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Trouble in Maerdyn

A D20 D&D Module

Trouble in Maerdyn is a D20 D&D adventure designed for a party of 4-6 staring level characters (levels
1 or 2). Set in the in the Kingdom of Laerdanor, the adventure begins at the Inn of the Roasted Goose
on the banks of the river Forodel. Having their meal interrupted by a dying man causes the heroes to
go hunting for orc raiders, but they soon discover that there is more to these orcs than meets the eye.
While set in Laerdanor, in the campaign world of Aganor, the location can easily be modified to fit any
campaign setting. Just change the names of the different locations.

Campaign Notes
If you plan on using the campaign setting I've been working on for these stories you should know that
the orcs are not creatures of this world. Crafted by Chaos, out of chaos, bred for chaos, orcs have the
blackest of souls, but thankfully most have limited intelligence. Their entire purpose in life is to find
and destroy all forms of life and bring back the universe to its original state of chaos. Some humans
and a few changelings, having lost their sanity, have given themselves over to the worship of Chaos,
and live to bring about the apocalypse. For this reason orcs and the priests leading them take great
pleasure in killing and devouring humans, and should be given serious consideration.

In this scenario, you will find certain skills that may not be found in the existing 3.5 D&D edition. Use
the following substitutes if you want to stick to 3.5: Perception=Search or Spot (depending on the
situation), Linguistics=Decipher Script or Specific Language.

If you plan on storytelling this scenario, make sure you read this through once before introducing your
players to it. However if you don't plan on storytelling the scenario, be advised that reading any further
could ruin the surprise. You are forewarned!

The adventure begins at the Roasted Goose Inn located near a bridge crossing off the banks of the
Forodel River in the province of Maerdyn. An orc raid on a nearby farm plunges the group into a hunt
for justice and a rescue attempt. Garth Morgen's sons may still be alive and at the mercy of these
uncouth beasts, and it is up to the heroes to track down the raiders and bring the farmer's sons back
alive. However, arriving at the orc base of operation the heroes discover that this raid may just be the
beginning of a war between the neighboring provinces of Maerdyn and Boscavia.

Starting the Adventure

The whole campaign starts at a small inn called “The Roasted Goose” on the northern edge of
Laerdanor on the banks of the river Forodrel. How you get the characters to this inn is up to you. They
don't necessarily have to know each other at the beginning, but that does make things a little easier.
The characters should all be enjoying a warm meal in the commons, as the sun begins to set in the quiet
province of Maerdyn.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 1

Read the following:

The bard just got done singing a short ballad about a King Norverre who mistook the Duke
of Hebrin for the Duchess of Cormandor and asked him to dance. His final note is
immediately followed by a roar of laughter from the captive listeners.
Suddenly, a farmer stumbles into the inn, exhausted, and bloodied. His breath is heavy, and
you notice blood dripping down his temple from an oozing head wound. “Please… orcs
everywhere…family…all dead…” Only then do you notice that he is carrying a small bundle
in his arms.

He hands the bundle to the first person walking up to him.

“Sherry… please… my family… the farm!!!” are the last words that he manages to gasp out
as life slowly ebbs away from his body.

Looking more closely at the peasant shows that his wound isn’t very deep, but the green puss around it
as well as the foul smell emanating clearly indicates that he was injured by a poisoned weapon.
Anyone with Craft(Herbalism) or Healing (DC10) or Survival or Craft(Alchemy) (DC15) can find out
the poison is Legian Sap which slowly seeps into the bloodstream and can stop a man’s heart (Fort
DC15 for 1d6 Con, secondary Fort DC15 an 2 hours later for another 2d6 Con). The antidote is made
of Grayfen leaves that can be found in the region, but it must be administered within 2 hours or the
farmer will die. An antitoxin vial can delay the poison’s secondary effect for 24 hours.

