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Agreement for the provision of nominee services

1) Customers ordering the nominee service is named as the Beneficial owner of the ordered
company, hereinafter known as the Company.
2) he Beneficial owner of the Company has re!uest and agree, that the Company "y third
parties to provide to the Company the services of #ominee $irector, #ominee %hareholder and
#ominee %ecretary respectively.
&) he Beneficial 'wner here"y declares, undertakes and confirms(
a) hat the Company will not "e engaged in any of the following activities( money laundering,
receiving the proceeds of drug trafficking, receiving the proceeds of criminal activities, terrorist
activities, any other illegal activity, and will not use the Company in any manner whatsoever that
may damage the good reputation of the Company and the #ominees.
") hat the o"ligations herein contained shall "e "inding on his respective e)ecutors,
administrators and successors in title.
c) o make prompt payment when due of all fees and e)penses paya"le to #ominees in respect
of such services.
d) o keep the #ominees at all times hereafter fully indemnified from and against all loss and
damage which they may at any time incur or have incurred or sustain or have sustained arising
out or in connection with the provision of such services or "y reason of any act, deed, mater or
thing done or omitted to "e done "y them in the capacity as nominees of the company or a lawful
direction given to them "y the Beneficial 'wner*s representatives and against all actions,
proceedings, claims, costs and e)penses whatsoever arising there out or in connection therewith.
e) #ot to give to the #ominees any directions which are unlawful under the +aws of ,,,,.
or any other place having -urisdiction over the Company or where such directions are to "e
carried out or which would arise any lia"ility of #ominees.
f) o give any information this will "e asked "y the #ominees in connection with the provision
of such services.
.) he #ominees will only act as re!uested or notified "y the Beneficial 'wner e)clusively upon
written instructions and directions given "y the Beneficial 'wners or any other persons properly
authori/ed "y them from time to time.
0) 1t is further agreed herewith, that the #ominees have no direct or "eneficial interest in the
2) he nominees may terminate this agreement and resign as %hareholder, $irector and
a) 1f they due fees are unpaid for more than 10 calendar days once relevant invoices are issued as
") 1f at any time the Beneficial owner does not comply with the re!uirements of any local law
that has -urisdiction over the company and neglect to provide any information or document as to
the operation of the company or neglect to provide information to prepare the a"ove mentioned
reports, re!uired "y any provision of any local law that has -urisdiction over the company.
c) 1f the Beneficial 'wner is in "reach of any term of this 4greement.
d) 5or any reason, provided they give 10 calendar days notice in writing 6fa) or e3mail, post,
courier or otherwise) to the Beneficial 'wner.