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December 2009

Greetings in the Blessed name of our Lord Jesus,

Please consider reading this and add us to your safe list before you delete it and send us to the junk
We are not soliciting money, BUT PRAYERS. Our ministry has been in the heart of South Africa
for almost 20 years. Established in the first instance as a follow up– ministry to WORLD BIBLE
SCHOOL STUDENTS. Over the years we have, of necessity, had to change our operation meth-
ods and have also become a LEADERSHIP TRAINING MINISTRY to all who flow into the
Gauteng area of South Africa. This area is geographically a little smaller than New Jersey, with a
population of more than the countries of Zambia, Botswana, Namibia and Lesotho combined. In
essence, it is urban ministry in the heart of Africa. As our ministry influence grows, so do the de-
mands on our services. We are deeply committed to remain true to our initial mission—to seek and
save the lost—but have not turned our back on the humanitarian and social needs of the people of
our region.
We know that not much of significance happens in the Kingdom of God unless we partner with
God in our efforts. PRAYER is our life line to honor God. This year alone from our Sebokeng
training center, (we currently have 3 other teaching points) we have witnessed almost 500 bap-
tisms, lives changed, souls given HOPE in a HOPLESS environment, and disadvantaged adults
and children cared for and educated.
As our opportunities increase we ask you to add us to you PRAYER list and pray for us and these
ministries. I send out a monthly prayer request and would be delighted to add you to that list upon
your request.
We have a web site at that is not complete, but certainly provides enough infor-
mation for you to understand the scope of our ministry. Our monthly newsletters are listed here
Please, PARTNER WITH US, and pray for our work and the people whom we are teaching and
reaching via these expanding ministries. We strive to love God, share God and serve the people in
these communities. Partner with us through the awesome power of prayer.

May the GOD who gives us HOPE through Jesus bless you and your family over this time that
many celebrate the birth of our Lord Jesus and herald the new year into their lives.

All who serve at R & T Ministries

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