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0essage 4 5
6ubject line$ )our 7irst 1ssue of /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
3elcome to the first your first issue of /i#ing with 8rthritis. 1n each issue we will discuss
topics and information that will help you learn how to manage and hopefully eliminate
your arthritis symptoms, so that you can li#e a full and acti#e life free from pain.
1f you are an arthritis sufferer, you know that li#ing with this
debilitating disease can be painful and often keeps you from li#ing life to the fullest.
0illions of people suffer with different degrees of arthritis from mild aches and pains to
se#ere symptoms that lea#e them #irtually immobile.
The good news is you can manage your arthritis pain. There are
se#eral treatments including medications, e!ercise, diet, and
lifestyle changes. The key is to find the method that works best
for you.
9id you know that your sleeping habits and e#en subtle mood
changes can affect arthritis: There is also no direct connection,
between how se#ere your arthritis is and how much pain you
feel, because e#eryone has a different tolerance to the disease.
6o how do people li#e with this disease:
%ften it*s a matter of trial and error until you find the right balance diet, e!ercise and in
se#ere cases medication. There are se#eral pre#entati#e ways to lessen how much pain
you ha#e when your arthritis flares up.
" /ose weight
&arrying around e#en a few e!tra pounds can add stress to your
joints and increase the pain you feel substantially.
" ;at a healthy diet.
<ot only will that help you maintain a healthy weight, but there
are certain #itamins found in food that specifically help alle#iate arthritis symptoms.
7or instance, #itamin & repairs tissue, #itamin 9 absorbs calcium, builds bone mass,
and pre#ents bone loss, and calcium
strengthens your bones.
" .egular e!ercise
0oderate e!ercising strengthens your joints and increases fle!ibility and stability. Those
with rheumatoid arthritis need to refrain from e!ercising during flare ups. )ou should
only e!ercise to the point where you feel mild discomfort. )ou should not feel pain.
" =et plenty of sleep
2atients with arthritis should get at least > to 5? hours of sleep, so that the body has
time to repair itself. /ack of sleep has a big affect on your o#erall health and physical
3hen your arthritis does flare up there are different treatments
you can try to help alle#iate the pain and inflammation.
1ce packs can help with swelling and inflammation, but people
with circulatory problems should a#oid this. )ou can also use a
heating pad or take a hot bath or shower.
9uring particularly painful flare"ups may be necessary to use
o#er"the"counter or prescribed medication. &ertain types of
medications can ha#e serious side effects, so you need to weigh
the pros and cons with your doctor before taking them.
2atients with se#ere arthritis may sometimes need to use splints,
braces, canes, or walkers for stability during e!treme flare"ups.
There are changes you can make in your home to li#ing with
arthritis easier. 8 'grabber( can help you get a can out of the
cupboard or pick up laundry off the floor. .eplace faucet
handles that twist and round door knobs with le#ered handles.
9on@t o#erdo it, while e!ercise is necessary to alle#iate your
symptoms, tiring yourself out can pro#oke flare ups for people
with rheumatoid arthritis. 6o remember to take breaks and
don@t feel like you ha#e to do e#erything in one day.
Being sedentary can also ha#e a big impact on your arthritis
symptoms. 6itting at a desk for > hours a day can result in
stiff sore joints. 1f you ha#e to sit for a long period of time
be sure to take a breaks to mo#e around and do stretches.
3hen it comes to li#ing with arthritis there are things can
do to alle#iate and e#en pre#ent an arthritis flare up. The
most important thing to remember is you*re not alone and
not to gi#e up, you can find a solution that works for you.
1t is also important to work closely with your doctor until
you find the best treatment regimen for your symptoms. 9on@t
be afraid to ask for help and check with your local 8rthritis
7oundation to see what resources are a#ailable to you.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be
talking more about managing your arthritis symptoms.
Thank you again for joining,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
0essage 4 A
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about the effects of arthritis and some basic ways to help
alle#iate painful flare ups. 1n this issue, we are going to talk more about the symptoms
of arthritis and the impact they ha#e on your physical and mental well"being.
9id you know that there is more than one type of arthritis:
1n fact, there are currently more than 5?? types of arthritis, which affect more than BC
million adults in the -6 alone.
8s we discussed in your last issue arthritis symptoms can #ary from person to person,
depending on what type of arthritis you ha#e. 8rthritis can affect your entire body and
can be caused by a number of different factors. 0any arthritis symptoms are common in
all types of arthritis howe#erD there are differences you should be aware of.
" /et*s briefly go o#er some of the different types of arthritis and their symptoms.

" %steoarthritis
This is the most common form in older people. 1t is caused mostly by long"term
e#eryday use. 9epending on which part of the body is affected, symptoms may #ary
and include pain, swelling and inflammation. 0ost people with osteoarthritis in their
fingers don@t e#en realize they ha#e it unless an !"ray re#eals the deterioration in their
cartilage. %steoarthritis ne#er goes away, howe#er the pain can be managed and is
usually only noticed during flare"ups.
" .heumatoid
This type of arthritis is caused by an o#eracti#e immune system. The symptoms usually
start out as minor pain and stiffness and may come and go at first. %#er time, flare"ups
become more frequent and painful. Treatment for this type of arthritis is most effecti#e
when started within the first few months showing symptoms.
