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The Billings Method seeks for women to

recognize their fertility patterns through the

interpretation of their cervical mucus.
Cervical mucus changes in its properties
in a womans cycle. Observing the
mucus is done by hand, and its appearance
and texture may be recorded for better
monitoring of the cycle. Six days before
ovulation, it is clear and elastic.
Ovulation occurs most likely on the last
day, wherein mucus is found to display
these descriptions. This ovulation
period is usually a womans most fertile
days. After ovulation, the mucus
becomes sticky and opaque. Knowledge
of this pattern will allow a woman and his
partner to decide when to engage in sexual
intercourse or when not to.
It takes into consideration the uniqueness of a
womans cycle on a day-to-day basis. By
keeping a chart and applying the Rules of the
Billings Ovulation Method, the woman will learn
day-by-day whether she is infertile, or potentially
fertile and the timing of ovulation. She will learn
what is happening in her body, based on what
she has charted, and will gain confidence to
successfully use the Method to manage her
fertility naturally.
For your health, for your faith, for your upcoming
marriage, and for a green planet, we hope you
consider the Billings Ovulation Method for you
and your family.

The Standard Days Method simply requires
avoiding unprotected sex for 12 days of your
cycle, specifically on days 8-19, since these
are the days that you are supposedly most
likely to be fertile. Some use cycle
beads, or a string with 32 color coded beads,
wherein each bead represents a day of your
This visual representation allows women
and their partners to successfully monitor
their cycle. It is said to be the easiest
method to use, as well as the method that
requires least days of abstinence from
sexual intercourse.
Our OB-Gyns take on it: Fertility
method is the most cost effective method
that couples may use, says Dra. Meollo-
Mateo. It does not require gadgets,
medicine or surgical procedures to
implement this method.
Effectivity: Stacey mentions that perfect
and consistent use holds 95-97% effective.
Inconsistent and not always correct use
shows 78-88% effectivity.
How to make it work: Natural Family
Planning works best for women have a
regular cycle, or a cycle that has a consistent
or fixed number of days. Those with 26-
32 days in their cycle may make this work.

It is important to remember that monitoring
menstrual cycles can be tricky, and that they
may vary due to physical activity, stress and
other factors. This is why the method
works best with training and commitment
in understanding ones cycle. Staying
monogamous will also make this method
most effective.