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I. S + am/ is/ are +(a/an) +adj + N < = S + !(s"es) + ad#

$as/ $ere !ed
1. I am a lazy student. =>
2. We are hard workers. =>
3. Hes a careful driver. =>
. !am was a "ood teacher. =>
#. $hey were %ad students.=>
&. 'y father drives slowly.=>
(. !he tau"ht well.=>
). !he runs fast.=>
*. $hey swam +uickly. =>
1,. His %rother -ainted %adly.=>
II. S + am n%&/ isn'&/ are n'& +(a/an) +adj + N<= S +d%n'&/ d%esn'& + ! + ad#.
$asn'&/ $eren'& didn'& + !
1. .avid isnt a skillful worker.=>
2. Iwas not a "ood cook.=>
3. We arent careless ty-ists.=>
. Her mother isnt a safe cyclist.=>
#. $hey werent skillful tennis -layers.=>
&. We dont run +uickly.=>
(. He didnt cook well.=>
). $hey didnt study hard.=>
*. !arah doesnt sin" %adly.=>
1,. I dint -lay tennis skillfully.=>
III. Am/ is/ are +S +(a/an) +adj + N (< = D%/ d%es+ S+ ! + ad#(
Was/ $ere Did + !
1. /re you a fast swimmer0=>
2. Is he a "ood worker0=>
3. Were they hard students0=>
. Was your %rother a skillful worker0=>
#. Were you "ood sin"ers0=>
&. .o your -arents run +uickly0=>
(. .oes her sister cook well0=>
). .id he work lazily0=>
*. .id they -lay %adly0=>
1,. .id you study hard0=>
I!.)%$ m*+, + d%/d%es/ did+ N + +%s&(= )%$ m*+, + is/ are/ $as/ $ere+ N(= W,a& is /$as &,e -ri+e %. + N(
1. How much is your new hat0=> How
2. How much are her shoes0 = >How
3. How much do his car cost0 => What
. How much did you house cost0 = >How
#. What is the -rice of these flowers0= >How
&. What was the -rice of this hat0 => How
(. How much were those -encils 0 => What
). How much did that car cost0 => How
G% /0 +ar= dri#e
Wa12= 3% %n .%%&
410= 3% /0 -1ane
C0+1e = 3% /0 /i2e= ride %ne's /i2e
1an usually walks to school.2>
$he doctor often "oes to work %y car. 2>
/re they drivin" to Hue now02>
/re you "oin" to H3' city %y -lane0
We dont often cycle to school. 2>
He didnt walk to work yesterday.2>
.o your -arents often drive to work0 2>
$hey are "oin" to cycle here. 2>
.id you "o home on foot 02>
Hes walkin" to his office.2>
N%&,in3/ n%/%d0/ n%%ne + in 555.+ /e+ as + adj +as + 6 <=6 + /e +&,e + adj+es& / (&,e m%s& + adj) + in
4oone in my class is as tall as 'inh. 2> 'inh
4othin" in this city as interestin" as the art museum. 2>
4o%ody in my house is as heavy as my father.2>
4othin" in this sho- is as chea- as this wacth.2>
4othin" in this sho- is as e5-ensive as that watch. 2>
Her sister is the most intelli"ent in her family.2>
1an is the li"htest in my class.2>
$his -en is the %est in the sho-. 2>
Huy is the fattest in his family. 2>
6ur teacher is the oldest in our class.2>
S+ /e n%& +s%/as +adj +as + 6 <= 6 +/e +adj+er / (m%re +adj)+&,an +S
$an isnt as tall as his father. 2>
I am not so %eautiful as my sister.2>
We arent so hard2workin" as them. 2>
$his %o5 isnt as heavy as that one.2>
$his %ook is more interestin" than that one.2>
1an is thinner than Hoa.2>
'y school is lar"er than her school.2>
$oday is hotter than yesterday.2>
S+ d%n'&/d%esn'&/didn'& +! +s%/as +ad#+as + 6 <= 6+! +m%re +ad#+&,an +S
I dont cook as well as my mother. 2>
Huy and 4am -lay %adminton %etter than me.2>
$hey didnt do the test so +uickly as us.2>
His father doesnt drive so carefully as him.2>
We have more free time than you. 2>
We worked more safely than you.2>
I7. S*33es&i%ns
8e&'s +! = W,0 d%n'& $e (0%*) +!( = W,a& a/%*& + !9in3( = )%$ a/%*& + !9in3(
Why dont you do e5ercises re"ularly0 2> what
How a%out "oin" for a walk0 2> why
What a%out meetin" at 1ans house0 2> lets
Why dont we havin" dinnner at home0 2> what
7.W%*1d 1i2e + N/ (&% !)<= Wan& + N/ (&% !)
Id like some lemonade.2>
He dosent want any coffee. 2>
We wouldnt like to "o out now. 2>
Would they like to -lay "ames now02>
.oes my father want to rela502>
7I. S,%*1d + ! <= %*3,& &% + !
7ou should stay in %ed for a few days.
7ou shouldnt "o out in the rain.2>
!he ou"htnt to rewrite this article.2>
6u"ht I to redecorate this room02>
7II. )%$ + adj + /e + S( <= W,a& (-e%-1e) +/e + -%sessi#e adj (&.&* s% ,**) + N%*n ( %. adj) (
:%sessi#e +ase (s% ,** +a+,)
<= W,a& (&,in3) + /e + &,e + N%*n (%. Adj) + %. +S (
;)%$ .ar is i& .r%m 5555 &% 555..(
;W,a& is &,e dis&an+e /e&$een 555. and 555.(
/d8 9tinh tu: 4oun 9danh tu:
$all;hi"h hei"ht
1on" len"th
Wide width
.ee- de-th
Heavy wei"ht
<ar distance
6ld a"e
How lon" is the =ed river0
How heavy is this %oy0
How wide is this yard0
How hi"h is that %uildin"0
How tall are you0
How tall is 4am0
How far is it from Hanoi to Hai-hon"0
How old is that man0
What is your wei"ht0
What is 1ans hei"ht0
What is the len"th of that yard0
What is the wei"ht of this %o50
What is the distance %etween your house and your school0
What is the width of his house0
What is the a"e of that tem-le0
What is the hei"ht of that tree0

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