bud's Warehouse
Buffalo Run Golf Course
Business Resource Center
Butler Institute for Families
C.A.S.T For Kids
Calvary Episcopal Church
Calvary Indian Church
Calvary Temple
Campbell Elementary
Career Education Center-Denver Public Schools
CareNet Counseling
Caridian BCT
Carin' Clinic
Caring Connection
Carmichael Chiropractic Wellness Center
Carmody Recreation Center
Carol Marfut
Carpenter Recreation Center
Carpenter's Cupboard
CASA of Jefferson and Gilpin Counties
Castle Counseling & Consulting
Cat Care Society
Catholic Charities
CEC Middle College of Denver
Center for Governmental Training
Central City Area Visitor Center
We couldn't do what we do by ourselves. Collaboration and partnership is key.
With sincere appreciation, we thank the following organizations for their time,
hard work and dedication to serving our customers.
Thank you
Central City Fire Department
Central City Masonic Building Association
Central City Police Department
Central City Public Works
Centro De Alabanza Church
Centura Health
Cerebral Palsy of Colorado
Chaffee County Intervention, Inc.
Chatfield State Park
Cherry Creek Language Center
Cherry Creek State Park
Cherry Hills Community Church
Cheyenne County UPS
Child Advocacy Resource and Education, Inc.
Child and Family Play Therapy Center
Child and Youth Leadership Commission
Child Care Innovations
Child Find
Childrens Dental Specialists
Children's Hospital
Chris Loeffler
Christ Lutheran Church
Christ On The Mountain Catholic Church
Christ the King Community Church
Church For All Nations
Church in the City
Church of Christ
Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
Church of the Ascension
Church Without Walls Ministries
City Church
City of Arvada
City of Arvada Parks Department
City of Boulder Parks and Recreation
City of Brighton
City of Edgewater
City of Glendale Public Works Department
City of Golden
City of Golden Parks Division
City of Golden Public Works Facility-
Maintenance Design Group
City of Golden-Golden Cemetery
City of Lakewood
City of Lakewood Finance Department
City of Littleton
City of Northglenn
City of Thorton
City of Thorton Parks and Open Space
City of Westminster Parks and Recreation
City of Wheat Ridge
Citywide Banks
Clear Creek County
Clear Creek Metropolitan Recreation District
Clear Creek Radio, Inc
Clear Creek Technical Services, Inc
Clement Park Foothills Park & Recreation
Clements Community Center
Coal Creek Canyon Improvement Association
Coalition for the Upper South Platte
Coalition to End Childhood Hunger
Colfax Marathon
Collaborative Journeys, LLC
Collaborative Services for Change, PC
Colliers Flooring
Colorado Access
Colorado Arts Center
Colorado Association for the Education of Young
Colorado Association of Manufacturing Technology
Colorado Bioscience Organization
Colorado Black Arts Festival
Colorado Black Chamber of Commerce
Colorado Boys Ranch
Colorado Child Health Plan Plus (CHP)
Colorado Christian University
Colorado Coalition for Homeless
Colorado Commission on Aging
Colorado Community Health Alliance
Colorado Council of Churches
Colorado Counties, Inc.
