SRS 4.0® Now More Accessible to ISPOR Members
OTTAWA, ON, FEBRUARY 12, 2008 – TrialStat Corporation, the industry’s first clinical data solutions on demand company, today announced that it has formed a collaborative relationship with the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research. As part of its initiative, ISPOR Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Task Forces (TFs) will now have no charge access to SRS 4.0 for research sponsored by the not-for-profit organization. In addition, these users will contribute coded data to ESRNexus™ (, the largest publicly accessible Web-based reference database containing more than 17 million references. With its 3,600 members from more than 90 countries, ISPOR joins the growing number of universities, NGOs, and research organizations that are contributing to and supporting the ESRNexus project. Details of the collaborative relationship include: • No Charge Use of SRS 4.0 for ISPOR’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Task Forces (TFs) to conduct Registered Task Reviews. Contribution to ESRNexus from ISPOR’s Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and Task Forces (TFs). SIGs and TFs will contribute to the growth and development of ESRNexus online database of coded references, through the publication of coded abstracts from their SRS-based reviews. Discounts on SRS 4.0 usage for ISPOR members.

“ISPOR’s agreement with TrialStat further adds to the benefits of the ISPOR membership,” said Marilyn Dix Smith, Founding Executive Director, ISPOR. “The complimentary usage for ISPOR’s groups enables these groups to work more effectively on the development of good research practices, advancing ISPOR’s mission of “uniting science and practice”.” ISPOR is a not-for-profit public organization that fosters excellence in the science of pharmacoeconomics and health outcomes research for use in healthcare decisions. Members of ISPOR include individuals from health research, academia, industry, managed care, biotech, clinical practice and government. “Our collaboration with ISPOR represents a significant step forward in the research community,” said Peter O’Blenis, Vice President Systematic Reviews. “Not only are ISPOR members provided with SRS 4.0, a tool that will greatly assist in their systematic review process, but the research community will also benefit greatly from their contributions to ESRNexus.” More than half of all evidence-based practice centers are currently using SRS 4.0 to conduct their systematic reviews and health outcomes research. Headquartered at the world’s leading medical schools, evidence-based practice centers, such as the one at McMaster University, review literature on clinical, behavioral, and organization and financing topics for reports and technology assessments, which then inform decisions on public policy and medical research. SRS 4.0, the world’s only Web-enabled solution, streamlines the screening and data collection phases of systematic reviews, significantly reducing the overall amount of paper and cost associated with their management. ABOUT TRIALSTAT TrialStat Corporation provides innovative clinical data solutions on demand that optimize the collection and management of research to enable customers to accelerate the commercialization of new life science products. ClinicalAnalytics 4.0™ is a robust and scaleable Web-based EDC on demand platform used by leading clinical research organizations. SRS 4.0 automates systematic reviews using real-time collaboration and management tools, while ESRNexus ( is the most comprehensive and free Web-based search engine for evidencebased reference literature. More information about TrialStat is available at
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