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The Green post


Issue 2 June 2009 7th June 2009

The Koh Samui Trophy, Adventure Race a THA sponsored Event

The fastest Growing sport in the world comes fit professionals who love to run and do
to koh Samui In September. things out of this world. 

“Racing for a Greener Samui” The Adventure racing, is one of Asia's fastest
growing sports, and brining one to koh samui
The Koh Samui Trophy Adventure race, will
can only support our island and our future,
be held on Saturday the 19th of September
with their green initiatives, this will combine
2009.The race is also supported by the Tour-
with the THA green philosophy and the
ism Authority of Thailand and a great boost
Green Island project on going as we speak.
for the Island.
Attendance profile:
Created to promote and expose the beauty
of koh Samui and its businesses, the event Nearly 1000 high profile people will attend
will also support and raise funds for the the event.
environmentally Initiatives.
Including VIPs' sponsor guests, Racers fami-
The race date has been chosen to maximize lies, supporters, media, competitors and koh
the benefit of the event for the Island, held Samui Residents.
during the low ( Green season), the event will
A well worth while adventure on our door
certainly help the tourist industry through
ought a typically quiet period. The race will
also be a boost for the Island economy,
Inside this issue:
Adventure; Easier course, for those of us who
need a nurse or oxygen when we run up 2
some stairs.
Extreme: longer course: no more to say those MAJOR BEACH CLEAN UP 2


A Man for a Greener koh Samui LOW CARBON SCHOOLS

Khun Paisan ———- a Man with a mission GREEN WAVE, A WAVE OF 3

for a cleaner and Greener koh samui, he
stands behind the first garbage separation CENTARA GRAND 4
sheds, made from recycled wood and other
materials the first for them to show an exam-
ple, they lead from the front. REGATTA, REGENT AND 5
When the Tessban can do then the rest of us
should follow, they lead the way for a cleaner THOSE THAT MATTER! 6
and greener samui, good on them all!
The Green post
Adopting schools
Why adopt a school, you cling what can be used. children to take care of their
may say, its simple, in com- Island and their country.
Two hotels will work on one
bining forces of THA hotels
school, for this project, Once these projects are set
and resorts with local schools,
brother one and brother 2, up in the next few months, a
the Tessban have chosen 10
brother two will take a new continuation would then hap-
schools for the initial 2009
school next year, and brother pen and the children will
project with 15 more to be
one will help them along. reap the benefits by the
looked at for the 2010 cal-
three R,s and assiatcne form
endar year. Certain areas of the schools
the Tessban to help them sell
would be handed over to
Combining our efforts to edu- their garbage.
garage separation areas, Em
cate the children of koh samui
production, small gardens for More on this in the next issue
in the three R,s as well as
herbs spices and flowers. of the Green post:
educating their parents on
the importance of not throw- Helping the schools to be self
ing garbage away, but recy- sufficient and educating the

“TO CATCH THE Major beach clean up - 25th April 2009

READER'S Our last beach clean up on to all the families of the fish- disposed of properly!
ATTENTION, 25th April was another great erman that live/work here. The diligent group then
success. All kinds of refuse was found, headed down Big Buddha
PLACE AN We had an amazing turnout but in the main plastic and Beach clearing the refuse
INTERESTING of 165 people who all made glass. But, also old tires, from the recent high tides
the effort to meet at 8.30am signs, lumps of wood and a which had left a constant
SENTENCE OR at Seatran Pier. This was door from a speedboat toilet stream of litter and debris.
QUOTE FROM made up of from 14 Resorts or cupboard, which was obvi- Many of the resorts along this
and 11 Dive/Snorkel Opera- ously no longer needed! beach do clean their beach
THE STORY tors. Some speedboat oil filters land which was noticeable,
HERE.” We began cleaning under were even found buried in area of rubbish left.
the pier which was the worse the sand where they had
affected area, possibly due been changed but couldn’t be

Count down to the Grand opening of the Low Carbon school projects
A historic day for the Tessban set up this project, due to local dignitaries along with
and THA on Koh Samui, the having 10 schools under one the police, local and tourist,
grandest day yet will arrive banner it was decided to fire brigade, various hospi-
on the 15th June at the Koh show all ten schools under tals on the Islands.
Samui school in Nathron. one roof, a grand opening
A speech from the Mayor
from 8:00am until 12 noon.
This school has been be- and governs of koh samui.
friended by Six senses resort All schools will be there to
Games for the children, we
and spa as its “pi Liang” show what they are doing,
expect to have over 2,000
school. we expect GIDOA, samui
people for this event.
rescue, Samui dogs home,
A lot of work to be done to

