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My friends,

Ive reviewed the Revised Common Lectionary

selections for October. The Gospel portion of
this listing is mostly located in the book of
Matthew, chapter twenty two; I immediately
opened my copy of The Message to see what
was in store. Sub-titles within include:
The Story of the Wedding Banquet
Paying Taxes
Marriage and Resurrection
The Most Important Command
Davids Son and Master

Each of these poses special challenges for
reflection and I know Ill be struggling to find my
way through them.

Heres a thought: if you would like to hear
something from the pulpit about any one of these
selections in particular, send me a message or
drop me a line to let me know. I will take your
thought into consideration as I approach worship
each Sunday. It may not make it easier, but I
know it will be more enjoyable knowing your
interest in the Good News.

And how about this: if these Gospel readings
dont appeal check out Pauls letters, including
Philippians 3:4-14, 4:1-9, or 1 Thessalonians
1:1-10 or 2:1-8. These are all part of the
lectionary cycle this month, too.

Work with me on this, folks. Struggling with
scripture is an essential part of our faith tradition,
and working on it together is what we do in
worship. In the spirit of the Appreciative Way,
here is my invitation to take what you have and
want, and get more of it.

Send me a message;
give me a call 804 304 6374; stop me in the
halls of the church.

I just gotta get a message from you!
Peace be with you, now and always.
Tom G
October 2014
Volume 28.10

St. Johns
United Church of Christ

St. Johns is a community of faith
centered in Jesus Christ, seeking
guidance and direction through the
Holy Spirit, and demonstrating
Gods love to all people in words
and deeds.

An Open and Affirming

503 Stuart Circle
Richmond, Virginia 23220
Telephone: 804.358.9291


Web Site:

Published monthly
2014 St Johns UCC
The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014

Sharing your Light in the World!!
Thanks to all who contributed items, funds, or service on Launch Sunday!

How we served
We assembled two tables ( to be donated to the CARITAS furniture bank)
We assembled 8 chairs ( to be donated to the CARITAS furniture bank)
We assembled one chest of drawers ( to be donated to the CARITAS furniture bank)
We assembled 10 Baby Kits (to be donated to Church World Services)
We made sandwiches,
We decorated bags
We stuffed 40 bagged lunches daily (for our CARITAS guests)
We put together 40 toiletry bags (for our CARITAS guests)
More than 40 different people from St. Johns supported this ministry during the week doing a variety of tasks
Our volunteers set up special seating areas and brought in fresh flowers
We played Bingo with our guests and gave out gift cards
We brought in videos, books, puzzles, and games for entertainment,
We helped our guests organize and present a talent show in the Sanctuary on Thursday evening.
Our volunteers made connections with our guests listening to their stories and offering words of comfort and prayers
Our volunteers gave over 541 hours of service during the week
Many thanks to all who volunteered for our week of hosting CARITAS!!
A special thank-you and recognition to several key volunteers who logged in more than 40 hours during the week -
Bill Watson,
Karen-Marie Yust,
Bryan Anderegg,
Julia Eliades, and
Don Warren.

Take a moment to talk to Bill Watson who chairs the Mission and Outreach committee and learn how we might continue to grow our
partnership with CARITAS and support their mission to transform the lives of those in need of shelter and a helping hand.

Two work weeks in one. 45 hours at my day job and 50+ in the evenings. The 45 hour week- my day job that pays my bills. The 50
hour week nights and weekends fed my soul. I could go for hours talking about our week extending hospitality to our CARITAS
guests. Meals, laundry, shuttles to the YMCA for showers all the necessities. The conversations and shared smiles and hugs and
laughter and tears the things all humans need and dont necessarily get on a regular basis. Its hard to describe the enormous and
sometimes complicated task of caring for 40 women for one week. But its nowhere near the struggle of their lives, living out of one
suitcase and changing residence every week. Sleeping on a mat on a cold tile floor with ragged blankets grateful for a warm, dry
place to sleep. It gave me perspective and made me thank God for small things my bed, clean sheets, and the ability to take a hot
shower any time I want. These women are working their way back to that; and. I am glad that we could help them even if only briefly.
It was such a blessing to me. We are all children of the same God. Ive always thought it our duty to extend hospitality to those in
need. I now realize it is our joy and a huge blessing to us to be able to do that. Don Warren, Volunteer

