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his isnt a tutorial cz I just telling what Ive done, not telling how to n_n

1. First, I just drag n drop one my nephews photo on Photoshop CS3s

canvas, this is SS how the source photos like

2. Then I try to correct the color by menu Image >> Adjusments >> Color
Balance I dont really know the values, but I just try make it better, so this
is SS how its done

3. Next step using menu Image >> Adjustments >> Levels to get better
lightning (just better in my view ^^)

4. As the request from my brother which wanted his sons photo looks like a
cartoon style, I used menu Filter >> Artistic >> Poster Edges >> just want
to get edge effect to guide me in sketching

5. Using the Pen Tool (P) I make a sketch follow the guide, in this case I
used Paths in Pen Tool options and used Stroke Path to make the lines,
used Brush in Stroke Path option and sometimes using Simulate Pressure to
make smooth line (dont really know the correct term ^^) For brush size, I
used 3 in for outer lines and some inner lines, and 1-2 for inner lines
(hair,eyebrow,mouth, and other details)

6. For tracing guide I dont use Posterization from menu Image >>
Adjustments >> Posterize but I prefer using Filter >> Artistic >>
Cutout Dunno why but I feel more comfort using it, maybe its more
simple or somewhat ^^ And the result is as show in following SS

7. Begin tracing process with Pen Tool, with the option for Pen Tool is Shape
Layer (prefer using this option than Paths, dunno why, but just feels
comfortable for me ^^) Need patience in this step and finally done
with total about 70 layers for vexel group (I usually make some groups in
order to have better management for layers ^^) But I dont really like
my tracing result, not so smooth, but this time I dont wanna make it smooth
by smooth brush or line-gradient

8. Tryin to make it better and in the end just deleting almost all of detailed
layer/shape, just make it more simple, and finally got the best result in my
opinion ^_^ (forced by condition xb) Luckily the lines help me get the
details (although its not so detailed)

9. The final step is just make the background, but too bad that Im also not
clever making a background, less idea,idea-less?, no idea, clueless?, not
creative? or somewhat or somethin like that ^_^ (maybe I have a problem
with talent, Im not sure if I have a talent in art, of course also in design
(graphic design xb) And blue gradient BG with some stuff finishing this
work (finally ^_^) now I can save it as JPEG or PNG (of course also
in PSD ^^), then just uploaded it in FB, WP or DA (dont really confident
to upload it in DA xb) and of course tell my brotha (cz this work is
requested by him, and will be used for his FB profile/primary photo)

Want to sleep soon but not sleepy, so I just wrote this ^_^
Un/not important info :
Several month ago Ive tried to vectoring/vexeling the same photo but im not so
patient and then that work just stopped and dunno Itll be continued or not
(maybe not ^^), so this is just how it happened
1. Im tryin to vectoring/vexeling my nephews photo, follow an instruction
taken from web (internet), I start it by posterized the photo from menu
Image >> Adjustment >> Posterize Using value in 14 and get this result

2. Next I just trace it with Pen Tool (Shape layers), trace and trace and finally
get bored, run out of patience, dont get nice result, so I just stopped This
is latest result how it done but not finished, yet xb

So these are messages/infos from me to all of you, my friends (or not yet hope
soon ^^), especially who want to / in progress learn vectoring/vexeling
1. Just do what you want to do Especially if youre in a mood to do that (I
mean Photoshopin ^^)
2. Learn and learn, keep tryin, keep doing the best you can do
3. Dont get bored, keep your patience, dont look the result when it still in
progress or youll happy with the result (as I usually do xb)
4. Try and error just common situation, remember, all the best always through
the worst (at least bad or something like that)
5. Make/search the best technique which comfortable to yourself, cz I think
certain technique works on some people but dont/wouldnt works for the
other just be yourself explore your ability/talent
6. Play your fav music and have a glass/cup of coffe when yourre on your
work ^^
He7x I dont really understand what Ive said and I think yourre in same
opinion with me (just thnkin ^^)
Sorry for my bad English cz actually I dont really understand English
(even Javanese, my real language xb) This just forced mode : on ^_^
Ah dunno itll be useful or not but I hope it can be useful for all of us ^^