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Corporate Presentation

Safe Harbor
Except for the historical information contained herein, statements in this presentation and the

subsequent discussions, which include words or phrases such as “will”, “aim”, “will likely result”,

“would”, “believe”, “may”, “expect”, “will continue”, “anticipate”, “estimate”, “intend”, “plan”,

“contemplate”, “seek to”, “future”, “objective”, “goal”, “likely”, “project”, “should”, “potential”, “will pursue”

and similar expressions or variations of such expressions may constitute "forward-looking statements".

These forward-looking statements involve a number of risks, uncertainties and other factors that could

cause actual results to differ materially from those suggested by the forward-looking statements. These

risks and uncertainties include, but are not limited to our ability to successfully implement our strategy,

our growth and expansion plans, obtain regulatory approvals, our provisioning policies, technological

changes, investment and business income, cash flow projections, our exposure to market risks as well

as other risks. Ranbaxy does not undertake any obligation to update forward-looking statements to

reflect events or circumstances after the date thereof.

“To become a Research-based International
Pharmaceutical Company”

Vision – 2012
Achieve significant business
in proprietary prescription products by 2012
with a strong presence in developed markets

Aspirations – 2012
• Aspire to be a $5 Billion Company
• Become a Top 5 Global Generics Player
• Significant Income from Proprietary Products

• Achieving customer satisfaction is fundamental to our business

• Provide products and services of the highest quality

• Practice dignity and equity in relationship and provide opportunities for

our people to realise their full potential

• Ensure profitable growth and enhance wealth of the shareholders

• Foster mutually beneficial relations with all our business partners

• Manage our operations with high concern for safety and environment

• Be a responsible corporate citizen

Ranbaxy Overview
• India‟s largest pharmaceutical company

• Ranked among the top 10 global generic pharmaceutical companies

• Ranbaxy & Daiichi Sankyo combined rank among the top 15 global
pharmaceutical companies

• Worldwide Presence

• Ground presence in 48 countries, products sold in over 125 countries

• Manufacturing locations in 10 countries

• Global consolidated sales – US $ 1682 Mn (2008)

• Business

- International 80%
- Domestic 20%
• >12000 employees globally represented by 50 nationalities
Global Pharmaceutical Landscape
Global Pharma Market Slice
US $ Bn Global Pharmaceuticals Market:

• 2008: ~ US $ 726 Bn

Global Generics Market:
• 2008: US $ 78 Bn

Key Drivers of Generics:

North America Europe • Significant patent expiries

(~US $ 80 Bn through 2012)
Africa, Asia and Australia Japan
• Increasing generic penetration
Latin America • Rationalizing healthcare costs
• Emerging markets opportunity

Source : IMS Mat Sept 2008

The Global Generics Advantages
Growth Potential

• Patent Expiries
• New Markets
• Healthcare Costs

Consolidation India Factor

• Size & Scale • Scientific Talent

• Therapeutic Width • Cost Advantage
• Operational Synergies • Gx / Rx Competencies

Product Portfolio
• Pressure on Vanilla Gx
• Move to Specialty/ Niche
Our Global Presence
• North America • Europe • Asia (incl. Middle East)
• Latin America • Africa • Japan
Business Model
Global Reach Product Portfolio
• Developed Markets • Generics
North America, EU, Japan, Australia • Branded Generics
• Emerging markets • Branded & OTC
India, Romania, CIS,
South Africa,
Brazil, Mexico Competitive Advantages
• Aggressive Marketing
• Low cost of Innovation
• Manufacturing Competitiveness
• Global Management
Research &
Development Manufacturing

• New Chemical Entities

• Dosage Form
• API* - Vertical Integration
• Generics / NDDS*
• In-house / Outsource
• Complex / Niche/ FTF*
• The India advantage
• The India advantage

* NDDS - Novel Drug Delivery System, API – Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients, FTF – First to File
Global Sales Split
CIS* Asia




Global Sales (2008): US $ 1682 Mn

* CIS includes Russia & Ukraine belt

Evolution of Market Mix

FY 2005 FY 2008

• Improving balance in market mix

• Growth well spread across geographies
• Positioned to leverage various market opportunities
Our Key Geographies
North America
Pioneer entrant from India
Strong local presence
Canada: New market, growing rapidly