" Bursitis
This form of arthritis usually affects the hip, shoulder, and elbow. Howe#er, it can also
affect the knee, heel, or base of big toe. -sually this affects athletes, golfers, baseball
players, or people who are out of shape and ha#e poor posture. 1t*s symptoms are pain
soreness and stiffness in the joint and become worse when joint is used. The joint may
also be swollen and warm to the touch.
" =out
0any people don*t realize that gout is a form of arthritis and occurs where the body has
too much uric acid. The symptoms of gout are intense pain in the joint +usually the big
toe,. 1t may also become red, swollen, and warm to the touch. 1t can also occur in the
wrists, ankles, and knees. 6ymptoms are only noticeable during flare"ups and may not
come back for se#eral years, but if crystals formed by the uric acid are left untreated, it
can actually destroy bone.
" 8nkylosing spondylitis
This is arthritis of the joints in the spine. 8lso known as 0arie"6trumpell disease and
rheumatoid spondylitis. This disorder affects multiple organs such as eyes, heart, lungs,
skin, and gastrointestinal tract. 6ymptoms include lower back and hip pain, stiffness,
difficulty e!panding the chest, pain in the neck, shoulders, knees, and ankles. 6ufferers
can also e!perience fatigue, weight loss and run low"grade fe#er. 6ymptoms with this
type of arthritis are often uncommon after the age of E?, although many patients aren@t
diagnosed before then.
" Fu#enile
0any people associate arthritis with the elderly. Howe#er, according to 8rthritis
7oundation, one out of e#ery AG? children under the age of 5> suffer from this disease.
1ts symptoms are similar to adult sufferers and include pain, swelling, and joint stiffness.
The symptoms can come and go and especially in cases of young children, they don@t
complain about their pain. 2arents may not notice there is a problem until they see their
child limping, a#oiding physical acti#ity, or displaying unusual clumsiness.
3hen you are e!periencing any signs of arthritis symptoms, you should contact your
and see a proper diagnosis because treatment is always more effecti#e when this
disease is caught in the early stages. )ou can also get more information on arthritis
symptoms from the 8rthritis 7oundation website here$ http$
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about managing your
pain and regaining your freedom.
-ntil then,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
0essage 4 E
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about the symptoms of arthritis and the impact they ha#e on
your physical and mental well"being. 1n this issue, we are going to talk about managing
your pain and regaining your freedom.
8nyone who suffers from arthritis knows it can fill your life with both physical and
emotional pain. <ot only does it restrict your mo#ement, it can limit your freedom,
because as symptoms progress it becomes increasingly difficult to perform simple tasks
that used to be easy. 1t isn*t just the swelling and stiffness in your joints that keep you
from mo#ing freely, it*s the often debilitating pain that controls your life and makes you
feel hopeless.
3hile there is no single method that works for e#eryone, there are things that you can
do to help alle#iate and sometimes eliminate your arthritis symptoms.
7irst, it*s important to seek help from your doctor or other healthcare professional. 3hile
1 stri#e to pro#ide you with reliable and helpful information, this newsletter is not a
substitute for licensed medical ad#ice. 1t is solely for educational purposes and will
hopefully to help introduce you to effecti#e methods for relie#ing your arthritis symptoms
to be used in conjunction with a treatment plan prescribed by your doctor.
Heep in mind that what works well for one person might not work at all for another.
0any treatments for arthritis will only slow down or lessen its effects. 8s we ha#e
discussed before finding the right treatment plan can take time and testing before you
find the e!act regimen that works best for you and adjustments may be needed o#er
The most important thing that you can do is educate yourself. 7ind out what type of
arthritis you ha#e and learn all you can about it. 9o research online, #isit the 8rthritis
7oundation and don*t be afraid to ask questions. %nce diagnosed you should consider
speaking with a doctor that specializes in arthritis treatments. 8rthritis is a #ery serious
disease, so don*t ignore it and get proper treatment.
Here are some simple things you can try that should help alle#iate the pain associated
with mild flare"ups.
" 2ay attention to your posture.
1t*s ne#er too late to practice good posture. =ood posture helps with proper alignment
and can often alle#iate and e#en pre#ent painful flare"ups. This is because it takes the
stress off your joints, muscles and promotes better circulation.
" ;!ercise regularly
;!ercising is e!tremely important for arthritis sufferers because it increases blood flow,
which helps get o!ygen to your joints which and remo#es to!ic deposits from afflicted
areas. 1t can also impro#e your fle!ibility and build strong muscles to support your joints
and reduce your pain.
" 8pply heat
Heat therapy can increase circulation and decrease inflammation. 8n added benefit
from heat therapy is that it will reduce swelling and rela!es tight muscles, which relie#es
the stress and pain in your joints. There are se#eral different topical options a#ailable
when it comes to using heat therapy including heating pads, gels and creams like
Biofreeze or Ben=ay, which can be found at your local department store. There are also
hot wraps, saunas and simply soaking in a hot bath.
" &old compresses
&old can also bring relief from some type of arthritis pain. 1t decreases blood flow, which
helps relie#e the throbbing that can sometimes occur during flare"ups. 1t reduces
swelling and can slow down the pain signals sent to your brain.