Colorado Cross Disability Coalition
Colorado Department of Education
Colorado Department of Healthcare Policy and
Colorado Department of Human Services (CDHS)
Colorado Department of Labor and
Employment (CDLE)
Colorado Department of Local Affairs (DOLA)
Colorado Division of Housing
Colorado Division of Wildlife
Colorado Environmental Coalition
Colorado Family Life Center
Colorado Fencing Academy
Colorado Fourteeners Initiative
Colorado Gay Rodeo Association
Colorado Homeless Families
Colorado Horse Rescue
Colorado Housing Assistance Corporation
Colorado Indigent Care Program
Colorado Kinship Connection
Colorado Legal Services
Colorado Post Adoption Resource Center
Colorado Public Television, Denver PBS, CPT12
Colorado Railroad Museum
Colorado School of Mines
Colorado Sierra Fire Protection
Colorado State Child Support Enforcement
Colorado State Patrol
Colorado State University Cooperative Extension
Colorado State Veteran Affairs
Colorado Talking Book Library
Colorado Therapeutic Riding Center
Colorado Urban Workforce Alliance
Columbia Sanitary
Columbine Free Presbyterian Church
Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association NC
Comfort Dental
Community College of Aurora
Community College of Denver
Community Credit Counseling
Community Educational Outreach
Community Faith in Action
Community First Foundation
Community Housing Services
Community Medical-Grandview Group
Community Ministry
Community Outreach Center
Community Partners Hires
Community Power Corporation
Community Reach Center
Community Resources and Housing
Development Corporation
Community Workforce Experience Program
Concrete Couch
Conejos County CASP. Interventions-Alamosa
Confluence Ministries
Conifer Chamber of Commerce
Conifer Health Solutions
Conifer Stage Door Theatre
Connect for Health Colorado
Connections Counseling
Consumer Capital Partners
Cook Group Facility
Cornerstone Baptist Church
Court Support Jeff Co
Cradle to Crayons
CraftWorks Foundation
Craig Hospital
Creative Treatment Options
Credit Union of Colorado
Cross D Bar Recreation Foundation
Crossroads Church of Denver
Crossroads Counseling Services, LLC
Crossroads of the Rockies
Crowley County
CU Recycling
Custer County Useful Public Service
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation
Dakota Ridge Church
Dakota Ridge High School
Dan Welch, Fatherhood Class for Jail Inmates
Dave's Place
David Clifton Ministries
David Kalis
David Nahum
Day at a Time AA
Deane Elementary
Decatur Place
Deliverance Tabernacle
Delta County Useful Public Service
Denver Animal Shelter
Denver Area Labor Federation
Denver Arts Society
Denver Bible Church
Denver Botanic Gardens
Denver Center for Crime Victims
Denver Children's Home
Denver Community Service, LFJC
Denver County
Denver Dumb Friends League
Denver Family Crisis Center
Denver Family Therapy Center, Inc.
Denver Firefighters Museum
Denver Foundation
Denver Great Kids Head Start
Denver Hooperz Youth Organization
Denver Indian Family Resource Center
Denver Inner City Parish
"Denver Institute-Urban Studies"
Denver Islamic Society
Denver IT Executives Focus Group
Denver Metro Prisoner Reentry Initiative
Denver Police Activities League
Denver Post
Denver Regional Council of Governments
Denver Regional Mobility & Access Council
Denver Rescue Mission
Denver Urban Gardens
"Denver Urban Ministries"
Denver Works
Developmental Disabilities Resource Center
Developmental Disability Consultants
Devereux Cleo Wallace
Devil's Thumb Productions
Devine Love
Diamond Standard
Diana Richett
Diane Waller and all of Foothills Forever Families
Digital Frontier
Thank you
Dinosaur Ridge
Disability Benefit Services
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
Discovery Club
Divine Reflection CC
Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Division of Youth Corrections
Dolores County
Douglas County
Douglas County Community Justice Services
"Douglas H. Buck Community Recreation Center"
Dragons Den AA
Dress for Success
Drive Smart Colorado
DSC Window Fashions
Ducks Unlimited Westminster Chapter
Duncan YMCA / Arvada
Eagle County Community Service
Eagles Club
Earth Explorers
Easter Seals
Eaton Terrace
Eco Cycle Boulder
Ecumenical Refugee and Immigration Services
Eden Theatrical Workshop
Edgewater Collaborative
Edgewater Food Bank
Edgewater Inn
Edit Inc
Education Foundation of West Chamber Links
for Learning
Education Opportunity Center
El Centro Humanitario
El Paso County
El Paso County Front Range Community Services
El Pueblo Girls and Boys Ranch
Elbert County Sheriff's Office
"Eldorado Canyon State Park"
Elise Ginsburg
Elk Creek Elementary School
Elk Creek Fire Protection District
Eloise May Library
Emily Griffith Opportunity School
Englewood Soccer Association
Englewood United Methodist Church
Englewood Youth Sports Association
Enterprise Grange
Epic Experience
Equinox Counseling and Wellness Center
Equussential Education
Estes Park Public Library
Estes Street Clinic
Eurest Food Services
Evergreen Animal Protective League
Evergreen Chamber of Commerce
Evergreen Christian Outreach Center
Evergreen Conference Center
Evergreen Elks
Evergreen Fire and Rescue
Evergreen Jazz Festival
Evergreen Lutheran Church
Evergreen Park & Recreation District
Evergreen Water District
Excelsior Youth Center, Inc.