Well established
Presence in 23 of 27 EU countries
No. 1 Generic player in Romania
Key markets - UK, France & Germany

Emerging Markets

Leadership in domestic market- India

Estd. Infrastructure in Romania, Brazil, Russia & South Africa
Profitable branded generics markets

Developed Markets Presence
• Largest generic market worldwide
• Significant patent expiries through 2011
• Ranbaxy is ranked amongst top 10 generic companies

• Germany, UK - mature markets

• France, Spain, Italy, Romania - emerging markets
EU • Ranbaxy has presence in 23 of the 27 EU countries

• Mature generic market

• Ranbaxy is the fastest growing generics company in Canada

• Emerging generic market, < 5% generic penetration

• 1st Indian pharma company, key products amongst market leaders

Source : IMS
Emerging Markets Presence
• Leadership position in domestic market
• Company growing faster than market

• Ranked as the No 1 Generics Company

• Strategic for servicing EU operations

• Fast growing markets, Ranbaxy growth faster than market

• Strong base in acute therapies, expanding into chronic /OTC
Russia &

• Key market in the African continent

• A strong No 5 player in the region
South Africa

Source : IMS

• India‟s largest pharmaceutical company by sales and ranked No 2 by

market share

• Company growing faster than market; market growth rate is

around 10%

• Company has one of the largest distribution networks that comprises

2500+ skilled field force

• Dedicated task forces for specialised & chronic therapies

• 19 brands in Top 300 of Industry

Research & Development

State-of-the-art R&D facilities

based in India



Research & Development
• Dedicated Facilities for Innovative & Generics Research

• > 1400 R&D Personnel (~ 300 Doctorates)

• Highest R&D spender across industry

• 8 - 10 NCE molecules in pipeline

• NDDS based products (4 platform technologies)

• R&D collaborations

Alliance / Alliance /
Collaboration in Collaboration in

Out-licensing Out-licensing
Our Global Manufacturing Strengths
• cGMP compliant world-class API & Dosage Forms manufacturing facilities across
the globe
• 10 manufacturing locations worldwide
• API facilities - increasing vertical integration
• Creating capacities for specialty products
• New facilities added in cost advantageous geographies

USA Ireland Romania Nigeria

India China Malaysia

Inorganic Strategy

To capitalize on the opportunities in the ongoing consolidation phase for…

• Size and scale in developed and emerging markets

• Expansion of geographical reach

• Access to niche and complex products / therapeutic areas

• Costs efficiencies in manufacturing and R&D

...providing a strategic and value accretive fit

Acquisitions & Alliances Since 2006

> US $ 500 Mn spend on M&A

• Terapia (Romania)

• Be-Tabs (South Africa) • Orchid (India)

• Allen (Italy) • Zenotech (India)

• Ethimed (Belgium) • Krebs (India)

• Mundogen (Spain) • Jupiter (India)

• Derma Brands (USA) • Cardinal Drugs (India)

• Auto-injector Tech (USA)
Corporate Social Responsibility
• An essential component of Ranbaxy‟s CSR is to care for the community

• Based on the theme „Health For All‟ set up „Ranbaxy Rural Development Trust‟ in
1978; later re-christened as Ranbaxy Community Health Care Society (RCHS) in

• Operates in the states of Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

and Delhi/Gurgaon to provide integrated health care to about 200,000 population
staying in 100 villages and urban slum areas

• Provides a blend of curative, preventive and health promotive services amply

supported by laboratory services covering areas of maternal child health, family
planning, adolescent health, reproductive health and education

• AIDS awareness and counselling is also a priority component of the programme

Corporate Social Responsibility
• Established meaningful and useful partnerships with the Government, Medical
Colleges, NGO‟s , Educational Institutions, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
and other like minded agencies which has helped RCHS to broaden its scope of

• Anti-Aids
– Provides innovative and affordable anti HIV medicines
– Over 500,000 patients worldwide on Ranbaxy ARV‟s
– First in the world Pediatrics ARV

• Malaria Research
– Molecule in Phase III Clinical Trials
– Intended for patients in developing countries
Corporate Governance
“An institutionalized framework of Corporate Governance and Code of
Practices to strengthen decision making and compliance with ethical
integrity and reliability”

Board Of Directors

Science Shareholder

Committees of the Board

Audit Compensation

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