)ou can also try using heat and cold therapy together. By alternating between the two,
you may e!perience longer lasting relief. Try applying heat to the affected area for fi#e
to ten minutes and then switch to cold. 9on*t lea#e the cold compresses on quite as
long that heat compress and repeat this process multiple times for the best effect.
" =et plenty of rest
8s we ha#e discussed before the proper amount of sleep can play a #ery important role
in your arthritis treatment. Ha#ing arthritis can be stressful to your body and your mind
in many ways. 0aking sure that you are getting the adequate amount of rest will gi#e
your body a chance to heal itself. By resting and using some of the other methods we
ha#e discussed today, you may be able to alle#iate many of your arthritis symptoms or
at least make them more manageable, so that you can regain your freedom and enjoy
your life.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about how eating a
good diet and maintaining a healthy weight can help alle#iate your symptoms.
-ntil then,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
0essage 4 B
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about managing your pain and regaining your freedom. 1n
this issue, we are going to talk about how eating a good diet and maintaining a healthy
weight can help alle#iate your symptoms.
1f you are one of the thousands of people who wake up e#ery morning with sore, aching
joints then you understand the importance of finding the right course of treatment to
alle#iate your arthritis symptoms. 3hat many arthritis sufferers don*t realize is the
impact of consuming a poor diet and being e#en a few pounds o#erweight can affect the
se#erity of their symptoms.
3hen it comes to managing your arthritis symptoms, it*s #ery important to consume a
diet full of nutrient rich fruits and #egetables you should also make sure that you*re
getting the recommended amount of daily protein. 1f you are unsure, you should consult
your physician or a licensed dietitian so that they can assist you in creating a healthy
eating plan specifically designed to help reduce your symptoms. They will be able to tell
you what foods you should a#oid and which ones you should include.
8s an arthritis sufferer, should plan your meals ahead of time, but also allow some
fle!ibility for special occasions and dining out. Heep in mind that swaying from the diet is
ok at times, as long as it doesn@t happen too often. Try not to apply to many restrictions,
especially at first because you will only be adding more stress to an already stressful
situation. 0oderation is key.
6ome foods that ha#e been pro#en to help alle#iate arthritis symptoms and should be
included as a healthy heart of your daily diet.
7or instance, you should consume the recommended daily ser#ings of dairy foods for
calcium. This includes yogurt, milk cottage cheese and +low fat, cheese. )ogurt is also
good for general digesti#e health.
;ating plenty of fruits and #egetables is a good idea for e#eryone regardless of whether
or not they ha#e arthritis. Because they are packed full of #itamins and nutrients that
help pro#ide healthy energy, build strong bones and muscles. They also aid in weight
%n the other hand, starchy foods like, bread and potatoes ha#e been known to increase
inflammation and make symptoms more se#ere. 6o while the occasional treat is okay
try to limit your consumption of these types of carbohydrates to an occasional ser#ing or
two. )ou should also reduce your sugar consumption as much as possible, because it
can wreak ha#oc on your entire body.
1n addition to a healthy diet, you should also consider making some other lifestyle
changes that can help you to cope better with your arthritis symptoms.
8s we ha#e discussed before, this includes losing weight +if you are o#erweight,. ;#en
losing a few pounds can help relie#e pressure on your joints bones. 8re beginning any
type of weight loss program, or fitness be sure and consult with your doctor so they can
ad#ise you on the best course of action.
8sk them about increasing your calcium intake with supplements. The ob#ious benefit
will be stronger bones and joints. &onsuming the proper amount of calcium will also
help you feel more energetic, ha#e more strength and allow you to become more acti#e.
/ight resistance weight training can also help alle#iate symptoms, by building stronger
muscles to help protect your joints from damage. 6tudies ha#e shown that resistance
weight training is good for o#erall health and should be included as a regular part of
your fitness regimen.
3hen it comes to li#ing with arthritis, it*s important to educate yourself and find out what
works best for you. )ou know yourself, better than anyone else, so trust your instincts
and listen to your body. 1t will tell you what you can do and cannot do. .emember,
you@re the only one that can make these life changing decisions. Take the time to think
about how simple changes in your diet and e!ercise routine can help eliminate many of
your arthritis symptoms. 3hen you do, you@ll realize it only makes sense to include a
healthy eating plan and regular e!ercise into your daily routine.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be going o#er a few simple tips
that you can use to help reduce the pain associated with mild to moderate flare"up@s.
-ntil then,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
26. This newsletter is not to be confused with professional medical ad#ice. 1t is for
informational purposes only. 8s always, with any physical illness you should consult with
your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning any type of treatment.
0essage 4 G
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about how eating a good diet and maintaining a healthy
weight to help alle#iate your symptoms. 1n this issue, we are going to go o#er a few
simple tips that you can use to help reduce the pain associated with mild to moderate
9o you think you can*t put an end to your arthritis pain:
0any arthritis sufferers feel that way, like there is nothing they can do to stop the aches
and pains they ha#e to endure on a daily basis. Howe#er finding relief doesn*t ha#e to
be hard, complicated or e!pensi#e. %ften the small things make a big difference.
/et*s go o#er a few simple tips that may help.