Sherry is his three months old daughter whom he saved from the grip of an orc just before being hit in
the head. He managed to knock the orc over, but not before the orc got a swat at him with his scimitar.
He ran away and managed to reach the inn before the poison spread throughout his body. Sherry has
little blond curls, hazelnut eyes, and a very cute face. The people at the inn will instantly recognize
Garth Morgen, the owner of a little farm one mile north east of the inn.
If the characters ask around the owner of the inn will tell them,

“This is very strange, I have never seen orcs so closeup before. I've heard of their kind in
distant lands. I hear they appear in large numbers and leave only death and destruction
behind. If they are raiding our farms, this does not bode well for our people. Someone must
find out where they are coming from, and alert the militia.

 If the group inquires about Garth’s family the innkeeper will tell them that he also had a wife
and three sons.
 If the characters decide to leave immediately for the farmers place they will encounter the orcs
pursuing Garth 5 minutes after leaving the inn (wide open area).
 If the characters stay more than 5 minutes at the inn, the five orcs pursuing Garth will storm into
the inn scimitars out, and shields adorned.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 2

Orcs (5): HD(1d8+1), 6HP, Init +0, Spd 30, AC15/14/11 (chain shirt and small round wooden
shields), Scimitars +3 (1d8+2, [18-20]x2 crit), Fort +3, Ref +0, Will -1, Str 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8,
Wis 8, Cha 10. Feats: Weapon Focus (Scimitar).

GM Note:
At this point the characters should decide whether they want to go straight after the orc raiders or go looking for
Grayfen leaves to craft an antidote for Garth.

Finding the leaves is easy enough using Survival or Perception (DC15, one roll per 30 minutes of searching).
However, if they don't find the leaves within an hour and a half Garth will die before they can return, prepare
and administer the antidote.

The five orcs storming the inn are a subset of the raiding party that attacked the Morgen farm. Smart PCs will
try to keep at least on of them alive in order to question him. The following information can be gotten through
Questions Asked...
What are you doing here, or why did you attack?
Intimidate DC10: “Mighty Turuk...(cough)... was growing tired of eating animals and... (cough) wanted a taste
of man flesh...(coughing fit)”
Who is Turuk?
Intimidate DC15: “Mighty Turuk is our fearless leader... (cough) he will soon rule this province... (coughing
Where is Turuk?
Intimidate DC20: “Mighty Turuk rests to the north east... (cough) a few days in the woods (cough)...more man
flesh for him... hahahaha...(coughing fit)”

Nothing else can be learned from the raiding party.

Once the characters decide to head to the farm read the following:

As you reach a rise on the path you notice some smoke rising in the distance. The path
meanders down cutting through two large wheat fields in full bloom. The fields give way to
a large open space nestled against the woods. Smoke billows up from the burnt down
farmhouse while a blazing inferno engulfs the wooden barn. The house’s walls are still
standing, but the roof collapsed into a burning heap. As you witness this grim scene a slight
drizzle starts to fall from the already cloudy sky. You look around for any remains of
Garth’s family, but the bodies don’t seem to be anywhere around the house.

Have the characters make a moderate (DC15) perception or normal (DC10) Survival (track) roll.
Anyone who succeeds will see the following:

Searching the surrounding area you discover a gruesome scene in one of the field. Two
humans were slaughtered and all that remains are the heads, hands and feet. From the heads
you gather that those must have been Garth's wife and his eldest son. You gag as a
bloody/putrid smell emanates from what’s left of those two corpses.
Some badly covered up tracks seem to lead back east towards the foreboding forest.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 3

GM Note: Garth has three sons, which means that the orcs have captured two of them alive so they can eat them

If the characters follow the tracks, they will lead directly to a trail into the forest. The trail is not too
hard to track (Survival DC10) if done right away, but if the character’s decide to wait until the morrow,
the rain will erase most of it and make it more difficult to follow (Survival DC15).

If the group succeeds in tracking the orcs, they will only take a day and a half (3 random encounter
rolls on random encounter chart / 2 days and 1 night) to find their hideout, but if they fail the tracking
roll they will wander for four days (7 random encounter rolls / 4 days and 3 nights) in the forest before
accidentally falling on the hideout. However, if during their searching, they encounter orcs, they will
find the lair within the next hour.

