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Third International Conference on

Petroleum Science and

Technology 2014


November 2014



Organized by

Department of Ocean Engineering
Indian institute of Technology Madras
Chennai (TN) 36, PIN 600 036, India.

Supported by

About the institution
IIT Madras is a premier centre for teaching,
research and industrial consultancy in the
country. The campus is situated in lush green
environment and the weather in the month of
November is expected to be pleasant with
temperatures around 28
C (max) and 20
(min). On campus guest house and hostel
accommodations will be provided for the
participants based upon availability and on
first-come-first-serve basis.
About the international conference and
symposium on petroleum exploration
The international conference on petroleum
science and technology (during 3 - 4
November) is the third conference in a series
that started in 2010 - first conference in 2010
and second in 2012 were conducted as
international conference on Drilling
Technology. Because of the overwhelming
response from other areas, the scope of
conference has been widened to include all
the areas of Petroleum Technology and it is
renamed as the International Conference on
Petroleum Science and Technology.
A one day symposium focusing on
petroleum exploration is being planned in
honor of Prof. (Retired) SP. Subramanian a
recently retired professor from the
department - who has made immense
contribution in developing the petroleum
engineering program at the Department of
Ocean Engineering, IIT Madras, India, on 5
November 2014.
The primary objective of the conference and
symposium is to share and disseminate the
information and design base being built by
the researchers in the areas of drilling
technology, petroleum science, engineering
and technology. The engineering activities
that drive oil, gas, minerals and ore
exploration require constant update as and
when new technologies get matured and are
made available to the industry. The main
feature will be the keynote lectures from
academia, industry and government policy
Call for papers
ICPST-2014 invites all the researchers to
submit original and unpublished work.
Please submit extended abstract (2-3 pages)
in IEEE format on A4 size in Times New
Roman Script of 12-pt font.
All the received abstracts will be reviewed
and judged on merits including correctness,
originality, technical strength and quality of
presentation. The accepted abstracts will be
invited for the full-length paper submission
(8-10 pages).
The accepted full-length papers will be
published in the conference/symposium
proceedings. For each of the accepted papers
at least one of the authors has to register for
the conference.
The conference venue is Auditorium, ICSR
Building, IIT Madras, Chennai, India.
The registration fees are given in the tear off
portion. To register, please complete the
accompanying tear off portion of this
brochure and post it to Dr. R. Sharma,
Department of Ocean Engineering, Indian
Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai
PIN - 600 036, India or visit the conference
website or email to:
Best paper awards
The three best papers will be awarded each
in ICPST-2014. The decision will be taken
by an expert committee and its decision will
be final in this regard.
Important dates
- Abstract submission : 31
Aug. 2014.
- Acceptance notification : 7
Sept. 2014.
- Full paper submission : 1
Oct. 2014.
- Final acceptance : 8
Oct. 2014.
- Camera ready paper : 15
Oct. 2014.
The organizers are soliciting original
manuscripts that highlight recent successes
and define major research challenges in all
the areas of drilling technology and
petroleum engineering.
The non-exhaustive list of areas:
Design and analysis of marine risers,
Deepwater drilling platforms,
Design and construction of
drilling/completion interface,
Computer applications in drilling
Completion fluid/packer fluids, flow
Sand-face completion: open and cased
Wet tree and dry tree systems,
Well design, construction, and placement,
Deepwater drilling issues,
Drilling fluid design and analysis,
Modeling and simulation techniques for
drilling applications,
Petroleum exploration, production and
Health, safety and environment (HSE),
Reservoir engineering,
Oil spillage: detection, control and
Well testing and control,
Enhanced oil recovery,
Natural gas engineering,
Bio-petro chemical engineering,
Seismic data collection and interpretation,
Gas hydrates, and non-conventional
petroleum resources, and
and all other areas of petroleum science,
engineering and technology.

