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Infnitive Past tense Past participle Meaning

Verbo en
Pasao Participio Signifcao
to be !as " !ere been ser# estar
to beat beat beaten golpear# batir
to beco$e beca$e beco$e convertirse# llegar a ser
to begin began beg%n e$pe&ar
to bet bet bet apostar
to bite bit bitten $orer
to blee ble ble sangrar# esangrarse
to blo! ble! blo!n soplar
to brea' bro'e bro'en ro$per
to bree bre bre criar# repro%cirse
to bring bro%g(t bro%g(t traer
to b%rn
b%rnt "
b%rn " b%rne )%e$ar
to b%rst b%rst b%rst reventar# e*plotar
to b%+ bo%g(t bo%g(t co$prar
to catc( ca%g(t ca%g(t coger
to c(oose c(ose c(osen elegir
to co$e ca$e co$e venir
to cost cost cost costar
to c%t c%t c%t cortar
to ig %g %g cavar
to o i one (acer
to ra! re! ra!n ib%,ar
to rea$ rea$t rea$t so-ar
to rin' ran' r%n' beber
to rive rove riven con%cir
to eat ate eaten co$er
to .all .ell .allen caer
to .ee .e .e ali$entar
to .eel .elt .elt sentir
to fg(t .o%g(t .o%g(t l%c(ar
to fn .o%n .o%n encontrar
to /+ /e! /o!n volar
to .orbi .orbae .orbien pro(ibir
to .orget .orgot .orgotten olviar
to .orgive .orgave .orgiven peronar
to .ree&e .ro&e .ro&en congelar
to get got
got 0also US
to give gave given ar
to go !ent gone ir
to gro! gre! gro!n crecer
to (ang (%ng (%ng colgar
to (ave (a (a tener# (aber
to (ear (ear (ear oir
to (ie (i (ien esconer
to (it (it (it pegar# golpear
to (ol (el (el s%,etar# $antener
to (%rt (%rt (%rt (erir
to 'eep 'ept 'ept conservar# g%arar
to 'neel
'nelt "
'nelt " 'neele arroillarse
to 'no! 'ne! 'no!n saber
to la+ lai lai poner# sit%ar# colocar
to lea le le irigir# lierar
to learn
learnt "
learnt " learne aprener
to leave le.t le.t salir# e,ar
to let let let e,ar
to lie la+ lain t%$barse# +acer
to lig(t lit lit encener
to lose lost lost perer
to $a'e $ae $ae (acer
to $ean $eant $eant signifcar
to $eet $et $et encontrarse
to pa+ pai pai pagar
to plea
ple "
ple " pleae s%plicar# abogar
to p%t p%t p%t poner
to rea rea rea leer
to rie roe rien $ontar
to ring rang r%ng sonar
to rise rose risen levantarse# ascener
to r%n ran r%n correr
to sa+ sai sai ecir
to see sa! seen ver
to sell sol sol vener
to sen sent sent enviar
to set set set establecer# poner
to s(a'e s(oo' s(a'en te$blar# sac%ir
to s(ine s(one s(one brillar# ar brillo
to s(oot s(ot s(ot isparar# tirar
to s(o! s(o!e s(o!n ense-ar
to s(%t s(%t s(%t cerrar
to sing sang s%ng cantar
to sit sat sat sentarse
to sleep slept slept or$ir
to s$ell
s$elt "
s$elt " s$elle oler# ol.atear
to so! so!e so!n se$brar# plantar
to spea' spo'e spo'en (ablar
to spell
spelt "
spelt " spelle eletrear
to spen spent spent gastar
to stan stoo stoo estar e pie
to steal stole stolen robar
to stic' st%c' st%c' encolar# pegar
to s!ear s!ore s!orn ,%rar
to s!eep s!ept s!ept barrer
to s!i$ s!a$ s!%$ naar
to s!ing s!%ng s!%ng col%$piar
to ta'e too' ta'en coger
to teac( ta%g(t ta%g(t ense-ar
to tear tore torn esgarrar# erra$ar l2gri$as
to tell tol tol ecir
to t(in' t(o%g(t t(o%g(t pensar
to t(ro! t(re! t(ro!n lan&ar# ec(ar
to %nerstan %nerstoo %nerstoo entener# co$prener
to %no %ni %none es(acer
to !a'e !o'e !o'en espertar
to !ear !ore !orn llevar p%esto# cal&ar
to !in !on !on ganar
to !in !o%n !o%n bobinar# airear# ventilar
to !ring !r%ng !r%ng estr%,ar# retrocer
to !rite !rote !ritten escribir

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