We would LOVE to have you all host again in the future. Tom Bannard, Shelter Operations Manager
Neighbors In Need Offering October 5
1. What is Neighbors in Need?
NIN is a special mission offering, that is uniquely UCC and
focuses on ministries of justice and compassion. Through the
Neighbors in Need offering, the church expresses a common
commitment to justice and compassion throughout the United
States and Puerto Rico. One-third of the offering undergirds
the work of the Council for American Indian Ministry (CAIM),
including much-needed financial support for 20 American
Indian congregations in the UCC. Two-thirds of the offering
supports justice advocacy and direct service projects such as
just-peace programs and community grants.
2. How are Neighbors in Need funds shared with others?
Two-thirds of Neighbors in Need supports program initiatives
and direct grants offered by the UCC's Justice and Witness
Ministries. Small but essential grants are made throughout the
year to congregations and organizations engaged in
community organizing, public policy advocacy, and direct
service. Although grants are made to address a wide range of
justice priorities, a significant portion of these grants are made
to address issues of hunger and poverty.

On October 5th St. Johns will receive a special offering for
Neighbors in Need (NIN). Watch for information in your
bulletins on how these funds have been used in the past and in
what ways they are needed today, as we imagine a world
where a quality education is accessible to all, literacy is no
longer a concern, educating women and girls is a priority and
the school to prison pipeline is eliminated.

Please consider a gift this
year that will enable
UCC's Justice and
Witness Ministries to
continue these grants in
support of justice
initiatives, advocacy
efforts, and direct service

3 The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014
About 150 people, representing 15 churches will be coming
to St. Johns in a month! Thats right, every year churches
from all over Richmond use our facility to kick-off the
Richmond CROP Hunger Walk, a 3.5 mile walk that loops
through the city. St. Johns team raised over $1,300 in
2013 and with your help
we hope to hit $1,500
this year.

25% of the funds will go
to local organizations
that provide hunger
relief; CARITAS, VA
Food Bank, MARCH
and 31
St. Baptist
Church. The other 75%
will go to Church World
Services to be used to
stop hunger within the
U.S. and around the world.

Please come walk with us on November 2
. Sign-ups will
be in the parlor or you can join the team/donate online by
visiting Registration will be at
1:15pm and the walk will begin at 2pm.

We will need volunteers for
setup and cleanup; if you are
able to help, please contact
Bill Watson at 873.2837 or
The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014

Blessed to be a Blessing!
As Barbara Brown Taylor says, Blessing is the recognition that even when all the odds seem stacked against you, the
universe is still for you in some inexplicable, mysterious way. If youre a person of faith, you may want to substitute God for
the universe. The point is that you dont get up every morning with your meter set at zero. If you wake up at all, youre ahead
of the game. If youre alive, youre blessed simply by virtue of being here with another day to live, another choice to make,
another opportunity to make the world a better place than it was when you went to bed.

We hope that you have receive an invitation from our church to pledge such time, talents and treasure as your circumstances permit in
support of St. Johns programs and ministries for 2015. A copy of the pledge card is found on page 10 of this Newsletter.

All pledge cards should be returned to the church office, dropped in the Sunday collection plate, or brought to the church service on or
before Sunday, October 26

On October 26 we will start the day with breakfast, a discussion of the proposed Ministry Plan (budget) for 2015 and have a blessing of
the pledges during worship.

Please feel free to contact Stewardship Chair Jeff Jacobs (at or (804) 355-1115; Finance Chair Jeff Hetzer
(804-550-3928 ); or any member of Church Council with any questions you may have about church stewardship or finances.

