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The Bernard M.

Baruch College
Department of Management
MGT 3500
Introduction to Management Science
Dr. Lie-Fern Hsu
Office: VC 9-284
Phone: (646) 312-3656
!mail" Lie-Fern.Hsu@baruch.cun.e!u
Office #our$ : "# $ 3:%% &" ' 4:%% &" an! b a(()in*+en* %all &0'&
Te(t: ,ernar! $. -a.)r ///# /n*r)!uc*i)n *) "ana0e+en* 1cience# 11
2!i*i)n# &ren*ice Ha..#
Cour$e De$cription
-he )b3ec*i4e )5 *his c)urse is *) (r)4i!e an in*r)!uc*i)n *) *he 5ie.! )5 "ana0e+en*
1cience# 6hich is c)ncerne! 6i*h *he u*i.i7a*i)n )5 8uan*i*a*i4e (rinci(.es 5)r !ecisi)n-
+a9in0 in +ana0e+en*. &ri+ar e+(hasis is )n *he !e4e.)(+en* )5 *he c)nce(*s an!
cri*eria use! in +a9in0 !ecisi)ns# an! *he use )5 *he +)!e. bui.!in0 a((r)ach. 1e4era.
"ana0e+en* 1cience +)!e.s an! s).u*i)n +e*h)!s 6i.. be s*u!ie!. &r)b.e+ s).4in0 an!
8uan*i*a*i4e *hin9in0 are re8uire!. :)u are enc)ura0e! *) 5)r+ s*u! 0r)u(s an! 6)r9
*)0e*her )n s).4in0 (r)b.e+s.
Topic$ Co)ered *eading *e+uirement$
Decisi)n ;na.sis Cha(*er 12
Linear &r)0ra++in0# <ra(hica. 1).u*i)n Cha(*er 2
Linear &r)0ra++in0# F)r+u.a*i)n an! ;((.ica*i)n Cha(*er 4
Dis*ribu*i)n ")!e.s
-rans()r*a*i)n &r)b.e+ Cha(*ers 6 = ")!u.e ,
;ssi0n+en* &r)b.e+ Cha(*ers 6 = ")!u.e ,
&r)3ec* "ana0e+en*: &2>-? C&" Cha(*er 8
<)a. &r)0ra++in0 Cha(*er 9
,ttendance Polic-" 24er)ne is e@(ec*e! *) be in c.ass )n *i+e. / 6i.. e@cuse )ne
absence 5)r 6)r9# i..ness# )r 5a+i. nee!s i5 )u e-+ai. +e be5)re c.ass *) .e* +e 9n)6.
F)r each une@cuse! absence# )ne ()in* (er absence 6i.. be !e!uc*e! 5r)+ )ur 0ra!e. ;
*)*a. )5 si@ )r +)re e@cuse! (.us une@cuse! absences 6i.. resu.* in bein0 !r)((e! 5r)+
*he c.ass. Student$ $hould not $ign the attendance $heet and lea)e cla$$. If -ou do
thi$. 5 point$ from -our total cour$e $core /ill 0e deducted. / 6i.. (eri)!ica.. *a9e
a**en!ance !urin0 c.ass *) see i5 *he in!i4i!ua.s 6h)se na+es ha4e been si0ne! are in
a**en!ance. /5 )u are una4)i!ab. absen* (.ease (r)4i!e an e@(.ana*i)n 6i*h
!)cu+en*a*i)n# i5 ()ssib.e. ;4)i! absences as +uch as ()ssib.e.
,cademic Integrit-" 1*u!en*s are e@(ec*e! *) 9n)6 an! a!here *) *he C)..e0e
;ca!e+ic /n*e0ri* &).ic# 5)un! a*:
h**(:??666.baruch.cun.e!u?aca!e+ic?aca!e+icAh)nes*.h*+.. /* s*a*es *ha*:
Academic dishonesty is unacceptable and will not be tolerated. Cheating, forgery,
plagiarism and collusion in dishonest acts undermine the college's educational
mission and the students' personal and intellectual growth. Baruch students are
expected to bear individual responsibility for their work, to learn the rules and
definitions that underlie the practice of academic integrity, and to uphold its
ideals. Ignorance of the rules is not an acceptable excuse for disobeying them.
Any student who attempts to compromise or devalue the academic process will be
;.. sus(ec*e! inci!ences )5 aca!e+ic +isc)n!uc* 6i.. be re()r*e! *) *he )55ice )5
*he Dean )5 1*u!en*s.
Cour$e Grading
H)+e6)r9# a**en!ance an! c.ass (ar*ici(a*i)n 1%B
2@a+ C1 3%B
2@a+ C2 3%B
2@a+ C3 3%B
-)*a. 1%%B