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Quizlet -dronates analogue of, MOA % of sickle cell traite. Aggregate with what? 4,3-beta-D-glucan_ hypothyroidism 2 factors that contribute to angiogenesis? 2 factors that contribute to angiogenesis?* asamplettest 28x specific for hyperthyroidism due to grave's s-hydroxy-g-methylglutaryl-CoA (HMG. Coa) lyase yachydroxylase aghr urinary cortisol and dexmethasone suppression test screening 6oy female no identifiable cause of anemia. Cx? 99mm Te-pertechnetate sean abdominal CT abnormal midgut rotation around SMA. ‘Abx that causes pancytopenia Combo with “Uworld” and 3 others ‘Study online at quizLet .con/conbine/4$908121, 45907999, 45907876, 48907750 pyrophsophate (important component of hydroxyapatitie). Make hydroxyapatite more insol, and dee bone reab by interfering w/ osteoclasts. ‘Tx: osteoporosis, pagets, malig induced hypercalcemia, Je HDA 60%, HS 40%. ‘nm peripheral smears, indices, retie count and MCHC. siele w/ Na metabisulfite ‘major polysaecharide component of fungal cell wall feat: fatigue, weight gain, constipation, slow relaxation of DTR, and dry, coarse skin ‘TSH rise oceurs well before low thyroid hormone level seen=>best marker for Dx “exception in eases of central hypothyroidism (deficiency in TSH) but eases are rare VEGF and FGF VEGF and FGF compare means of 2 populations: with 2 mean values, variances and sample sizes ‘Then ealeulate the p value. Inflluative dermopathy (pretibial myxedema) and exophthalmos Tcell->eytokines>Fibroblast and sec of glyeoasminoglyeans "TSH R in adipoeytes and fibroblasts mitochondrial enzyme responsible for ketogenesis from HMG CoA. TMG CoA results from degradation of leucine, a strictly ketogenic AA, and also from synthesis by HIMG CoA synthase ‘an intermediate in the formation of cholesterol concerts cholesterol toile acids tests for Cushing syndrome feats: central obesity, skin striae, rounded facies, deposition of supraclavicular fat, and proximal weakness Biadet. Gastrie atrophy intrinsie factor deficiency terminal ileal disease (dietary far less common). detects presence of gastrie mucosa accumulation in the RLQ of the abdomen is Dx of Meckel diverticulum that contains ectopic gastrie mucosa useful for detecting calcification of chronic pancreatitis leads to intestinal malrotation=>intestine fixed by fibrous adhesive bands can cause to intestinal obstruction chloramphenicol ACE ean cause dec renal filtration fraction in what pts? acetylcholine and coronary autoregulation acetylcholinesterase in amniotie fluid indicates achalasia Acholie stools (no BR pigment) and bone pain action of ANP action of atropine, cimetidine, lansoprazole, sucralfate, bethanechol, lansoprazole Active TB never treated with drug monotherapy because: acute adrenal insufficiency acute appendicitis acute chest syndromein Sickle cell dz. Acute effeets of corticasteroidson CBC: Pts with renal artery stenosis (CAD). neurotransmitter released from parasympathetic neurons ‘ets on musearinie receptors inhibitory effects on heart “nervous input has very litle effect on coronary blood flow neural tube defect AFP and ACHE appear ifneurpore doesn't fuse (opening b/w neural tube and amniotic cavity) classically present with dysphagia for liquids and difficulty belching in assoe with dilated esophagus and absent paralysis in smooth musele portion of esophagus most often congenital disorder always caused by dystxn of ganglion cells of myenteric plexus “if'scen in pt from Central or South America suspect infn by Trypanosoma eruzi chronic cholestatic preoess (primary biliaty eirhosis) ine peripheral vasodilation, ine urinary exeretion of Na and water. block parietal cell Mg Ach R block gastric parietal cell H2 R Binds ase of mucosal uclers to protect form acid cholinomimetic muscarinic agonist to treat ileus and urinaty retention. PPI fast emergence of mycobacterial antibiotic resistance form rapid, selective gene mutations, ‘characterized by mineraleorticoid deficieney=hyperkalemia and mild hyperchloremie acidosis classically present with periumbilical pain that migrates to RLQ, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and fever ‘occurs in all age groups with peak incidence in children 6-10 caused by obstruxn of appendicular lumen “most commonly by fecaliths=>other causes include: hyperplastic lymphoid follicles, foreign bodies, nematodes, and carcinoids retained mucus causes appendicular wall to distend=>impairs venous ‘outflow=>hypoxia=>ischemia and assoc bacterial invasion inflamm and edema of appendicular wall eause further distention "necrosis of wall with rupture may follow=>peritonitis ine neutrophil count (from demargination of neutrophils previously attached to vessel wall) Dee lymphocyte, monocyte, basophil, and eosinophil counts Acute intermittent porphyrias: d ALA, and phorphobilinogem responsible for acute abdominal pain and neurological Regulated by acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) acute marginal branches acute MI and ventricular remodeling Acute pancreatitis ->panereatic pseudocyst which consist of: acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL) acute pyelonephritis, acute transplant rejection acute tubular necrosis Adaptive immune mx that prevents reinfect w/ influenza virus: | Addison's disease Addison's disease ‘doc heme-->ine hepatic ALA synthase-->ine d ALA and porphobilinogen. Administration of heme relieves symptoms, predominantly affects children blast cells positive for CD1o antigen (CALLA) suggest good prognosis arise from right coronary artery supplies wall of right ventricle=> provides collateral circulation in pts with LAD ‘eelusion involves expansion, thinning, and fibrous healing of infareted zone regional dystkn of infaret causes vol overload for remaining viable rmyocardium=>hypertrophy of remaining myocardium=>compensation for loss of contraetile fxn “net result: dilated ventricular hypertrophy with enlargement of LV cavity collection of uid rich in enzymes, and infl debris. Walls have granulation tissue, and fibrosis (M3 AML subtype hhave WBCS that produce aberrant protein with affinity for retinoie acid results from t(15;17) mutation where gene for retinoic receptor alpha (RAR-alpha) is transferred from e'some 17 to e’some 15 where it fuses with the PML gene=>PML/RAR- alpha=>abnormal receptor unable to signal for differentiation for myeloid precursors ‘Tx with all-trans-retinoie acd stim differentiation of myeoblasts to mature granulocytes and induces remission in about 90% of pts with APL. present with pyuria ‘WBCeasts=>indicate renal origin of pyuria ‘oceurs weeks following transplantation primarily cell-mediated process histopathologic analysis: dense mononuclear lymphocyte infiltrate primarily T- lymphocytes against MHCAg with eardiae myoeyte damage ‘Tx: immunosuppressive drugs “chronic rejection would show seant inflammatory cells and interstitial fibrosis months to years after transplantation characterized by increased serum Cr anti-hemagglutinin IgG (cireulation) mucosal anti-hemaglutinin IgA (nasopharyns) autoimmune condition=>adrenal glands be markedly atrophic *assoe with diffuse atrophy of adrenal cortex ‘assoc with atrophie adrenal glands