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Planning Q3

Which activities do you plan to participate in this


Activity: Singing lesson

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: Gabriela Gabela

Activity: Box

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: To be confirmed

Activity: Animal Welfare

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: Mr. Osborne

Activity: Homeless youth organization support

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: Alfredo Calderon

Activity: History of Art and painting

Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor: Miguel Betancourt (artist)


Hours/ Week

Activity Supervisor:

Explain how your planned activities will contribute to your development in
the following areas.

Creativity (the arts and other experiences that involve creative

Singing will allow being more mentally alert of things around us. It will
also allow me to communicate expressively. Become more confident when
it comes to speaking in front of people.

Action (Physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle)

Boxing allows the release of stress that accumulates through the week.
Exercising will boost my energy levels to generally feel better.

Service (an unpaid and voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit)

By working with others to come up with ideas to help the same cause can
bring people together. Learn how there are different ways in which they
can be helped and the impact it is going to have on them.

Will any of the activities be new for you (one you have not done before)?
If so, explain what challenges you might face.

Boxing will be new to me. It will be hard to start again with an exercise
routine after having stopped for some time.

Do you foresee yourself being in a leadership role in any of the activities?
If so, explain in what way.

In the community service group working with the other leaders to
contribute and guide the other members in our group in working together
to achieve something that will provide them with something.

Identify any areas of strength or areas for growth, in relation to the
activities listed.

Strengths Areas for Growth

What new skills do you plan to acquire while undertaking each activity?

New Skills or Increased Expertise

With boxing is the persistence because it is going to be hard at the
beginning but I think once I get into it it will be nice.

Will you be involved in initiating or planning any aspect of these activities?
If yes, explain in what way.

Will you be working in collaboration with others? If yes, please explain.

In singing I am going to be working with others to put together songs.

During this activity will you encounter any issues of global importance?