Exempla Lutheran Hospice
Exempla Lutheran Medical Center
Expressions Counseling and Consultation
Fairmount Fire Protection District
Faith Bible Church in Arvada
Faith Community Church, Littleton
Faith Mountain
Family First
Family Integrated Treatment Court
Family Promise
Family Resource Center Association
South Suburban Parks and Recreation
Family Support 360
Family Tree
Family Voices Colorado
Father Woody's Haven of Hope
Federation of Families for Children's
Mental Health
Fellowship Church
Financial Health Institute (FHI)
First Baptist Church
First Community Church, Littleton
First Run Theatre
First Slavic Christian Church
First Southern Baptist Church
First Vietnamese Baptist Church
FirstBank of Colorado
Flatirons Community Church
Flatirons Habitat Restore
Focus Points Family Resource Center
Food Bank of the Rockies
Foothills Animal Shelter
Foothills Art Center
Foothills Behavioral Health
Foothills Community Church
Foothills Fire & Rescue
Foothills Golf Course
Foothills Park and Recreation
Foothills Psychologogy & Neuropsychology
Fort Logan National Cemetery
Fort Lupton High School
Fortune Valley Casino
Fossil Park Chapel
Fossil Trace Golf Club
Four Mile Historic Park
Francis Heights and Clare Gardens
Franktown Fire Protection District
Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie #32
Freedom Service Dogs
Fremont County
Friends First
Friends of Dinosaur Ridge
Friends of Man
Friends of Plaza-Park Forest Care
Friends of Red Rocks
Front Range Community College
FSIC/Warren Tech. Center
Fulda Foundation
Garfield County Criminal Justice Services
Garfield County Rifle Association
GB Fish & Chips
GED Program
Gilpin County
Gilpin County Community Services
Gilpin County Facilities and Maintenance
Gilpin County Historical Society
Gilpin County Independent Project
Gilpin County Public Library
Gilpin County RE-1 School District
Gilpin County Road and Bridge Department
Gilpin High School
Ginny's Kids International
Girl Scouts of America
Girls Incorporated of Metro Denver
Glass Hearts
Glendale Apartments
Glendale Chamber of Commerce
"Global Refuge International"
Global Urban Renewal Authority
Globeville Community Church
Go Green Warehouse
Goal Academy
Gold Crown Foundation
Golden Breakfast Optimist Club
Golden Chamber of Commerce
Golden Church of Christ
Golden Gate Canyon State Park
Golden Together Churches
Good Neighbor Community Services
Good Neighbor Garage
Grace Christian Center
Grace Church of Arvada
Grand County Juvenile Service Department
Grand County Useful Public Service
Grant Avenue Street Reach
Granville Assisted Living
Greater Edgewater Community Connections
Green Mountain Recreation Center
Griffith Centers for Children
Growing Home, Inc.
Gunnison County Alternative Services
Habitat for Humanity
Habitat Home Improvement
Hana's Hope
Hands Automotive
Hands of the Carpenter
Harmony Horseworks
Harvest Christian Community
Harvest House
Hattie Pearls Caf
Have Heart
Haven's Hope
Heading Home
Heavenfire Health and Wellness
Help Center 4
Helping Others Ministries
Helping Our People Excel (h.o.p.e.)
Heritage Community Bible Church
High Mountain Counseling
Highland Rescue Team
Highlands Church Denver
Highlands Merchant Association
Highlands Ranch Community Association
Highline Community Church
Hilltop Useful Public Service Program
Hinsdale County Alternative Services
His Closet and Cupboard
His Love Fellowship
His Provision Inc
Hiwan Homestead Museum and Heritage Grove
Holy Rosary Catholic Church
Holy Trinity Catholic Church
Home Depot
Home Instead Senior Care
Hope House
Hope of Israel Messianic Congregation
Horizon Christian Fellowship
Horizon High School
Horizon House, Inc.