The authors are requested to send the papers
in soft copy as an e-mail attachment to:
Some fellowships will be available to
selected authors for travel and registration

Organizing committee

Prof. Bhaskar Ramamurthi
The Director, IIT Madras, India

Shri D. K. Sarraf
The CMD, ONGC and Chairman, Petrotech

Prof. V. Anantha Subramanian
Dr. Anand Kumar
Organizing coordinators
Prof. R. Sundaravadivelu
Dr. R. Sharma
Prof. P. Shanmugam
Joint organizing secretaries
Dr. J . S. Sangwai
Dr. A. Samad
Local organizing committee
Shri J itendra Prasad, Ex ONGCL, India
Shri Divakarla Prasad, Ex IOCL, India
Dr. B. Saha, IOCL, India
Dr. S. Rajashree, GE Oil & Gas, India
Dr. G. Ramadass, NIOT, India
Prof. S. Chandrasekaran, IIT Madras, India
Dr. R. Panneer Selvam, IIT Madras, India
Dr. G. Suresh Kumar, IIT Madras, India
Dr. Deepak Kumar, IIT Madras, India
Dr. P. N. Ananthanarayanan, AMET
University, India
Prof. R. Sethumadhvan, Anna University, India
Prof. Hema Achyuthan, Anna University, India
Technical committee (International)
Prof. Nicholas Marinos Patrikalakis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Prof. G. Ali Mansoori
University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
Prof. Brian Francis Towler
University of Wyoming, USA
Dr. Luis F. Ayala
Dr. Ajay K. Dalai
University of Saskatchewan, Canada
Dr. Ramadan Ahmed
University of Oklahoma, USA
Dr. J ames G. Speight
Consultant, USA
Dr. Hani Elshahawi
Shell Inc., USA
Prof. Norbert Willenbacher
KIT, Germany
Prof. Pl Skalle
NUST, Kingdomof Norway
Dr. Evgeny Pimonov
Schlumberger Moscow Research, Russia
Dr. V. V. Vasin
UrB RAS, Russia
Prof. Tae-wan Kim
SNU, Republic of Korea
Dr. Anuj Gupta
Saudi Aramco, USA
Prof. M. R. Riazi
Kuwait University, State of Kuwait
Prof. Ridha Gharbi
Kuwait Oil Company, State of Kuwait
Dr. Hamoud Al-Hadrami
SQU, Sultanate of Oman
Dr. Vural Sander Suicmez
Brunei Shell Petroleum, Nation of Brunei
Dr. David Aron
Petroleum Development Consultants, UK
Prof. L. O. Oyekunle
University of Lagos, Nigeria
Prof. Sheik Rahman
UNSW, Australia
Dr. Sudjati Rachmat
Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia
Dr. Afshin Goharzadeh
The Petroleum Institute, UAE
Dr.Robello Samuel
Halliburton - Landmark/SDS, USA.
Technical committee (National)
Prof. S. K. Bhattacharyya
IIT Madras, India
Prof. (Retired) SP. Subramanian
Consultant, Chennai, India
Prof. Tarkeswar Kumar
NIT Durgapur, India
Prof. D. K. Gupta
UPES, Deharadun, India
Prof. A. K. Pathak
ISM, Dhanbad, India
Dr. Atmanand
NIOT, India
Prof. J . P. Gupta
RGIPT, India
Dr. M. O. Garg
IIP, Dehradun, India
Prof. P. Venkatachalam
CRSE, IIT Bombay, India
Prof. Suparna Mukherji
CESE, IIT Bombay, India
Prof. T. R. Sreekrishnan
IIT Delhi, India
Prof. S. Neogi
IIT Kharagpur, India
Prof. Ethirajan Govinda Rajan
PRC (P) L, India
Shri B. S. J osyulu
ONGC Limited, India.
Shri B. B. Choudhary
IOCL, India
Shri Hirak Dutta
OISD, Noida, India
Advisory committee
Dr. Manaswita Bose
IIT Bombay, India
Dr. Archana Chugh
IIT Delhi, India
Dr. S. Mukherjee
IIT Bombay, India
Dr. P. Gopalakrishnan
CRE, Mangalath Pariyarath, India
Dr. UttamKumar Bhui
PDPU, India
Dr. Varsha Ayyar
TISS, India
ICPST 2014
Registration form

1. Name: ...

2. