Volume LXXVVV Issue !-December 17.

La ]olla High School · 750 Nautilus Street · La ]olla · 92037 La ]olla High School · 750 Nautilus Street · La ]olla · 92037
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Studont Focus
Fnvorito Holidnv Trnditions
Holidnv MAD LIBS
Pngo 4
Upconing Concorts vou won`t
wnnt to niss!
Pngo 12
Spocinl StnII Monbors: (fro to t otto. Oot·ic· t/· Lioror. M·cio C·ot·r.
Mr. )or.i· ooc M·. 1ol·oio· ·tooc orocl. ot·ic· t/·ir ff.··. Mr. )or.i· ooc M·. 1ol·oio· ·tooc orocl. ot·ic· t/·ir ff.··.
Hev Vikings¦
Belore we take a much-
neeoeo break. ASB woulo
like to wrap up 2009 with an
overview ol past ano upcom-
ing events. Fowoer Full was.
as alwavs. an entertaining ex-
perience. Congratulations to
the junior class on their win.
Thank vou to all who con-
tributeo to the canneo looo
orive. The nnal cans will be
collecteo tooav. ano the win-
ning classes will be announceo
tomorrow. the 18th. tomorrow. the 18th.
To get more into the holioav
spirit. ASB will be holoing an
uglv-Christmas-sweater con-
test tomorrow. the 18th. our-
ing lunch. Don vour nnest ano
come to the lower quao lor a
chance to win awesome prizes¦
Each class is working on
lunoraisers lor the coming
vear. Seniors are holoing new
lunoraisers each week. ano are
also busv planning the Senior
Farent Dinner.
]uniors have just put on an-
other successlul Fowoer Full.
ano are now gearing up lor the
next vear.
Sophomores have been sell-
ing canov grams all week.
which will be oistributeo to-
morrow. the 18th. ouring !th
perioo. Thev have also col-
lecteo oesign submissions lor a
Class ol 2012 shirt. ano woulo
like to congratulate Christian
Gimber ano Arois Zhong on
their winning oesigns.
The lreshman class will
be holoing a lree Ireshman
Movie Night in ]anuarv. Thev
will be selling pizza. sooa. ano
glow sticks ano showing Troo·-
fro·r· !. Listen to the bulletin
lor upoates on the oate ano lo-
ASB is implementing a new
program. Ranoom Acts ol
Kinoness. Il a stuoent sees
another stuoent perlorming a
gooo oeeo. thev are to submit
their name to ASB. The help-
lul stuoent will then be entereo
into a orawing to win prizes.
The nrst orawing is tomor-
row. the 18th. ano there will be
more throughout the vear.
La ]olla High School will be
competing in Hurlev`s Walk
the Walk Competition lor
the secono time. The contest.
which consists ol stuoent vio-
eos uploaoeo to the Hurlev
website. is oepenoent on stu-
oent support. Listen to bulle-
tin announcements in ]anuarv
to nno out how vou can help
our school win monev ano
Have a great break. ano we`ll
see vou next vear¦
Dnniollo Dnitch
Sort· Ecitr
Cooi··io·r f Pooli. R·lotio·
ASB Updntos
An Icoblocking Advonturo
Pngo 8
P/t· .ort··. f Iioooo Jo.ori
Bv Kinnnn Anvnri
Stoff Jrit·r
Everv stuoent has been to
the Librarv Meoia Center to
check out textbooks. use the
computer. or oo some recre-
ational reaoing.
One ol the most mvsterious
things about the librarv is that
there alwavs seems to be aoults
walking through ano ouck-
ing into private olnces. Most
stuoents are unaware ol who
these people are ano what thev
oo at La ]olla High School.
I`ve seen the little olnces in
the librarv. but I oon`t know
who thev belong to.¨ junior
Allison Mogin saio.
On the South eno ol the
librarv. there are lour small
olnces ano on the North eno
there are nve. The North ol-
nces are maoe up ol the La
]olla High Iounoation boaro
members. such as the Alumni
The South olnces are home
to lour teachers who are cer-
tineo Special Eoucation Re-
source Specialists: Mr. ]arvis.
Ms. Valentine. Mr. Lamar.
ano Mrs. ]ohnson. Two other
specialists. Mr. Floppert ano
Ms. Aoamson. have their own
classrooms in the 300 builo-
Mr. ]arvis ano Ms. Valentine
support stuoents in General
Eoucation classes ano stuoents
with IEF`s. plans oesigneo to
assist stuoents with learning
hanoicaps. There are about
130 stuoents at La ]olla High
School who require this spe-
cinc attention.
In aooition to assisting stu-
oents with learning oisabili-
ties. both teachers enjov help-
ing stuoents builo sell esteem.
lorm lrienoships. ano support
Mr. ]arvis. now in his eighth
vear at La ]olla. stateo that his
lavorite part about teaching
at La ]olla High School is be-
ing able to teach stuoents skills
that will be uselul in lile alter
high school.
Ms. Valentine has workeo
at La ]olla lor lour vears ano
loves the lacultv. stuoents. ano
the communitv in general.
She works to enlorce positive
character oevelopment among
her stuoents ano constantlv re-
minos them never to give up.
Ms. Valentine is alwavs mo-
tivating me ano telling me that
I can oo anvthing I put mv
mino to.¨ an anonvmous stu-
oent saio.
Mr. ]arvis ano Ms. Valentine.
along with the rest ol the Spe-
cial Eoucation oepartment.
work haro to provioe equal
opportunities lor stuoents with
oisabilities. These teachers are
an essential part ol La ]olla
High School ano help make it
a wonoerlul school to atteno.
P/t .ort··. f )·/oo Joro.
Bovond tho Books:
Tho Unsung Horoos oI LJHS
Junior Girls Doninnto
Annunl LJHS Powdor PuII
Footbnll Tournnnont
The La Jolla High School
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Kellv Lin
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Halev Cottrell
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]essica Wooo
T/· High Tioe. oo o·o froo. i· t/·
ff.iol ·toc·ot o·o·ooo·r f Lo )llo
Hig/ S./l. Uol··· t/·roi·· ot·c.
oioio· o·iog .i.·c io t/· High Tioe
o·log t t/· ioci.icool oot/r. T/·
High Tioe o·l.o·· l·tt·r· ooc oio-
io· fro ·toc·ot· ooc ·toff o·oo·r·. If
.o /o.· o l·tt·r t t/· ·citr. ol·o·· cro
it ff io Ro 501. r gi.· it t oo.
High Tioe ·citr. 1o oo. ol· ·ooil
·oooi··io· t L)HiTic·(.o/..o.
Soooi··io· ·/olc o· t.o·c ooc .ooot
o· ooo.oo·. T/· High Tioe r···r.··
t/· rig/t t r·fo·· oo. oot·riol. Jc.·r-
ti··o·ot· or· o·o·or·c o·r .looo io./.
T oc.·rti·· oit/ t/· High Tioe r t
t oor./o·· o ·oo·.riotio. ol·o·· ·ooil
o· r .oll (858. !5!-3081. ·xt·o·io
!501. I··o·· or· ci·trioot·c ·.·r. for
o··/·. ` oort f t/· High Tioe oo.
o· r·orco.·c oit/ot oritt·o o·roi··io.
Antonia Cereijioo
D·.·oo·r 17. !00´

Stoff Jrit·r
Most stuoents appreciate
compliments ano are nattereo
bv simple praise or acknowl-
eogement. Not onlv ooes it
make one leel sell-sulncient.
but one leels as il thev have
been speciallv recognizeo ano
helo in high regaro bv a higher
When stuoents were in el-
ementarv school. awaros were
given on various occasions.
Certincates lor attenoance
ano completion were hanoeo
out. ano teachers showeo ao-
miration lor their stuoents.
High school stuoents unoer-
stano that thev are now oloer
ano more mature. but some
think that teachers` comments
are oraining.
Stuoents are beginning to re-
alize that most ol the leeoback
lrom their teachers is negative.
Classes ano homework alreaov
stress stuoents. but getting pa-
pers ano essavs that are bleeo-
ing in reo ink teno to overbur-
oen a person.
However. are stuoents not
preparing lor the real worlo?
In the last-paceo college at-
mosphere. prolessors will not
give out lelicitations or pat ev-
erv stuoent on the back. Ior
example. lreshman Sahil San-
gani leels the pressure alreaov.
I know so manv people that
are alreaov thinking about
what college thev want to go
to. high school. whether we.
like it or not is reallv mapping
out our luture.¨ Sangani savs.
As much as some stuoents
woulo all love some more
TLC. now is the time to work
the haroest ano survive the
harsh realitv ol getting honest
ano sometimes rough evalua-
Some teachers aomit that
thev are too busv ano have too
manv stuoents to give out com-
pliments. While other teach-
ers conless that thev want to
be rough on their stuoents just
so that the stuoents are able to
make it in a universitv setting
or lor when thev have a job.
Mrs. Bertier. a chemistrv
teacher. savs. I trv to encour-
age mv stuoents without being
Lack oI Positive ReinIorcement
mean. In realitv. college is not
easv ano I like to be realistic.
I woulo never oumb oown
a person because then thev
woulon`t even want to trv ano
improve. In general. il a stu-
oent reallv wants to oo better.
mv reinlorcement is not the
main lactor. it is reallv all up
to the stuoent.¨
]unior Elizabeth Wang who
is taking several AF classes
savs. I know the teachers are
tough on the stuoents lor a
gooo reason. It is the onlv
wav to prepare us lor college
ano what the real worlo is like.
It is to mv benent at the eno ol
the oav.¨
All critique ano truths written
to stuoents lrom teachers must
not be lookeo upon harshlv.
but rather taken to heart as a
wav to improve lor college ano
lor luture careers.
As stuoents. all leeoback must
be lookeo upon lrom oillerent
aspects to help make improve-
Even though elementarv
school is over. that ooes not
mean that stuoents oo not
want acknowleogment. A little
appreciation goes a long wav.
By Freda Spencer
Staff Writer
Vandalism is defned as an
'action involving deliberate
destruction of or damage to
public or private property.¨
While walking home from
La Jolla Elementary School
on Monday, November 16,
two children spotted dis-
turbing images drawn on the
sidewalk of Virginia Way.
Multiple swastika symbols,
the letters 'KKK,¨ and the
'SS¨ symbol were drawn
along the street.
The two children were not
only offended religiously
and socially, but they were
scared, too. This caused
many questions to arise, in-
cluding how children could
do such things and how they
were even able to.
What type of person would
perform such an ignorant
and hurtful act? How would
these children even be able
to know of such profanity?
The swastikas, although
they made the correct im-
pression, appeared to be
misshapen and the vandal-
ism in general looked noth-
ing short of sloppy.
The misshapen swasti-
kas symbolize ignorance at
its fnest. The perpetrators,
most likely children, are
spreading ideas and sym-
bols with meanings that
they most likely have little
or no knowledge of.
Whichever way these chil-
dren were able to attain this
information, they should be
learning better ways.
Young children should not
be exposed to such blatant
The swastika is known
worldwide as a symbol
for Nazism and hate. Why
should a child even be aware
of such a symbol?
In an attempt to express
an idea, or simply to test
the boundaries of freedom
of speech, the perpetrators
succeeded in nothing more
than presenting mindless
They disturbed innocent
young children, and pol-
luted our community with
the negative feelings that
the images symbolize. And
whoever tainted these chil-
dren should be ashamed.
It is unsettling and hu-
miliating to live in the same
community as people cor-
rupting the minds of chil-
dren ignorant and cruel as
whoever did the drawings.
Too Young
to Understand
A little
recognition can go
a long way
P/t .ort··. f ooo..orto·t./..o
D·.·oo·r 17. !00´

You`re Not
You`re just weird
Stoff Jrit·r
The greatest thing about
being inoie¨ is that it clear-
lv establishes a higher intel-
lect ano uniqueness. Being
inoie means evervone else
obviouslv lacks zest ano
meaning to lile.
In oroer to trulv embrace
the inoie persona. one must
lollow verv original steps:
Iirst ol all. someone that
is inoie cannot shop at the
All shopping must be oone
in nameless vintage¨ shops.
Also. wearing clothes that
are in lashion¨ is a oennite
No true inoie wants to be
caught wearing anvthing
that is new or anvthing that
someboov else in the worlo
might own.
Clothes solo at well-known
stores are obviouslv unorigi-
nal ano tackv. Being inoie
also allows one to make his
or her own clothing. just lor
the peace ol mino that no-
boov else will have it.
Accessorizing with use-
less vet eccentric items is
an absolute must i.e.. an
olo Folaroio camera with
no nlm or perhaps a rustv
license plate.
Seconolv. everv inoie
knows that people who en-
jov listening to rap ano anv-
thing on the Top !0 charts
are just vapio ano are taste-
less. Music that is popular is
unacceptable. Once thev be-
come popular. it is a must to
oelete all songs oll iTunes to
nno new. unhearo-ol banos.
It is obviouslv conlorming
when people listen to gener-
ic. boring songs. right?
Lastlv. because being inoie
is so unique ano inoivioual-
istic. the inoies can onlv be
alloweo to hang out with
their own kino.
Being inoie ano being
lorceo to talk to those who
are average¨ is extremelv
agitating. An inoie shoulo
speno their time making
their own music ano speak-
ing onlv ol philosophv with
other inoie chiloren.
Becoming inoie cannot
happen over night. It is a
pilgrimage which requires a
lot ol practice ano patience.
It can be as oilncult as
achieving Nirvana. enlight-
enment. or perlection.
Stoff Jrit·r
Feople all arouno the worlo
are blesseo with technologv
that woulo have been consio-
ereo unimaginable merelv a
centurv ago.
In the current cvber worlo.
anvboov is capable ol learn-
ing virtuallv anvthing lrom
anvwhere ano to the strangest
lacts. The oigital worlo trulv is
conquering societv ano people
are not able to live without
their cell phones ano other
Obviouslv. the ellects can
be seen in both negative ano
positive aspects. ano ol course
technologv has improveo the
worlo. but are certain compo-
nents ol this innuential tech-
nologv excessive?
Take the iFhone lor example.
this phone is uselul in manv
wavs ano several stuoents
ano stall on the La ]olla High
School campus own one.
Not onlv ooes a person have
the option ol surnng the inter-
net lrom wherever thev want.
but thev also have all their mu-
sic. photos. ano games in the
palm ol their hano.
This piece ol technologv un-
locks manv ooors. lor better
ano lor worse. Although the
iFhone alone cannot change
the worlo. it is slowlv oeter-
ring some human`s acaoemic
ano logical abilities. since the
gaoget is capable ol ooing so
manv things.
With countless applications
available to anv average per-
son. the iFhone is taking awav
people`s capacitv ol nguring
things out on their own.
The applications lor the
phone oller anvthing lrom lan-
guage translators to restaurant
nnoers. ano now even GFS.
This GFS application ollers
voice navigation to anvone.
ano is prettv convenient lor
oriving or lor when vou are
walking oown the street.
Applications like these are
becoming so imperative to
people. that most people lack
anv sense ol oirection or loca-
tion. What oio people oo be-
lore these gaogets?
The application was lookeo
upon with mixeo leelings bv
some L]HS stuoents.
]unior ]enniler Block savs. I
guess it is hanov to have ano it
can be reallv helplul when vou
are on the roao. but most ol
the time I trv to ngure things
out bv mvsell.¨
Also. senior Lenv Behar. an-
other iFhone owner savs. I am
genuinelv exciteo to see such
a uselul program come about
ano it can be uselul to use in
situations like roao trips.¨
Is there anvthing the iFhone
cannot oo lor people nowa-
oavs? No. ano the iFhone ano
other smart phones are creat-
ing a real threat to humanitv.
As humans are becoming
more reliable on these new
aovances in technologv. what
is actuallv happening to a per-
son`s brain ano memorv?
Since humans constantlv oe-
peno on oevices like phones
ano computers. people no
Losing Our Human Cognition
A society ruled by technology
longer have to look through
a phone book or remember
people`s phone numbers. ano
the average human`s memorv.
brain. ano mino set is mutat-
ing. Doctors lear a human
change that will occur with the
increase ol technologv. with
sioe ellects such as: increaseo
tolerance lor stress. ano short-
er attention spans. Feople are
turning into robots.
With time progressing. more
jobs are becoming centereo on
computers ano other lorms ol
Although this is unavoioable.
must humans be so attacheo?
As benencial as the technol-
ogv is to humans. evervone
must be carelul that it is not
oumbing them oown. Feople
expect evervthing to be com-
pleteo lor them through the
internet currentlv. ano thev oo
not even bother thinking about
things nrst.
Using logic has gone out the
winoow since it is so much eas-
ier to just tvpe in a location or
question ano get it answereo
quicklv ano accuratelv.
As one can still enjov all the
opportunities available lrom
these oevices. it is essential to
remember the person`s brain
that workeo haro to create that
technologv lor us to use.
Feople are
turning into
Stoff Jrit·r
Stuoents across the countrv
are looking lorwaro to two-
week winter vacations. a wel-
come break lrom school ano
Others. however. are won-
oering whv school breaks seem
to revolve arouno the oates
ol Christian holioavs. seen in
both winter ano spring breaks.
Christmas. the birth ol ]esus
Christ. occurs ouring winter
break. ano his crucinxion ano
resurrection on Easter also
come to pass ouring school va-
The holioavs revolve arouno
two major events in the lile ol
Christianitv`s central ngure.
Stuoents argue that this lact
encroaches on the nation`s pol-
icies ol religious toleration ano
separation ol church ano state.
as stateo in the nrst ameno-
ment ol the U.S. Constitution.
as non-Christian holioavs are
not given oavs oll as well.
Is this unlair to members ol
other religions or cultures. be-
cause schools contain such a
oiverse stuoent boov?
We neeo to respect everv-
one`s religions ano we shoulo
have oavs oll lor all the other
cultures` holioavs.¨ saio junior
Zoe Wescoe.
But it is important to real-
ize that holioavs have become
wioelv commercializeo in
tooav`s worlo. Christmas ano
Easter are olten celebrateo
whether one believes in the
backgrouno ol the holioav or
Frool ol this is seen in the
promotion ol Christmas gilt
shopping. ano in the rise ol
Santa Claus as a main icon
ouring the season.
Manv stuoents participate
in secret Santa gilt exchanges.
or purchase presents lor their
None ol these activities re-
lates to the Christian celebra-
tion ol Christ`s birth. Easter
has also become a non-reli-
gious holioav. with the inte-
gration ol egg hunts. the Eas-
ter bunnv. ano marshmallow
Christian or not. a vast ma-
joritv ol stuoents celebrate the
two holioavs.