Hospice of St. John
House of Joy Church
HRI Auto Body
Huerfano County Useful Public Service
Humane Society of Boulder Valley
Humane Society of the South Platte Valley
Hyland Hills Park & Recreation District
Iglesia Cristiana El Shaddai
Iglesia Palabras de Vida
Iglesia Presbiteriana de Valverde
Ignite Adaptive Sports at Eldora
Indian Hills Improvement Association
Inner City Health
Inter City Hope
Interchurch Arms
Intermountain Humane Society
Intervention Community Corrections Services
Islamic Center of Ahl-Al-Beit
Italians of America
J&K Towing
Jackson County Sheriff's Department
Jackson County UPS
Jacob Anderson
Jacob Engineering
Jacque Sumida
Jacqueline Richman
James Baroffio
Jane Hoffmann
Janet Coutts
Jeff Kendig
Jeffco Public Schools
Jeffco Transition Services
Jefferson Adult Financial
Jefferson Center for Mental Health
Jefferson Community Connections (JCC)
Jefferson County Accounting Department
Jefferson County Action Center INC-Santa Shop
Jefferson County Adult Work Crew
Jefferson County Appraisal District
Jefferson County Archives & Records Management
Jefferson County Attorney's Office
Jefferson County BEST Group
Jefferson County Child Care Training Center
Jefferson County Clerk and Recorder
Jefferson County Coroner (Suicide Prevention)
Jefferson County Council on Aging
Jefferson County Courts
Jefferson County Department of Health
and Enviroment
Jefferson County District Attorney
Jefferson County Economic Development Council
Jefferson County Facilities Team
Jefferson County Fair, Inc.
Jefferson County Fairgrounds
Jefferson County Fleet Services
Jefferson County Foster Family Association
Jefferson County Housing Authority
Jefferson County Housing Corporation
Jefferson County Human Resources
Jefferson County Independent Project Program
Jefferson County Jail
Jefferson County Juvenile Work Crew
Jefferson County Open Space
Jefferson County Planning & Zoning
Jefferson County Probation Department
Jefferson County Public Health Department
Jefferson County Public Library
Jefferson County Public Trustee
Jefferson County Purchasing
Jefferson County Residential Work Crew
Jefferson County Resource Center
Jefferson County Road and Bridge
Jefferson County Sheriff's Office
Jefferson County Students First
Jefferson County Truancy
Jefferson County Victim and Witness Center
Jefferson Foundation
Jefferson High School
Jefferson Hills Corporation
Jefferson Unitarian Church
Jessica Garcia
Jessica Painter-Salon Denver
Jewish Family Service of Colorado
Jimmy John's Gourmet Sandwiches
Job Corps
JOBS Cabinet
John Shager
Johnson Controls
Joshua Station
Journey Community Church
Joy House
Jubilee Fellowship Church
Just One Day
Kara Cardenas and family
Karyl McBride
Kathleen Heit
Keitha Burnett
Ken-Caryl Ranch Metro District
KGNU, 88.5 FM in Boulder
Kid Focus Dentistry
Kids in Need of Dentistry
King Soopers
Kiowa County Community Service
KIPP Academy
Kirk Thoreson
Kit Carson Useful Public Service
Kittredge Civic Association
Kohls of Arvada
Korean American Community Services
Korean Association Of Colorado
Korean Baptist Church of Denver
Korean Senior Association of Colorado
Kris Ward
Kristin Powell
La Plata County
Labors Community Agency, Inc.
Laboratory Corporation
Lake County Useful Public Service
Lakewood Christian Fellowship
Lakewood Church of Christ
Lakewood Church of the Nazarene
Lakewood Link Recreation Center
Lakewood Macaroni Kid
Lakewood Meridian Retirement Community
Lakewood New Life Center
Lakewood Rides
Lao Buddhist Temple of Denver
Larimer County
Las Animas County Useful Public Services
Latin American Research and Service Agency
Laura Graber
Laura Zeeman at Red Rocks Community College
Leader Quest
Leah Wasicka
Legacy Grace
Lens Crafters
Leukemia Society of America
Life Support Behavioral Institute, Inc.
Life Through Music
Lifelong Adult Education Services
Lifelong Adult Education Services, Inc.
