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BSaO EASTERN AVENUE, B. B. J c. I f ^ p. O BOX *92
Dear Rriends in Christ:
We think of you often and keep you in our prayers, as We trust you do us, even tho we
have not written to you recently. Seems our days are too full! But we are thankful that
we have the privilege of serving God and our Lord here in Brazil, where there is such need
of the Goepel message. And lives are being reached for Christ in this Ministry.
Especially is our work with Belem Bible Seminary being blessed. The seven students
enrolled last school year completed the full year. Now some of the students are leading
the Churches in Vacation Bible Schools: just completed a VBS \iith the Outeiro Road Church
with 101 children for the closing day program. In January there was a good V B S at the
Agulha Church, with local people and the Seminary Students leading. Recently one of the
Seminary Students baptized 3 people in these churches. Some of them go out each week-end
to teach and preach in needy communities. You help make this type of work possible!
Every one of you who have helped in this work make possible the various activities of
the Mission work here along the Amazon River. The Churches are growing, tho slowly. The
Seminary is proving its worth we espect at least eleven students to enroll in March for
the second year of the Seminary. These students are worthy of your continued support.
Before long we plan to send a longer letter with more information direct from Brazil.
So_be looking for this! Beverly and I keep busy. She teaches Bible Classes in Porln^guese
as she is now q^uite adept in the language. I v^ill teach 4 days each week in the Seminary^
as I did last year. In December we helped with a Meeting at JIacapa (north of the River),
in which 4 men were baptized, and the Churches were strengthened.
If you have questions, please write to us or our Forwarding Agent. Receipts for 1961
totaled approximately S7100.00; and we spent about $7200.00. More complete finance report
"7 will be mailed to supporters upon request. We are tr3ring to use every dollar in the best
interest of the Lord and His Work in Brazil. We thank you for your help. Do continue to
^ pray for us and the work and support this mission as you are able. Ask others to help.
Faithfully yours in Christ,
Ha. "
David M Bayless
/missAo das igrejas de cristo
^ MR. AND MRS. DAVID M. BAYLESS, Missionaries
SPONSORED BY Forwarding Agent
Box 492, Clovis, N.
Christian Friends:
This time our letter comes to you by boat from Brazil# We hope it finds you all well
and enjoying your vjork, as i-re are and are enjoying ours,
3oon we will have been in Brazil tv/o and a half years# For quite a v/hile we have been
well into our work, thanl:s to you who have made it possible to come down here and stay
here# Financial support ha^ been adequate, for whiclf we thank God, v;ho continues to
bless us alv;ays#
The Belem Bible Seminary, in which I teach several classes, is no%f in its second year,
and is progressing very v/ell, with nine students enrolled# Tvfo came from the new ca
pital, Brasilia# The seminary is improving in every wayphysical properties, spiri
tual growth of the students, and greater ability for Christian'v?ork. Classes I teach
are Acts, the Life of Christ, and English, nine hours per week,"
Beverly's Portuguese is getting to be quite good, and we are able "to do more in the
church now, especially caHing and teaching, Ihe church we v/ork with is having a
continuous growth, although not always rapid. One encouraging aspect is the remark
able number of men, who usuaHy far outnumber v/omen in the services. Attendance is
about thirty to thirty-five in the morning and from fifty to. sixty-five at night on
Sundays, with somev/hat'fewer on V/ednesday nights# *
Life is very enjoyable here, and Brazil certainly seems like home. There doesn't
seem to be any feeling of dislike for Americans, v/hich some countries are experien
cing# Most things are getting betterroads are being paved^ our tov:n had several
paved streets, electricity is better (up to I9 hours a day now), stores are improv
ing, and the people are enjoying more progress than ever before.
The churches with which v/e are associated (v/ith five other missionary families in the
area) are growing, and becoming a lot stronger# Several of them have recently fin
ished, or are novr in building projects, and are improving their facilities# The mem
bers are increasing their giving to the church, and some soon should be able to become
partly or completely self-supporting#
Please continue praying for God's guidance of the v/ork being done here, and for us.
V:g hope that you who support this work financially v/ill continue, and we thank you
very much for it# Nearly all of the funds v/e receive to v/ork with are pledged to de
finite projects, such as the seminary,-help to one of the churches, printing of Chris
tian literature, help to one of the preachers, and other projects from time to time#
If these funds should increase, some things would go forward faster# Occasionally
some are forced to discontinue their support, and it is secure others'
help# At any time v/rite to us if you would like to knov/ more about how we v/ork, or
more details about some project#
Yours in Christ,
David M# Bayless
vMI^ AND MRS. DAVID M BAYLESS/Mlss^^^^ o m ov:
i'.--. - GAIXA'POSTAU 9^'^ ^
- " ^ . ^BELeM, PARA, BRASIL" ' ^
SPONSORED BY , : ' ' T Cf : V.-: FortWABOINa AE>ltV^
^^pUfF^UE, Npw- , ;99a{C3^SeiBil6KJ^^
' ,,. ; --: y. 1v:^ ^ Plpyi-?*- Iwk.
It has been a while since we wote to you, but the last letter was sent by boat
maii,^:^so-It. tjiok jabxiut twc'ffiontha"^^^ reabh liie: DV-S. -'Ihia one' is %v Mir inadl/ akd'.
due to i;iie4:fttio^rJ?ere^ irirBraaia>t l^ierfr^l ^ifOBt^^e iTs Wrth-
God has blessfid: the;-wocfe:' ogP :.theic^tothea^h^re^ ojSjibrtunities go pa-ssed up
thpugh;, for: l^ck pf;liihfii..qr JaaP workerSb - We 'Sllli' are Vohklh^ With'^he f(5UleirW
Hoad church on the ^edge; iof looara^/2 and l^tel^ have started wbfkirtjg with the
church'in Agulha, another -pairt- of:' the ame toW, where we IWe^o V/br1eang With twd
boys from the Bible college we have begun a new calling program, with tv/o baptisms
in th^first-month*:. t>y-
Ifetre in our-.fcurth year here^^.^n^^ and in ahou-t a- year^- the Lor Miliihl;,- We'll he
in rthej United Stateai I-tiVfill be g^rod; to^ visit friendhj ah^^ l^et tb^l^bw' dbine '
of--;you whom;;we have;known^only thr'ough ybiir lettefso' r- . t ^
In November the second successful year of classes ended in the seminary, which is
noSfecalled Para Bible Institute. "ESght stiafdentt wer'e ehrotred;: For next^yeal^''
there are prospectfSDfor-^a gobd number of:new student's, I'taught thre'fe'dlaasesi^'
ActS' of the.-Apbsti'esi, liife of jChrlst^ and*ES:i'gli'sh^-this yearo' - -
-Vfticfi we oame;trb Braaii we asked the churches-in-the United Statea^ for-enoijghTmoney"
to work: with.> isdiichb you;generbusiy-arepr6vddingi We thank' God' every day '^at- ^
there has alwaya been enou^ to keep up' wprldwe began, wit^outbhavin'g any-Worry
about money, Tlie funds we have received hdVe'been.used .to^bupport the Ihatitu'te,' -
help the churches, help one of the preachers, support the Work of
terature for.: the churches^ and buy and maint&incthe cir , ^ v - b i - ^^ -
. . . ^. ' .-V . -f.- 'V
Most of the support for the Institiate Is frcm missionaries here in*Brazll, We ^
need to keep on contributing about 70 per month. Extra money received at times
has gone into the building ftihd'^for'thb much needed boys' dormitory.
Help to the church^p j^s b^^ slbpppedv bi^'^ce it was doing more harm than good.
The churches wpre not Vislijly strengthened, but appeared to be weakened. This
help usually v/as in construction of buildings. The preacher we were helping has
moved to the Institute to live and study, and is no longer receiving anything
from us directly, but does receive a scholarship from the school.
If you can imagine what the work of your church would be like without literature
for Sunday school, VBS, or any other purpose, you may have an idea of the handicap
here. Recently the Brazil missionaries together began publishing literature, and
already are turning out the best Sunday school literature in Brazil, Still, very
little other printed material is available, and no books,
Beverly has been teaching the girls at the orphanage in cooking classes every
week. She spends the day there while the director and family shop in Belem,
The girls are learning a lot, and Beverly is too. Her Portuguese is getting good.
She likes to read a lot, and most of it is in Portuguese, A lot of good American
books are sold here in Portuguese,
\ 'J
V- C J
1 ,;. V
j ^h^e.'
<^. t y^^-% / "^; ?- 5 /i /
kJ r\ , G ^ fVI
We are getting into hot-:days fidi^ei^t'of all. In about
another month the rainy season wiH be get^ way, and v;e'll have cooler
weather, but lots of rain ThatVilLla^t^.t^li^ Generally this climate is
good> and wa have no complaints^ " ' ' c-. o - -
Ther^ajction-the United States against I^ssia in Cuba was vei-p^eli rec^^^^^
asked us in lettdrs about it. We haven't met anyone who was
opposed, and most people favor stronger methods.
Many people h^e are opposed to ,th.e gospel of: Ghrist> because it is so much dif
ferent from ^ho .Xtelian ^%l^^iojti thoy'rhayesa^lwaya followed, Ayoung woman, a
neighbor of'^ 'ous, Maria Silva, didn^t know what the Bible was until early this
Seyerly, showe.d{^,^^ and. ex^jliOa^ned what: itrwas^, and shei started*read-
*ing It.: ;She" went to, cl>urohywith- us(,;,.ajid;/;asked,\a lot .Of questions.^ and' in May was
baptized, ,; She has^. a f ew^^ friendsi;b!eojat4fle. shk-ia ca Christiani and a lot of
people th>nk she is cra^sy to leave .that religion'she follov;ed before.
There are enough people here v/ho would listen to the gospel if we had time and
evangelists to teach them. This is why the Par^ Bible Institute was begun. We
often viondey if we afre spending top .muck tiine with the Institute> but already soine
of t^o stvidpnts are doing good work in. the. chunch^i i Wa are trying to show them
how to work the best i-jay. !fliey. will .be able to do a lot-for Christ, because, they
are not foreigners.
We would like tp urge you v;ho have begun with uS-in thiB;; work to keep on at least
until we .return to th^ .United, Stat'esi^ t-p yi^.i iivp irrff while-down heiPe it 1m.
similar to cutting off., .The Institute, would:: be in /serious dif-
ficulties, we would have no XTgrjawrtatl'On, and our part of the Christian litera
turevwork--wettld-^BuPferir-^lretr--i^ -be-^cleari'that whatever we Jrakve^done for^ the king^-
dom of ;(^ here has been with Gpd'B ^help and: blessing, .providing: all that we
have neaded through.[you: friends-i We ar.eigaaateful to: youi, and hope to.-see you :
befor-o^much-longer- to thank you personally, . :
Colored slides are available;for any groupHhat wants to use them. Write to our -
forwarding agent about th'em. Write to us when you have time. We like to hear,
and we'll keep on praying for God to upe us and guide us.
y-.. : Yours in Christ, ' ' , . ,