Winter break ooes not solelv
exist lor those that celebrate
Christmas. the ]ewish holi-
oav Hanukkah. as well as the
pan-Alrican Kwanzaa. also lall
ouring these two weeks.
I think that it`s alwavs im-
portant to make sure that
church ano state are separate.
But reallv. nowaoavs with all
these wioespreao religions. I
oon`t believe Christianitv`s the
purpose |lor the oates ol the
breaks| anvmore.¨ sophomore
Shav Weller saio.
Holioavs are seasonal lor a
majoritv nowaoavs. most stu-
oents celebrate whether thev
are religious or not.
Il the school svstem oio in-
oeeo choose to recognize ano
observe each major holioav
lor everv religion ano culture.
school oavs woulo oecrease
to a point where no learning
woulo occur.
Ior now. stuoents shoulo
continue to enjov the oavs that
thev have oll.
It must be another Christian holiday
There`s Another Break?
P/t .ort··. f ooo..orto·t./..o
HIGH TIDE D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
Stoff Jrit·r
The manv clubs ol La ]olla
High have a varietv ol events
planneo lor the holioavs. Irom
charitv works to lun activities.
there are tons ol wavs to get
into the holioav spirit.
A lot ol clubs are oecioing
to give back to the communitv
ano participate in oillerent
charitv events. One such club
is Hano Up. which is a group
that helps out San Diego bv
helping to leeo the hungrv.
During the holioav season.
thev plan to be a part ol an
Embrace-A-Iamilv program.
A lamilv in neeo will seno
them a wish list lor anv items.
such as looo or clothing. ano
Hano Up will lulnll the list.
Iight lor the Cure is also
planning on participating in
this activitv. This club will also
be making holioav caros lor
kios at Chiloren`s Hospital.
I love the holioavs. it is a
great time to get involveo ano
help make someone`s oav bet-
ter. Especiallv ouring the sea-
son lor giving. helping people
less lortunate is verv rewaro-
ing.¨ presioent ol Iight lor the
Cure Brea Smith saio.
Club Connexion also has
a special event planneo our-
ing December. This club
ooes activities with mentallv
challengeo ano oisableo kios.
ano has a lun bowling night
Other charitable activities
incluoe Wakeboaroing Club`s
plans to organize a orive to oo-
n a t e
p e o -
p l e ` s u n -
wa n t e o clothes to
the Amvets. an organiza-
tion that benents American
Mormon club is going to
leeo the homeless at Iather
]oe`s. Thev also are planning
on baking breao to make care
packages to oeliver to eloerlv
householos ano at the same
time sing to them.
Best YET club. which stanos
lor Youth Eoucation Town. has
an annual Christmas partv lor
at-risk-vouth at the YET Cen-
ter in Citv Heights. Because
the Center lost lunoing. Best
YET club provioes parties ano
events lor the unoerprivilegeo
kios. At the Christmas partv.
thev make gingerbreao houses.
oecorate cookies. ano oo other
cralts. To luno the partv. S2
wish bracelets are solo at the
La ]olla Iarmers Market.
It`s a great club to be in-
volveo in. Members get to
work hanos on with the kios.
ano get to see the oillerence
thev make.¨ club presioent
Melissa Fouk saio.
Another charitable club that
has special plans lor the holi-
oavs is Interact Club. Thev are
participating in the San Diego
Holioav Iooo ano Tov Drive.
This incluoes collecting looo
ano tovs. then sorting ano or-
ganizing the hunoreos ol oo-
nations. ano nnallv walking
the lamilies through the oona-
tions to create their own gilt
La ]olla High clubs oller
manv wavs to get involveo ano
help out this holioav season.
Mzrk yeer rz|cn4zr|
I - Wzs!c Kcryr||n¶ Pzy w||| |c |zrk
$z!er4zy, Ic|rezry 20, 20|0 z! Iz 1e||z
H|¶h $rhee|
He|4 en !e yeer enwzn!c4 rempe!crs,
men| !ers, |zp!eps, IVs, V0Ks c!r.
|||czsc, ne |z!!cr|cs er zpp||znrcsI
Ihc |IÁ zn4 !hc 0|czn 0zmpes 0|e| w|||
|c werk|n¶ !e¶c!hcr !e re||cr! c|cr!ren|r
wzs!c zn4 rz|sc mency fer Iz 1e||z H|¶h
Ihc 4rep eff spe! w||| |c |erz!c4 z! !hc
|ewcr pzrk|n¶ |e!, eff Przpcr.
Ier |nfermz!|en er !e ve|en!ccr !e hc|p:
I||cn Kczr4en 5|8-J22-55||
Iill in the blanks:
1. color:
2. animal:
3. aojective:
!. boov part:
5. past-tense verb:
o. verb:
7. aojective:
8. aojective:
9. noun:
10. past-tense verb:
Ruoolph the 1 ! 2
Hao a verv 3 !
Ano il vou ever saw it.
You woulo even sav it 5.
All ol the other 2.
Useo to o ano call him names.
Thev never let poor Ruoolph.
]oin in anv 2 games.
Then one 7 Christmas Eve.
Santa came to sav:
Ruoolph with vour ! so 8.
Won`t vou guioe mv 9 tonight?
Then all the 2 loveo him.
As thev 10 out with glee:
Ruoolph the 1 ! 2.
You`ll go oown in historv¦
IEATURES 5 HIGH TIDE D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
P/t· .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
Stoff Jrit·r
Are vou ]ewish? Il so. be a
part ol the ]ewish club. Not
]ewish? Still join. La ]olla High
School`s ]ewish club is lor peo-
ple ol all religions to come to-
gether ano raise awareness ol
what is going on
in the ]ewish com-
Our club mem-
bers are mostlv
non-]ews oue to
our unlortunatelv
limiteo number
ol ]ewish stu-
oents that atteno
our school. How-
ever. we are gain-
ing appreciation
throughout the
school.¨ club pres-
ioent Rick Saxe
The club aims
to abolish anti-Se-
mitic sentiments.
Thev raise monev through
various tvpes ol luno-raising
ano in turn give it to the ]ewish
Worlo Watch. a global organi-
zation that locuses on helping
The club meets everv Mon-
oav in Mr. Atwell`s room 30o
ano thev alwavs have oelicious
looo. The club likes to plan lun
activities that teenagers will en-
jov. On November 18 thev hao
a partv bus rioe to a Shabbat
oinner. Saxe savs thev are in
the process ol planning manv
more lun ano exciting events.
ano thev are even working on
a top secret perlormance lor
this vear`s Air Bano. Although
the club is mostlv composeo
ol sophomores. thev welcome
all graoes to come ano partici-
Ferhaps most importantlv. the
]ewish club welcomes all L]HS
stuoents. whether religious or
not. to come ano learn about
the ]ewish laith.
I was apprehensive at nrst
to join the ]ewish club because
it is not mv religion. but mv
lrieno Emilv Grailv. who is the
Secretarv ano Treasurer ano
not ]ewish. inlormeo me that
most ol the members were not
ol that laith. But more impor-
tantlv. she tolo me that the club
was reallv lun ano inlormative.
So I joineo. ano I am glao that
I oio.¨ sophomore ano club
member ]ennv Fve saio.
Saxe`s sister. Raquel. createo
the club in 200o
ano it has been
gaining popular-
itv ever since.
Mv sister start-
eo it a lew vears
back. I have now
taken it over. ano
am hoping to
achieve mv goal
ol making it even
bigger ano raising
more monev un-
til mv oeparture
in 2012.¨ Saxe
The club has
raiseo monev lor
the ]ewish Worlo
Watch bv sell-
ing things that
stuoents want to buv. such as
the special bracelets thev solo
at the Homecoming lootball
game. The members hao a
great time working the stano
ano raiseo monev lor their la-
vorite cause.
Saxe. Grailv. ano Vice Fresi-
oent Ben Abramowitz encour-
age Viking stuoents ol everv
graoe ano religion to atteno a
meeting ano get a taste ol the
]ewish culture.
Stoff Jrit·r
I am just a citv bov who was
born ano raiseo in South De-
troit- ves. like
the ]ournev
song. I moveo
to San Diego
when I was
about eight
vears olo
to live with
mv grano-
p a r e n t s .
Both mv
mom ano
oao still live
in Detroit.
ano I miss
them all the
time. Mv mommv
is mv iool ano she
is an amazing role
I went to Muir-
lanos Mioole school ano mv
lrienos likeo to call me crime
oog.¨ It was an insioe joke with
mv lrienos ano is now a nick-
name ol mine.
I am 5`8¨ ano have oark
brown hair. but it is verv short
ano I alwavs wear hats. I am
now a junior. but I cannot wait
to become a senior¦
English has to be mv lavorite
subject at school. even though
I oo not reallv like school at
all. I enjov chilling with mv
lrienos ano going to the mall.
Mv lrienos ano I love listening
to hip hop ano rap ano we all
love to oance. I plaveo lootball.
basketball. ano track last vear.
but I am not sure il I am go-
ing to plav all three again this
I have a beautilul girllrieno
who plavs vollevball ano is a
junior. so. sorrv laoies. I am
unavailable. At lunch I usuallv
sit bv the 900 builoing with
her. it is our time to catch each
other up on how our oavs are
going ano relax a little bit.
Mv lavorite color is purple.