LifeRing Secular Recovery
Light and Life Church
Light of the World Church
Lightly Treading
Lincoln County Community Service
Lisa Kreutzer-Lay
Little Caesars Pizza of Wheat Ridge
Little Giants Learning Center
Little Hearts Child Care and Learning Center
Littleton Cemetery Association
Littleton Golf Course
Littleton Historical Museum
Livewell Wheat Ridge
Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company
Logan County Intervention
Lombard & Clayton Inc.
Longhopes Donkey Shelter
Lookout Mountain Youth Services Center
Lookout Products & Consulting, Inc.
Los Carboncitos
Love INCof Littleton
Loveland Ski Area
Lowe's Home Improvement Center
Lutheran Family Services of Colorado
Lynda Schwettman and family
Lynette Perkins Photography
Lynn Willbanks
Majestic Awning
Manufacturing Consortia
Maple Star Colorado
Mapleton Care Center
March of Dimes
Marshall Polygraph Services, LLC
Marsico Institute for Early Learning and Literacy,
Morgridge College of Education, University at
Marta Wells
Marys Maternity of Motherhood
Mary's Sober House
Matt Burde and Erik Husman/Golden
Community Garden
MaxFund Animal Adoption Shelter
McLain Community High School
Meadow Gold
Mean Street Ministries
Mean Street Worship Center
Meiklejohn Elementary School
Mental Health Corporation of Denver
Mesa County
Messiah Baptist Church
Metro CareRing
Metro Community Provider Network
Metro Food Bank
Metro Manor Senior Housing
Metro Volunteer Lawyers
Metro West Housing Solutions
Metropolitan State University of Denver
Mi Casa Resource Center
Midland Group
Mikki Levett and Applewood Community Church
Mile Hi Church
Mile High Disc Golf
Mile High Ministries
Mile High United Way
Mile High Youth Corps
Mile High Youth Production, Inc
Military Order of Purple Heart
Mineral County Alamosa Intervention
Miners Maze Adventure Land
Miracle Mountain Methodist Church
Moffat City Correctional Alternative
Montessori Peaks Academy
Montezuma County
Montrose County
Moose Lodge #21
Morgan Adams Foundation
Morgan County
Morrison Museum
Morrison Theatre Company
Mother Cabrini Shrine
Motivational FrameWorks
Mount Nebo Cemetery
Thank you
Mount St. Vincent Home, Inc.
Mountain High Christian Center
Mountain Phoenix Community School
Mountain Resource Center
Mountain Song Church
Mountain States Combined Training
Mountainview Community Christian Church
Mountair Christian Church
Moyer Farm Animal Rescue
MPCN Clinics
Mt. Evans Outdoor Lab
Mullins Youngdahl Design Company
Must Be a Veteran, Inc.
MuttSavers Rescue, Inc.
My Beloved Ministries
My Father's House
National Ballpark Museum
National Cerebral Palsy Association
National Forest Foundation
National Institute for Change, P.C.
National Renewable Energy Lab
National Stroke Association
National Veterans Training Institute
National Western Stock Show Complex
Nederland Community Center
Nederland Fire Protection District
Nederland Police Department
Nederland Town Hall
New Foundations Nonviolence Center
New Hope Community Church
New Hope in Christ Church
New Hope Ministries
New Horizons Center
New Life In Christ Church
New Life Worship Center
New Thomas Learning Center
NEWSED Community Development
Nicoletti-Flater Associates, PLLP
Niwot High School
North Jeffco Community Recreation Center/APEX
North Presbyterian Church
Northglenn Ambulance
Northglenn United Methodist Asian
Now Faith Christian Center Church
Nurse Family Partnership
Old Chicago - Lakewood
Old South Pearl Street Merchant's Association
Once Upon A Child
One Day At A Time Counseling Center
Open Arms Food Bank
Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives
Otero County Useful Public Service
Our Lady Mother of the Church
Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church
Our Lady of Fatima Grade School
Our Lady of Guadalupe
Our Lady of the Pines Catholic Church
Our Saviours Church
Ouray County
Overland Golf Course
Packs of Hope
Page One Solutions
Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)
Park County
Park County Intervention
Parker Arts Council
Parker Youth Sports
Partners For a Better Community
Paul Roy
Peace Lutheran Church
PeaceWorks, Inc.
