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Liza Marie C.

Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Ann
Bashares, Forever in Blue: The Fourth Summer of the Sisterhood
Growing up in Montaban Rizal, I lived a simple life in there as a child and
become contented of what was being offered to me by life. Maybe one of the reasons
also is that life of the people there is really simple. I was okay with my toys, with the
food that Im eating and I was really okay with almost everything although I get jealous
sometimes with what my cousins have, I dont really demand my parents that I should
have those
Last 2004, my siblings and I transferred in Pasig because of personal reasons.
Though it is not my first time to go to a city or NCR, it is my first time that Im going to be
living in a city. Pasig is way different than Montalban. I felt that I am away from
civilization. So in order to feel that I am a civilized person, I started asking a lot things
from my parents.
I kept asking things that I see to other people. I felt jealous of what they have
and felt that I should also have those things on my own because I am now a city girl. I
know its a lame reason but I dont care, if I want them then I should have them. I also
never appreciated my parents hardships anymore. It came to my thinking that youre
working abroad so that you can give us (me and my siblings) a better lives and buy the
things that we want. I never appreciated them much anymore and its like I got blinded
with superficial things or the things that will give temporary happiness only. I also never
got contented with what I have and always desire what I havent. And honestly, up until
now, I still have that kind of attitude, still wanting more and not being contented.
Reading Baby Tomasinos case, I felt ashamed of myself! I never realized how
lucky I am that my parents accepted Gods task for them to become my parents. That I
am so lucky because they didnt left me just anywhere else because life is too difficult
already but instead they sacrificed a lot in order to give me not a luxurious life but a life
way better than that, because the life that theyre giving me is a life that is full of love. It
also comes to my realization that I should be grateful of what I have because in reality,
not all of us have the privilege to have a complete family like me and not everyone has
the privilege to have the life that Im living. It may not be that perfect but it is better than
what other people is living.
With Nurse Conchitinas case, I realized how novel the work of the nurse is. I
remember way back in the past that I said that I wont become a nurse and will never
study in UST because of a lame reason also. But now, I feel really grateful that God has
given me the chance to be here because I know that I am really molded to be a great
nurse by the best professors. Also, I realized that I should be proud to say to the world
that I am a Nurse. Because there is one time that a tricycle driver told me Bakit ka nag-
nurse? Tagapunas ka lang ng pwet at tae ng pasyente. But it is not being just like that.
Nursing is caring and sharing yourself to others. It is not about the money that youre
going to earn but it is about being able to care and serve the people who are in need of
your service.
To sum it up, I realized that I should be thankful to my parents because they are
doing their responsibilities to me and my siblings and that I should always be thankful
with what I have. Lastly, I should be proud of what Im doing because being a nurse is a
very novel profession.

Liza Marie C. Adarne
You dont choose your family. They are Gods gift to you, as you are to
them. Desmond Tutu
Family plays a vital role in our life. As what Desmond Tutu said, they are Gods
gift to us and were Gods give to them. In Angelos case, his family especially his
mother wasnt able to realize that Angelo is Gods gift to her and shes lucky to have a
gift like him because not everyone is given a gift like this by God.
In my case, there are times that I feel jealous of my friends family because I feel
that their family is perfect. There are also times that I took my parents for granted. That
whenever they asked me something to do then I get mad at them because I have too
many stuffs to do and they want still want me to do other stuffs. And there is also this
one time that I thought to myself that if God will give me a chance to choose another
family then I grab that chance and will choose another family and until now I still think
that way. I didnt realize that He gives me this family because this is the best family for
me and this is the family that will make me a better person.
My family may not be as perfect as others but I learned that I should never take
them for granted because they never abandoned or left me alone and I know that
despite what flaws, they accept and love for who and what I am. I also realized that I
must appreciate them more and show them more how much they mean to me because
of all the things that they have done and sacrificed for me. In Angelos case also, I
learned that we must treat each other as a family because in Gods eyes, we are His
family so we must let them feel that they are also being loved and appreciated. In that
way, they will be feel that they are worthy and they wont feel alone. If well also treat
them as our family, then they will be inspired to live a happy life and do the same thing
with other people.