" 2rotect your joints
This means a#oiding unnecessary stress like hea#y lifting or prolonged physical acti#ity
when you*re in pain. )ou should also a#oid keeping them in the same position for a
prolonged period, because it will cause stiffness and inflammation. Fust by maintaining
a good balance of physical acti#ity and rest throughout the day you can alle#iate many
of your aches, pains and stiffness.
" Be sure to stretch
6tretching should be part of e#ery arthritis sufferers daily routine. 8 good stretch helps
warm up muscles and pre#ent injuries. /imber tendons are less likely to tear. 6pend
just 5? minutes a day stretching your major muscle groups and you will be amazed at
how much better you feel.
" Heep cool
1f you begin to feel o#erheated or your joints and muscles are, burning be sure to stop
and take a break. .est in a cool, comfortable en#ironment. To cool down faster try
spraying yourself with a mist of cool water or wrap an ice pack or cold compress in a
towel and apply it to reduce arthritis pain and swelling.
" Heep mo#ing
8s we ha#e discussed before regular e!ercise can help reduce joint pain and stiffness
and increases fle!ibility and muscle strength. 1t can also help with weight control, stress
management, and make you feel better o#erall. The 8rthritis 7oundation also offers
water e!ercise and other classes.
" =et a massage.
0assage therapy can relie#e your pain, soothe stiff sore muscles, reduce inflammation
and swelling. 0ake sure you use oil or cream on your fingers to make it more gentle.
3ork the area for fi#e to ten minutes a day if possible.
" Heep your weight in balance.
Being o#erweight, e#en just moderately, affects your weight bearing joints and can
increase the pain of arthritis. 6tudies ha#e indicated that losing e!tra weight lowers the
risk for de#eloping osteoarthritis of the knee. /osing weight can help slow the
progression of arthritis too.
" =et a diagnosis.
.emember, if you are e!periencing persistent symptoms like pain, stiffness, swelling for
more than a week, you should see your doctor and get a proper diagnosis. 9on*t forget,
there are more than 5?? types of arthritis. 1t is important to get the specific diagnosis for
the type of arthritis you ha#e, so you can use the right course of treatment.
" 0edication
1f your doctor prescribes medication make sure you follow the dosage instructions.
<e#er stop taking your medication just because you feel better or think it is not working.
8lways check with your doctor first. )ou need to understand that it may take se#eral
days to se#eral months for a medication to become effecti#e.
" ;ducate yourself
<ew treatments for arthritis are constantly being studied, so make sure you take the
time to look for new options. .ecently 798 has appro#ed some new drugs for
osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and other arthritis diseases. 1f feel that the current
medication doesn*t work well, check with your doctor about possible new options.
Heep educating yourself. 1t is important to learn something new about arthritis. 7ind
some good websites online and subscribe to their newsletter if they ha#e it. Foin one of
two acti#e online arthritis communities like forums or bulletin board. <e#er hesitate to
see your doctors and ask questions.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about using
acupuncture to treat your arthritis.
-ntil then,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
0essage 4 C
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about a few simple tips that you can use to help reduce the
pain associated with mild to moderate flare"up@s. 1n this issue, we are going to talk about
using acupuncture to treat your arthritis symptoms.
8cupuncture is a therapy that has been highly regarded for many years and can be a
#iable option for arthritis sufferers. Howe#er, before considering this treatment for
yourself there are a few things you should know. 7or starters, many arthritis patients
ha#e e!perienced remarkable results and a significant reduction in pain after
acupuncture treatments.
There are many theories as to the reasons why acupuncture helps alle#iate arthritis
symptoms. 3hether or not acupuncture works for e#eryone dealing with this type of
chronic pain is still unknown, but there is currently research being conducted into use
this age"old technique on many types of arthritis. Therefore, it shouldn*t be ignored as
an option, especially for chronic sufferers.
;#en though researchers don*t e!actly know why it works, studies show that it can help
reduce or e#en eliminate symptoms in some patients. 0any chronic arthritis sufferers
ha#e said that they feel instantly better after a round of acupuncture therapy.
The &hinese belie#e that acupuncture can cure almost any type of body pain. They also
belie#e that there are numerous points on the body that trigger pain, especially during
flare"up@s and when acupuncture needles are applied to those points the pain will
8s we know, millions of people suffer from some type of this debilitating disease and
often feel as if they ha#e no hope of alle#iating their symptoms which leads them trying
acupuncture. 3hile it may not work for e#eryone, it is one of the few treatments
a#ailable that doesn*t come with any harmful side effects, which makes it well worth
" 7inding an acupuncturist
3hen it comes to finding, an acupuncturist be sure you look for a licensed professional.
)ou can look in the phone bookD search online directories or ask your doctors office for
referral. )ou can also try local uni#ersities with research centers. They are usually more
than happy to take on arthritis patients in their effort to find out more about why
acupuncture works.
1t*s a good idea to check references and read re#iews before making an appointment.
6et up a consultation and don*t be shy, make sure you ask questions, so that you know
e!actly what the treatment you will be recei#ing from your acupuncture therapist entails.
8cupuncture has become increasingly popular o#er the last se#eral years and the cost
is co#ered by most insurances after you ha#e been properly diagnosed with one of the
many types of arthritis.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking more about finding
alternati#e methods for treating your arthritis symptoms.
