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DTF Press Release
21 March 2008 The Democratic Teachers’ Front (DTF) expresses its concern over the news item that appeared in the print media today that the Supreme Council of St. Stephen’s College has revoked all decisions take during the period when Dr. Valson Thampu was the OSD of the College. While the DTF firmly opposed the show cause notice served by Dr. Thampu on two teachers of the History Department, it considers various steps initiated during his tenure as far-reaching progressive initiatives redefining the character of St. Stephen’s College. The campaign against him is also inspired by opposition to (and in some cases hatred towards) many of those steps. Those opposed to reservations for the deprived, those seeking to reserve this institution of academic excellence for the children of the political, social and economic elite through an nontransparent admission process, those whose religious fundamentalism disallows recognition of dalits among Christians, and the Hindutva brigade, that would not allow dalits who do not proclaim themselves hindus any benefit of reservations, found a common ground. Those opposed to reservation for the deprived in the admission to the College have also used a facile argument for scrapping the admission policy: that the number of students admitted under various categories of reservation is inadequate. An honest response to such a situation should have sought effective implementation rather than an undoing of the very principle. The DTF urges the Governing Council of the College not to regress on its admission policy duly approved by the Governing Council. Instead it should ensure that the policy is made known to all aspirants well in advance and is effectively implemented. The DTF further urges that the process of admission be made more transparent and that the admission committees be constituted through a transparent set of rules. Further, the DTF urges a review of the continuing policy of interviewing candidates for admission since it has been the cause of much suspicion about backdoor entry for the children of the powerful. The DTF also seeks to draw the attention of the College administration that the implementation of Ordinance XV D on Sexual Harassment in full should continue. Dr. Thampu had taken the initiative to implement the Ordinance which the earlier Principal had refused to do, using the facile argument that the Ordinance undermined the minority character. Such arguments in fact discredit the minority policy and indirectly strengthen the tirades of those who wish the religious minorities to be second-class citizens. Moreover, the College should also accept the seniority principle, the rotational principle and democratic decision making in assigning and carrying out administrative and academic responsibilities and reject the lie that doing so undermines its minority character. Some positive steps were taken in this regard during Dr. Thampu’s tenure and the College should be taking them forward rather than revoking them.

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