1. Cove

When they discover the hideout this is what they will see:

The forest trails leads down into a recess ending in a cave entrance at the bottom of a large
mound. Near the entrance two orcs are busying themselves at cooking some meat on a spit
over a bed of hot embers. Looking closer you realize that the piece of meat hanging over the
fire is in fact a human leg, and the smell of burnt flesh begins filling your nostrils.

Orcs (2): HD(1d8+1), 6HP, Init +0, Spd 30, AC15/14/11 (chain shirt and small round wooden
shields), Scimitars +3 (1d8+2, [18-20]x2 crit), Short Bow +1 (1d6, 20x3 crit)Fort +3, Ref +0, Will -1,
Str 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8, Wis 8, Cha 1. Feats: Weapon Focus (Scimitar).

Combat Notes
If the characters dispose of the two orcs silently, they can proceed into the cave without any problem. However,
if they fail to proceed silently, the orcs will immediately call in the reinforcements and be joined by 7 orcs within
4 rounds and by Turuk and a Kurg within 6 rounds. If the orc sentries are killed before the 6 rounds are over,
Turuk and his cronies will lay in wait inside the main hall.

Turuk (Orc Leader): HD(3d8+1), 18HP, Init +2, Spd 20, AC17/15/12 (breastplate and Dex),
Masterwork Falchion +6 (2d4+4 [18-20]x2 crit), Fort +4, Ref +1, Will +0, Str 16, Dex 14, Con 12,
Int 10, Wis 8, Cha 12. Feats: Weapon Focus (Scimitar), Power Attack.

Orcs (8): HD(1d8+1), 6HP, Init +0, Spd 30, AC15/14/11 (chain shirt and small round wooden
shields), Scimitars +3 (1d8+2, [18-20]x2 crit), Fort +3, Ref +0, Will -1, Str 14, Dex 10, Con 12, Int 8,
Wis 8, Cha 10. Feats: Weapon Focus (Scimitar).

Kurg (Worg): HD(4d8+8), 34HP, Init +3, Spd 50, AC14/12/12, Bite +7 (1d6+4), Fort +6, Ref +6,
Will +3, Str 17, Dex 17, Con 15, Int 6, Wis 14, Cha 10. Feats: Improved Trip (opposed STR vs. STR
or DEX to make opponent prone).

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 4

2. Entryway

As they enter the cave, they come into the orcs resting place.

You enter a long tunnel leading up farther ahead into a large cave. You smell the stench of
sweaty orcs ahead, and a few loud laughing noises can be heard in the distance. The walls of
the corridor seem to indicate that it was naturally made. The air is so humid that you begin
sweating even though it's not that warm inside. The only source of light available in the
corridor is that of the flickering torchlight deeper into the cave.

There is a 10’ long pit trap in the middle of the corridor leading to the orcs resting place. It spans all but
a 5 feet ledge on the far-east side of the corridor. Most of the orcs just know where it is and jump over
it. The trap is moderately concealed (Perception DC20 in low light, DC15 with light source), but if
anyone falls into is they will suffer 1d6 falling damage (Reflex DC15 for half), and 1d4 puncturing
attacks (+10 attack / 1d4 damage) from the spikes at the bottom.

3. Main Hall

Read the following as the players enter this area:

The corridor opens up in a large cave light sparingly by flickering torches hanging from
sconces here and there. Twenty crude cots are spread around the room. You notice four orcs
at a wooden table in the center of the room playing some sort of game involving the tossing
of knuckle bones. In the far east corner two orcs are engaged in a sparing match using
scimitars and small wooden shield. Two of the cots are occupied by loud snoring orcs.
Across the cave, to the north is another corridor leading farther into the complex.

Combat Notes
More than likely the characters will try to come up with some scheme to kill of the orcs with the least amount of
casualties on their side.

