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Lower vent: When the modules are deployed on

the water surface, water ows through lower vent to

create ballast.
Flotation pods
Top vent
Introducing Aqua Guardian Group
Aqua Guardian Group Limited is an Australian unlisted public company
and world leader in the development of large-scale water efciency
solutions for the global mining and resources, urban water, and
agricultural industries.
Established in 2006, Aqua Guardian Group has developed AquaArmour, a
modular evaporation and algal control system suitable for deployment on large-
scale water storages. Aqua Guardian Group contracts with mining companies,
urban water companies, councils and agricultural producers to supply and install the
AquaArmour system on site, sometimes in remote locations. Aqua Guardian Group is
now expanding from its presence in Australia to make AquaArmour available in key
international territories, including North and South America, Africa, Asia and Europe.
Meeting the global challenge of water loss and water quality
AquaArmour is a highly cost-
effective and environmentally
friendly solution to reduce
water evaporation and the risk
of algae growth.
Global mining and resources, urban
water, and agricultural operations
attribute to 90% of the worlds
commercial and industrial water usage.
The water used by these industries
is often expensive to source and in
scarce supply, leading to climate
and consumption-induced business
continuity risks. If left unprotected in
large open dams, this water evaporates
across Australia at 1.5 3.9m p.a.,
and in some areas of the world at over
6m p.a.
Designed, manufactured and tested in
Australia, AquaArmour is a modular,
self-tessellating evaporation and algal
control system that is proven by the
NCEA to reduce evaporation loss by
up to 88% in major water storages
and dams for each percentage area
covered. Made from food-grade, high-
density polyethylene (HDPE) that has
been UV stabilised, AquaArmour
blocks 95% of algae-inducing sunlight,
signicantly reducing the risk of algal
growth which improves water quality.
AquaArmour has been deployed
across Australia on a number of water
storages and demonstrated impressive
AquaArmour Key Points
Reduces evaporation by up to 88%
Signicantly inhibits algal growth
20 year life span
Cost efcient with virtually no on-
going maintenance
Designed for large scale water
For more information see
The National Centre for Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) performed a ve week trial on two identical open
water storages, one acting as a control (yellow) and the other AquaArmour (blue). With only 81% coverage,
AquaArmour reduced evaporation losses by 73%. Greater savings would be expected as total surface area
coverage increases.
Example Deployments of AquaArmour
Client Location Surface Area No. of Modules Problem Industry
Gippsland Water Heyeld, Victoria 2,240m
2,396 Algal Control Urban Water
Grampians Wimmera
Mallee Water (GWM)
Ouyen, Victoria 20,570m
Evaporation &
Algal Control
Urban Water & System
Development Site
District Council of
Mount Remarkable
South Australia
Evaporation &
Algal Control
District Council of
Mount Remarkable
South Australia
Evaporation &
Algal Control
South Gippsland Water Meeniyan, Victoria 1,650m
1,764 Spring Weed Control Urban Water
Merredin Shire Council
Western Australia
1,600 Evaporation Control Urban Water
AngloGold Ashanti
Tropicana Gold Mine,
Western Australia
Evaporation &
Algal Control
R.O. Mine Water
Signicant market potential in Australia and overseas:
2011 saw 24,236 GL
of water lost to evaporation from major dams in Australia
Australias 501 large registered dams have a combined freshwater capacity
of 83,853 GL, and a surface area of over 450,000 ha
There are 375 mines operating within Australia, most in low-rainfall,
high-evaporation areas
Potential evaporation from the Murray-Darling Basin is approximately four times
the average annual rainfall
The USA has over 75,000 registered urban water storages
US water infrastructure is expected to attract over US$20 billion of investment
p.a. by 2016, growing at a CAGR of approximately 9.0% from 2010 to 2016.
Industry acknowledgement
Most recently, AquaArmour won
the Resource Management Award
at the 2012 Water Industry Alliances
Smart Water Awards, for the most
successful innovative approach to water
management in mining, agricultural,
urban and rural water applications.
Environmental alliances
In addition to AquaArmour
, Aqua
Guardian Group holds a strategic
22.7% investment in ASX-listed
CleanTeQ Holdings (ASX:CLQ),
an Australasian environmental and
mining services group focused on
developing, commercialising and selling
air purication, metal recovery and
water purication technologies. (www. Aqua Guardian Group
is majority-owned by Wasabi Energy
Limited, a dual ASX (WAS) and AIM-
listed clean technology company.
Aqua Guardian Group Locations:
Australia (Head Ofce): Level 7, 175 Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000, Australia. Telephone: +61 3 8530 2000
United States: Suite 404, 2603 Camino Ramon, San Ramon, CA 94583, USA. Telephone: +1 925 360 9809
Email: Web:
Management Team
Mr Tim Grogan
Chief Executive Ofcer
Mr Ian Woodeld
Executive Director, International
Mr Brett Roberts
Commercial Director
Mr Danny De Graaf
National Sales Manager
Mr Michael Grano
Finance Manager
Mr William Renfrew
Deployment Manager
Ms Vanessa Howard
OH&S Manager
Board of Directors
Mr John Byrne
Chairman, Wasabi Energy Limited
Mr Alan Cornell
Deputy Chairman
Mr Tim Grogan
Chief Executive Ofcer
Diane Bettess
Non-Executive Director
COO, Wasabi Energy
Ian Woodeld
Executive Director, International
& Founder