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Background information
The show Hogans heroes is based in the time of World War II. In this show they are in a
prisoner of war camp run by Germans. Hogan and his men are against the germens . There is
Hogan who is the leader and he has 4 men that work with him lebeu the cook, kinch the radio
man, newkirk the magician he is hard to explain he has many talents, and carter the ammunition
man. They are in a prisoner of war camp and they are trying to do one of two thing while they
are in this camp. They are either helping prisoners to escape and or hurt the germens at all cost.
The reason for them to do theses thing is the group was formed to be an underground for
prisoners similar to the underground rail road for African Americans. This show is a comedy and
has jokes that are done either by the conversations between the communities or by the actions
that are taken and sarcasm.
Figured world- is an area or scene in a world, the world that contain interactions of many
different people, communities, or you could say it is where everything takes place (Example
coffee shop, mall)
My figure world is from an old TV show called Hogans heroes. The world I am
observing is the stalag that the prisoners are in. a stalag is the German word for camp it is
a prisoner of war camp. The camp is for noncommissioned officers and enlisted men. In
this place it is like its own world. In the stalag there are interactions between all the
prisoners and their commandant. There are also rules that are put into place in the camp
among lots of other things. It is its own society in a sense. In this world the prisoners
have their own events like playing all different sports and the can also do different crafts;
on the other hand, they can be kind of political and ask for things from the Red Cross
amongst other corporations. Now, in the camp the appropriate behaviors are to live a
normal prison life by having some fun but too much and you can play games of all kinds.
Everything to do as a group has to be approved by the commandant. All in all you can do
most anything; however, something that are not allowed in the stalags are gambling and
digging tunnels, which is self-explanatory, you also have a lights out time where you
have to be in bed at that time and you cant go outside the barracks after roll call. The
major groups of people interactions are the senior prisoner of war officer and
commandant, commandant and his men and prisoner to prisoner.
Actors- a person that takes on the different charter traits to at different times to become
another person entirely a actor fits them self into another role to express and reach a specific
Col. Robert Hogan: he is the leader of a small underground organization in the heart of
Germany. He is the senior prisoner of war officer. He takes the responsibility for the little
group. He is a very inquisitive person and no matter what happens he keeps his cool. He
is in an all-male prisoner of war camp. He keeps the Germans off his track with his
superior intellect.
Col. Wilhelm Klink: he is the commander of the stalag. His tittle is known as
commandant of the camp. He is not very bright and tries to do the right thing but always
seems to fall just short. Col. Hogan is always causing Klink trouble in every way he
makes Klink think he is doing the right thing as commandant but it is not really. He is
lets just say very gullible and he has a lifelong dream to one day become general.
Sgt. Hans Schultz: sergeant Shultz is the sergeant of the guard at stalag 13. He also play
the role of col. Klinks aid. He has a very unique personality for a guard at a prisoner of
war camp. He is the guard of col. Hogans barracks. He doesnt want to make any trouble
for himself. He also has a key phrase I see nothing I hear nothing
Corporal Newkirk- this is one of Hogans men. He is from England and he is a master
magician. He is the seamstress of the group and he has a great arsenal of voices. He is
very crafty person he is a master pickpocket.
Sergeant Carter-sergeant carter is the main man in charge of the ammo. He is an
American just like Hogan. His title is truly tech sergeant and he is the one in the group
that has the know how to build bomb and he knows a little chemistry. He writes the
supply list for the ammo to London
Corporal Louis LeBeau- this one of the group the cook for the group. The reason that he
is because he is a French man and knows a lot about gorma food. He has lots of hard core
feelings for Paris. He is s short French man that does a lot of the distractions with
attacking Shultz