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Issue 2 June 2009
22nd May Green wave,suporting the billion tree campaign!
Green wave actions around have adopted a school wills joined in to plant their tree
the world in 2009. et an example to be part of and educate the children in
this wave. our schools, a first for koh
Many different groups are
involved, in the green wave: 10 schools will be supported
by 10 trees, that have been We would like tot hank you
Schools, biodiversity institutes,
grown here on koh samui. all for the support and effort
botanical gardens, united
one tree less I the Billion tree
nations agencies, NGO, gov- 10:00am local time the trees
campaign world wide.
ernments, businesses and the were planted.
As koh samui has damaged
THA koh Samui, will be plant- its environment this is only
ing a tree on this day along proper we try to add to the
with millions of other organi- many great projects, already
zations to create a wave being carried out on the is-
world wide– those of us who lands. A majority of Hotels

Mangrove planting at Taling Nam, May 8th THERE IS NOT

On Friday May 8th, and on came from all sectors of the rescue, The Royal Thai navy.
the eve of the auspicious Island.
And not to forget the local
Visakha Bucha Day, The
Tessaban, The deputy Gover-
Form the THA, the following people from the village itself, TO RE PLANT
support was given, Amari over 16 rai was planted with
nor of Koh Samui inaugu- KOH SAMUI, GET
Palm reef, Imperial boat 6,000 mangrove trees re
rated a Tree planting day to
house, Kandaburi, Tongsai introduced into this barren PLANTING, LETS
coincide with Visakha Bucha
bay, Bang Taling Nam. Re- and abused land.
gent Chaweng, Melati.
A great effort top bring back
A call went out through TAKS NATURE WHAT
From the community, the local the eco system of the
and THA to gather support to
and tourist police were there, swamps. SHE WANTS HER
lend a hand and make merit
fire brigade teams, Samui LIFE BACK!
on this day, over 300 people Thank you for the support!

Observations on the Island—clean ups

On the road heading down tunately we did not get the Money is always in garbage,
towards Bundhari Resort & picture we needed as this and manure.
Spa, there is the corner. For would have been worth while
From time to time if you see a
the past few months we have to see.
worth while report drop us a
seen local people gathering
Our caps off to whoever col- line and we would add this to
empty discarded beer bottles
lected this discarded waste. our next months edition, try to
and cans form god knows
get a picture and name if
how many years. They made a lot of money by
just taking their time to collect
The pile kept getting bigger
unwanted garbage. Lets get clicking!!!
each time we passed, unfor-

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The Green post
Local Government leading the Way
What can we say, the local step, the yard of the Tessa- years to come.
Government on koh samui ban office in Nathron.
It wont be easy, but they
are in fast track mode, to
This will be looked at as a must start at the source of the
establish and create a
pilot project, to show the matter, the local Govern-
Greener koh samui for all to
community they mean busi- ment .
benefit from.
ness and that anyone can
Five holding pens have been
Check dams, tree planting, take their garbage to be
set up still to have their roofs
flood drains, beach clean ups sorted out there, they want
and support for the various to show the community they
organizations on koh samui is must lead and show by ex- Every step they take in going
growing from strength to ample before they can ask Green—brings them closer to
strength from the Tessban, the community to follow the the objective of the Green
same practice, a worth while Island project.
They will establish a first on
endeavor to keep koh samui
Samui their own recycling Thank you!
Green and mean for the
centre right at their doors

GIDOA, The Green Island Diving Association

Reef Watch May 2009 corals, or any other kinds The survey on Chaweng reef showed
 Amount of certain types of Ma- that the majority of the reef is made
GIDOA members recently did a Reef Survey on rine life that indicate the up of live hard coral which are in a
Chaweng Reef to monitor the condition of the healthiness of the reef fairly good condition.
coral and the amount of marine life. We did the  Causes of any damage to the Although not in big numbers, the reef
survey using the Green Fins Reef Watch project reef: nets, fishing gear, spear fish that were there indicated that
guidelines. We were looking at: fishing, diving, shell collecting, there is plenty of life on the reef for
stepping/holding on corals, oil them to stay.
Reef type: slick, anchor on coral, sediment, One thing that was very obvious was
 whether it is dense coral, patchy or a sewage that most of the damage was caused
rocky reef.  Visibility, temperature of water by extensive sediment covering the
 The Percentage cover of live hard and sea flow. reef, and there were also signs of
coral, dead coral rock, soft coral or We also use color charts to establish damage caused by people stepping
sea fan coral healthiness. or holding onto the reef.
 Coral types: boulder corals, branching

