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THE TRUTH: Choices that teens make TODAY
are dictating the kind of future they’ll have
tomorrow. Inviting a Truthe4Youth primary
prevention speaker into your school will empower
your students to make healthy choices for the future.
An ab stinen ce edu cati on program for Ameri ca’s youth
Truth4Youth Offers:
- Riveting Assembly Speakers
- State-of-the Art Classroom Presentations
- Super Fun After-School Clubs
- Innovative, Highly Interactive Teen/Parent
- Parent Teen Showcase: How to Talk to Your Kids
Making Healthy Choices


Abstinence defined

As defined in the Welfare Reform Act in

What exactly is ab stinen ce edu cati on? Title V, all abstinence education programs
“You inspired me and must comply with the following guidelines:
added on to my Abstinence education is defined as an
Abstinence education is a health strategy that encourages teens to practice knowledge and ability What wi ll kids lea rn in educational or motivational program
abstinence until marriage. Abstinence programs like Truth4 Youth challenge to say no to sexual A Truth4 Youth Program? which:
students to consider the future. They teach important skills, like goal-setting activities and to
and decision-making, as well as how to build healthy relationships. abstain myself for my
Truth4 Youth teaches kids far more than just how to Ò s a y [A] has as its exclusive purpose, teaching the social,
Abstinence programs teach how choices affect the future and the benefits of future wife. Before, I
no. It challenges young people to think about themselves, psychological, and health gains to be realized by
remaining abstinent until marriage. They also discuss the potential was certain that I abstaining from sexual activity;
would not have sex to recognize that they have inestimable worth. They are
consequences of sexual activity before marriage, including pregnancy, sexually challenged to dream about the future and they learn how
[B] teaches abstinence from sexual activity outside
before marriage and marriage as the expected standard for all school
transmitted diseases, and emotional pain. now, I am without a responsible behavior can help them age children;
doubt, 200% positive achieve their goals. Other areas for [C] teaches that abstinence from sexual activity is the
that I will not have sex only certain way to avoid out-of-wedlock
student growth include:
pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and
before I married.”-
Truth4 Youth is a specific abstinence education program tailored to the needs Fourteen year old boy
other associated health problems;
[D] teaches that a mutually faithful monogamous
of students in middle and high school. All Truth4 Youth presentations are led by commenting on relationship in the context of marriage is the
trained and certified abstinence instructors and are guaranteed to encourage your Truth4Youth program [1] Goals: Making a game plan for your life
expected standard of human sexual activity;
student body to save sex for marriage. Truth4 Youth programs are developed from a at his school. [2] Media: Who are you listening to? [E] teaches that sexual activity outside of the context
strong abstinence curriculum that is in full compliance with federal abstinence [3] Why boundaries matter of marriage is likely to have harmful psychological
and physical effects;
education guidelines. Through videos, games, interactive activities, and more, the [4] The risks and consequences of sex before marriage [F] teaches that bearing children out-of-wedlock is
message of abstinence is shared with kids in an age-appropriate and culturally [5] New decisions: Starting over likely to have harmful consequences for the child,
relevant way. [6] The importance of choosing your friends
the child’s parents, and society;
[G] teaches young people how to reject sexual
[7] Marriage as the expected standard advances and how alcohol and drug use
increases vulnerabilityto sexual advances; and
[H] teaches the importance of attaining self-sufficiency
before engaging in sexual activity.
Aren’t all ab stinen ce
Do kids re ally need programs the same? Kids deserve the best we have to give them. They
ab stinen ce deserve the guidance and direction of abstinence
“I think that they
edu cati on? should offer In a word, no! Only abstinence education (not programs education.
Truth4Youth in every
More than ever before, youth need the truth about sex. called Abstinence-plus or Abstinence-based) offers teens
school. There would
They need to know that abstinence until marriage and be fewer sexually the whole truth about sex before marriage — that only
sex enjoyed inside a marriage relationship gives them
transmitted diseases abstinence until marriage provides 100 percent protection Is ab stinen ce edu cati on
the best chance at a
and less teen
pregnancies. We
against premarital pregnancy and sexually transmitted “Medically accur ate? ”
happy and healthy future. Plus, abstinence education would learn that there diseases. Yet, some contraceptive-based sex
brings to light important facts about our culture, and
is not such thing as education programs actually encourage teens to engage in Yes! Abstinence education programs such as Truth4 Youth
safe sex and that
current trends concerning sex. sexual activity, putting their very futures at risk. are based on solid, scientific facts found in peer-reviewed,
condoms don't always
For instance, did YOU know: work.”- Fourteen year published journals, studies and surveys. All major health
old girl commenting Abstinence education, on the other hand, is based on the organizations agree that only abstinence until marriage to an
on abstinence
uninfected spouse provides 100 percent protection against
education program

