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Pastors Notes:

What a PACKED day full of

worship opportunities and
ministry!!!!! First, our Senior
Adults led us in worship with Pastor James Shealy
preaching the morning message. Everything was AWESOME!!!! How blessed we are to pay honor
to those that have paved the way in front of us. I am so thankful for the leadership Pastor Shealy and
his team are giving to the Seniors of Woodruff Church of God.

Then on Sunday afternoon, we celebrated the 2
Anniversary of Woodruff Iglesia de Dios! Guests
had been invited to share this special time and there were 210 in attendance. Several Church Board
members were in attendance along with some church members. Gloria a Dios (glory to God) !!!!!
God has blessed that ministry and continues to bless it! I believe for great things from the Hispanic

Finally, Sunday night we gathered back in the Sanctuary to bless and honor God. We learned that its
time we spread and share the good news. There is enough negative, bad news. Lets focus and
spread the good! Many of you used Facebook to proclaim some good news after church was over.
Thank you so much for using ever outlet to spread the good news of our Lord. GOD IS DOING

This coming Sunday morning, we will have a service led by our Children and our youth. What a
bright future we have at Woodruff Church of God. Please.DO NOT ALLOW ANYTHING TO
KEEP YOU FROM BEING IN CHURCH SUNDAY! These are our kidz & young people. They
deserve to have ALL of us sitting in the congregation being led by them. It will be a great time of
worship and ministry of the Word. SEE YOU THEN!

at 5:00 PM This meeting is to give our yearly financial
report to church members or faithful financial supporters of the church.

Get your Mission Bags September has been the month over the last 3 years that we have passed
out missions bags. We have asked that you take them and collect money in the bag over a 6 month
period. This year, our mission bag money is not going to another country. Our mission this year is
our BUILDING FUND! When you receive your mission bag, prayerfully, strategically, money in that bag. Spare changed, dollar bills, a set weekly amount, monthly
amount or whatever the Lord puts on your heart.

Woodruff Church of God e-Edition Newsletter
September 30, 2014

There will be a special meeting to set the date and to offer suggestions of new things that can be done
to SPRINGFEST on October 9
, at 7:00 PM. Meeting will be held in the dining area of the CLC.
A second meeting is planned for November 13, at 7:00 PM. Please mark your calendars and plan to
come and help us make this the most successful and vibrant festival we have ever had!

Sunday nights during the month of October, the messages will be about the person of the Holy
Ghost. We need to understand Him, receive Him and use Him. I hope you will plan on being
present each Sunday night as we study and learn about this 3
Person of the Godhead. If you
have not received the baptism of the Holy Ghost, what an awesome opportunity to learn about
Him. If you have friends that want to know more about this Pentecostal Experience, then
invite them to come and share these services with us. The Holy Ghost is IMPORTANT!!!!!

There will be an informational meeting concerning a Mission Trip to Honduras in the Spring of 2015.
If you would be interested in going or would at least like to know more information about it, then
plan on meeting with us on Tuesday evening, October 21 at 7:00 PM in the dining room. There will
be coffee and pastries to enjoy while we discuss. We may also explore the option of changing our
trip date as well, so come if you have any interest at all. Bendiciones!

Women Walking in Victory Home Group meeting: October 3 at 6:30pm, the Jeanne Nemitz
Home, 1478 Price House Rd (1477 if using a GPS to locate). MEXICAN FOOD: Please bring a
food to pass. We will have a time of testimony, sharing, and praying for the needs of this group.
You do NOT have to be a member of the WWV Sunday School Class to attend. If you have any
questions, please call Jeanne Nemitz at 476-2819.

We will be having a Prayer Meeting for our Senior Adult Revival at Harold & Peggy
Chesneys Home on October 9
at 6:00 PM 679 Parsons Rd., Woodruff. If you need
directions or have questions, please call the Chesneys at 476-7135. All ages are welcome to

HELP WANTED: IF you would like to help please see Ms. Donna
or sign up on the Bulletin board in the hallway. Our Next
Meeting will be October 12 @ 3:00 CLC. We need EVERYONE
to make this a success!

We are continuing to collect items for Miracle on Poole Street. Here is a list of things we are
looking for: Purse size tissue packets, gum/mints, purse size hand sanitizer, men's combs,
chapstick, car air fresheners, chip clips. Thanks for your help and support!