I literallv wear something
purple everv oav. I know that
sounos weiro ano leminine.
but I think I can pull it oll. I
have the lreshest stvle arouno
La ]olla High. I match mv
outnts prettv well. but vou
will never catch me wearing
those nastv crock shoes.
Mv lavorite place to eat is
Calilornia Fizza Kitchen. it is
just so gooo¦ I
am a prettv
p e r s o n
once vou
get to know
me ano I talk a
lot. Mv lrienos
alwavs tell me
I am lunnv.
ano I like to
think that I
am. I
g o o o
sense ol hu-
mor ano I like meeting new
Stoff Jrit·r
Futting up a Christmas
tree. lighting a menorah.
or watching a big ball orop
in Times Square are com-
mon traoitions perlormeo
in America arouno this time
ol vear. Besioes all the com-
mon holioav celebrations.
ones that are less known ano
unusual are also practiceo
arouno the worlo.
One less known holioav
is Kwanzaa. This is a cel-
ebration that`s lrequentlv
oiscusseo. but is its meaning
reallv known? Kwanzaa is an
Alrican-American cultural
realnrmation celebra-
tion. This seven
oav holioav
is not reli-
gious ano
starts De-
c e mb e r
2o. the
oav alter
Ch r i s t -
mas. Each
oav ol Kwanzaa something is
pleogeo. such as builoing ano
oeveloping communities or
maintaining unitv in the com-
munitv. On New Year`s Eve.
there is a big least calleo the
Kwanzaa Karamu.
Spaniaros cel-
ebrate New Year`s
Eve in a oillerent
wav: with grapes.
Alter their late
night oinner. Span-
iaros bring out a
grape oessert. With
each toll ol the mionight bells.
people in Spain eat one grape.
With twelve grapes in all. this
traoition is meant to give the
grape eaters gooo luck ouring
the new vear. ]ust nve oavs al-
ter New Year`s in Spain.
the Three Wise Men
bring gilts to chiloren.
The gilts are brought
]anuarv o insteao ol
Santa Claus bringing
them Christmas night.
This is the oate that
the Wise Men gave
gilts to ]esus. The traoition ol
the Three Wise Men is also
practiceo in Mexico.
Down in South America.
Columbia rings in the New
Year in a whole oillerent wav.
A oummv is
maoe out ol
olo clothing
lrom each
lamilv mem-
ber ano is
stulleo with
straw ano
l i r e wor k s .
Each person writes something
such as a lault or bao luck that
thev wish to get rio ol in
s t a r t - ing the
n e w vear. At
mi o- n i g h t
t h e oummv
is set on nre
a n o is burnt
u n t i l n o t h -
i n g r e ma i n s .
When the ashes are
l e l t . people know
that all ol the laults ano bao
luck ol the olo vear are gone.
Wearing vellow unoerwear in
Venezuela is another strange
holioav traoition. Feople who
want love must wear vellow
unoerwear on New Year`s Eve.
Also. when toasting at mio-
night. people who want monev
carrv arouno a large bill in
their wallets.
Ior Amish people. Christmas
is the most important holioav
celebrateo. While the Amish
oo practice some similar tra-
oitions to other Christian re-
ligions. their Christmas cel-
ebration is longer. thev have
two oavs ol Chr i s t mas .
The nrst
oav. De-
c e mb e r
25. is re-
serveo lor
s c r i p t u r e
r e a o i n g s .
me oi t a t i o n.
lasting. ano religious activities.
The secono oav. December
2o. is meant lor celebrating the
season. This oav. also known
as the Secono Christmas. is
the oav when gilts are given.
Although the Amish onlv have
two oavs ol Christmas. the les-
tivities last a lot longer. going
in to Iebruarv.
Not onlv oo oillerent coun-
tries have their own traoitions.
householos oo too.
The warmth ano jov that
the holioav season oelivers
each vear contains some ol mv
most cherisheo traoitions. such
as making sushi lor New Years.
or attempting to make a gin-
gerbreao house...ano lailing.¨
lreshman Zoe Kleinlelo saio.
This time ol vear is a
t i me that most
enjovs. It
ooes not
whether Hanukah.
Christmas. Kwanzaa. or New
Years is celebrateo. there is no
ooubt that the holioav spirit is
in the air.
2M_Q[P XZQLM" 1i.· Pr··ic·ot B·o Joroooit·. Pr··ic·ot
Ri./ Sox·. ooc S·.r·tor..Tr·o·or·r Eoil. Croil. ·or·oc Ho-
oo//o/ ./··r.
P/t .ort··. f Hol·. Cttr·ll
D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
One vear senior Christa Wirkus ano her lam-
ilv were lighting the Menorah the wav thev
oo everv vear on Hanukkah nights. Christa`s
mother was reciting the praver ano all ol a
suooen out ol nowhere her oog Marlev who
is a chocolate lab jumpeo onto the table trv-
ing to snatch a latka ano knockeo over the
Menorah¦ Marlev`s tail caught on nre ano her
mother lranticallv grabbeo a bowl ol water
ano misseo Marlev ano causeo her ano her
new oress to get soaking wet.
Mv oress was ruineo. but Marlev`s tail man-
ageo to recover a lew months later¨ senior
Christa Wirkus saio.
The most memorable
Christmas lor lreshman Clav
]ones was the vear the snake
got let loose. On Christmas
oav. his lamilv got together to
exchange gilts. ]ones` uncle
bought his son a pet snake.
A lew hours later. it became
apparent that the snake hao
escapeo. ]ones` granoma
louno it in her purse ano
nearlv lainteo.
]unior Meagan Morelano was
able to experience a perlect. white
Christmas last vear. Everv vear
she spenos Winter Vacations in
Sun Vallev. Ioaho. ano last vear on
Christmas Dav. she woke to snow
lalling ano three leet ol snow on the
It is reallv lun to be able to plav
in the snow ano enjov the colo our-
ing a lew oavs ol winter. It aoos to
the Christmas leeling when there
is snow on the grouno.¨ Morelano
Manv lamilies lear a oisaster in the kitchen
ouring the holioavs. Senior Kimball Wing
remembers one vear when the oesserts oio
not turn out so sweet. His granoma was in
the kitchen making pies. with the help ol
some cousins. No one realizeo until alter six
pies were maoe that there hao been a ter-
rible mistake: one ol the cousins hao useo
salt insteao ol sugar. All six. saltv pies hao
to be thrown awav.
The holioavs are right arouno
the corner. Santa`s ho ho ho-ing.
oreioels are spinning. ano kinara`s
are being lit. Irom Christmas to
Hanukkah to Kwanza. we all have
our own special memories that
are kept oear to our hearts. But.
sometimes it mav be a memorv so
strange ano so crazv. we wish that
verv memorv coulo permanentlv
be eraseo lrom our hearts ano just
remain as an event ol our unlor-
tunate past.
Stoff Jrit·r·
Senior Tali Gires goes on vacation ouring
Hanukkah with her lamilv. While staving in a
hotel. Gires ooes not bring oecorations. so she
makes them at the hotel ano tapes them arouno
her hotel room. Gires likes this traoition be-
cause the oecorations are baseo on whatever
supplies the hotel provioes.
Everv thanksgiving morning Courtnev Volger
ooes the 5k walk in Downtown San Diego with
her mom ano sister. The walk supports breast
cancer research. Thev also oo a gingerbreao
house partv at their house with all ol their clos-
est lamilv ano lrienos the week belore Christ-
On Christmas Eve sophomore ]o Neri
ano her lamilv pass a canole arouno to each
other. While thev pass the canole arouno.
everv lamilv member savs what thev are
thanklul lor.
Ireshman Iatima Sultan ano her lamilv go
to a New Year`s partv everv vear. The partv
is with the same group ol lamilies each vear.
Each lamilv takes a turn in hosting the partv.
Sultan enjovs watching the ball orop ano
oancing at the partv.
Stoff Jrit·r·
l. H.-.||.| _____ l-- ..¡|. !.¡..
9. t|.. .. |.. -- læ.--..¨
3. t|.. .. >.-..'. |... -.~.¨
4. t|.. !- ¡-. .-.- -- H.-.||.|¨
5. r|---|... ~--.¡ .. -.||.!...
G. t|- .. .|. ll.| -..-!..- .- .|. .--¡¨
7. t|.. !- ¡-. ....||¡ ...ll -- r|-...~..¨
ô. t|- .. .|. ~..- (.--.|..¨
´. H-æ ~.-¡ -.-!|.. .-. -- .|. ~.---.|¨
lO. t|.. .. .|. ..|| -.-!|. -.||.!¨
ll. t|.. .. >.-..'. l.+--... !-.-|¨
l9. O- .|. ..---! !.¡ -l r|-...~.. ~¡ .-..
|-+. ¡.+. .- ~.. .æ- ..-.|....
l3. O| .|. æ...|.- -....!. .. l-.¡|.l.|. |..
.|. l-. .. .-...
l4. O| !-..!.|. !-..!.|. !-..!.|. l ~.!. ¡-.
-.. -l...
l5. F.!. ||.-|. .-! ¡-..- .-. .|. --|--. -l
æ|.-| |-|.!.¡¨
lG. [.. -- ¡-.- ¡.-~.||.. ..'. ..~. l--...
l7. t|.. !- ¡-. |... .-!.-¨
lô. t|.. .. . .-.!...--.| |-|.!.¡ !-.-|¨
l´. t|- ..-|. r|-...~..¨
9O. t|.. .. . .¡-.-.| H.-.||.| .-.-|¨
9l. t|.. .. >.-..'. l.+--... .-.-|¨
99. t|.. .. . ---.|.- |-|.!.¡ ---|..¨
93. [-...- -.--.|.. .-. .|.- |--æ- .....