Peak to Peak Charter School
Peak Vista
People House
Personal Touch Senior Services
PFA Counseling & Assessment
Phillips County
Phoenix Multi Sport
Pillar of Fire
Pillar Property Services, LLC
Pirate Contemporary Art Oasis
Pitkin County
Pleasant View Metropolitan District
Plumbers Union Local #3
Point Athletic
Police Protective Association
Pomona High School
Porter Adventist Hospital
Potts Trotters
Prairie View Middle School
Praise Center Church
Presentation of Our Lady
Primary Purpose Club
Prime Time for Seniors
Private Single Entry Point
Professional Development International (PDI)
Professional Testing Services
Progressive Therapy Systems
Project Angel Heart
Project C.U.R.E
Project Renew
Project Safeguard
Project Support Senior Center
Pros and Cons
Prospect Recreation & Park District
Providers Resource Clearinghouse
Prowers County
Pueblo County Intervention, Inc.
Puttin Sober AA group
Pyramid Counseling Inc.
Queen of Peace Catholic Church
Queen of Vietnamese Martyrs Parish
Quest Corporation
Questar Academy
R.O.C.K. Red Rocks Community College
Ralston House
Raquel Ferszt, Translation Services
Rebecca Howard
Rebuilding Together
Red Rocks Community College
Redirecting Sexual Aggression
Redistribution Center, Inc
Regis University-Physical Plant
Results Matter
Retriever Rescue of Colorado
Rib City Grill
Rio Blanco County
Rio Grande Intervention-Alamosa
Rite of Passage, Inc.
Riverside Baptist Church
Road Called Strate
Robin Lutz
Rocky Mountain Behavioral Health
Rocky Mountain Childrens Law Center
Rocky Mountain Education Center
Rocky Mountain Family Council
Rocky Mountain FED. Handicapped Athletes
Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue
Rocky Mountain Immigration Advocacy Network
Rocky Mountain Mutual Housing Association
Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems
Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice Center
Rocky Mountain Roller Hockey
Rocky Mountain Scientific Laboratories
Rocky Mountain Trade Assistance Corporation
Ronald McDonald Mobile Van
Rose Medical Foundation
Roundup Fellowship 1
Routt County Alcohol Council
Roxborough State Park
Royal Families Kids Camp
RTD (Regional Transportation District)
Running Creek Counseling Service
S.P.I.N. Foundation
Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sacred Heart Parish
SafeHouse Denver
Saguache-Intervention Alamosa
Saint Frances Cabrini
Saint Isaac Church
Saint John's Cathedral
Saint Joseph Hospital
Saint Joseph Polish Catholic Church
Saint Josephs Catholic Parish of Golden
Saint Mark Catholic Church
Salsa Central Denver
Salvation Army
Samantha Petra Cordova Foundation
Samaritan House
Sampson Community Club
Sam's Club
San Juan County UPS
San Migeel County Useful Public Service
Savio House
School to Work Alliance
Second Chances
Second Wind Fund of Metro Denver, Inc.
Secrest Youth and Teen Center
Sedgwick County Useful Public Service
Seeds of Change Therapy, LLC
Senior Community Employment Program
Senior Housing Options
Senior Reach
Senior Support Services
Seniors' Resource Center
Servicios De Le Raza
Serving Kids
Set Free @ Mile High
Set Free Church of Denver
"Seventh-Day Adventist Church"
Sew and Sews
Shannons Hope
Sheet Metal Workers Local Union 9
Sheridan Glen
Sheridan Green Elementary
Sheridan School District
Shiloh Home, Inc.
Shining Stars Basketball Inc
Shine, Inc.
Shrine of St. Anne
Sierra Nevada Corporation
Signal Behavioral Health Network
Simmons Foundation for Youth
Simply Efficient
Sister Carmen Community Center
Sisters of Color United for Education
Skate to Donate
Skyline American GI Forum
Sloans Lake Community Church
Small Business Administration (SBA)
Social Security Administration
Sooper Credit Union
Source Counseling and Contracting Services, LLC
South Jeffco Sports Association
South Suburban Golf Course
South Suburban Ice Arena
South Suburban Maintenance
South Westminster Arts Group
Southeast Aurora Club
Southwest Improvement Council
SpayToday, Neuter Now!