Prayer List

AMERICA, Tommy Wallace, Brenda Cobb, Frank Patterson, Beatrice Granger, Tonya Gibson,
James Tillman, Kay Simmons, Larry Buchannan , Curtis Thackston, Brenda Brittian, Patrick
Teague, Danny Lanford, Cindy Taylor, The Beck Family, The Smith Family, The Nabors Family,
Amanda Scott, Destiny Leonard, Sylvia, Carol Hopson, James Morgan, Ella Weathers, Mertice
Whitmore, James Dame, Denise Woody, Lee Armes, Ronnie Ball, Kenny Waddell, Jr., Breanne
Theo, Brenda O. Walker, Lisa Cooley, Darryl Crowe, Mack Roddy, Bobby Porter, Paisley Brown,
Wayne Cox, Judy Crowe, Eddie Foster, Kim Roberson, Tim Horton, Connie Lida, Wanda Jackson,
Joyce Sloan, Larry Trotter, Those needing jobs, Caregivers, Shut-Ins, & Those in nursing homes

The choir will wear Fall Colors on Sunday.

No band/praise team or choir practice this Sunday morning. The band and praise team will
meet at 4:30 since there is a 5:00 business meeting.

Toy Closet- Item to purchase this week is Movies/DVDs.

The Arm N Arm project is very important now. Honduras lost its bean crop which is the
primary source of food. It was one of the cheapest and most satisfying food to them. People
are starving, pastors cant afford to pastor and the country is worse than before. Please help
us feed these young men. $2.00 will go a long way!

Band Of Brothers has just completed their first fishing excursion to Santee Cooper and we had a
great time. We will pan another fishing trip at the first of the year so hopefully more of us can
go. A huge thanks to Wayne Bishop for making sure that our accommodations were in order and
for booking our guide services. We appreciate your efforts brother.

Our next Band of Brothers meeting will be October 2nd, in the man cave at 6:30. You will not
want to miss this meeting guys! We want every man to consider this your personal invitation;
from us to you. We would love for you to join us.

We will be having a special Senior Adult Revival on October 14 & 15. The time will be from
10:30 AM until 12 Noon, both days. We are meeting on Sundays at 5:30 and Wednesdays at
6:30 before church to pray collectively for this upcoming revival. We hope you can join us!

Youth Praise & Worship Practice, Wednesday Night at 6:00 PM.

The Youth and Kidz (8-13) will be going to Carowinds on Saturday, October 18
. Stay tuned for
more information!

Youth will serve at the Soup Kitchen On Tuesday, October 21

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3 - P&W Youth & Children 5:30 and Drama at 6:30 PM.
NO Drama or Praise & Worship Practice, Sunday, October 5

Sunday Oct 5 Christmas Play practice will start for ages 2-12 at 6:00. Practice will be every
Sunday night, your child must be at practice each week to have a part in the play.

Extreme Kidz will be ordering new Tie-Dye Tshirts, if you would like to purchase one see Ms.
Donna. The price will be $12/shirt. Please turn in your order by THIS Sunday, October 5

Upcoming KIDZ Events:
October 18: Carowinds Trip for 8-13 year olds
October 29 Trunk or Treat
Spotlight: Happy "Diamond" Birthday to John Nemitz
Love your Family

Ministry Leaders for This Week
Sunday Greeters- Karen Rhodes & John Nemitz
Sunday School Greeter Robert D. Sloan
CLC Greeter Paul Lundberg
Crossing Guard- David Hoyt
Head Ushers Charles OShields & Bobby Brown
Finance Committee Ryan Ballard & Charles OShields
Usher Team #2 Ryan Ballard, Sam Garrett, Walter Housand,
Paul Lundberg, John Nemitz, Paul Nichols, & Phillip Pruitt

Wednesday Bus Pickup: Phillip and Jason Tucker Bus Take Home: Clint and Gina
Van 1 Pickup: Tabitha and Brian Van 1 Take Home: Tim and June
Van 2 Pick Up: Richard and Shannon Van 2 Take Home: Garren and Thomas
Wednesday Kidz Late Workers: Donna and Stacy
NurseryWednesday- Izzy Nichols AM Ann Knight & Ashton Garrett PM-Ashton Garrett
Kidz Christmas Play Practice
Music- Wednesday-Kathy Arellano AM- Youth/Childrens Service PM-Brantley Burnett
Praise Team-Maroon Guitar- Korey, Duck, Greg