At the risk of oversimplifcaton, Blessed to be a Blessing describes Gods intent and Gods
methodology: that God chooses to repair the brokenness of the world one person at a tme;
that love heals and blessing multplies. If youve ever traveled to places of need in this town
or in another country or in your own or anothers heart; if youve ever loved another so much
that it hurts, you know the amazing, truth of Jesus life and words:
The more you give, the more you get.
Generosity begets generosity.
Give away your life, and youll fnd life given backwith bonus and with blessing.
We are blessed. And we are called to be a blessing.
This is Gods economy.
It is not either-or. It is both-and.
So let us give thanks. And let us give.
That the world might be healed.
That Gods kingdom might come.
That Gods will be done on earth as it is in heaven.
And that we might be blessed and blessed againto be an ever greater blessing.

Rev. Vicki Kemper
First Congregational UCC
Amherst, MD
Worship and Music Committee

World Communion Sunday
Worship Service October 5
On Sunday October 5
St. Johns will join other
churches around the
world to observe World
Communion Sunday.
On this day, Christians
remember their unity
with one another by
gathering around the
communion table and
acknowledging that we are all part of one body broken and
scattered to do Gods work in the world. St. Johns will
celebrate with many different kinds of bread at the table and
songs and words about bread throughout the worship service.
Come, let us worship and break bread together!
Church Library New Additions
Everyone is encouraged to stop by the St. Johns Church
Library soon. We are so pleased to announce that in the past
several months there have been many new additions of books,
CDs, and DVDs. We hope that you will take a moment and
check out all that is available for you to borrow. Each new
additions is meant to be fun, entertaining, educational and
spiritually uplifting!
The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014
Wedding Committee

Kenn Shirley officiated weddings as needed, while St.
John's looks for a permanent pastor. Joe McGregor provided
his sound and facilities expertise. Sal Anselmo, Abby Ward
and Sharon Machrone are part of the wedding team helping
to get everyone to the right place at the right time while
solving problems along the way. Ulysses sets up and cleans
up for every wedding; officer Ron May oversees the safety of
our church. Diane Semach takes care of inquiries and keeps
the St. John's calendar up-to-date. Fritz Will works behind the
scene with payments and bookkeeping.
Since parts of our sanctuary have been painted and recon-
structed and the breezeway ceiling has been painted - more
people are interested in weddings than ever before. We have
been thanked by many families for allowing them to use our
holy space for their families' wedding.
Thank you to everyone involved in making St. John's a perfect
place to have their wedding and making so many people feel

Worship & Music
Welcome Team
Requires commitment
to keeping calendar,
coordi nati ng team
leaders, and attending
monthly W&M commit-
tee meetings.
Please call contact
Ginna Dalton to learn
more:gmdalton2001@,or 703-869-

Worship is central to the life of our faith community,
and extravagant welcome is at its core.
A wedding at St. John's is
a time of witness before families
and friends with the exchange
of vows and rings, as a couple
receives the blessings and
pronouncements of God.

In 2014 St. John's hosted 9
weddings and 1,500 people
visited our church

Weddings would not be possible
without the help of a
dedicated team.
We will host the following wedding in October:

Richardson and Wang Wedding
Wedding: Saturday, October 11 at 5 pm
Rehearsal: Friday, October 10 at 5:30 pm
150 guests
...from the Council President

Welcome to Fall The summer of 2014 is behind us and
we enter a busy time for our Congregation. September
was a busy and a heartwarming month for all of us. The
housing and warm welcome to 41 women for a week was
certainly an extravagant welcome. Our thanks to all who
gave of their time, talents, and support to this wonderful
outreach in our community. Bill Watson was the chair of
this event and what a great job he did with the help of
Rev. Tom, Julia, Bryan Anderegg, Karen Marie Yust,
Don Warren and many other members. Thank you!