Sergeant Kinchloe- Mr. James kinchloe, this is Hogans radio man. He is the one that is
responsible for all the radio transmissions to London. He is also an American and he does
a lot with German documents by like talking memos. He also
Artifacts- physical items ideas or places that have a special meaning for a personal purpose or
for a historical significance.
Stalag 13- this is significant by the way that everything happens. Everything that happens
is done in the camp and the camp seems to be more century located to the major cities.
And important people.
Stalag 13 tunnels- the thought of there being no way to dig a tunnel during war time and
being able to use it for an underground network for escaping prisoners. These tunnels
have everything from a dark room to a laboratory, radio room, and a fitting room.
Domain- it is the shared goals and learning from one another through ideas, people, and
different culture. They can be identified by areas under one rule like kingdoms, empires, or
The Idea of helping prisoners to escape- I this Idea the group of what can be called
unsung heroes risk it all to help defecting Germans, shot down air men. This Idea is so
important to the show that without it there would be nothing.
WWII- this is a shared goal amongst all of the communities. The germens and the allies
is to win the war. In the war they need to help their side to do the best. Hogan and his
men is to hurt the germens in any way. And the germens a doing the normal routine for a
Community of practice - a group of normal people that are alike by having a shared common
interest and like goals in mind.
Prisoners of war-Hogan, LeBeau, Newkirk, Carter, Kinch these men all share the
interest to help get their fellow prisoners of war escape from the Germans and all believe
in colonel Hogans ability as a leader and part of the underground.
Germans-major Wolfgang Hochstetter, sergeant Shultz and colonel Klink this group of
people all sharing the same ideas to guard the prisoners and are fighting for he all
victorious 3
right and keep on trying to beat the allies but all seem to fall just short of
that feet.
Practices of the community- the practices of the community that are habits, common things,
or activitys that the different communities share to accomplish like goals in mind. These
activities must be practiced so that they become a natural habit.
Sending prisoners to London- they send out of the camp with all the supplies that they
need to get them to England. Each one of Hogans men is in charge of a special part of
getting them ready to send out.
Making it difficult for the germens- Hogan and his men have a second practice and that
is by hurting the German war effort. The way they do this is by either blowing up thing or
making things look bad and or stealing thing from the germens.
The War- now the germens have the shared goal of trying to win the war and stop the
sabotage around stalag 13. The major is in charge of the police force for that area and
Klink is in charge of the camp that the prisoners are in and the do different things to
contain Hogan and his men but nothing works.
Literacy practice- it is a practice of expression by using common practices such as speaking,
writing, reading, and texting. I t can also be accomplished by ways of body language and actor
Writing notes- the notes that get written are the ones that the underground pass through
different ways and the notes that kinch the radio man takes from London that lets Hogan
do the thinking
Radio communication- radio communication is that of Hogan to the other short wave
sets of the underground and the radio to the subs and to London. This communication is
used in every episode.
Observation 1 Hold That Tiger
Tiger- this charter is only I a few different episodes. She Is in the underground and is an
American. Here main purpose is to be a saboteur. She does not have a specic thing that she is in
charge of. She is what you would call a hybrid charter.
1:45 Col.klink has called a formation to inform the prisoners on happenings from the war. He
goes on to say that they are building a new kind of tank called a tiger tank. The men act as they
have no interest in the news. Then once they are dismissed col. Hogan then ask Klink it this
panzer division id west and Klink says north and asks why he says he is just wondering. In the
next scene we find out Hogans plan is to steal a German tiger tank. Here is where his men ask
how do they get the tank, how do we get it in here, where we go hide a tank, and where are we
going to take it apart. Hagans response is I thought of stealing is the rest is details.

