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Position title: Retail Segments Development Specialist

Division / Department: Segment Developments Department, Retail Banking Division
Location: Head Office



The primary mission is to clearly identify and develop the respective Retail sub segments, Mass
Market & Affluent one, for providing packages with products or services that would add value
to our clients according to their needs and requirements and as defined by the overall Bank

Development of the Bank business objectives through specific Retail segments in terms of:
Qualitative and quantitative increase of Loan Portfolio; Increase of time deposit balances and
improvement of the time deposit structure; Overall business expansion through other retail
products and services, also, ensuring the optimize of revenues from each segment providing
efficient solutions for both, the Bank and the customer.

To clearly divide the customer base into groups with similar characteristics in order to
provide value and sales offers which are effective and unique
Performing market research aligned with retail segments needs and requirements for
identifying possible gaps for improvement
Monitoring of specific clients needs within the segment and provide with the most suitable
value offer proposition, facilitating cross-sell opportunities
Identify and create sub-segments on top of the strategic main ones, which are better
suited as sales targets
Proposal and implementation of packages per specific customer segment in order to
increase profitability by moving up the segmentation ladder
Propose potential improvements in the service levels, differentiated between each segment
Perform Profit/Loss optimization analyses and for each segment
Performance monitoring and review of results and activities, package terms and features,
fees and commissions related with performance and profitability.
Collection and evaluation of the feedback in order for Packages Implementation and /or
redesignation of the processes related with system functionalities.
Promotion and support of the products to Sales Force in terms of information, trainings,
products terms and take action where necessary
Work in close cooperation and be aligned with the Network and Retail Product
Development Department

Required experience
Minimum 3-5 years of experience in Tirana Bank or in the Banking sector, preferably in
similar positions in the Business field
Required education
Bachelors Degree in Economics or Business related fields. A Masters Degree will be an
additional asset.

Required competences / skills
Fluent knowledge of English language in written and spoken.
Strong analytical skills with creative and flexible thinking
Strong sales skills and customer orientation
Flexibility, team spirit and ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
Excellent communication and negotiation skills, strong presentation skills, be a fast
learner and able to adopt quickly to a new and dynamic environment
Very good knowledge of Microsoft Office programs.
Applications should be sent to HR Department;, until 15 July, 2014.