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Please fill up each of the field in PDS when applicable

CSC ID No. is a systems-generated number to be filled by up the CSC-CO pero!!el. Do
not fill up this field.
Write name of the employee at the lower right end of every page of the PDS.
Print entries in the PDS ui!" bl#$% i!% b#llpe! o!ly& Do !ot ue i"! pe!&
All information should be provided aurately as it will be the permanent reord in the CSC personnel
Information Database.
Do !ot le#'e bl#!% e!trie. Put N!A for not appliable.
I& Pero!#l I!for(#tio!
"mployee#s name is to be filled up in the form$ ur!#(e) firt !#(e #!d (iddle !#(e where a spae is
allotted for eah harater or letter in the name.
Dates are in numeri form %mm!dd!yyyy&
Speifis should be given to '(ther) response in the ivil status field
Ageny employee number refers to employee ID number in the urrent ageny.
II& F#(ily *#$%"rou!d
Name of spouse and parents are to be filled up in the form$ ur!#(e) firt !#(e #!d (iddle !#(e&
*other#s name is her maiden name+ that is+ when she was single or before marriage.
,ist full names %first and surname& of #ll your hildren.
Date of birth is in numeri form %mm!dd!yyyy&
III& Edu$#tio!#l *#$%"rou!d
Indiate full name of shools.
Indiate in full all ourses ta-en in ollege %e&"& ASSO& IN ARTS) A* ECONO+ICS) *S
Indiate all masters or dotorate ourses ta-en
If graduated for very level+ indiate the highest grade+ level or units earned.
I!$lui'e d#te of attendane are stated in shool years.
Indiate any sholarship and!or aademi honors reeived in eah level.
I.& Ci'il Ser'i$e Eli"ibility
Indiate all ivil servie eligibility earned with orresponding rating+ daste and plae of
Career servie sub-professional "( /01!234-5eteran Preferene 6ating
Career servie professional PD 342 7 8onor 9raduate
Career servie e.eutive 6A 2::0 7 ;arangay 8ealt Wor-er
Stenographer PD 332 7 Sientifi and tehnologial spealist
CSC 6es. <30-0=== 7 ;arangay (ffiial
If earned eligibility entails a liense %6A /4:4&+ indiate the li$e!e !u(ber #!d it d#te of rele#e&
.& 1or% Refere!$e
Indiate all potion held both in the publi and private employment starting from urrent wor-
Inlusive dates are indiate in numeri form %mm!dd!yyyy&
Indiate FULL position title and CO+PLTE NA+E of department!ageny!offie!ompany.
Indiate monthly salary in figures %e.g. P1/+:22&
Salary grade and step inrement is stated in the format '44-4) %e.g. 1>-1 for salary grade 1>+ step
inrement 1&
Indiate status of employment %i.e. permanent+ temporary+ asual+ ontratual&
Indiate 'yes) under government servie if position held is i3n the publi or government employment and
'no) if held in the private employment.
.I& .olu!t#ry 1or% or I!'ol'e(e!t i! $i'i$2!o!-"o'er!(e!t2people2'olu!t#ry or"#!i3#tio!
Indiate Full name and address of the organi?ation where involved as voluntary wor-er.
Inlusive dates+ start %from& and end %to & shall be in numeri form %mm!dd!yyyy&
Indiate the number of hours of voluntary wor- rendered.
Indiate the position!nature of voluntary wor- rendered.
.II& Tr#i!i!" Pro"r#(
Indiate FULL titles of seminars+ onferene+ wor-shop and short ourse attended during employment.
Indiate list from the most reent training.
Inlusive dates of attendane+ start %from& and end %to& shall be in numeri from %mm!dd!yyyy&
Indiate the number of hours attended for program.
Indiate the FULL name of institution!ageny that onduted or sponsored the program. Do not use
abbreviation %e.g. CSC should be Civil Servie Commission&.
.III& Other I!for(#tio!
Indiate speial s-ill!hobbies
Indiate in FULL non-aademi distintion!reognition %award reeived&
Indiate membership in any professional assoiation!organi?ation by writing in @A,, said
4 56-78
Indiate response to Buestions 0= to >/ on the right side of the sheet
9ive details or speifiation for any response.
4 79
Indiated the FULL name of referene with the format SURNA+E) FIRST NA+E) +I+ their address
and respetive telephone numbers.
4 75
As agreement to <>0 and for ompletion of the PDS+ indiate the employee#s signature and right thumb
mar- in the provided. Also indiate the ommunity ta. ertifiate number+ date and plae of issue in
the provided. ,astly+ attah a RECENT PASSPORT SIC" piture with the name and signature
affi.ed at the ba- and must be ta-en within the last = months. Computer generated or
photoopied!Dero.ed piture i !ot #$$ept#ble&