94. >.|+.-...
l. [....! 9. l.-.-. 3. r|... 4. 1-..!.| 5. G.|. G. r-~.. 7. >.--|.-¡. ô. (.!.| ´. (.-. lO. >|.~..| ll. (.|| l9. 1-+.. l3. 1.|.¡|.l.| l4.
r|.¡ l5. læ.--.. lG. H.-.||.| l7. (...|..-. lô. }¡¡--¡ l´. G-.--| 9O. 1-.¡|-... 9l. r--|... 99. G.-¡.-|-..! 93. [..|.. 94. F.||.
5. 11.
4. 1.
HIGH TIDE D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
amusing. blocking is cheap ano
a lun wav to get a workout.
Blocks can be bought lor about
lour oollars at most grocerv
stores. One block is enough lor
one or two people. Not onlv
ooes balancing on the block
require core ano upper boov
strength. but walking back up
hill with the ice alter slioing
oown also requires enourance.
One ol the most exciting
aspects ol ice blocking is rac-
ing. It can be oangerous. so be
cautious when giving this a trv.
It`s prettv lun. but vou can
reallv hurt voursell il vou`re
not carelul. You`re going last
so when vou lall. it hurts.¨ se-
nior Wvatt Cuooington saio.
The best places to ice block
are at the parks where it has
not been banneo vet. as the ice
has a oamaging ellect on the
grass. Experienceo ice block-
ers recommeno wearing warm
clothes ano closeo-toe shoes.
Also. oo not lorget a towel or
trash bag to put over the ice.
as it will be too colo to sit on.
Ice blocking is a great sport
lor high school stuoents. it is
cheap. entertaining. ano re-
quires some phvsical ellort.
Give it a trv ano experience the
rush ol slioing oown a grassv
hill the wav the Irishmen oio.
Men`s Varsitv
Sport RIWKH Month
|Girls| oon`t stink ano thev
show up evervoav to prac-
tice.¨ Coach Linoenblatt saio.
The bovs on the wres-
tling team are verv accept-
ing ol having girls join them.
It`s not weiro having girls
on the team. It`s the same as
wrestling with a guv.¨ sopho-
more Anorew Young saio.
Most oo not leel that is anv
oillerent having girls on the
team because wrestling is
not about the genoer ol the
person but about their abil-
itv. strength ano technique.
Some mav think that the
guvs will not be aggressive
against girls. but the guvs on
the team treat the girls the
same as their other teammates.
I oo not go anv easier
on them because thev are
girls. I view them as wres-
tlers.¨ junior Kirk Lee saio.
Wrestling is a great wav to
stav in shape ano builo up
skills. It ooes not matter il
vou are a guv or a girl. or have
never trieo the sport belore to
join the team. The wrestling
season has just began. so make
sure to support vour lellow
Vikings starting ]anuarv oth.
Stoff Jrit·r

Wrestling has been arouno
since the 19th centurv as a
oisplav ol athleticism ano
strength. Mooern wrestling
usuallv leatures striking ano
grappling techniques. which
are mooeleo alter manv oil-
lerent sets ol wrestling stvles
lrom arouno the worlo.
La ]olla High School has
brought women to the wrestling
team this vear with three girls:
Sarah Naiman. Leslie Tims.
ano Leslie Benitez. These girls
love the sport ano are verv ex-
citeo to be on this vear`s team.
Having a small number ol
girls on the team ooes not al-
lect them at all. Thev are
happv to be ooing a sport
that thev love ano enjov.
I have been encouraging
new girls to join the wrestling
team. I love wrestling because
it`s just a phvsicallv ano men-
tallv challenging sport that
will push vou to vour limits
but in the eno it all pavs oll.¨
junior Sarah Naiman saio.
The coaches also both
leel that the girls are a
great aooition to the team.
Stoff Jrit·r

Ice blocking is one ol the
more obscure sports at La ]olla
High. but with San Diego`s
perlect weather ano manv
hills. whv not give it a trv?
One might be warv ol slioing
on ice. but it is reallv not oilncult.
While sitting on an ice block at
the top ol a hill. push oll. ano
make sure to holo on tight.
It`s onlv a challenge at nrst
when someone pushes vou ano
vou wobble but it`s easv to bal-
ance once vou get going.¨ se-
nior Morganne Dooos saio.
Tooav. ice blocking is enjoveo
as a cheap ano lun hobbv. but
it actuallv originateo in Ire-
lano. Belore the invention ol
cars. the Irish useo to lreeze
bags ol water ano use them as
a sleo to slioe oown the grassv
knolls lor quick transporta-
tion. Shortlv alterwaros. ice
blocking became a lun activ-
itv in the Uniteo States as well.
Ice blocking is popular in
most hillv towns across the U.S..
but it is trulv a sport in San Di-
ego. The temperate weather is
perlect lor blocking because it
is warm enough to be able to
sit on the ice. but cool enough
that the ice ooes not melt easilv.
In aooition to it being verv
On the oav ol last vears ASB
Ball. La ]olla`s Varsitv Women`s
Soccer team became the 2009
CII champions. Winning !-0
against Coronaoo. thev hope
to continue their success. ano
possiblv take it lurther this
vear. Elisa Brooks. last vear`s
onlv lreshman varsitv member.
is hopelul lor a great upcom-
ing season.
Our soccer team was amaz-
ing last vear. we coulon`t have
been better.¨ sophomore Elisa
Brooks saio. Some ol our kev
plavers graouateo last vear. so
we are going to have to work
extra haro this vear to accom-
plish the same goals.¨
Men`s Waterpolo mav be
oone lor the vear. but. oo not
worrv. La ]olla`s lavorite water
sport is onlv hall over. Wom-
en`s Varsitv Water Folo is start-
ing up ano with talenteo retur-
ing plavers ano new aootions.
thev are oetermineo to make a
big splash.
We`ve been preparing bv
swimming everv oav in sixth
perioo. ano ooing treacherous
orv lano workouts in oroer to
builo lots ol muscle strength lor
the season. We look lorwaro to
plaving because we hope to go
larther than we ever have be-
lore.¨ junior Greta Gettlenn-
ger saio.
As last vear`s reigning CII
champions. the Men`s Varsitv
Basketball team is gearing up
lor another intense season.
The team has been preparing
bv practicing regularlv. ano lo-
cusing on making this season
their best one vet.
We are all reallv exciteo lor
the season because a lot ol our
kev plavers are returning. ano
we leel like we have got a lot
ol connoence ano swagger
going into the season.¨ senior
Tavlor Davis saio. We hope
to win CII again. but there is
no looking aheao. we are tak-
ing everv game with utmost
The gvmnasium will not onlv
be occupieo bv just the mens
team. but bv the Women`s Var-
sitv Basketball team as well.
Although the team lost some
ol last vear`s kev plavers. thev
are hopelul towaros a great
upcoming season.
Our team is oll to a reallv
gooo start. we won our nrst
game against Kearnv ano we
are looking lorwaro towaros
our league games which be-
gin shortlv. I am reallv exciteo
about this season ano I hope
evervone comes ano supports
us throughout the vear. se-
nior Bianca Mitchell saio.
I`m exciteo lor the upcom-
ing season. A lew ol the new
kios have alreaov been wres-
tling lor several vears. ano thev
will be verv strong assets to our
team. Although we have lost a
lew ol our starters oue to in-
juries ano other problems. this
is the start ol a new beginning
lor our wrestling program.¨ ju-
nior Quinn Strauser saio.
It manv not be the most
popular sport. but it is one ol
the most phvsicallv strenuous
sports out there. Men`s Varsitv
Wrestling is looking lorwaro
to a great season ano is alwavs
welcoming ol new plavers.
bovs ano girls.
We have a haro season
coming up oue to the loss ol
several ol our graouating plav-
ers last vear. but we have new
plavers coming up ano we are
oeoicateo to practicing haro
ano hopelullv having our time
to shine bv winning CII.¨ se-
nior Alan Ampuoia saio.
Even though the lootball sea-
son is coming to a close. Eo-
waros` Staoium will not get a
rest. The Men`s Varsitv Soc-
cer team plans to aggressivelv
tear up the nelo¨ as thev
compete in hopes ol a success-
lul season.
Stoff Jrit·r
Along with the colo weather ano the holioavs comes the 2009 winter sports sea-
son. As a whole. the Vikings perlormeo spectacularlv last vear. winning two CII titles.
This vear. each team hopes to make their lellow Vikings prouo bv repeating their success.
Gooo luck to all Winter
Sports teams¦
Men`s Varsitv
Ice Blocking
SFORTS 9 HIGH TIDE D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
Stoff Jrit·r
As the winter season ap-
proaches. the Women`s Varsitv
Soccer Team is preparing to
enter a season just as success-
lul as the previous. Last vear.
we nnisheo the season with a
17-!-2 recoro. won CII. ano
maoe it all the wav to the
State Iinals. This vear. with
12 returning plavers ano eight
aooitions to the team. we are
hoping to carrv on our legacv.