-ntil then,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
0essage 4I
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about using acupuncture to treat your arthritis symptoms. 1n
this issue, we are going to talk more about alternati#e methods for treating your arthritis
8re you struggling to find relief from your arthritis pain:
1f it*s something that you ha#e been dealing with for a long time then you know it can
take a huge toll on your daily life. That is why it*s so important to find the right treatment
plan to help alle#iate many of your symptoms..
8s we ha#e discussed before your first step should be consulting your doctor or
healthcare professional so that they can help create a plan for treating your specific type
of arthritis. %ften they will prescribe some type of medication as well as recommend
other forms of treatment.
1n addition to treatment prescribed by your doctor there are other things you can try that
can help limit the hold that pain has on you. 3hile there is no perfect pain remedy that
works for e#eryone, with time and testing, you can often find simple home remedies that
will help relie#e some of your pain.
%ne type of alternati#e pain treatment is physical therapy. 2hysical therapy will help you
learn how to deal with pain, build strength in the problem area, and regain fle!ibility.
2hysical therapy is great when used with other treatments. 1t teaches you how to cope
with your pain and reco#er from injury.
8s we discussed in the last issue, acupuncture has seen an increase in success rates
o#er the last se#eral years. 3hile there are many theories as to why it works, the most
common e!planation is that it may stimulate the release of chemicals soothe pain and
help the body heal. 3hile it is one of the few treatments a#ailable that doesn*t ha#e
serious side effects be aware that any type of procedure may ha#e some risks in#ol#ed.
1f you decide to try acupuncture, make sure that you go to a licensed therapist with a
good reputation. 1f you are on blood thinners and are not able to clot, then this type of
treatment isn*t recommended unless it is cleared by your doctor.
3hile e!ercise may be painful and not seem like a good treatment plan, it can actually
help lessen the se#erity of your flare"up@s. 1nacti#ity can actually cause your pain to
worsen. This is because e!ercise strengthens muscles, joints and impro#es bone
density. ;!ercise also releases endorphins ha#e a calming effect on your ner#ous
system which can help relie#e many painful symptoms.
There are also supplements that can be used to help alle#iate pain. =lucosamine and
chondroitin sulfate can help with pain and joint health. Be sure to monitor the amount
you consume because too much can ha#e a negati#e impact on your body. The source
of the chondroitin must also be considered as it is sometimes deri#ed from shellfish. 1f
you ha#e an allergy to shellfish, you will most likely ha#e an ad#erse reaction from
taking chondroitin.
The bottom line is if looking for an alternati#e treatment to help manage your pain, there
are plenty to choose from. 7inding the right treatment plan often realize on your
dedication to feeling better and belie#ing that what you are doing will work. 1f you don*t
like being trapped into just one course of action to treat your pain, know that there are
alternati#e treatments to be found and your relief for pain may be around the corner.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about talk about using
supplements to minimize your arthritis pain.
-ntil then,
"your name here"
"your email address"
"your -./ here"
26. This is not to percei#ed as medical ad#ice. 1t is meant educate and inform you of
the different options for treating arthritis a#ailable to you. They can be and should be
used in addition to what your doctor prescribes.
0essage 4 >
subject line$ /i#ing 3ith 8rthritis
Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about alternati#e methods for treating your arthritis
symptoms. 1n this issue, we are going to talk about using supplements to minimize your
arthritis pain.
7or arthritis sufferers, pain becomes a fi!ture in their life. 2rescriptions and o#er"the"
counter medications do pro#ide relief, but are usually short li#ed. 8s soon as the
medication wears off, the pain returns. There is hope though. 7or many, that hope
comes in the form of natural and dietary supplements. Fust a sample of the
supplements that can pro#ide relie#e include de#ils claw, ginger, stinging nettle, fla!,
and 86-.
)ou now know that some herbal and dietary supplements can pro#ide arthritis relief.
)our first thought may be to run to the drug store. Howe#er, before you run out and
make your purchase, there a number of things you should know about these
6ome herbal, dietary, and natural supplements counteract with o#er"the"counter and
prescribed medications. 7or that reason, medical ad#ice is strongly ad#ised. Talk to a
medical professional. This should be a primary care physician or at least a pharmacist.
The goal of supplements is to relie#e arthritis pain and discomfort, not create other
complications. 1f you are worried about discouragement, don@t ask if a supplement will
work. 1nstead, ask if it is safe to take with your medications.
.emember there is no cure. )ou can treat arthritis, but it cannot be cured. 7or that
reason, stay away from any supplements with the claim. )ou will waste your money.
These supplements can reduce the pain, inflammations, sleep difficulties, and
decreased mobility associated with arthritis, but that is it. 2lenty of products outright
state thisD do not opt for one that lies.
These herbal supplements are not worth putting your health at risk. 8s pre#iously
stated, some supplements counteract with o#er"the"counter and prescribed medication.
1f you are in se#ere pain, you may be willing to make the switch. )ou may stop taking
your diabetes medication to take de#ils claw, and so forth. This is not recommended.
<e#er stop taking prescribed medication. %nce again, speak to a healthcare
professional. 0any supplements pro#ide relief and are safe to take. )our doctor can
ad#ise you on which supplements are best.
