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Filipino Identification Card for all Pinoys taking shape

The House Committee on Revision of Laws and the Committee on Appropriations

have endorsed for plenary approval the proposed Filipino Identification System Act
contained in sustitute H! "#$#%
The proposed Act shall &radually concert and consolidate all e'istin& (overnment
initiated identification system into one)inte&rated and efficient identification system*
stressed Committee of Revision chairperson +arlyn ,rimicias)A&aas and Appropriations
chairman Isidro -n&a%
H! "#$# is in sustitution of four separate ut similar ori&inal measures . H! /o%
00 authored y Reps% Al Francis !ichara* 1lisa T% 2ho* Rodel !atocae* Christopher S%
Co% Anthony del Rosario and Ferdinand L% Hernande34 H! 567 filed y Reps% Rodolfo
!ia3on with Co and !atocae4 H! 8859 introduced y Reps% (loria +acapa&al)Arroyo
and (avini Apol C% ,ancho4 and H! 8857 y Reps% Rufus Rodri&ue3* +a'imo
Rodri&ue3 and (% ,ancho%
-nderscorin& the necessity for said sin&le national I: system* the authors said H!
"#$# will institutionali3e a national information card for all Filipinos that would ensure
facilitation and streamline &overnment transactions* and help promote a pro&ressive
society throu&h an efficient delivery of asic services%
The proposed statute identifies the ,hilippine Statistics Authority* to&ether with the
:epartment of Forei&n Affairs as the implementin& a&encies of the pro&ram* tas;ed to
create and maintain a Filipino Citi3en Re&istry%
It is important to note that H! "#$# assures protection a&ainst unlawful disclosure
of information and records otained in relation to the application for the national I:%
Li;ewise* the measure provides for penal sanctions* ran&in& from ,"#*### to
,"##*### or imprisonment of from si' <$= months to two <8= years or oth* for ;nowin&ly
usin& false information in applyin& for the issuance of Filipino I:* for wilful and
un>ustifiale refusal to accept* ac;nowled&e and reco&ni3e the Filipino I:* and the act of
connivance y a pulic official or employee in committin& the aforementioned acts* the
authors said%
Section 5 of H! "#$# states? '''' 1very Filipino* whether residin& in the
,hilippines or aroad is mandated to re&ister personal information re@uired y the I:
system and upon application shall e issued a non)transferrale Filipino I: card with an
I: numer that shall e valid for life* su>ect to replacement only under the followin&
NR # 3607B
OCT. 2, 2014
<A= Ahen a child reaches the le&al a&e of ei&hteen <06= years old4
<!= when there is chan&e in name* family name y virtue of court order or y
application of law* such as married woman who adopts the surname of the husand4
<C= for lost or destroyed I: cards4
<:= For other revisions that may e deemed necessary y the card holder such as
chan&es in the facial features due to a&e or medical intervention%
Li;ewise* Filipino cardholders* upon reachin& the a&e of si'ty <$#= years old are
re@uired to renew their Filipino I: card* free of char&e% The Filipino I: card shall e made
of tamper)proof security material% It shall have on its face the imprinted photo&raph*
name* irth date* &ender* date of issue* si&nature of owner* the correspondin& individual
serial numer issued y the ,SA and such other date as may e deemed necessary and
shall also have the capaility to store at least the iometric data of the individual
The initial application and issuance of the Filipino I: card shall e free of char&e as
part of the &overnmentBs social service responsiility* ut a replacement fee shall e paid
y the cardholder% Fundin& for the implementation shall e included in the appropriations
of the ,SA and the :FA in the (eneral Appropriations Act%
The pertinent details for applicants with pre)e'istin& &overnment issued I: card
shall e utili3ed and honored as reference in the issuance of the Filipino I: card% Ahen the
I: system ecomes operational* every Filipino residin& in the ,hilippines shall apply for
the re&istration and issuance of the Filipino I: card at the office of the Local Civil
Re&istrar of the city or municipality where one is a resident%
Li;ewise* every Filipino residin& aroad shall apply for re&istration and issuance of
the Filipino I: car at the nearest ,hilippine 1massy or Consular Cffice of the country
where they are residin&%
The ,SA* throu&h the Local Civil Re&istrar <LCR= or the ,hilippine 1massy of
Consular Cffices aroad* is mandated to issue a Filipino I: car within ninety <7#= days
from the re&istration of live irth% The parents or the le&al &uardian of the minor*
incompetent or disaled person shall e responsile for the application and safe;eepin& of
the issued Filipino I: card%
Ahen the Filipino I: card is presented to any &overnment a&ency or for
identification purposes* no other additional identification card shall e re@uired% 1'cept in
instances allowed under the provisions of R%A% 7888" or The Citi3enship Retention and
Reac@uisition Act of 8##9* the Filipino I: card shall motu propio e rendered invalid and
ineffective upon the loss of Filipino citi3enship% <9#= dpt