Two top plavers. Katie Wahl
ano Briana Chapman. are al-
reaov committeo to plav at
the college level. Briana will
be plaving lor Cal State Iul-
lerton ano Katie lor West-
ern Carolina Universitv.
I am so exciteo lor col-
lege soccer. but nothing beats
high school season. Ior now.
that`s mv main locus.¨ se-
nior Briana Chapman saio.
Thev are both oevoteo to mak-
ing this last season memorable
ano will hopelullv bring home a
lew more Championship ban-
ners to the La ]olla High Gvm.
New plavers incluoe lresh-
men Melanie Locke. Caitlin
Williams. ano Karlv Zlatic.
sophomore Ellen Latta ano
Itzel Caro. ano juniors Ka-
tie Beatharo ano Courtnev
Whitehouse. We are hop-
ing that we can establish the
same team chemistrv that
leo us to victorv last vear.
Callan Fara ano I are both
verv exciteo to leao the team
to victorv this vear as captains.
We are luckv to have a great
group ol girls: competitive.
nice. athletic... I hope this vear
will be just as successlul as last
vear.¨ junior Callan Farra saio.
JCE Ecitr ooc Stoff Jrit·r

Attention stuoents:
Quiooitch mav be com-
ing to a school near vou.
The nc-
t i o n a l
g a m e
i ns pi reo
bv ].K.
H a r r v
F o t t e r
series is
c o mi n g
to lile on
a c r o s s
the coun-
trv. Ini-
tiallv. the
sport was
maoe a realitv bv Amherst
College. Frinceton Univer-
sitv. ano Kenvon College. as
well as Miooleburv College.
where the nrst Quiooitch
Worlo Cup¨ was helo in 2005.
Since then. oozens ol schools
across the countrv have caught
on to the Quiooitch craze.
The game essentiallv mir-
rors the game oescribeo in
the books. A vollevball acts as
the Qualne. a ball that plavers
toss arouno with the goal ol
throwing it in three oillerent
hoops hula hoops on posts.
The Chasers are the plavers
who score. the Keeper is the
goalie. ano two Beaters per
team hurl reo balls Bluogers
at opposing plavers. Most im-
portantlv. the Goloen Snitch.
representeo bv a tennis ball in
a sock is attacheo to a stuoent
oresseo in golo. The stuoent
runs arouno the nelo or cam-
pus. in some cases. ano avoios
being caught. The Seeker
who acquireo the Snitch enos
the game ano usuallv wins.
The treno is spreaoing to big-
name schools like Harvaro.
MIT. Northwestern ano Yale.
ano to 22o schools across the
countrv who are becoming
members ol the Intercolle-
giate Quiooitch Association.
Some stuoents are enthusias-
tic ano eager to be a part ol
the new Quiooitch lrenzv.
Il I eno up going to a school
that has a Quiooitch team I
woulo nip out. I woulo oen-
nitelv be a Captain or prob-
ablv a Chaser. ano throw the
Qualne into ranoom suspeno-
eo hula hoops. I trieo plav-
ing once
ano it
was quite
lun.¨ se-
nior Lillv
s a i o .
I`o pre-
ler to
plav real
Q u i o -
oitch. but
I sup-
pose anv
s c h o o l
that tries
to imi-
tate it is worth looking into.¨
junior Nick Kusnir saio.
Alex Benepe. one ol the oevel-
opers ol Quiooitch as a sport
at Miooleburv College. stresses
that Quiooitch is lor evervone.
I think Harrv Fotter gives it
the initial hook. but the qual-
itv ol game reallv gets people
passionate because it`s re-
allv lun to plav.¨ Benepe saio.
Regaroless ol one`s level ol
Harrv Fotter lanaticism or anv
semblance ol athleticism one
mav possess. it seems as though
the IQA is clean sweeping¨ the
countrv`s colleges oll their leet.
<PMZM/WM[\PM9]INNMT"Cll·g· ooiccit./ io o.tio...
has been able to balance his
lile between stuoving. prac-
ticing. teaching small chiloren
math. ano nnoing time to eat.
I have been accepteo
to Harvaro lor vollev-
ball. I am also consioer-
ing MIT ano CalTech lor
basketball.¨ Latta saio.
A oav in the lile ol
]ack Latta is. unsurpris-
inglv. nlleo to the brim.
]ack wakes up ano enjovs a
breaklast ol vogurt. granola.
ano lruit. Happiness ensues.
AF Art Historv.
]ack marvels at the brilliance
ol Mr. Mika`s limiteo eoition
Fiet Monorian Nikes. vet is
utterlv beluooleo bv Gothic
Folitical Science 101.
JCE Ecitr
At o`5¨ ano 205 pounos.
]ack Latta is kino ol a big oeal.
The La ]olla High senior is tak-
ing Viking athletics bv storm.
Having lettereo three vears
in both basketball ano vollev-
ball. Latta has helpeo leao the
varsitv teams to CIIs in both
sports over the last two vears.
Latta showeo his leaoership bv
serving as co-captain ol varsitv
basketball. as well as leaoing
the team in scoring last vear.
He also achieveo Iirst Team
all CII last vear in vollevball. a
prettv sweet inoivioual honor.
As a wing in basketball ano a
mioole blocker in vollevball. he
is a valuable asset to the teams
he has oeoicateo himsell to.
]ack is not onlv a beast on
the court. but is also involveo
in tons ol extracurriculars ano
is impressive acaoemicallv. He
AF Biologv.
]ack enjovs having a
class with his sister El-
len. He put oll taking AF
Bio until this vear so that
thev coulo share a class.
One woulo have to search
a varietv ol places to nno
]ack ouring lunch. He
woulo probablv be at a
Mock Trial meeting. Or
Speech ano Debate. Or
Math Club. But il he is not
anv ol those places. one
woulo simplv have to look
up. because ]ack is verv tall.
AF English Literature.
AF Statistics.
What is the probabil-
itv that ]ack will get a bur-
rito alter school? 99´100.
School`s out¦ It is time lor
]ack to walk up to Muirlanos
ano coach Math Counts.¨
a competitive math team lor
Muirlanos stuoents.
A burrito lrom Rigober-
to`s belore practice sets
the evening oll right.
Basketball practice.
Vollevball practice.
I`ll go to beo bv eleven al-
ter trving to oo some home-
work. but I`ll wake up again at
one or so il I have a test the
next oav. Staving up late ruins
mv sleep cvcle.¨ Latta saio.
Keep an eve out lor ]ack
as the Varsitv Men`s Basket-
ball team plavs this season.
ano lollow Men`s Vollevball in
the spring. He is haro to miss.
Iootball-CII Quarternnals
Men`s Waterpolo-CII Quarternnals
Women`s Tennis-CII Secono Rouno
Women`s Goll-All-Citv Tournament ]asmine Graze
Women`s Vollevball-CII Seminnals
Women`s Iielo Hockev-CII Iirst Rouno
Women`s Cross Countrv-CII Champions
Men`s Cross Countrv-CII Thiro Rouno
*ITTQV¼: )o./ Lotto ·/o· /i· ·/ill· o
t/· .ort.
)···i.o Jc i· .-.ootoio f t/·
Jo·o´· 1or·it. S..·r T·oo
Congratulations to all
lall sports teams lor
their succeslul seasons¦
D·.·oo·r 17. !00´ D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
*a )Ua 4QM_ IVL )[PTMa
Stoff Jrit·r·
T/· L)HS Iot·ro.t Cloo. ·oo-
·r·c o. t/· Lo )llo Rtor.. i·
o· f t/· ·./l`· o·t oroio·ot
.ooooit. ··r.i.· .loo·. Eo./ .·or.
t/· .loo ··t· o gol f ·oroo··iog
!.000 .loot··r /or·. T/i· oo·t
oot/. t/· Iot·ro.t Cloo /o· o··o
oo·. tr.iog t r·o./ t/·ir gol ooc
/o· /·lo·c ot ot ooo. .ooooit.
··r.i.· ·.·ot·. H·r· or· to ·tri··
ooot t/· or/ t/·. /o.· co· t/i·
Roger Li. the secretarv ol
Interact Club. has teameo up
with the International Rescue
Committee to help the relu-
gee population living in Citv
Heights. Relugees in the area
come lrom all over the worlo
such as Asia. South Amer-
ica. Alrica. ano the Mioole
East ano are relocateo to the
Uniteo States through relugee
resettlement olnces. The Inter-
national Rescue Committee.
or IRC. works in !2 countries
to relocate relugees. provioe
emergencv reliel. ano help
the relugees rebuilo their lives
lrom the oisasters thev have
liveo through.
I am helping out this charitv
because I care about these peo-
ple. I work at the stuoents plus
program lor the IRC where
I meet relugee lamilies everv
oav. Seeing these people puts
into perspective lor me the
resilience ol human nature.
Despite having been through
so much. these people still nno
the strength to lorge a new lile
in such a strange. new place.¨
junior Roger Li saio.
Everv vear. the IRC has
an annual toiletries orive
where schools in San Diego
are assigneo to raise monev
to purchase certain toiletries.
which will be incluoeo in care
packages in time lor the holi-
oavs. This vear La ]olla High
School`s Interact Club was as-
signeo to collect soap bars
ano workeo haro to raise
monev lor the purchase ol
the soap bars. Their goal
was to collect 1.300 bars
bv December 1!th.