Launch Sunday was exciting and the packing of baby
bags, building of furniture and all of us supporting the
people of Caritas was meaningful. Thank you to the staff
and our committees involved in this activity. You are

Your council has been working of hard on the update of
our Constitution and Bylaws and will be bringing that
document to the Congregation sometime during the first
part of 2015. The Search committee is working diligently
on the search for our new Pastor. A very hardworking and
dedicated group has spent many hours. We appreciate
their work so very much.

St Johns Players opened last weekend with their fall
production of Some Enchanted Evening and what a
delightful production. We thank these performers of which
three are St. Johns members and the crews who work
many hours to make this all happen. I hope you will all
attend one of the remaining performances and support
this activity at St. Johns. There are many people from the
community who enter our doors thru the beautiful
sanctuary and see these performances.

Our German Fest and Dinner is coming. Please purchase
your tickets and invite a group to join you. If you are
willing to help in any way, please see Jeff Jacobs. Look
in the messenger for more details.

We are all doing Gods work and as we continue this work
for St. Johns lets keep our theme of this years
Stewardship Drive in our hearts. BLESSED TO BE A

Betsy J. Bighinatti, Council President

6 The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014
Members of Church Council
Betsy Bighinatti, President
Desiree McNeice, Vice President
Marjorie Barbour, Secretary

Bryan Anderegg Laura Totty
Jeff Hetzer Arthur Dewey
Vivian White Helena DeLigt
Bill Watson Karen-Marie Yust
Ginna Minasian Dalton
Rev. Tom Gerstenlauer - 358-9291
Julia Eliades - 358-9291
Church Council Chair:
Betsy Bighinatti - 379-3572
Facilities Chair:
Richard Bighinatti - 379-3572
Finance Chair:
Jeff Hetzer - 550-3928
Mission and Outreach Chair:
Bill Watson - 873-2837
Christian Formation Chair:
Bryan Anderegg - 317-1941
Worship and Music Chair:
Ginna Dalton - 378-3386
Congregational Life and Care Co-Chairs:
Helena DeLigt - 795-2058
Kim Vann - 323-9086

Congregational Breakfast Oct. 26
Mark your calendar now
and plan on attending our
monthly congregational
breakfast on Sunday,
October 26 at 9:00 am in
the Fellowship Hall. We
will enjoy the food and
fellowship and update
you on all the happenings
at St. Johns. Our special
emphasis that morning will be our Stewardship Campaign
and the turning in of our 2015 pledge cards. Hope to see you
The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014 7
Adult Education Resource Area
Do you have a burning question about the Bible?
Want resources to help you find an answer?

Check out the new Adult Resource area in Room B2 on the lower level.

Christian Formation has set up this area for all adults to use and have supplied new study bibles, commentaries, and a computer. We
will be introducing ways to use these resources in our class on Sunday morning and in the Monday evening class that meets once a
month. Or, contact Julia Eliades for assistance.

Study Bibles
We have purchased hard covered study bibles in the New Revised Standard Version for our resource area. Study bibles contain
introductions to each book of the bible and comments on the scriptures to help the reader understand the text. If you are interested in
purchasing one of these bibles for your personal use contact Julia Eliades or Bryan Anderegg. The cost of the bible is $35.

@ St. Johns
How should a study Bible be used?
1. Read the text of the Bible first. Meditate upon the text and read it with care. Apply your own knowledge of the Bible in
order to understand the particular text within its context and place in the biblical story-line. Consider and note other texts
that come to your mind as directly related to this text. Read the text with full attention and conviction.
2. Look carefully at the cross-references that the study Bible links to the text you are reading. Do not look only to the
citations, but read the actual passages. This assistance is still the main contribution of a study Bible making related
and parallel passages more accessible. A first principle of interpreting the Bible is to interpret the Bible by the Bible. In
other words, to allow the Bible to interpret itself text by text.
3. As a third step, take full advantage of the notes, articles, and other helps printed alongside the text. In some cases,
short articles will help in understanding contested issues or matters that might otherwise require a Bible dictionary or
encyclopedia. Where appropriate, maps can be very useful, along with tables of measurement and similar points of
reference. The very best of the study Bibles will also offer some level of commentary within the notes.
4. Judge the notes by the biblical text, and never the other way around. Where possible, use more than one study Bible in
order to maximize this learning process.