8 world of information is a#ailable online. 8lmost fifty herbal, natural, and dietary
supplements can aid in arthritis relief. 6ome treat joint inflammation and swelling, while
others treat sleep difficultly, decreased mobility, cartilage damage, and pain. 3hich is
right for you: 8n online internet search will tell. .ead re#iews to see what people ha#e
to say. /ook for both positi#e and negati#e re#iews. 1t is rare for a product to recei#e
ra#e re#iews, but be cautious of telltale signs, such as 'scam,( 'waste of money,( or 'too
many side effects.(
6peaking of the side effects, know what they are. Then, make an informed decision.
8rthritis sufferers should e!amine the risk to determine if they are worth it. 7or
e!ample, cats claw is a supplement used to reduce inflammation. 2ossible side effects
include headaches, #omiting, and dizziness. 1f your job requires you to be on your feet
all day, the dizziness may be too much to handle. /ook for an arthritis"helping
supplement that has little to no side effects.
)ou can and should find the best deals. 1n terms of supplements, the best deal isn@t
always the lowest price. /ook for the best quality for the lowest price. This is where the
abo#e mentioned research comes in handy. /ook for specific brand names with positi#e
feedback. 3hen buying online, compare the size with prize and include the cost of
)ou must follow all directions. Herbal supplements are typically safe to use, when taken
as directed. 9ifferent brands use similar e!tracts, but those amounts #ary. &onsult with
your primary care physician or the bottle to get an e!act dosage. 9espite the common
belief, more will do no good. 1n fact, it may cause complications.
7inally, if you take herbal supplements on a daily basis, write down which ones you are
taking and keep this list close to your phone or in a highly #isible place like your
refrigerator or bulletin board. 8lso, inform someone close to you. 1n the e#ent you need
medical care and cannot speak for yourself, responding personnel must know all
medications you are taking, including supplements.
8s always, you should consult with your doctor or a healthcare professional before
beginning any type of treatment including using o#er"the"counter pain medication or
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about li#ing with and
treating osteoarthritis.
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1n the last issue, we talked about talk about using supplements to minimize your arthritis
pain. 1n this issue, we are going to talk about li#ing with and treating osteoarthritis.
%steoarthritis is a painful type of arthritis, caused by the wear and tear of joint cartilage.
1t degenerates o#ertime. Those with a se#ere form of osteoarthritis literally ha#e two
bones rubbing together. This, unfortunately, is #ery painful. 1f you ha#e recently been
diagnosed with osteoarthritis, your doctor will recommend o#er"the"counter pain pills or
write a prescription for stronger medication. )ou should follow your doctors ad#ice, but
there is more that you can do right from home.
" ;!ercise
Heep in mind that you don*t ha#e to #isit a gym to get a good workout. 1n fact, those
suffering from osteoarthritis should start at home. 7itness centers ha#e many great
machines, but they may be too hard for you to use. 6tart with low impact e!ercises. )ou
may feel pain at first, but it should minimize o#ertime. )our goal is to work and loosen
your painful joints. This will reduce stiffness and lessen the later risk of deformities.
8nother goal is to build muscle strength. 3ith strong muscles, you can rely on them
more, as opposed to your painful joints.
8lter your acti#ities at home. %f course, you don@t want to gi#e up your passions. )ou
should ne#er let osteoarthritis get you down. To reduce pain or the likelihood of flair"
up*s, you will need to alter some of your at"home acti#ities. 7or e!ample, do you enjoy
gardening: 1nstead of bending down, start an abo#e ground garden with raised
planters. 9o you enjoy sewing by hand: 1f so, opt for a sewing machine. /ess hand
mo#ements are required.
-se heat to treat pain. 1t has long been known that heat lessens pain. 6o, use it. 9raw
a warm bath and climb in. 1f positioning yourself in the bathtub is too difficult, opt for a
reusable heating pad or a warm washcloth. 1f heat does not treat your pain or it stops
working o#ertime, make the switch to a cold compress. 1t should ha#e the same results.
1n fact, some medical professional recommend switching between the two.
/earn to rela!. There is no doubt that osteoarthritis patients deal with pain. 1n fact, they
deal with se#ere pain and often. 6till, our emotions pay a huge role in the pain we
e!perience. The more you focus on your pain, the more it will hurt. 6o, don@t. 1nstead
of focusing on that pain, focus on ways to lessen the se#erity. )es, pain relief products
and heat will help, but so will rela!ing or doing something that you lo#eK
.esearch home remedies. 9id you know that o#er"the"counter pain pills and topical
arthritis creams are not the only way to seek relief:
0any patients report success with natural and home remedies. %ne being supplements
like we discussed in your last issue. 9e#ils &law, &ats &law, and =ingko occasionally
work. &ertain foods can also pro#ide natural relief from pain and inflammation.
The supplement Bromelain is recommended, but it is also found naturally in pineapples.
1t reduces the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. 6o, head to the internet
and do a little bit of research. )our ne!t stop may not be the medicine cabinet or the
drug store, but your refrigerator or kitchen cupboard.
The truth is, osteoarthritis cannot be cured. 8lthough it may seem as if all hope is lost,
it*s not. There are many ways to pre#ent, treat, and manage the pain and swelling
associated with disease.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e are going to go o#er a few dri#ing tips
for arthritis sufferers.