• Teens who engage in sexual activity before marriage are also more likely to premise that kids can make good choices and should be marriage.
drink or smoke than teens that are abstinent. encouraged to do so. The benefits of remaining abstinent
until marriage are just too good to ignore. For example,
• Half of all STDs are diagnosed to youth age 15-24. studies show that:
• Individuals who remain abstinent until marriage
• Having an STD can increase a teen’s susceptibility to cancer and HIV/AIDS.
report feeling happier in their marriages. They also
Sources: 1 ) A m er ic a Jno u r n aol f P rev e n tive
M ed ic in eO, c to b er2 0 0 4 ;2 ) 2 0 0 3 S T DS urv eilla n cRe e p o rt,C e n te rsfo r D ise a seC o n tro l; report having more fulfilling sex lives than
3 ) C e n te rsfo r D ise a seC o n tro Jl,u n e2004
individuals who do not remain abstinent until
• Individuals who remain abstinent until
marriage enjoy higher standards of living than
individuals who do not remain abstinent until
premarital pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and emotional pain.
Contraception-based sex education, on the other hand, is riddled with
dangerous messages. For example, contraception-based sex education
teach that relying on condoms makes sexual activity “safe.” Not so! In fact, the
CDC recently published just the opposite, saying that condoms do not protect
against HPV, a dangerous STD that can lead to cervical cancer, the leading cause
of death among American women.
Do parents play a role? “Truth4Youth
Educators really
motivated me to
Truth4 Youth believes that parents are the primary share truth with my
How can I bring Truth4 Youth to my schoo l?
students. The
educators of their children. It is, therefore, their right students really Truth4 Youth programs are being held all across the Midwest. All
and responsibility to know what their children are listened and
engaged in the Truth4 Youth programs are custom-created to match your school s specific
being taught regarding their children s sexual
stories, videos and preferences. One-time assemblies, week-long programs, one-night events, teacher
health. Truth4 Youth seeks to undergird parental activities. The
educators were training services, and more are all possibilities. To speak with a Truth4 Youth
desires, supporting their efforts to teach healthy
very punctual, coordinator about the
sexual attitudes and behavior. organized, and
professional. I truly
many options available to meet your school s needs, call 605 275 6291 or log
believe their on to today.
message can
impact this
generation about
making choices,
Truth4Youth for
taking time to care
about my
students!” Jessica
Nelson, Middle
School Science &
Health Teacher,
Tiospa Zina Tribal

All Truth4 Youth programs are open to held in conjunction with school programs for adolescents or separately. In My
parents. Truth4 Youth can also provide addition, trained abstinence advisors are available to answer any questions and scho
parent workshops and seminars that can be suggest appropriate parenting resources regarding sexual health. ol ’s
For more information about bringing Truth4Youth
budget is into your school, club or church,
already tig ht. call (605) 275-6291 or log on to ww
How much do es
Truth Youth
Because the message is so important,
Truth4 Youth provides all of its
programming FREE of charge! So spend
your money on books and give your
teachers a raise, because Truth4 Youth
understands how hard you work to stay on