But he answered, It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone,
but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.
Matthew 4:4
The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014
St. Johns Financial Picture YTD as of August 31, 2014
October 5
Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 5:1-7
Psalm 80:7-15
Philippians 3:4b-14 Matthew 21:33-46
October 12
Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 25:1-9
Psalm 23
Philippians 4:1-9 Matthew 22:1-14
October 19
Nineteenth Sunday after Pentecost

Isaiah 45:1-7
Psalm 96:1-9
1 Thessalonians 1:1-10 Matthew 22:15-22
October 26
Twentieth Sunday after Pentecost

Leviticus 19:1-2
Psalm 1
1 Thessalonians 2:1-8 Matthew 22:34-46
2014 Budget Budget YTD Actual YTD


Pledge Payments* $127,000 $84,667 $76,564
Cash Offerings $22,000 $14,667 $7,178
Other Income (Endowment Contributions $122,850 $90,349 $97,113
Parking Lot Rental, Wedding Income, etc.)

Total Income $271,850 $189,683 $180,855

Personnel 166,549 112,859 111,106
Committees 22,191 14,794 12,901
Operations/Maintenance 122,390 84,016 76,721
Local Benevolences 7,300 6,233 5,572
Other 9,600 4,950 4,950

Total Expenses 328,030 222,852 211,250

Income/Expenses Total (56,180) (33,169) (30,395)
surplus (deficit)

1. Income includes a total of $85,000 annual contribution from Endowment Fund ($7083 monthly)
2. Annual Deficit to be covered by Endowment Fund and General Reserve Fund
3. 2014 Pledge Budget is $126,000. To date, 56 pledges for $118,000 have been received.

Have you turned in your pledge card?
Pledge Sunday is October26
9 The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014

GermanFest October 17-18
Start airing out your lederhosen and dirndl skirts for the
annual St. Johns GermanFest, to be held this year on
October 17
and 18
. Festivities kick off on Friday evening,
with a Biergarten (5-8 pm) happy hour with grilled bratwurst
and live music on the church lawn. The traditional German
dinner, featuring sauerbraten and all the sides, with an
oom-pah band and opportunities for dancing, will be held on
Saturday, October 18 (seatings at 5:30pm and 7:00 pm). If
you are able to help with set-up, with cooking in the kitchen,
with serving, and/or with making apple cake, please contact
Jeff Jacobs at (202) 361-9887 or

If youd like to help bake apple cakes for the GermanFest
dinner, please contact Jeff Jacobs at the number listed
above. Kits containing instructions, apples and all of the dry
ingredients will be distributed after church on October 5th,
with finished cakes to be brought back to the church kitchen
on October 12th.
One of the highlights of the GermanFest dinner will be the
home-made applesauce. Ginna and Sam Dalton will be
leading a team of applesauce makers on Saturday, October
11th, starting at 9 am. Peelers, choppers and stirrers are
needed. If you can help, please contact Ginna at
703-869-0191 or

The Fellowship will be sponsoring their annual Book and
Bake Sale during the Saturday GermanFest event (from 3 till
8:00 pm) WE NEED EVERYONE to donate bake goods,
books, home made jellys, jams and any home made crafts.
Speak with Dorothy Cook for more information.