-ntil then,
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1n the last issue, we talked about li#ing with and treating osteoarthritis. 1n this issue, we
are going to go o#er a few dri#ing tips for arthritis sufferers.
Those suffering from arthritis may find it difficult to walk to the car and back. Howe#er,
most don*t let arthritis stop them from enjoying their life. 6o, you may head out of the
house and hop into your car. This is great, what if you start e!periencing pain: How do
you treat it on the road or pre#ent that pain from coming back the ne!t time:
Heep arthritis pain relie#ers in the car. 1n one of your cars compartments, ha#e a few
pain relief supplies on hand. This may include o#er"the"counter pain pills, a tube of
arthritis cream, or on"the"go heat patches. 3hether you e!perience pain as soon as you
get in your car, or later down the road, rely on these o#er"the"counter products to seek
relief. 1f you li#e in an area with cold winters, do not keep these items in your car, as
they may freeze. 1nstead, put them in your purse or fanny pack.
6peaking of o#er"the"counter products, most retail stores sell on"the"go heating
patches. These patches stick to your body and warm with skin contact. Therma&are is a
well"known brand. They are ideal when you can@t use an electric or microwa#eable
heating pad. 1f in pain before you lea#e the house, but must still lea#e, like for a holiday
party or a doctor@s appointment, apply an on"the"go heated patch. .elief will last for up
to 5A hours. 6ince they stick directly to the skin, no adjustments should be needed.
Buy a remote car starter. 1f you li#e in the northern -nited 6tates, it is important to warm
your car first. -nfortunately, this may mean an e!tra trip back and forth. 1t doesn@t ha#e
to. 1nstead, purchase a remote car starter. This de#ice allows you to start and warm
your car from inside your home.
They also make it easier to unlock car doors. 1nstead of fumbling with the keys, push
the button and your car doors unlockK 3hen buying a remote car starter, look for stores
that offer free or discounted installation.
Buy no slip steeling wheel co#ers. Those who suffer from arthritis of the fingers, dread
dri#ing. 1n fact, some may fear the danger they put themsel#es and others in. 1f you find
it difficult to grip your car@s steering wheel, make a new purchase. That purchase
should be an easy grip and slip free steering wheel co#er. 8sk a store employee,
family member, or friend to install the co#er for you.
Heep a jar opener in the car. 1f you ha#e arthritis of the hands, you likely already utilize
rubber jar openers at home. They make griping, twisting, and turning easier. Heep one
in your car. -se it to unscrew your car@s gas cap. )ou can also find arthritis gas cap
wrenches a#ailable for sale. They slip o#er your gas cap, ha#e an e!tended and easy
grip handle. These are nice, but they can be hard to find. 7or the same price, you could
easily buy A? rubber jar openers, which accomplish the same goal.
Heep your car well gassed. 8s pre#iously stated, there are tools a#ailable to make
opening and losing the gas cap easier. ;#en with these tools, it can still be difficult and
painful. To pre#ent the onset of pain, always ha#e a full tank of gas in your car. )ou
won@t be forced to put gas in when you are already in pain or more susceptible to it. 1f
you ha#e a full"ser#ice gas station in your area, use it.
Fust because you suffer from arthritis and are prone to pain, it does not mean you need
to li#e your life in fear. Fust take the proper precautions to reduce and pre#ent painful
symptoms and you should ha#e no problem staying safe on the road.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about some of the pros
and cons of using natural arthritis remedies.
-ntil then,
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1n the last issue, we talked about dri#ing tips for staying safe on the road. 1n this issue,
we are going to go o#er some of the pros and cons of using natural arthritis remedies.
3hen it comes to treating the pain, stiffness, and discomfort associated with arthritis,
most medical professionals recommend pain relie#ers and anti"inflammatory drugs.
These do work, but you may be concerned with what you are putting in your body. )ou
may want to turn to natural remedies or relief options, but are they right for you: 1n most
cases yes, but know they do ha#e their pros and cons.
" The 2ros
)our options. The phrase natural arthritis relief encompasses many different items. 1t all
depends on your take. 7or e!ample, natural supplements ha#e all natural ingredients.
But, since they are bought and sold at stores, you may not consider them a natural way
to seek relief. &ertain actions are also natural ways to relie#e arthritis pain and
7or e!ample, there is e!ercise. Those with rheumatoid arthritis ha#e trigger factors that
bring on pain. 6ome e!perience pain with strenuous joint use, others do so with certain
foods. 6o, eating or a#oid certain foods is another way to seek natural arthritis relief.
Lirtually, your options are endless.
0ost are safe. 6ince these remedies are natural, if anything needs to be ingested or
applied to the skin, it is all natural. This means it was found in the en#ironment. 6ince
there are no guarantees, caution is still ad#ised. 7or e!ample, cayenne pepper is known
for the presence of capsaicin. This is also found in many o#er"the"counter arthritis
creams. 8lthough natural, it can interact with certain medications.
