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By definition singing is the act of producing musical sound with beats, rhythm and melody.
Singing has outstretched its various application not just in terms of entertainment. Side by side singing
competitions have pop out everywhere and even business establishments have found its way on
producing profits from this. KTV, Karaoke Television, is one of the growing business that attracts singers
and singer-wannabe. Coin-Operated Videoke Machines, specifically, is one of the rampant business in
Cagayan De Oro City, especially in the areas of Nazareth and Lapasan. Good investment for business
owners but does not give convenience to the residence occupying in the area or near the area. The
producing noise from morning till midnight is uncontrolled that annoyance is not the only problem yet
health, physical, emotional, even psychological will be, if such noise continuous to its operation. Even
OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) has set standard on the minimum number of hours that an
employee is exposed to certain amount of noise because it has effect on health. With the problem
stated the author conducted a study with the objective of measuring and evaluating the noise levels in
the specific area and provide result that will alarm the City Council and conduct recommended actions
on the concern appealed.
The study is concern with the measurement of decibels of noise present in the regular basis
operation of the videoke machines in the Nazareth and Lapasan areas only. In the study, the Presidential
Decree (PD) 856 standards (60 and 55 dB, morning and evening, respectively) was open and given a brief
overview that the government set standards on the passable noise level for establishments. The author
adapted its references from the organizations that measures, set standards on the acceptable noise
level for residences and organizations that promote health, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency),
ANSI (American National Standards Institute) and WHO ( World Health Organization). Complaint files
address to the City Council of Cagayan De Oro City and Ordinance involving Jukebox, Karaoke and
Videoke Regulations are discussed in the study so as to compare and evaluate results as per to the
existing ordinances and regulations in the City.
In the methodology, the researcher installed a sound level meter (Radio Shack Cat. No. 33-2055
and Lutron SL-4010) in the different distances from the source, with the microphone positioned facing
the source. The variations of acquiring the readings of noise level is to per distance (2, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10
meters) with category establishments of open (for no barriers), curtained and walled. Noise levels
measured from 8:00pm to 12:00 midnight. It implies an experimental method for it uses intervention to
the free measurements that is to be absorbed like to getting readings to that of with curtained and
walled. The source or establishment is selected based from the complaints lodged to the city
government. The sound levels gathered based from the categories are expected, sound levels is
inversely proportional to distance, and sound levels decreases from open, curtained to wall. As per
evaluation the noise levels measured and calculated is beyond the standard set for commercial area
(which happens to be higher than residential).
The given title by author primarily gave me an idea that the limitation is on measurement and
evaluation only, the study aims to provide data results based from the measurements the author
gathered with the categories involved. The objective were clearly defined and achieved at the end of the
study. The references and related studies are related have contributed to the evaluation process
choosing of sample process. The participants (which happens to be the source of noise level, these are
business establishments) are selected based from the complaint files, the author did not discuss the
process of selecting mainly because these are business establishments. But for me I think he chooses
from the group of most complaints down to least complaints, he selected 1-3 from different groups. The
selection is good enough for the basis is from the complaints which is targeting the results of the
objectives. As for the methods used with the instruments involved are good enough considering that
there are variations of distances and categories of barrier presence just an exemption for the equation
used for calculating the L

(Day night sound level) because an additional of 10 dB was added which I
think should have further discussions but the reasoning to this is that the increased sensitivity of the
hearing around the night time. The equations used are A- weighted which a system used by EPA
(Environmental Protection Agency) that simply gave a results that is expected. The variables tested
which is noise level and equations used are reliable and consistent with the description of the area. The
study has its story that make readers or critic to understand the process flow the introduction to the
problem down to the conclusion (sound level is beyond the standards of PD and EPA) and
recommendation and even consider questions like giving variations of collecting sound levels. The
analysis is simple since it is to compare the readings with that of the EPA and PD standards. With aid of
charts and tables the results is properly summarized and is easily to analyze if the noise levels are within
the range.