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Seeking assignments in the Areas of Capital Market, Banking & Financial
E!ec"ti#e S"mmar$
Masters in Financial Markets from %&M-%FM '%nstit"te of Financial Markets(
Stock Exchange & Banking Proe!!ional with " #ear! o $ich Ex%erience
Pre!entl# working with )*FC BA+, -&* in &a%ital 'arket (i)i!ion a! $elation!hi%
Perorme* )ario+! role! at ,SE
-chie)e* Sil)er Star at .(/& Bank
,ominate* in &ham%ion! o 0*ea! at ,SE
$ecor* in ,+m1er o &lient! -c2+ire* at ,SE
-n e3ecti)e comm+nicator with excellent relation!hi% 1+il*ing4 anal#tical an*
negotiation !kill!.
Acaemic Creentials
5611 'a!ter! in /inancial 'arket! 7'B-8 rom 09'-0/' 70n!tit+te o /inancial 'arket!8 with
5668 B'S rom Smt. '': &ollege o Economic!4 '+m1ai ;ni)er!it# with 1
-'/0 - '+t+al /+n* 7-*)i!or!8 'o*+le
,&/' - <&a%ital 'arket 7(ealer!8= 'o*+le
,&/' - <E2+it# (eri)ati)e!=
,&/' - <>%tion! Strategie!=
,&/' - <&+rrenc# (eri)ati)e!=
,&/' - <0ntere!t $ate /+t+re!=
,&/' ? <&ommercial Banking in 0n*ia=
/orking E!perience
- " month! with Sharekhan -t a! Sale! trainee 7Part-9ime4 (+ring B'S St+*ie!8
- " 'onth! with *h$an Sec"rities a! a E2+it# (ealer 7-%ril 5668 ? >cto1er 56688
- 5 @ear! with +ational Stock E!change a! a :e# -cco+nt 'anager 7,o)em1er 5668 ?
>cto1er 561A8
- Pre!entl# working with )*FC BA+, -&* in &a%ital 'arket (i)i!ion a! $elation!hi%
'anager 7,o)1A-9ill (ate8
*ep"t$ Manager 1 Capital Market *i#ision 1 )*FC Bank -t
- 'anaging &a%ital 'arketB! Broker & &orr Banking B+!ine!!
- &ro!! !ell Pro*+ct! 7Exi!ting & +%coming8
- Cenerate $e)en+e or the >rgani!ation
- Ser)icing &lientB! $e2+e!t within 9-9 & En!+re /9$
- -*)i!ing &lient! on working ca%ital ga%
- &on*+ct %erio*ic cre*it re)iew!.
- &om%l#ing with 1anking ,orm!
- '0S
,e$ Acco"nt Manager 1 Retail B"siness 'Since 2an 3453 1 6ctober 3457( - +SE
'%nia( -t
- 'eeting Exi!ting 'em1er!
- B+il*ing Strong $elation!hi%! with 'em1er & their :e# Exec+ti)e!
- Pitching ,ew Pro*+ct! D Segment! & Exi!ting Pro*+ct! D Segment!
- 'eeting Pro*+ct D Segment wi!e 9arget!
- Ser)icing 'em1er in $e2+e!t!
- 0nitiate Eoint Promotional -cti)itie! or B+!ine!! Crowth
- &on*+cting Pro*+ct 9raining to (ealer! D $'!DBranche!D-P!
- &on*+cting :nowle*ge Serie! Fork!ho%!
,e$ Acco"nt Manager 1 0rop B"siness '2an 3455 1 *ecember 3453( - +SE '%nia(
- 'eeting Exi!ting 'em1er!
- B+il*ing Strong $elation!hi%! with 'em1er & their :e# Eo11er!D -r1itrage+r!
- P+!hing them /or Gol+me in re2+ire* Segment!
- Ser)icing 'em1er $e2+e!t!
- Forking o+t on 9ra*ing >%%ort+nitie!
- &on*+cting 9raining or Eo11er!D -r1itrage+r!
Membership 1 Sales '+o#ember 3448 1 *ecember 3454( 1 +SE '%nia( -t
- 'eeting ,ew 'em1er! D Exi!ting 'em1er!
- Pitching &( D &' D /> Segment 'em1er!hi%
- Pro)i*ing (oc+ment! -!!i!tance
- 'aintaining (ail# 9o+ch with Pro!%ect!
- /ollowing +% with Gario+! Proce!! >wner! at Exchange D $eg+lator!
- En!+ring a!ter (oc+mentation with Hero (i!cre%ancie!
&raining 9 E#ent Co-orinator '+o#ember 344: 1 6ctober 3448( - +SE '%nia( -t
- Planning D organiHing &+rrenc# (eri)ati)e! 9raining! D Seminar!
- 0n)iting 'em1er! or &+rrenc# (eri)ati)e! Seminar!
- &o-or*inating with )ario+! (e%t. 7-*minDcanteenD!ec+rit#8D S%eaker!
- &ollecting /ee*1ack o Seminar! an* $e%orting to Senior!
- En!+ring Pro%er Iogi!tic!
- '0S
*ealer at Franchisee of *h$an Stock Broking 0#t -t, F6R& 'April 344: 1
6ctober 344:(
- P+tting &lientB! >r*er in B>I9 7BSE >,I0,E 9E$'0,-I8
- En!+ring $ight or*er %lace* 7-t $ight J+antit# D -t $ight Price8
- $e!ol)ing &lientB! J+erie!
- '0S
0ersonal *ossier
*ate of Birth: 16
-+g+!t 1984
Aress: 7644 'ilan Palace4 ,ear $ohani Sat!ang .all4 :hemani4 ;lha!nagar ?
Marital Stat"s: 'arrie*
-ing"istic Abilities: Engli!h4 .in*i an* Sin*hi
)obbies: 9ra)elling4 li!tening m+!ic4 watching mo)ie!4 & !%en*ing time with
lo)e* one!