To purchase German Fest Dinner tickets please go to or call the church office at


The Fellowship will be sponsoring the Book and Bake Sale at
the German Fest on October 18. In November, we will be go-
ing to :

(Charlottesville) on November 13. Mark your calendars! We
will meet in the church parking lot at 10:00 am. Speak with
Lynda Merry for more information.
October 18

(during the German Fest!)
St. Johns Fellowship
Donations of books, home
made jellies, jams and any
home made crafts or
baked goods needed.
Speak with Dorothy Cook
for more information!
10 The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014

St. Johns Players presents
Concept by JEFFREY B. MOSS
For Jerry Kravat Entertainment Services, Inc
SOME ENCHANTED EVENING is presented through
special arrangement with R & H Theatricals:

Directed by: Tony Sharpenstein
Musical Direction by: Shirley Townsend
Pamela Bradley
David Craig
Suzanne Nicar
Anita Sharpenstein
Brian Vaughan

October 3, 4, 10, 11 at 8 pm
October 5 & 12 at 3 pm

$10.00 Adults
$8.00 Students and Groups of 10 or more

Special $20.00 for Dinner Theater @ 6:30 pm for
the October 4
*Advanced Tickets Required!*
Reserve Your Tickets by phone or online:
The Mu-
sic of
Art & Spirituality:
Collage Workshop
Saturday October 11,
9:00 am 3:00 pm
Richmond Hill
Awaken your spirit and be trans-
formed. Spend a day immersed in
the beautiful grounds and inspiring
art space at Richmond Hill while
you have fun creating your own
colorful collage. You are welcomed
to bring your own supplies if you
prefer or you can use our art paper,
colored paper, paper with designs,
markers, glue, and possibly some
objects you find outside. We can
also provide you with some natural
beauty and spiritual inspiration
while you are here with time for
individual meditation on the grounds
and community prayer at noon.
Brenda Giannini, facilitator.
Suggested donation $30. includes
lunch and art materials.
Sign-up: Deborah Cannady at

Please contact me about planned giving
I / We pledge the following amount for the St. Johns Endowment:
$________ per week $________ per month $________ per year
I PLAN TO GIVE BY: check automatic bill pay (bank debit)
credit card cash
I would like more information about automatic bill pay or paying by credit card
NAME (s) ______________________________________ PHONE __________________
________________________________________ EMAIL ___________________________
I / We pledge to participate in the following Ministries of St. Johns:___________________________________________
I / We pledge the following amount: $________ per week $________ per month $________ for the year

The Messenger | OCTOBER 2014

St. Johns
Church Calendar
1 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
3 8:00 pm Some Enchanted Evening SJP
4 6:00 pm Dinner SJP
8:00 pm Some Enchanted Evening SJP
5 9:30 am Intergenerational Breakfast and World
Communion Day Program
11:00 am Worship - Communion
Neighbors In Need Special Mission Offering
3:00 pm Some Enchanted Evening SJP
8 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
10 8:00 pm Some Enchanted Evening SJP
11 Wedding
8:00 pm Some Enchanted Evening SJP
12 9:45 am Christian Formation
11:00 am Worship - Communion
3:00 pm Some Enchanted Evening SJP
15 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
19 9:45 am Christian Formation
11:00 am Worship
20 7:00 pm Faith Conversations
22 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
9:00 am Breakfast
9:45 am Christian Formation
11:00 am Worship
29 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study

2 All Saints Day
9:45 am Christian Formation
11:00 am Worship - Communion
Noon - 5:00 pm Crop Walk
5 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
8 Wedding
9 9:45 am Christian Formation
11:00 am Worship - Communion
12 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
16 9:00 am Breakfast - Ministry Plan presentation
9:45 am Christian Formation
11:00 am Worship
17 7:00 pm Faith Formations
19 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study
23 9:45 am Faith Formations
11:00 am Worship
11:00 am Congregational meeting to
vote on Ministry Plan for 2015
NOON Lunch
1:00 pm Greening of the Church
26 5:00 pm Card Ministry
6:00 pm Centering Prayer
7:00 pm Adult Book Study