When these relugees
nrst enter America. thev
essentiallv have noth-
ing. Usuallv. thev oo not
unoerstano English ano
the means bv which thev
surviveo in their native
countrv are renoereo use-
less. The International Rescue
Committee seeks to help these
relugees aojust to their new
lives through events like its an-
nual toiletries orive.¨ junior
Roger Li saio.
Everv little contribution
counts. Not onlv oo these
soaps make them happv. but it
also brings them comlort.¨ ju-
nior Evelvn Liu saio.

In aooition to provioing the
relugees with basic neeos such
as shelter. looo. ano emplov-
ment. the IRC also helps these
relugees aojust to their new
lives bv teaching them how to
reao. write. ano manage their
Interact Club`s ellorts to help
these lamilies ano other relu-
gees have helpeo to provioe
these people not onlv with
gilts. but also happiness ano
peace ol mino that there are
people out in the worlo willing
to assist them through their
tough times.
The Cottage: A Restaurant Revamped
that woulo. most importantlv.
make the restaurant wheel-
chair accessible. The remooel
also incluoeo extensive reno-
vations to the restrooms as
well as the patio ano kitchen
areas. The traoemark vellow
clapboaro exterior ano warm
color scheme were revampeo
in lavor ol a new. serene palate
consisting ol cool gravs ano
teals accenteo with oark wooo
ano coastal amenities.
While the new Cottage
will be completelv oillerent
in look. |the restaurant itsell|
will not change in its appeal or
atmosphere.¨ proprietor ano
restaurant manager ]ason Fea-
slee saio.
The majoritv ol renovations
to The Cottage took place over
the Thanksgiving holioav. the
overall construction occurreo
in recoro time. with the es-
tablishment closing lor one
month ouring the brunt ol the
Iollowing its re-opening. ev-
ervone lrom emplovees to cus-
tomers alike have onlv positive
things to sav about the restau-
rant`s new look.
I`m so exciteo to visit The
Cottage throughout the holi-
oav season. The stall is reallv
lrienolv ano the looo has onlv
gotten better.¨ senior Katie
Wahl saio.
The remooel has maoe it a
lot easier to move arouno |the
restaurant.|¨ Cottage host-
ess ano La ]olla High junior
Brooke Robertson saio. I`m
glao that The Cottage has
maintaineo its charm ano in-
viting atmosphere.¨
It is that same inviting atmo-
sphere on which The Cottage
stall prioes themselves.
Sort· Ecitr
A charming locale lavoreo
among locals ano tourists alike.
La ]olla`s The Cottage has
maintaineo a reputation ol ex-
cellence since the restaurant`s
opening in the mio-1980s. As
manv locals know. The Cot-
tage is a La ]olla icon. its traoe-
mark vellow clapboaro walls
ano sunnv interior give the res-
taurant a oistinctlv Southern
Calilornia atmosphere. Nev-
ertheless. The Cottage has re-
centlv unoergone an extensive
remooel in oroer to perpetuate
its status as La ]olla`s premiere
breaklast ano lunch establish-
Beginning in mio-October.
plans were set into motion
to commence the remooel.
which incluoeo renovations
1 V \ M Z I K \
0 W T Q L I a
Tis the season to
give¦ The past two
weekenos. the Interact
Club ol La ]olla High
School participateo
in a Communitv Re-
source Center CRC
sponsoreo program calleo
Holioav Baskets.¨ In this pro-
gram. stuoents volunteereo to
organize looo. clothing. ano
tovs to put in baskets lor oisao-
vantageo lamilies. The event
took place on December 5th
ano 13th at the Del Mar Iair-
Everv vear. volunteers work
together to convert the Grano-
stanos into a mock store.
creating an enjovable
experience lor lamilies
in which thev choose
looo. blankets. tovs. ano
other gilts to lulnll mis-
cellaneous neeos. The
baskets have since been
replaceo with shopping
carts. which contribute
to a shopping atmo-
sphere lor benenciaries.
On Saturoav ano Sun-
oav. Interact club helpeo
set up the lacilitv at Del
Mar bv helping to orga-
nize oonateo items.
Some stuoents hung clothes
on racks. making sure that
similar colors were placeo next
to each other. Others loloeo
blankets or sorteo through a
maze ol tovs. separating them
bv genoer ano age. Interact
members also sorteo through
oonateo looo ano placeo the
looo into appropriate sections.
|Holioav Baskets| was a
gooo experience. It lelt amaz-
ing being able to help neeov
lamilies get looo ano clothes.
Ill oennitelv be ooing it again
next vear.¨ sophomore Kartini
Dinh saio.
The compassion that Inter-
act oisplaveo in carrving out
these activities trulv renecteo
stuoents` oesires to help those
in neeo rather than just ac-
complish another task lor
higher regaro on their college
This is probablv one ol our
club`s most rewaroing projects.
As cheesv as it mav souno.
evervone reallv gets into the
holioav spirit ano we all work
verv haro either getting items
or sorting out ano organizing
oonations. All ol our work is
100º worth it when we get to
|see| moms ano oaos glao to
get warm clothes...ano kios`
laces lighting up with smiles
lrom ear to ear when thev get
to pick out their one Christmas
gilt.¨ saio club presioent Itto
Holioav Baskets¨ are not
quite over vet. however. In-
teract club stuoents will once
again leno their assistance
on December 19th ano 20th.
helping with the oistribution ol
all the items thev organizeo.
Though communitv service
ano a willing heart to give to
others shoulo be vear-rouno.
the holioav season is the per-
lect time to think about those
who mav not be as lortunate.
ano to consioer spreaoing the
holioav spirit ano jov to people
who otherwise have verv little.
Dio/ rgooi··· fc fr t/· Hlico. Bo·/·t·` orgroo. Dio/ rgooi··· fc fr t/· Hlico. Bo·/·t·` orgroo. Dio/ rgooi··· fc fr t/· Hlico. Bo·/·t·` orgroo.
.WWLNWWLNWWL")o·t o· f t/· ooo. ox··
f fc t/ot fooili·· .oo oi./ ot f ot t/· Hlico.
Bo·/·t` ·.·ot. Bo·/·t` ·.·ot.
)0IZL?WZSMZ"So/or· So/io Lio /·lo· rgo
oi··r· or·o fr t/·Hlico. Bo·/·t·` orgroo
Corl· L·Cr·o. /·oc f t/· Eogli·/ D·oorto·ot.
/o· ¡o·t oo···c t/· `otiool Borc C·rtif.otio
(`BC.. T/i· gr·ot /or ollo· /·r t t·o./ io
o·t ·tot··. T/· t·o./·r f ·o/or· ooc ··oir
Eogli·/ .lo···· ·o.· ·/· i· .·r. ·x.it·c t /o.·
o··o `BC .·rtif·c.
P/t .ort··. f J·/l·. J·i
P/t .ort··. f )···i.o Sil.·r·
What makes The
Cottage so special
is the wav our stall
ano our customers
interact. With such
a well sustaineo
clientele. we prioe
ourselves on know-
ing manv ol our
customers` likes
ano oislikes belore
thev have oroereo.¨
Feaslee saio.
The Cottage re-
openeo lor business
Sunoav. December
12th. just in time lor
the holioav season.
Make sure to stop
bv ano experience
the new Cottage.
With its classic am-
biance ano lrienolv
service. it surelv will
not oisappoint.
11 D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
Stoff Jrit·r
The hit vioeo game. Coll
f Dot.: Mc·ro Jorfor· !
has oroppeo a bomb on
the entertainment inoustrv.
bringing in arouno S550
million oollars in the nrst week
ol its release.
In just nve oavs ol sale.
Coll f Dot.: Mc·ro Jorfor·
! has become the largest
entertainment launch in
historv ano a pop culture
phenomenon.¨ Activision
CEO Bobbv Kotick saio in an
COD mav have reacheo
Hollvwooo levels ol release-
oav sales because ol the
Hollvwooo levels ol pre-release
attention it got. Inntiv Waro.
the stuoio that oevelopeo the
game. showeo a lull length.
action packeo trailer lor the
game ouring the NBA Eastern
Conlerence Iinals ano was
hvpeo bv innuential game
The vioeo-game inoustrv ano
movie inoustrv have long been
rivals nghting lor the hearts
ol consumers. Manv people
are turning to vioeo games lor
their entertainment ano lun
because. although at nrst it
mav cost more than a movie.
in the long run vioeo games
oller more entertainment lor
the monev. A two hour-long
movie costs at least S21 lor
two people to atteno. vet a
vioeo game mav cost S50 but
it can be plaveo lor hunoreos
ol hours.
COD: MJ! leatures manv
improvements that set it above
its preoecessor. ano at the top
ol the inoustrv.
It has new maps. better
guns. new signs lor the ranks.
ano the graphics are a hell
ol a lot better.¨ sophomore
]ohnnv Weil saio.
MW2 also gives the plaver
the option ol three completelv
oillerent gaming experiences.
Those that enjov single-
plaver have their traoitional
campaign. complete with new
maps ano new experiences.
There is also the multi-plaver
option that has returneo.
better than ever. Lastlv. the
game incluoes a new Special
Operations mooe with exciting
missions that have plavers
going back lor more over ano
over again.
MJ!`s graphics ano visuals
have intensineo the leeling
ol game-plav. Each map is
completelv oillerent than the
next ano thev capture each
setting with perlection.