Three rounds after the fight starts, Turuk will show up from the northern entrance accompanied by Kurg.

If the combat is not finished within 10 rounds, then the five orcs that were patrolling the area wonder into the
cave (that is unless the group already encountered them before finding the hideout).

The dark corridor from which Turuk came from breaks off into a Y after twenty yards.

4. Cells

If the group goes left read the following:

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 5

While walking down this damp unlit corridor, you hear the sounds of a sobbing young
person. Shedding some light in this part of the cave you notice that the west wall has a large
cavity closed off by some slimy wooden bars. This improvised prison is separated into two
sections, and the sobbing comes from the left cell. As soon as you approach the bars you
notice in the left hand corner a small form slumped over a slightly large body. In the
northernmost cell is another body laying in the middle of the cell in a manner that would
suggest that it was simply tossed there. The corridor continues on north.

The two forms in the southernmost cell are Garth’s two older sons (Imel 8 years old, and Farst 14 years
old). Imel is the one sobbing over his brother’s unconscious body. Farst tried to escape and was
violently stuck in the head by Turuk. He has been bleeding steadily ever since.

GM Note
If the group has found the hideout within three days of the raid on the farm Farst will still be alive, although
very badly wounded, however, if the group took longer, Farst will have bled to death. If Farst is alive he won’t
be for much longer unless someone heals him (Heal DC15) or stabilizes him using a Cure Light Wound.

The northern cell has one body in it. The body is that of Olomouc the Sly, a thief from Dún Maerdeth
who was going though the forest. Olomouc was captured only a few hours ago, but died quickly from
massive internal damage. If the characters search his body (perception DC10) they will find, under his
shirt, tucked into his pants, a small soft scroll case containing a single scroll (this is one of the four
famous Scrolls of Narshiva). The orcs must have overlooked that detail.

5. Dark Pond

If the characters continue north they will enter the cave with the pond, in which case you should read
the following:

Moving forward, you notice an increase in the humidity as your clothes begin sticking to
your body. You hear the sound of water dripping into water. The corridor opens up into a
large cavern mostly filled with a large pond. The water is dark and still except for the slight
ripples created by dripping water falling from the ceiling. The glassy water reflects the light
from the walls creating an eerie shimmer on its surface. You notice symbols carved on the
walls close by.

The Symbols are ancient, but can be deciphered by anyone with Linguistics (DC25). They are script
dating back to the carnal wars, recounting the devastation created by the changelings and their dragon
This pond is the residence of a very large Python that the orcs feed on a regular basis. At the bottom of
the pond, however, is a small treasure. The orcs would often toss some valuables in there thinking that
the symbols carved on the walls we some form of magic that would give them luck. If anyone comes
within 3 feet of the shore roll a D10, and on a 1 or a 2 the Python will notice the intruders and attack.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 6

If a character dives in to search the bottom of the pond roll a D10, and on a 5 or less the Python will
notice the intruders and attack. Add 1 to the roll for every extra attempt to search the pond.

For each dive have the PC roll perception:

Roll Result
0-9 1d10cp (repeatable)
10-14 1d10sp (repeatable)
15-19 1d10gp (non-repeatable)
20-24 1 gem worth 10gp (non-repeatable)
25+ 1 brooch of shielding (non-repeatable)

Python: HD(3d8+6), 21HP, Init +3, Spd 20, AC15/13/12, Bite +5 (1d3+4, Poison), Grapple +5, Fort
+4, Ref +6, Will +2, Str 17, Dex 17, Con 13, Int 1, Wis 12, Cha 2. Feats: Improved Grab, Toughness,

If the group went right at the Y then read the following.

As you proceed further into this section of the cave you notice the humidity lessens. You can
smell the stench of decay coming from a cave on the north. The corridor continues east.

6. Storage & Larder

If the group investigates the cave they will go into the larder.

