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Nicole Sheehan

11235 Dolcetto Drive

(808) 896 3730
Email: nasheehan@interactccs!net

"#$ective: To provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children
that will stimulate their interest and increase their knowledge, while supporting school
and district programs and goals.
Nevada State College, Henderson, Nevada, August !"! # $ecem%er !"&
'achelor of Arts in (lementary (ducation
with a Concentration in Special (ducation
&elevant 'eachin( E)*erience:
St%!ent 'eachin(
)ames *i%son (lementary School Henderson, N+
*eneral (ducation Classroom, ,th *rade
August-.cto%er !"&
/lanned lessons and units with o%0ectives aligned to Common Core State
Communicated with culturally, and racially diverse students
Adapted lessons and instruction for students with special needs, including
student with $yslexia1 worked with special education teacher to form strategies
for individual students
Took part in creating positive %ehavior management plans actively engaging
students to limit %ehavior issues
Attended staff and grade level meetings.
Attended and took part in 2(/, Section ,!&, and learning strategist meetings.
St%!ent 'eachin(
)ames *i%son (lementary School Henderson, N+
3esource 3oom
.cto%er-$ecem%er !"&
$esigned, planned and implemented math, reading, writing and social skills
lessons for small groups of varying skill levels %ased on Common Core State
Assessed students using multiple district approved assessments
Colla%orated regularly with general education teachers a%out lesson
adaptations and accommodations for students
Created individual %ehavior plans with appropriate rewards and conse4uences
Took part in 2(/ meetings with parents and other professionals
/articipated actively in staff meetings
Taught enthusiastically in resource room with %oth pull-out and push-in
S%#stit%te+,%est 'eacher- .lar/ .o%nt0 School District 5as +egas, N+,
April !"6 # )une !"&
Adhered to lesson plans and %ehavioral expectations left %y the contracted
teacher for varied su%0ects ranging from pre-7 to 8
/rovided a positive and safe learning environment during all assigned duties.
"ther 1ro2essional E)*erience:
Store 3ana(er- ,ol!en S*oon, 5as +egas, N+, )uly !!9 # August !"&
:anaged and supervised ,; employees.
:anaged store revenue including cash handling, deposit reconciliation and
%ank deposits.
3ecruited, hired and trained employees.
/rovided exceptional customer service.
4ol%nteer+co%rse E)*erience:
.1 S5%ires Elementar0- 6hitne0 Elementar0- 3c.a7 Elementar0- (201182013)
/articipated and took active role in the lesson and pro0ect planning process.
Through Nevada State College tutored students one on one who were
struggling with their reading development.
9onors an! :7ar!s:
:agna Cum 5aude <*/A 6.=">
:illennium Scholarship
$orothy *alloway Teaching Scholarship
Customer Service (xcellence Certificate of 3ecognition 5as +egas Cham%er of
Commerce, !"
"ther S/ills+.erti2ication:
'asic :icrosoft ?ord, (xcel, /ower/oint, /C and, 2nternet.
/raxis 2
/raxis 22 -(lementary (ducation 2nstruction /ractice @ Application
/raxis /5T 7-A
/raxis /5T =-"
C/3BCirst Aid course <!"&>
&e2erences 7ill #e availa#le %*on re5%est