Although this new game is
Stoff Jrit·r
December 21. 2012. This is
the oate the current 5.12o vear
era ol the Mavan Long Court
Calenoar enos. It is just one
ol the manv oillerent theories
preoicting the Apocalvpse. or
eno ol the worlo.¨
The newlv releaseo movie.
!01!. is baseo on the Mavan`s
preoiction ol the eno ol the
worlo. In the winter solstice ol
2012. lor the nrst time in about
2o.000 vears. the sun will be
aligneo with the center ol the
Milkv Wav. On December
21. 2012. whatever energv
tvpicallv streams to Earth
lrom the center ol the Milkv
Wav will inoeeo be oisrupteo¨
journalist Lawrence ]oseph
stateo in a USA Tooav article
about the Mavan apocalvpse
Contrarv to this theorv.
earthquakes are what oisrupt
our planet in the new movie.
Like everv Hollvwooo movie.
romance is involveo. But ooes
the movie reallv serve the
Mavan`s theorv justice?
|The !01! movie| was
action-nlleo. last-paceo.
ano the ellects weren`t that
bao.¨ lreshman Kat McCall
saio. There was a bit ol
hollvwoooization.` Hall the
storv was about the main guv
ano his ex-wile. but it was still
I was on the eoge ol mv seat
the whole time.¨ sophomore
Isabelle Foulin saio.
The Mavans are not the
onlv ones with an apocalvpse
theorv. Dillerent cultures ano
religions have their own.
Theories preoicting the
eno ol the worlo range lrom
the Christian Iinal ]uogment
Dav. to the ancient lano ol
Atlantis¨ reemerging lrom the
Caribbean. to the CIA nnoing
an alien. In 200o alone. there
were 15 laileo preoictions ol
the worlo enoing.
Accoroing to the Weeklv
Worlo News on November 18.
1997. the CIA louno an alien
who hao crash lanoeo earlier
that vear in a New Mexico
oesert. He was lrom a species
much more oevelopeo than
humanitv ano the onlv survivor
ol the oestruction ol his worlo.
He claimeo Goo was lurious
with his creations evervwhere.¨
Therelore. Goo is supposeolv
setting each planet on nre ano
explooing them one bv one
ano Earth will be the next in
Some apocalvptic preoictions
also claim to be baseo on
scientinc prool. Gamma ravs.
a big meteor. ano volcanoes
are all involveo in oillerent
scientinc preoictions about the
eno ol the worlo. Accoroing
to sciencerav.com. these are
the Three Most Realistic
Theories¨ ol apocalvpses.
Il there are so manv oillerent
apocalvptic preoictions. whv is
the Mavan`s 2012 one getting
so much publicitv?

The Mavan civilization
surviveo lor centuries in
Mesoamerica ano was known
lor its aovanceo math. writing.
ano astronomv. Thev have also
preoicteo other occurrences in
our historv. olten miscalculating
bv onlv a lew minutes.
Ior example. the Mavans
calculateo how long a vear
exciting lor all ol its lans. it
ooes come with a lew naws.
The game`s No Russian¨
mission has causeo quite a stir
amongst plavers. This level in
the game consists ol walking
into a Russian airport with a
Russian terrorist ano nring at
innocent ano terrineo people.
was ano were onlv 0.0002
oavs oll accoroing to mooern
science. The Mavans were
also correct on spring ano
winter equinoxes thousanos
ol vears in aovance. along
with when lull moons woulo
happen ano the existence ol a
black hole at the center ol our
galaxv. In aooition. since this
preoiction is in the relativelv
close luture. people seem to
be more interesteo in it than a
preoiction ol the worlo enoing
two hunoreo vears lrom now.
Whatever the reason.
stuoents at La ]olla High are
using the Mavan`s theorv to
luel excuses.
I oo not see the point ol
killing mvsell lor the next
lour vears to get gooo graoes
ano get into a gooo college
consioering our lreshman class
is never going to graouate.
Numerous oillerent scientists
have expresseo their lear ol
the worlo coming to an eno in
2012.¨ lreshman Emma Hve
Will the worlo reallv eno in
2012? Ior that answer. check
the ]anuarv 2013 eoition ol
the High Tioe.
The scene is oisturbing ano
has createo much controversv.
Another problem people
seem to be having with the
game is the single-plaver
mooe. Although thrilling ano
new. it happens be quite short.
It lasts arouno nve hours.
which woulo seem like a long
time. but when a gamer is on
a mission. nve hours can seem
like nve minutes.
Sophomore Bobbv Moranville
shares his own criticism about
the game.
Onlv problem now is that
when vou get hurt. insteao ol
having vour screen turn reo.
which was onlv marginallv
annoving. there are opaque
splatters that make it haro to
oo anvthing while hurt.¨
Call ol Dutv: Mooern
Warlare 2 is an action-packeo
ano electrilving game. not to
mention a recoro-setting seller.
Who knows what to expect in
the luture lrom this box olnce-
annihilating sellout? One
hopes that there will be more
bombshell games similar to
this one to come.
Carnage of Duty
P/t .ort··. f ooo.groo/i.·..o
5WZM:MIT<PIV-^MZ: Uol·o·/ .or .il·ot t·oc·o.i·· io o .o·tro.ti.·
oo. oit/ t/· ·oo·r-r·oli·ti. o·o .·r·io f Call ol Dutv oit/ o·tt·r groo/i.·
t/oo ·.·r o·fr·.
11 A8E 12 HIGH TIDE D·.·oo·r 17. !00´
December 2009 8 ]anuarv2010
1! 15 1o
18 19
20 21 22 23 2! 25
Bv Knitlin Shnntini
Stoff Jrit·r

27 28 29 30 31 1
9 8 7 o 5
12 11 10 1! 13 1o
San Biegu Zuu
1ungle Bells $37
(until 1anuary 3)
Bully 1ully Bulidays
at Leguland & Sea
wurld Buliday
Celebratiun start
(until the 31st).
Buats un Parade
at Night © San
Biegu Bay
lce Skating at
Burtun Plaza $12
until 1anuary 10.
1he Nutcracker
Civic 1heater
Buliday Buwl
Parade 104H San
Biegu Bay
Lady Baga
San Biegu iPayBne
winter Break starts!
Christmas Bay!
Back tu Schuul
Be safe this New
Year's Lve!
Yuu're a Buud Han
Charlie Bruwn
San Biegu 1uniur
1heatre $13
Banukkah Lnds
Free Bay uf Bance
Bance Place San

2009 was a vear nlleo with loss ol
increoiblv notable stars. The most tragic
loss was ol course. Michael ]ackson.
The King ol Fop oieo ]une 25. 2009
leaving evervone at a loss lor woros.
Strangelv. Iarrah Iawcett also oieo on
the exact same oav as Michael ]ackson
alter a struggle with cancer.
Fatrick Swavze passeo awav on
September 1!. 2009 lrom pancreatic
cancer. Fatrick struggleo with the
oeathlv cancer lor twentv months until
he passeo awav at the age ol 57.
1. At MTV`s Vioeo Music Awaros.
Tavlor won Best Music Vioeo. ano
Kanve wasn`t verv thrilleo about it. He
ruineo Tavlor`s big moment. oubbing
this incioent as the biggest celebritv
scanoal ol 2009.
2. The Fre-Grammv Beat oown.¨
starring Chris Brown ano Rihanna was
a oennite shocker. The meoia lolloweo
both ol them lor months as the worlo
watcheo the two`s everv move. The ex-
lovers are just now nnallv starting to
speak up about it.
3. This vear. Mackenzie Fhillips
revealeo her oarkest secret on Larrv
King Live. telling the worlo about her
sexual relationship with her lather. She
came out with a book shortlv alter.
High on Arrival.¨
Evervboov has oillerent tastes in music. so oeclaring
the best albums ol the vear can be trickv. Mtv.com
has put together their top nve.
1. Merriweather Fost Favillion¨ bv Animal
Collective was proclaimeo The Album ol the Year¨
all the wav back in ]anuarv.
2. Wollgang Amaoeus Fhoenix¨ bv Fhoenix.
3. Bromst¨ bv Dan Deacon.
!. Iarm¨ bv Dinosaur ]r.
5. All I Ever Wanteo¨ bv Kellv Clarkson.
Among the most aooreo nlms so lar
this vear are Translormers: Revenge
ol the Iallen.¨ Harrv Fotter ano the
Hall-Blooo Frince.¨ Up.¨ ano The
Translormers: Revenge ol the Iallen¨
starring Shia LaBeoul ano Megan Iox
grosseo in about S!00 million. making
it the biggest box olnce hit ol the vear.
Bv Tnvlor Jottor
Stoff Jrit·r
Sick oI tho snno old christnns tunos onch nnd ovorv
vonr? Horo nro sono covors oI holidnv clnssics
porIornod bv nrtists vou know nnd lovo. So light up
n Bro, put on vour Invorito swontor, nnd rock out to
thoso swoot jnns. Hnppv Holidnvs!
¤´´¯ ")." ""
2009 has been one ol the most interesting vears ol all time lor the entertainment business. Irom
the greatest albums to the jaw-oropping scanoals. here is a recap ol the big things that went
oown this vear.
4 winter Pups
Cuncert at the San
Biegu Symphuny,
thru Bec. 20
Silent Film Night-
1he Beneral
(1927) at the San
Biegu Symphuny,
the 15th & 16th
Build a "sand"-
Bun't furget tu
leave uut cuukies
fur Santa... and
carruts fur his
Hake a "sand"-

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