As you shed light into this room a grim scene unfolds. In front of you, hanging from the
ceiling are some body parts that are slowly picking up the moisture in the air and beginning
to rot. Resting against the east wall are two large chests, and a smaller chest next to them.
On the west wall, hanging from the wall is an assortment of scimitars, swords, spears, bows,
and crossbows all looking somewhat worse for wear.

The wall holds (8 scimitars, 5 long swords, 10 spears, 2 Short Bows, and 4 Light crossbows. On the
ground are 8 quivers (3 with 20 arrows each, and 5 with 10 bolts each).

Chest 1(Not locked): This chest contains all of the clothes of the people the orcs have killed. There seems
to be a large assortment of clothes, but none of them are of any great value (10gp overall value).

Chest 2 (Locked DC15): This chest contains 2 small skins filled with a foul smelling liquid (They are orc
made CLW potions / 1d8+3hp Fort DC10 to not spit out), and there are also 6 vials of a thick liquid
(Legian Sap, which was used on Garth). Each vial contains 10 uses in it.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 7

Chest 3 (Locked DC15, Poisoned Needle: Perception DC15, Disable DC15, Legian Sap: Fort DC15 for 1d6 Con,
secondary Fort DC15 2 hours later for another 2d6 Con ): This chest contains a pouch with 170gp, two pouches
each containing 150sp, a small pouch with two pearls worth 50gp (Appraise DC10) each and a silver
ring (magical ring of protection +1), a small padded lock box with 6 compartments (3 of which hold
antitoxin vials, and one which holds a potion of lesser restoration), masterwork thieves tools, and
masterwork studded leather (fitted to a human male).

GM Note:
Most of items in chest 3 were scavenged from Olomouc’s corpse.

7. Den

If the group ventures into the cave on the right read them the following:

The floor in this cave is littered with bones of all sizes. Some are from animals, while some
are undoubtedly from human beings. (If they haven’t encountered the Worg yet then continue
reading) Entering the room you are welcomed by the smell of wet fur. Before you know it two
glowing red eyes appear out of nowhere and a huge form throws itself at you as it growls

Kurg (Worg): Look for stats earlier.

Combat Notes:
If the group hasn’t fought the Worg yet, he will be in his den resting. When any PC approaches the entrance,
roll a perception check (1d20+6) vs. anyone trying to sneak up. If he notices the intruder he will Hide (1d20+4)
and attempt an ambush.
A successful ambush means he gets to attack once before the combat starts. If lowered to 8 hit points he will
attempt to flee, unless he’s back into the den.

8. Turuk’s Room

Read the following when the PCs enter the room:

The corridor ends in a blocked opening. Rows of string hanging together have small bones
tied at close intervals creating a curtain of bones. Ahead you enter a fairly large dimly lit
cavern. In a cove northern corner you see a rugged bed covered with a large comforter. On
the side of the bed, on the floor is a large rug made out of bear hide. On the south side rests a
large wooden chest. A series of shrunken heads neatly set next to each other are hanging
from iron pegs on the eastern wall. All around the cave are images that seem to have been
hand drawn with charcoal showing various defeated opponents. They all look to have
suffered brutal deaths.

The bear hide is worth 15gp (Appraise DC10).

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 8

The large chest has a top flat that is locked (DC20). It contains large mosses that grow only in the dark
in a humid environment. Once a year the mosses can be submerged in water and ground into a paste to
create the poison that is in the vials in chest 2 of the storage room. If the characters fail to open the
chest and decide to break it open. The mosses will explode into a poisonous gas cloud (Legian Moss:
Fort DC15 loss of 1 CON point every day). If they use a crowbar to break the lock (STR DC15) the mosses
will remain intact. At the base of the chest, on the outside, is a locked (DC20) drawer that pulls out
revealing a large compartment. In it is a scroll with a broken seal on it (see “An Ominous Letter” in the
item section for details on the scroll).

If the characters inspect all of the heads they will find the key to the chest containing the mosses in one
of the heads as well as a pouch containing 50gp.