Please find a substitute if you are unable to perform your ministry and
contact your team coordinator AND the office to let them know who will be
filling in for you. Thank you for making our church ministries run smoothly!
Acolytes Lay


Doug Waldrop

Jeff Michel

Bryan Etter
James Cook

Trey Lyle
Petter Effertz


Bud Higgins


Doug Waldrop

Jeff Michel

Bryan Etter
James Cook

Sal Anselmo
Helena DeLigt


Abby Ward
Chris Ward

Bud Higgins


Justin Barbour

David Pittman

Josh Lyle

Ashley Quick
Florence Cross


Laura Totty

Justin Barbour


Justin Barbour

David Pittman

Josh Lyle

Sarah Allen
Kathy Freise

Dorothy Cook
Lynda Merry

Marjorie and
Justin Barbour

Justin Barbour
October 5 October12 October 19 October 26

Mark Souza

Vivian White


Don Warren
To order fresh flowers to be placed on the altar in honor of a special occasion or person or
in remembrance of someone, please sign-up on the flower chart on the bulletin board in
the hallway near the nursery or contact Sonny Darnell at 743-7528 or
$45.00 for two beautiful bouquets.
Fellowship Coordinator: Sal Anselmo 358-1696
Tellers Coordinator: Bud Higgins 301-5059
Lay Readers Coordinator: Sal Anselmo 358-1696


5 pm Card Ministry

6 pm Centering Prayer

7 pm Book Study

11:30 am NA Meeting

6 pm Staff Relations

7 pm Choir Rehearsal

8 pm Some

6:30 pm SJP Dinner
8 pm Some
9:45 am Faith Formations

10 am Choir rehearsal
11 am Worship/
World Communion
3 pm Some

10 am Staff Mtg.

11:30 am NA Meeting

5:30 Search Com


5 pm Card Ministry

6 pm Centering Prayer

7 pm Book Study

11:30 am NA Meeting

5:30pm Worship/Music

7 pm Choir Rehearsal


5:30 pm Wedding

8 pm Some
8:30 am Indian Orthodox
9 am Apple Sauce making
5 pm Wedding
8 pm Some
9:45 am Faith Formations

10 am Choir rehearsal

11 am Worship
3 pm Some

7 pm Church Council


10 am Staff Mtg.

11:30 am NA Meeting


5 pm Card Ministry

6 pm Centering Prayer

7 pm Book Study


11:30 am NA Meeting

7 pm Choir Rehearsal

5 - 8 pm
Bratwurst Dinner
3-8 pm Book & Bake Sale

5:30 German Dinner

7:00 pm German Dinner

9:45 am Faith Formations

10 am Choir rehearsal

11 am Worship


7 pm Faith
10 am Staff Mtg.

11:30 am NA Meeting

5:30 Search Com


5 pm Card Ministry

6 pm Centering Prayer

7 pm Book Study


11:30 am NA Meeting

7 pm Choir Rehearsal



9 am Breakfast

9:45 am Faith Formations

10 am Choir rehearsal
11 am Worship


10 am Staff Mtg.

11:30 am NA Meeting

5 pm Card Ministry

6 pm Centering Prayer

7 pm Book Study

11:30 am NA Meeting

7 pm Choir Rehearsal


Birthdays This Month

2 Rob Osborn
3 JoAnn Jellison
5 Sabrina Woods
6 Martha Cook
7 Mary Will
8 Stuart Eliades
10 Paul Hagenmueller
11 Anna Oxenham
14 Brooke Fortier
15 Brian Jacobs
18 Helen Karnap
19 Dorothy Cook

20 Maddie Barbour
22 Judy Brown
22 Sarah Allen
22 Bridget Amrhein
23 Andy Trent
24 Fritz Will, III
24 Brittany Totty
26 Laura Viergever
28 Karen Oxenham
28 Sarah (Catie) Davis
30 Maria Roberts
30 Billy Poarch
30 Jewell Ford

Sumer worship time begins June 1