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What we do….

Who we are…

Animal logic
• Established in 1991 • Traditionally business centered around visual effects (VFX) for television series and commercials • 1997 Animal Logic Film was established and the company expanded its capabilities to include film VFX. • In 2002, Animal Logic Animation was formed and soon after, commenced work on the animated feature “Happy Feet”

The Industry
• There are an estimated 25,000 –30,000 people involved in the digital media industry (TV, Film, Animation) Of the dozens of companies in the world, most are based in the USA or UK Animal Logic is ranked among the world’s top 10 animation & visual effects studios

The People
• Project based crew varies with production demands during Happy Feet Animal Logic grew to over 500 people representing 26 nationalities. People involved in the CG industry are part of a global community many of whom ‘migrate’ between facilities or projects. Skills experience techniques and methodologies tend to travel with the artists.

Our clients
• 3 • • • general cg areas: Tv commercials. Tv series Film Vfx, Animated features

Clients include: • Advertising agencies, TVC production companies • Film studios, Film production companies, producer and directors

Our clients
• Our clients expect us to understand their visions and apply our expertise to bring into being. Very few are interested in the technology, or its limitations. Time and budget rarely match the expectation

The Industry – General trends
• • • • More digital F/x shots per film. Faster turn around – shorter production schedules. More complex shots and greater realism Greater interactivity (more aligned to live action film making). More for less.

Combining Art and Technology
• • • Challenging technical environment. Complex systems. Continually evolving - Difficult to procedualise. ‘Best practice’…usually means; whatever it takes to get the job done.

How We Do It….

Tv Commercials and Series

CUB – Big Ad

How We Do It….

Film Digital F/X

Water shoot

Rotomation shoot

Dust & Debris shoot

Twins Phasing

How We Do It…

Animated Features

The Production pipeline
• Represents the combination and order of processes required to take us from concept to completion. Specific to each project – tailored to meet technical and creative methodologies Represents the greatest opportunity for innovation

Combining Art and Technology
A Simple CG Production Pipeline

Combining Art and Technology
Happy feet Production Pipeline

The Technology - Overview
• Animal Logic’s primary infrastructure is comprised of • Network Appliance systems for primary & secondary storage • Foundry Networks equipment for our Gb network • IBM Blade infrastructure makes up the majority of the render farm • HP workstations on the desktop running Windows NT

The Technology – the Render Farm
• Our render farm was expanded to over 2000 dual CPU’s render hosts providing 97,000 CPU hours per day which when supplemented by the desktop workstation processors at night provided over 100,000 CPU hours per day at full utilization. Animal Logic was ranked in the top 50 supercomputing sites worldwide.

Official Lunch Ground Floor 12.45 – 1.45 Extended Lunch Marquee and outside Expo area 12.45 –

Official Lunch Ground Floor 12.45 – 1.45 Extended Lunch Marquee and outside Expo area 12.45 –



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