2:50 the next day inside the prisons camp I the barracks all of the men are starting to make room
for the tiger tank. That they are going to steal then carter comes in and says that a guard is
coming so they start to go hide everything then he says it is Shultz and they just go back to the
sawing and nailing for the tiger tank. Shultz walks in all calm and then he sees the men and starts
freaking out and asking whats going on and Hogan gives him a story about making a picture
window. Then he tells Shultz about the tank and Shultz goes to his go to phrase I hear nothing I
see nothing and newkirk is dressed in a germen uniform. He starts to mess with Shultz and then
he figures it out then he asks col. Hogan what he is doing in the uniform and tells him he has
gone too far and he must report this and he said the whole plan about the tank Shultz says I see
nothing I hear nothing I didnt even get up this morning.

5:00 Hogan is I kinks office and he is filing a complaint that his men are being integrated by a
gystopo officer and Klink is going along with what Hogan says intend of doing his own research.
Hogan got newkirk out of the camp the next scene Hogan is in the barracks explaining the plan
on a pull out map then they have a roll call at night. Shultz counts only 14 men instead of 15 and
as he try to report newkirk comes in with the tank. He shows Klink the orders for the tank col
Hogan announces that there is a prisoner missing.

10:30 once all of the men are inside newkirk drives the tank into the side of the barracks where
the door was cut out. Later on carter says the search is still going on and lebeu comes through the
tunnel. Where they find out she is a girl and Hogan gets made because she is a girl and the men
love it. The next day they try to make her a uniform and they have never had a girl. Hogan is
telling them the plan then Shultz walked in and was saying how Klink wants him in the office
and then he notices tiger and he said this time he has gone too far I see nothing. Then Hogan
goes to kinks office and gets the rec hall pad locked. Later he asks about the tiger tank and which
gate it went out of. He gets a call from general hafster wanting to know where it is and Klink is
getting yelled at by him about the tank and he says that he will come to get it if it is not found.
Klink says that the prisoners have hidden the tank. Then they are getting ready for roll call and
tell newkirk to get the tank ready. Then Hogan and tiger reconcile and make out in the col.
Hogans office.

20:10 general hochstetter arrives at stalag 13 and goes to Klink and explains the situation and he
says where my tank is and all is a colonel about to become corporal. And continues to yell at
Klink at the same time Hogan and Shultz are talking about tiger not being newkirk and then they
set off a diversion with the tiger tank tiger gets told that this is the biggest diversion they can get
you better get going then they kiss.

23:30 latter Hogan all the weird occurrences is a gystopo job to dis credit Klink in berlin cause
he is to perfect.

Observation 2 The Late Inspector General
1:00 col. Hogan and his men are in the barracks and talking about a plan to blow up a train. He
has a roll down screen that has a map on it of the whole plan. And is pointing at the parts and his
men are calling it out. He then tells the men that they do a good job and that they need to stick to
the script being kind of forceful then kinch comes in and says a guard is coming and they pull
down a second screen and it was a woman he then starts to explain what it is. When Shultz
comes in and asks whats going on Hogan gives him a slick response then he asks if he wants to
know what they are really doing and he says no. then there is a roll call and Hogan has to go to
Klinks office so Hogan has to change his signal.

3:00 Hogan goes to Klinks office and Klink tells Hogan that general von platson the inspector
general of the German prisoner of war camps is coming to stalag 13. Hogan freaks out and says
why wasnt I notified Klink says why should you. Hogan not to be suspicious said why shouldnt
I be. Then Klink starts blabbering about how much the prisoners would like to get rid of him and
Hogan says of all things we would do anything to keep you. Klinks says its flattery and not to
do it little does he know about Hogans plan. Then he starts to blow his own horn about his
efficiency. Next one of Klinks guard lets him know the general is right outside the building and
Klink freaks out and said I gave strict instructions and then he realizes that he should not yell and
he throws Hogan out of the office. Then they meet the general and he start inspecting the girl
then they all head outside.

6:00 Hogan is trying to tell his men to cancel the plan but instead they go along with it and the
explosions are going off and as the plan when Hogan knew he had to stop it so he busted Olson
in the back of the dog truck. Then they go to the office general then asks Klink for a cigar and if
he has any reason for the actions and his punishments for the escaping prisoner. Klink tells him
about how much Hogan would like to get rid of him and how he never trusted him. Hogan takes
offence to that and says that there is an over worked prisoner population. Klink then finds out
that he was not planning against him. The general gives Klink this story that looks bad and Klink
goes along with it. Hogan is defending him and then they find out that it is a good thing. Klink
will be in charge of all prison camps. Hogan did a great selling job of Klink and that made him
the right person.

12:15 Hogan walks into the barracks and he get all eyes and admits that he made Klink look
good so they decide they have to make him look bad so they have to wing it. Hogan quickly
explains a simple plan. They arrive and make an inspections. Then newkirk starts his part of the
plan with messing with the general. Then kinch turns on a radio tuned in to the BBC witch is a
news network in London then they steal his wallet. The last straw and funny part is the hole I
front of Klinks office. Then he is losing his promotion.

