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Trial Term 2 2014

SMK Paduka Tuan, Segamat, Johor

Section A [45 marks]
Answer all questions in this section.
1. Sketch the graph of

and . Let, ()

and use the

intermediate value theorem to show that f(x) = 0 for the interval n < x < n + 1 where n and
n + 1 are consecutive integers to be determined. If (

) , give a reason why would

you expect the value of

to be less than 1.5 and verify that this is indeed true. [8 marks]
2. Show that the parametric equations and is a circle.

in terms of t. [4 marks]
Use as the equation of the tangent to the circle that passes through the origin. By
substituting x, y, and m with suitable expressions in terms of t, shows that the point of
contact of a tangent to the circle is

Deduce that the equations of the tangents

drawn from the origin to the circle are

[4 marks]
3. Given that , find

in terms of x and y. Use

to find the
approximate value of y, in terms of h, when x = 1 + h, where the value of h is small.
[7 marks]
4. Show that [3 marks]

Hence, find the general solution of the differential equation

|| [5 marks]
5. Show that, if x is so small that

and higher power of x may be neglected,

( )

Deduce that for such values of x, (

) (

Using the substitution

for large N, show that (

[10 marks]
6. Use the trapezium rule with two intervals to obtain an approximation for I where

, giving your answer correct to three decimal places. [4 marks]

Section B [15 marks]
Answer any one question in this section.
7. a) A curve has equation

i) Show that the gradient of the curve is always positive. [2 marks]
ii) Find the equations of the asymptotes of the curve. [2 marks]
iii) Sketch the curve. [4 marks]
b) The curve

intersect the curve

i) Show that ( )

[3 marks]
ii) By sketching the curve

on the same axes in (a)(iii), state the

number of roots of the equation ( )

[4 marks]
8. Given that , show that the first two non-zero terms of the Maclaurin series for y

Use this series to find approximation in terms of for . [15 marks]