Combat Notes:
If the group hasn’t fought Turuk yet, he will be in his room working on another carving on the cave wall. If a
fight erupts with Kurg, he will come to his aid immediately fighting to the death. When a PC approaches his
room have Turuk roll a perception roll (1d20+3) vs. anyone trying to sneak up. If he hears anything Turuk will
come rushing out falchion in both hands, bellowing of the top of his lungs. He doesn’t have enough common
sense to attempt an ambush.

9. Concluding the Adventure

It should only take the group a day and a half (3 random encounter rolls) to return to the last inn. The
characters will be hailed as heroes if they bring any of the boys back to the last inn. The innkeeper will
offer them free room and board for as long as they want to stay. The total XP for this adventure is
5400xp plus any extra from random encounters (the orc hunting party random encounter is already
accounted for since they eventually show up at the hideout). If the group rescues both boys from the
clutches of the orcs, they should receive a bonus 100xp each. If the group managed to heal Garth in
time give each of them an extra 50xp.

It is not necessary for the players to discover the scroll of Narshiva on the body of Olomouc the Sly,
however if they do discover the scroll, they may want to find out more about it, which could be the
beginning of a series of adventures leading to the discovery of Aruvianar. I will be working on writing
up more material related to the scrolls of Narshiva and Aruvianar.

If the players don't find the scroll, someone from Olomouc's thieves guild in Dún Maerdeth will find
his body and retrieve the item.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 9

10. Items of Interest

An ominous letter
This letter is written in Orcish, as a measure of precaution and would require a linguistics roll (DC15)
in order to translate, should none of the PCs have Orcish as a known language. The broken seal can be
recognized using Knowledge (Nobility) (DC15) as the seal of Ichebod Kaiser, baron of Boscavia in the
land of Norokev, which shares a border with the province of Maerdyn.


I have great news for you. The time has finally come for you to show us
what you and your cohort are made of. The location of your hideout is a
prime position for harassing the locals. Since you have been of great
service so far, I have decided to give you the area north Dún Maerdeth.
That is if you can subdue the peasants and destroy the militia in the
area. Feel free to do as you wish within this area, but remember not to
create too much noise as to rouse the suspicion of the people of Dún
Maerdeth for you know very well that you could not defeat them if
they summoned their whole forces to go against you. Soon we will have
the needed force to subdue the whole region. But in the meantime, I'll
be sending you reinforcements. Another company of orcs is on its way to
your hideout and should arrive by the next moon. In the mean time
receive this gift as a bounty to your good loyalty, and service.
With regards,


GM Note: A “company” is a military term referring to 20 armed soldiers. Print and hand out the letter to the
players when they discover it. Players usually like having items that remind them of previous adventures they
may have gone through. Plus, they may want to bring that letter to the authorities in Dún Maerdeth.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 10

The Scrolls of Narshiva
When the carnal wars broke out, Dragons (both chromatic and metallic) allied themselves with the
changeling races providing them with major firepower. Whole cities were raised to the ground by
those fierce beasts. Humans responded to this threat by forging the “Dragon Banes”: swords of great
power that would allow their wielder to be impervious to the breath weapon of certain dragons, while
growing them to colossal sizes and allowing them to fly into combat against their winged opponents.
One blade was created to work against each breath type (fire, acid, ice, electricity). One of these
blades, the one named Aruvianar (Ardent One), was acquired by the changelings and entrusted to a
female gold Dragon named Jandalor. Over the years Jandalor came to realize that what she had done
during the carnal wars was wrong, and she removed herself from the war flying to a far flung mountain
unknown to anyone. Many years went by and the carnal wars ended, as the Council of Sorcery
established the barriers necessary to protect the human kingdoms. One of these Sorcerers was a man
named Narshiva. He knew of the creation of the Dragon Banes from his reading of ancient texts, and
decided to go about finding such fabled blades. He discovered the location of Jandalor’s home on
Mount Caracoa, but barely escaped with his life when confronted with the unhappy dragon.
Abandoning his quest for the time being, he went about finding some support from other sorcerers to
see if together they could take down the beast.
The revolutionary wars began before his plans came to fruition and he was forced to go into hiding.
His four accomplices went into hiding, and each took a fourth of the map Narshiva had created as a
show of faith that once things blew over they would get back together and finish the task.
Unfortunately all four of them were killed, and the scrolls were lost for thousands of years. While
Narshiva kept record of their names, he gave up his quest for the blade in favor of learning to extend
his life by transforming himself into a dragon. He eventually managed the transformation and ended up
going into hiding towards the end of the revolutionary wars.