SPIN Enterprises, Inc.
Spring Institute for Intercultural Learning
St. Cajetan Catholic Church
St. Anthony Hospital
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church
St. Catherine of Siena Parish
St. Dominic Catholic Church
St. James United Methodist Church
St. Laurence Episcopal Church
St. Paul's United Methodist Church
Stacy Evans
Stacy Sheridan Counseling
State Division of Youth Corrections,
Lookout Mountain
Stingers Soccer Club
Stop the Revolving Door
Stout Street Clinic
Stout Street Foundation
Summit County Community Corrections
Sun Valley Youth Center
Sunnyside United Neighbors, Inc
Susan Saarinen, Landscape Architect
Suvi Miller
Suzanne Carter
Swedish Medical Volunteer Office
Sweep Stakes Unlimited
SWIC (SouthWest Improvement Council)
TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance)
Tay Thien Buddhist Temple
Teens INC.
Teikyo Loretto Heights University
Teller County Community Corrections
Tennyson Center for Children at Colorado Christian
Texas Roadhouse
The 2xtreme Foundation
The Action Center
The Arc
The Bike Depot
The Cambodian Culteral Center
The Care Navigator
The Center for Relationship Education
The Church In South Denver
The Denver Hospice
The E Project
The Empowerment Program
The Event Connection
The Gabriel Foundation
The Giacosa Foundation
The GLBT Center
The Horse Protection League
The House Worship Center
The Hub
The Hudson Gardens and Event Center
The Indoor Sports Arena
The Integrity Project
The Learning Source
The Legal Center
The Lord's Daily Bread
The MAC - City of Westminster
The Masters Hand
The National Kidney Foundation, Inc.
The ROAD Drop-In Resource Center
The Rock of Southwest
The Salvation Army
The Senior Hub, Inc
The St. Vincent de Paul Stores
The Troy Chavez Foundation
The Twelve Steps To Freedom
The Urban Farm
The Villas at Sunny Acres
Theresa Weiss
Thien Lam Temple
Third Way Center
Thornton Junior Football League
Thrive Church
Thrive! Therapy & Consultation Services
Touching Hearts at Home
Town of Parker
Transfer Out of State
Traverse Operations
Tread Lightly
Treatment and Evaluation Services
TRIAD Early Learning Council
Trinity Christian Center / C.O.A.N.
Trinity Mountain Ranch
Trinity Presbyterian Church
Trinity United Methodist Church
True Life Community SDA
Truth Christian Academy
Turnabout, Inc.
Two Angels Foundation, Inc
Unity On The Avenue
Universal Kempo Karate Schools
University Hospital
University of Denver Physical Plant Ice Arena
Urban Peak
US Army Recruiting
US Truck Driving
V.F.W. Aurora, Post #3631
V.F.W. Broomfield, Post #9565
V.F.W. Denver, Post #501
V.F.W. Golden, Post #4171
V.F.W. Post #3971
V.F.W. Post #4444
V.F.W. Post #9644
V.F.W. Post #9644 Honor Guard
V.F.W. Arvada, Post #4331
Valley Church of God Food Bank
Valley Water District
Value Options
Veteran Green Jobs
Veteran Service Organizations
Veterans Incubator of Colorado
Veterans Administration
Veterans Chamber Of Commerce
Veterans Green Jobs
Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW)
Veterans Village
Vickie Kearney
Victory Church
Victory Outreach
Vietnamese Buddhist Congregation
Vietnamese Central Baptist Church
Violence Prevention Through Education
VITA - Volunteer Income Tax Assistance
Vital Signs DevicesA CareFusion Company
VOA Casa De Rosal
Volunteer Center of Pikes Peak Region
Volunteers For Outdoor Colorado
Volunteers of America
Wadsworth Control Systems
Wandcrest Park Property Owners' Association
Warren Tech
Warren Village
Washington County UPS
Washington Park Chapel
Wat Buddhawararam of Denver
WaterStone Community Church in Littleton
Weld County Behavioral Intervention
Wells Fargo
Wellspring Anglican Church
West 38th Avenue Merchant Association
West Bowles Community Church
West Chamber Serving Jefferson County
West Metro Fire Rescue
West View Recreation Center
West Woods Golf Club
Western Air
Western Center for Russian Jewry
Westminster City Park Recreation Center
Westminster Elks
Westminster Little League
Westminster United Methodist Church
Westside Christian Community Builders Inc
Wheat Ridge 2020, Inc.
