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Avionic s:
The Next
experience and
3 decades of operational
health management
3 generations of avionics
Over $1 billion in
4 decades of spaceflight
Honeywells operational
health management technology
has been used to monitor and
diagnose industrial plant sys-
tems for more than three
decades. Honeywells next-gen-
eration Experion PKS

knowledge system controls the most com-
plex processes for industrial automation.
Controlling the entire scope of production,
Experion PKS addresses the needs of opera-
tions, maintenance, engineering and busi-
ness personnel throughout industries includ-
ing energy, chemicals, pulp, paper and print-
ing and power generation.
In the commercial industry,
Honeywells avionics and vehi-
cle health management tech-
nology has flown on board the
777 and multiple business jets
and regional aircraft utilizing
Honeywells Primus Epic

form. On the ground, Honeywells Aircraft
Maintenance and Operations Support
System (AMOSS) works in concert with the
on-board systems to efficiently determine
repair needs and procedures, decreasing
repair time on the ground and allowing the
vehicle to get back into service more quickly.
AMOSS is the industry-leading product for
automated troubleshooting, diagnosis, and
fault isolation.
Avionics and health management experience
Over the years, Honeywell has provided intelligent systems and avionics for the military, industrial,
commercial and business aircraft, and space industries.
Aerospace Electronic Systems
Defense and Space Electronic Systems
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March 2003
Printed in U.S.A. on Recycled Paper
2003 Honeywell International Inc.
For the past four decades
Honeywell has been on every
NASA Human Space mission
and on 75 percent of all U.S.
space flights providing avion-
ics, guidance and navigation
control, command and data han-
dling and supporting the International Space
Station orbiting the earth today.
By combining this extensive
experience and our over $1
billion investment, today we
are forming the next genera-
tion in avionics embedded with
Integrated Vehicle Health
Management (IVHM). IVHM will
capture and integrate the intelligence and
expertise of engineers who design and build
systems and subsystems for spacecraft. Not
only will IVHM house a comprehensive data-
base, but it will also function as a brain that
can analyze total vehicle data, diagnose the
root cause of a system failure, furnish data and
recommend solutions in real time. Also, IVHM
will provide prognostics capability to identify
potential issues.
Reduce risk, reduce cost, and improve safety with Honeywell avionics and Integrated Vehicle Health
Management. We're ready to partner with you to meet the needs of the next generation in spaceflight and