Each scroll has the following written on it:

Beneath the golden scales you rest unmoved for

centuries. Have patience my beloved, for soon the time
will come. I shall wrestle the snake and free you from
your everlasting imprisonment.


Anyone using detect magic will notice it radiates magic. They will also notice that some letters
shimmer and pop out of the text.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 11

Beneath the golden scales you rest unmoved for
centuries. Have patience my beloved, for soon the time
will come. I shall wrestle the snake and free you from
your everlasting imprisonment.


Below are a few things the characters may know off the top of their head:
• Knowledge (History) or Bardic Knoweldge DC15: Narshiva was a sorcerer who lived during the
rule of the Council of Sorcery. Although he was not one of the council members he was reputed
to be a powerful enough sorcerer to challenge any of them, but was more interested in personal
pursuits. He was known to have an obsession with dragons.
• Knowledge (History) or Bardic Knowlegde DC25: Narshiva was reputed to have been the first
human to discover a way to transform himself into a dragon.
• Knowledge (History or Arcana) or Bardic Knowledge DC25: Aruvianar was one of the dragon
bane swords forged long ago during the carnal wars to help fight against the dragons that had
allied themselves with the changelings.
• Linguistics (DC25): Aruvianar means soul of fire in the old tongue.
• Knowledge (History or Arcana) or Bardic Knowledge DC30: Aruvianar was part of a set of 4
swords that were crafted. It was the one intended to use against fire breathing dragons (Red and
Gold Dragons). It allowed the wielder to be granted a Greater Enlarged form, flight, and
immunity to fire (normal and magical). It also permitted the wielder to sense any dragon within
20 miles.

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 12

11. Encounter Chart

Roll 1d100 once for each day and night spent outdoors, and use the chart below to determine if any
encounter occurs.

Roll Result
1-2 Ranger Help: The party encounters a ranger who knows the woods quite well and can
tell them where the orc hideout is located (saving them a 1d2 days of tracking). If on
their way back from the orc hideout, he can provide a cure light wound to anyone
hurting the most.
3-15 Orc Hunting Party (5 orcs): The heroes encounter a hunting party sent out from the orc
hideout. The orcs aren’t particularly talented at hunting because they bicker and shout at
each other most of the time. If the players have a person scouting ahead and they have
gone unnoticed, allow the players to set up and ambush. If more than 3 orcs are killed
the others will attempt to flee.
16-18 Angry Bear: A female brown bear has just given birth to three cubs and the party
stumbles onto the den entrance just as the mother returns from fishing some trout. She
is very angry at the sight of the PCs and will roar up a storm and get ready to attack. A
PC can attempt Handle Animal (DC15) to calm her down and leave peacefully. She will
however protect he cubs with her life.
19-21 Pack of Wolves: a pack of 6 wolves is out hunting for food. They will only attack the
players if the players attack them.
22-24 A wild boar: The party suddenly comes face to face with a large wild boar. The boar
feeling threatened prepares to attack. A PC with animal handling (DC15) may,
however, be able to calm it down enough to prevent a confrontation.
25+ Nothing happens...

After an encounter has been used, simply count any repeat encounter as a “Nothing Happens.”

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 13

12. Maps

GM's Map of the Orc Hideout

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 14

Player's Map of the Orc Hideout

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 15

GM's Map of the region

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 16

Player's Map of the Region

Copyright: Jonathan Crow (AKA Tralese) 17

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