17:45 Hogans men tell Hogan their plan to take the engine out of the general staff car. Hogan
doesnt like it and tells them to germen uniforms on a staff car. Klink tries to save his promotion
and he said forget it and then the general goes to leave and a smoke bomb inside the general car
then the general asks if he could arrest himself. Hogans men drove the general to the train
station later Klink says that he doesnt even hate Hogan for all of the happenings next Hogan
gives him a motivational speech from Napoleon. And the train blow up because he believed in a
miracle. In the next scene Shultz goes into col. Hogans barracks and is explaining that he wants
Hogan to give him the radio so he doesnt have to take apart the barracks with his teeth. Hogan
says ok and kinch takes him to a foot locker full of radios and says pick one. Most of all instead
of just taking one they make him pay for it and tells him it is tax deductible.

Observation 3 Gold Rush
1:12 in the bringing Shultz is bringing in a new prisoner to stalag 13 and col Hogan greets the
prisoner and says welcome to the Adolph Hitler Biltmore and that its not so bad but youll begin
to hate when Shultz intervenes and say that Hogan should not talk to the prisoner until he sees
Klink. Klink then appears out of the office and is mad because they were four hours late getting
him back here. Hogan and his men are on the way back to the barracks trying to figure out why
Shultz was late. Carters idea what a crazy story about meeting girls.

2:30 Hogan are listing to Klink through the coffee pot tap. In the office they find out why Shultz
was late and it was for the gold bars to the bank. Shultz tell Klink that a big shipment of gold
bars that were stolen from the bank of France. Klink called him stupid because he says when you
defeat a country you confiscate its gold. The prisoner captain martin says I dont think youre so
stupid. Klink then begins to through his weight around. Then Hogan starts to plan to take the
gold out of circulation and he gets an idea to make a fake bombing attack and he tells kinch to
get the plan read because Klink will be calling for him any minute. Carter asks if they could get
their hand on some of those gold bares and Hogan says why not if we succeed Hitler writes a
check and it bounces

5:10 in this scene Hogan gets called into Klinks office and he is talking to the captain and is
asking questions like does he like it here and Klink is acting all big and say that he doesnt care
then Hogan has no problem talking about the program. He says he is a wonderful host and serves
a great buffet. Then Klink says that no one has ever escaped from the stalag and top not get
talked into any dumb ideas. Sarcastically say there is a reward is the cooler witch is a solitary
confinement. Klink then tell the captain to turn out his pockets and this is where the plan starts to
begin. Hogan act like he dropped the gloves and he plants the paper on the captain. He then
decided to distract Klink and go for the paper and Klink catches him. He proceeds to reads the
paper and figures out the are going to bomb the bank. Klink asks the captain that he know about
this and Hogan stops him. Klinks thinks he has figured out how to mess up the captains plan.
Hogan quickly spoils that by explaining the plan on his strategy. Then Hogan says they should
keep it at salag 13for a few days but why should Klink get involved. Klink is so dumb that the
takes Hogans suggestion and runs with it. Hogan the acts like it is a mistake.

9:15 Hogan and his men are outside cleaning and working front of Klinks office. Shultz walks
up and is shocked that they are working without being ordered. Hogan tells him that they are all
volunteers and Shultz says that I had better get out of here and I know nothing .next Klink shows
up and is wondering whats going on and Hogan gives him a story about trying to make a good
impression on the gestopo when the bring the gold in. he fools Klink an acts like nothing is going
on. Then LeBeau gets to work on sawing the steps for Klink to fall. Then they are all outside
when they see Shultz come out and the think its all over but the steps didnt break. Hogan
thought LeBeau messed up then it happened Klink came out stepped down and timber. Hogan
then blames it on saw tooth termites they all start laughing and Klinks wants them rebuilt with
wood but Hogan quickly gets his mind to change and build them with brick and Klink agrees
with him. Next the men get the bricks and start to work on the plan and Shultz asks why the pied
the bricks up at the barracks Hogan says the have to see what theyre doing. The gold then
arrives and Klink acting like a big man wants some credit for protecting the gold and thats not a
problem. Then Hogans men go to take their positions to stop the truck

