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Life is easier with us

Who we are
A cooperative enterprise founded in 2013.

We have the newest technology systems .

Our objective is to make your life easier.

We are focused on your security.

Services that we offer
A new revolutionary lifestyle

A new way to remember

Protection to your posessions

A better organization

Our Location
Our main headquearter is located in Los
Angeles California.
The other ones are in the most important
cities of Spain, Italy, France and England.

How we work
Our Apps are made by expert programmers
from the USA.
You can get the apps by going to the Play Store
in case you are using an Android Mobile
Phone or from the Apple Store in case of using
an apple product.
The other type of gadgets will be delivered to
you in a maximum of 5 days. (Agreement with

What is it?

A revolutionary application that syncronize
with your stuff and allows you to know where
is it at every moment.

How it works.

Our advanced microchip transponder gun inserts a
chip inside anything you want no matter what
material is made of.
Our application remembapp syncronize with that
microchip showing you his exact location in your
mobile screen.
This guarantee the security of your stuff
First Step: You have to buy or microchip
transponder gun in our website, the price of this gun is 30$.
Second Step: When you buy our gun you will get
it in a maximum of 5 days, in the box you will find
the gadget and a code, this code allows you to
download the app by free from PlayStore or
Apple Store.
Third Step: You have the App and the gadget, you
are ready to use it.
Every year you will have to pay 2$ for continue
using this app.

Our begginings
Cristobals uncle,who is a very succesful
Bussines Man gave us 500.000$ for this
Pauls grandfather donated another 500.000$
for the proyect.
We both asked the bank for a loan.(100.000$)
We both studied a Degree in ADE+Economy,
and we decided to start with this proyect.

Our Enterprise
We have 15 employees, 5 of them are Programmers
focused on the App Creation and the microchips, the other
10 are controling the machines that create the microchip
Our microchip gun factory costed us 40.000$ and it is
situated in China. The price of all the materials we need is
almost 50.000$ per year.
The cost of hiring the place where are situated our
headquarters is 300.000$ per year.
Each programmer gets a salary of 2.500 $, and each
controller gets 1.400 $.
The marketing will cost us 100.000$.
The total cost per year will be : 808.000$
At first, thanks to our marketing, we expect to
sell 500.000 units at the first year, that will be
15.000.000$ plus the renovation tax for
continue using the app (1.000.000$). In total
16.000.000$ per year.
Benefits 16.000.000-808.000 =15.192.000 $ in
a year.
We expect to improve our production and our
research, this will increase our sells.