Wheat Ridge High School
Wheat Ridge Presbyterian Church
Wheat Ridge Recreation Center
Wheat Ridge Rotary Club
Whitian House
Whitlock Recreation Center
Whole Foods
Wilderness on Wheels Foundation
Wildlands Restoration Volunteers
WIN Partners
WINGS Foundation, Inc.
Wiz-Quiz West
Women in Crisis
Womens Bean Project
WorkLife Partnership
Works Options for Women
Wystones World Teas
Xcel Energy
YES! I Make a Difference
YMCA Central Family Branch
YMCA Littleton
YMCA Metro Denver-Community Programs
YMCA of Boulder Valley
YMCA Schlessman
YMCA Southwest
Young Americans Bank
Young Life
Youth Directions
Youthtrack, Inc.
Yuma County Useful Public Service
Zcalo Outreach
Board of County Commissioners
Faye Griffn, Jefferson County Commissioner, District One
Casey Tighe, Jefferson County Commissioner, District Two
Donald Rosier, Jefferson County Commissioner, District Three
Human Services Department
Lynn Johnson, Executive Director (303) 271-4002
Mary Berg, Deputy Director (303) 271-4163
Lynnae Flora, Deputy Director and Public Information Offcer (303) 271-4658
Marilyn Blomberg, Executive Assistant to the Director (303) 271-4002
Tara Czyzewski, Information Technology (303) 271-4564
Kris Kinzli, Marketing and Communication (303) 271-4601
Janet Sullivan, Investigations and Quality Assurance (303) 271-4343
Natalie Williams, Strategic Planning and Employee Relations (303) 271-4003
Human Services Division Directors
Hal Straatmann, Business and Finance (303) 271-4401
Kat Douglas, Community and Workforce Development (303) 271-8372
Mary Berg, Children, Youth and Families; Aging and Adult; Child Support Services (303) 271-4163
Wanda Cowart, Community Assistance (303) 271-4350
Gayle Perryman, Head Start (720) 497-7901
Kathryn Otten, Justice Services (303) 271-4841
Human Services Program Managers
Rena Kuberski, Aging and Adult (303) 271-4251
Susan Franklin, Aging Well Project; Power of Partnership (303) 271-4051
Joe (Jining) Zhou, Budget (303) 271-4443
Sue McDonald, Child Protection Intake (303) 271-4155
Barb Weinstein, Children, Youth and Families, Operations (303) 271-4138
Natalie Mall, Children, Youth and Families, Programming (303) 271-4082
Alvin Tafoya, Child Support (303) 271-4716
Dani Crane, Colorado Works; Child Care Assistance; Employment First (303) 271-4719
Kurt Pierpont, Court Services (303) 271-6542
Gabriel Millan, Community Assistance Intake (303) 271-4802
Lydia Waldstein, Community Assistance On-going (303) 271-4770
Tim Young, Ongoing Child Protection (303) 271-4100
Susan Walton, Resource and Permanency Planning (303) 271-4081
Susan Rumley, Workforce and Veterans Services (303) 271-4727
Jefferson County Department of Human Services
900 Jefferson County Parkway
Golden, CO 80401
(303) 271-1388
Child Abuse Hotline
(303) 271-HELP (4357)
Report concerns about the welfare or safety of children.
Adult Protection Hotline
(303) 271-4673
Provides assistance to adults 18+ who are at risk of
abuse, neglect or exploitation.
Welfare Fraud Hotline
(303) 271-4287
Report concerns of someone providing false information
or receiving assistance for which they are not eligible.
United Ways 2-1-1
Free, multilingual service available 24 hours a
day/7 days a week and refers callers to non-
emergency health and human services. Dial 2-1-1
(rates may apply) or call toll free 1-866-760-6489
Jefferson Center for Mental Health
(303) 425-0300

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