14:00 Shultz is guiding the truck behind barracks 12 and as he is pulling it through and lebeu and
carter started to string a close line and Shultz freaked out and said halt. It is newkirks time to
strike and he flatten the tire with a dart then they check it out and Klink tells to get the major to
get whatever he needs. When the major goes to the front of the truck newkirk puts a plate in the
lock. In the next scene LeBeau and newkirk explain a plan to steal a gold block thats worth
50000 marks. In the meantime newkirk is sneaking sleeping pills in to their coffee. Next Shultz
gives the guard coffee and they fall asleep. Hogan and his men then swap clothes with the guards
and go to stand guard to steal the gold. The plan was to then switch the gold with the bricks by
passing it through the window and the tunnel. Newkirk gets challenged by the major and he is a
good thinker on his feet to save the plan. He learned a lot that he could speak German. Then they
continue to paint over the bricks and the gold. The next step was to pass them back through to
the truck and redress the guards and put them back. He awoke them and made it look like the just
fell asleep the next day the major left with the bricks covered with the men were building
the steps. The next day the major came back and said that some of the gold was missing and he
has to find it or he will be missing HAHA. The end

Werner Klemperer
How did you get the role as col. Klink in Hogans heroes? He had done roles of the same kind of
roles when I feld from Germany in 1935 my dad was a symphony conductor and I loved this
kind of role but the agent never said comedy when he asked me to play a commandant of a
prisoner of war camp I said Id love to. Then when I walked into edd Feldmans office he said it
is a comedy and I said you are out of your bloody mind but it worked
Tell me about your life after Hogans heroes? My life changed a lot when people saw me on the
street before the recognized me but couldnt remember form where, but now after when peole
see me the say hey colonel and I like that un like some people that dont want to be known with a
show or movie I like it.
Tell me about your experiences with the show? My experiences were amazing the role was a
great role to play and the satire was written so great it made me want to play the role and I had a
lot of fun.
How was it playing the role in the show? It was a role that I had felt very comfortable about
playing since I had come from Hitlers Germany and lots of my past roles were in the same kida
Tell me about your favorite part of the show? Working with the great bob crane how was very
outgoing and a great person and also the great big sergeant Shultz they were great people.

Rick Russo
Tell me about what interest you in Hogans heroes? First of all the tunnels they had that lead out
the camp. It was also the way they snuck around the Germans and kept them off their toes.
Secondly is the Morris code to London with the relay messages it was just cool to see that. Third
of all the operations of the stalag with the whole was a dream and thought it was real.
Back in Pittsburg we used to love to play games like that and dig tunnels in the snow. Last of all
was Hogan ended up with all the woman.
How did you first start watching the show? It was a weekly program always on. It only took one
time to catch on. I and my dad loved to watch and with him being a WWII vet it made
Who is your favorite charter and why? Hogan, he was the leader he was a good leader. He
always kept Klink off his toes. Never let anybody catch on to what he was doing.
Was Hogans heroes just entertainment of was their other reasons you watched it? Just
entertainment for me. My dad looked at it different then me, he was in WWII, He also looked at
it as entertainment his favorite was Shultz.

Col. Robert Hogan
How did you earn the trust of the prisoners? i was the senior prisoner of war officer the men had
to show respect so I was already a leader. Then when London wanted to create a systm to get
prisoners out I was in to help. I was a very convincing person and my men were all in with me.
How do you stay so calm all the time? If I didnt stay calm the Germans would be able to see all
of out planes as the unfolded. But by being a Colonel I had to learn to keep my men calm that
never worked for carter he was always nervous
Explain to me why you get all the girls? All I can say is that either you got it or you havent.
Tell me why you never try to escape? There was an underground network in Germany and they
needed a processing center for it. They said it was getting dangerous the way it way going down
so I agreed to do it when I got shot down and I found a good team.
Conversations between you and Klink and you and Shultz how are the different? The
conversations were similar most of the time. However with Klink we couldnt operate as usual
we had to keep the activities hidden. With Shultz we could do it right in front of him and he
always would say I see nothing and I hear nothing. He never wanted to get in to any trouble.