Centara Grand Beach Resort. with Centara Cares program

Centara Cares Low Carbon School Project Environment Boards
Ongoing environmental Cam- In 2009, this project starts with
paign “Centara Cares” activi- 10 schools and 10 master Centara Grand Beach Resort
ties, to clean up different hotels, including Centara Samui provides Green infor-
places and tourist attraction Grand Beach Resort Samui, mation on the staff’s environ-
around Koh Samui area. Photo plus 20 assistant hotels. Tessa- ment boards.
shows “Centara Cares” at ban/municipality is support-
Seatran Pier Bangrak Beach. ing budget THB 50,000.- per
school for the environ-
ment preservation. Photo
shows a seminar at Kandaburi.

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Volume 1, Issue 1
Samui Regatta, THA & Blue water school hit the beaches
In conjunction with the Samui once again an effort was bage and they had bins for
regatta on 4th June, Bluewa- made and many bags were separations et up next to
ter International school set up removed by the Tessban once Centara Grand for this event.
a major beach clean up on again.
Not only they did this for
Bangrak beach.
Many thanks to Callum and samui but for a greener
Yes once again this beach his team from Samui Regatta planet for all.
has been cleaned four times and Web sawadee for the
This event will be on the cal-
this year, this shows you the support for this event, an
endar for koh samui every
amount of garbage we all international race week with
year ,and would be led by
leave behind. a greener samui on their
Bluewater International
Over 200 participants came school, good on them teach
along, the yaughties, THA Most of us don't know but the our kids the best way to save
members, local community, yaughtie people are very their planet for the future!
school children, samui rescue, green in recycling their gar-

Melati Resort & Spa Going Green with “Green Melati” THE TWO
Just barely a couple of cally focus on various Hotel We are committed to support
months during its soft open- environmental issues. Our any community activities for ABOVE AND ONE
ing, and that’s exactly one long term goal is to save our the betterment of our envi-
year now, Melati has started Hotel resources, and take ronment (Koh Samui) and the BELOW SHOWS
its “Green Melati” with the part in the whole world-wide whole world as a whole, i.e., THE USAGE OF
objectives of creating and campaign on energy-saving, tree planting, beach cleaning,
maintaining some worthy and and on environmental care temple cleaning, energy-
creative practices among our and protection. It is our aim conservation practices, etc. LIFE, A NATURAL
staff in taking care of, and to continuously practice en- A great effort there from one
conserving our environment. ergy conservation at all ar- PRODUCT THAT
of the new resorts on koh
We’ve set up a committee eas of the hotel by educating MAKES THINGS
samui, a big thanks to the
with representatives from all and inspiring our team on
Hotel departments to specifi- their individual contribution. team at Melati,. HEALTHY

Its Never too late to begin, Zazen Joins in!

Having a fantastic lunch with Alex mentioned that its never den vegetables once they
Alex and his team, their de- to late to begin or partici- establish their gardens.
termination and effort to pate in anything that con-
Not complete
catch up and be part of the cerns mother nature and the
effort to change koh Samui . way we have to look at
things today.
Recycling, a kitchen garden,
production of EM, and much Chef Wally, and his kitchen
much more are on the cards Garden is the next step for
for Zazen in the next few them, we are all looking for-
months. ward to a feast of fresh gar-

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Samui going green all the way


This is what its all about the

future, our children and their Lets take 280 hotels resorts and guest houses as a round about figure:
children for generations to
Jan to December 2008:
15,453.12kg for 280 establishments per month,
Total for the year was 4,326,873.60kg
( 4 tons and over).

52,735.68baht for 280 establishments per year,

Total for the year was 14,765,990.40 Million baht.

Those that matter! The schools and P-Liang 1 @ 2

Schools P Liang hotel 1 P Liang Hotel 2
Wat Sawang—Arom Imperial Samui Impiana Samui Resort
Ban Plai laem The Tongsai Bay Chaweng cove Resotel
Wat Boondarikaram Kandaburi Imperial Boat House
Wat Samuttharam Four seasons resort The Passage
Koh Samui Six senses Hideaway Regent Chaweng and Melati
Wat Lamai Rocky's Resort The Renaissance Samui
Wat Chaeng Paradise Beach Resort Santiburi
Wat Saket Baan Taling Ngam Chaba Samui
Theeparat Pittaya Ban Laem Sai Beach Resort Bandara Resort & Spa
Wat Klang Centara Grand Chaba Cabana