0any are cheap and some are e#en freeK 7or e!ample, e!ercise can be free. ;!ercise
is important because it strengths the muscles surrounding the joints. 1t pro#ides e!tra
support and protection, which should result in less pain. )ou can pay for a gym
membership. 1nstead, walk around your neighborhood or stretch at home. 1n terms of
all"natural supplements and foods, look for sales, use coupons, and shop at stores
known for their e#eryday low prices.
" The &ons
There are no guarantees. %ur bodies process food differently. 6ome arthritis patients
claim eating raw cabbage or drinking cabbage juice reduces arthritis pain and
inflammation. %n the other hand, it does nothing for others. 1n fact, some cannot
stomach the taste and others are allergicK )our best option is to familiarize yourself with
popular natural remedies and then e!periment to find the best form of relief for your own
6ome natural remedies require prolonged use. .esearch apple cider #inegar and
arthritis online. )ou will find a ton of remedies and information on how it does work. 3ith
that said, you will also see that prolonged use is required. 6ome patients stop drinking
apple cider #inegar mi!tures or stop soaking their body due to the reduction in pain and
swelling. 0any are disappointed to later see the pain and inflammation return.
6ome natural remedies can get costly, especially o#ertime. )ou just heard that
continued use is best for ma!imum and long"term relief of pain and swelling.
-nfortunately, this means you need to buy more.
.emember, e!ercise is free. 8s for heat, opt for a warm bath. 1f you need to use a
heating pad, sa#e the one"time patches for on"the"go use. 8t home, use a reusable
heating pad. 1n short, natural remedies do ha#e their pros and cons, but there is no way
to know what will work unless last you try.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon. 3e will be talking about .heumatoid
arthritis and the importance of early treatment.
-ntil then,
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Hello "autoresponder code here",
1n the last issue, we talked about the pros and cons of using natural arthritis remedies.
1n this issue, we are going to talk about .heumatoid arthritis and the importance of early
3hen diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, many patients instincti#ely prepare for a life
filled with pain. )es, this may be true in some cases. But, a growing number of
rheumatologists now belie#e that this form of arthritis can literally be stopped in its
tracks. 8ccording to the popular 8rthritis Today magazine, this is a growing theory. 6o,
what does it mean for you:
1f you suspect you are suffering from arthritis, it is important to seek immediate medical
care. &ommon symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis include joint pain, swelling, stiffness,
sleep troubles, and decreased mobility. Treatment options do #ary, but a proper
diagnosis is key. There are o#er one hundred different types of arthritis. 8lthough the
treatments are similar, a diagnosis is important. 6tart with your primary care physician.
He or she may later suggest you #isit an arthritis specialist, also commonly known as a
Treatment options for rheumatoid arthritis typically include o#er"the"counter pain
medication. This is to lessen the se#erity of the pain. -nfortunately, this relief is short
li#ed. That is why many prescribe medication. 3hen taken o#ertime, these
medications work to combat arthritis. 8s for the importance of early treatment, the
8rthritis Today magazine highlighted a study performed on the drug Humira. 1t showed
that those diagnosed early were more likely to enter into remission in as little as two
8nother important aspect of treatment is e!ercise. ;!cessi#e use of the troublesome
joints can trigger pain. 7or that reason, patients need to start slow. 7or e!ample, a
patient suffering from arthritis of the fingers should mo#e and stretch their fingers daily.
2ain is likely at first, but the more a joint is safely and slowly worked, the more
impro#ements patients are likely to see. /ow impact e!ercises relie#e joint stiffness and
lessen the likelihood of deformities.
1n addition to e!ercise, healthy eating is important. &ombined, the two should result in
weight loss. <ot all arthritis sufferers are o#erweight, but some are. This increases
pain, as the e!tra body weight applies more pressure to joints. 3ith some patients, the
pain is triggered by certain foods. 0ost see success by eliminating or reducing meat
and dairy intake. 1n terms of natural remedies, nothing is scientifically pro#en, but many
patients report relief after consuming pineapples, cayenne pepper, raw cabbage, and
cold water fish.
8s for why early treatment is important, it slows the progression of the disease.
Fu#eniles are the only indi#iduals likely to outgrow rheumatoid arthritis. 7or adults, the
disease will only progress and get worse, especially without treatment. The health
complications are far too great to not gi#e treatment a chance. These health
complications may include disability, se#ere limitations in mobility, and deformities.
8lthough a growing number of arthritis e!perts do agree that early treatment can stop or
slow the progression of rheumatoid arthritis, many ha#e cause for concern. 7or
e!ample, an a#erage window of opportunity is two years. 0any belie#e that once those
two years ha#e passed patients will mistakenly belie#e they are past the point of no
return and that treatment is useless. 1t is not. Treatment will reduce or temporarily
eliminate many of the symptoms of arthritis. 6o, many will push for treatment
3hile there is little scientific proof that early treatment can stop rheumatoid arthritis in its
tracks, it is worth the chance. 8s pre#iously stated, all patients should undergo
treatment. 3hether that treatment comprises of o#er"the"counter products, prescribed
medications, herbal supplements, or e!ercise, treatment can reduce the symptoms of
arthritis. 1f you are able to stop the disease in its tracks, just consider that the icing on
the cake.
0ake sure you look for your ne!t issue soon.
-ntil then,
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1n the last issue we talked about ......................
1n this issue let*s go o#er ..................
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