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Bank Reconciliation
Test: Obtain and test reconciliations of bank statements to the general ledger and confirm
balances and related terms, including compensating balance arrangements, as at:
* The period end or a date close to the period end with detailed rollforward testing
through to the period end.
Sample size: Limited
(a) Obtain the client's reconciliation for the period under review eg. June 30th.
(b) Check all of the items appearing in the reconciliation from the reconciliation to the cash book and
bank statement.
(c) Check all of the items from reconciliation forward to the bank statement for the period subsequent in July
to the date of the reconciliation, marking the items which have subsequently been cleared through the
bank and indicating the other items which are still outstanding.
(d) Obtain directly from the bank a certificate showing the balance as per the bank at the date of reconciliation.
(e) Complete the standard bank reconciliation form provided by the office, which requires a number of
questions to be answered (Questions worksheet) .
Bank Branch
Account Name Account No.
Bank Reconciliation as at :
* Cash in bank/Overdraft per Bank Statement
Deposits not on Bank Statement Should be positive (( Do not enter data here - refer related tab))
Bank Statement Debits not in Cash Book Should be positive (( Do not enter data here - refer related tab))
Bank Statement Credits not in Cash Book Should be negative (( Do not enter data here - refer related tab))
Outstanding Checks Should be negative (( Do not enter data here - refer related tab))
Other Adjustments (( Do not enter data here - refer related tab))

Cash in Bank/Overdraft per Cash Book - (link to Lead Sheet or Aggregations)
* A credit balance on the bank statement must be positive, a debit balance must be negative.
Bank Reconciliation

Has the unpresented check listing been reviewed for stale Checks?
Were Outstanding Checks cleared to subsequent Bank Statements?
What was the number of check last issued prior to reconciliation date
Note date of last Bank Statement examined.-
Have all Deposits not on Bank Statements been confirmed as been
receipted into the Cash Book either prior to or on balance date?
Have other bank statement debits/credits Not in Cash Book been identified
and cleared?
Have long outstanding material unpresented Checks been identified and
inquired into?
Do Bank Statements for first two weeks of new period show any dishonored
Checks? (If so, list details and action taken by client to effect recovery.)
Comments if applicable
Has the balance as per the bank reconciliation been agreed to the general
Has a standard bank audit confirmation certificate been obtained, properly
completed, and all items of audit significance agreed to client records?
Are there satisfactory reasons for delay in banking deposits not on Bank
Have Other Adjustments or reconciling items on the clients bank
reconciliation been identified and cleared?
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Have all related entity items appearing in the bank reconciliation been
identified and has it been that they have been ensured that they have been
correctly accounted for by those related entities?
Were any Outstanding Checks at balance date subsequently written back in
the Cash Book? (If so, list details, noting reasons for the write-back.)
Has the effect of Bank Statement Debits, Credits or Other Adjustments not
in Cash Book been considered and noted in the Net Effects Schedule where
Do Bank Statements for new period show any cleared Checks drawn prior
to the number noted in 8 above but not included in Outstanding Checks?
(If so, list details, and ensure that the items paid for have been brought to
account in the correct accounting period.)
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Cash - Deposits not on Bank Statement
Date Date
Receipted to Cleared on
Cash Book Bank Statements Amount

Page 6
Cash - Bank Statement Debits not in Cash Book
Date Details Amount

Cash - Bank Statement Credits not in Cash Book
$ Date
Date Details Amount Cleared

Page 8
OS Checks
Cash - Outstanding Checks
Cash Book Check Payee $ Date
Date Number Amount Presented

Total Checks not cleared $0.00
Total Checks cleared $0.00
Total outstanding Checks $0.00
Detailes of material Checks not cleared
Check No. Amount
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Other Adjustments
Other Reconciling Adjustments - Indicate whether cleared
Date Details Amount

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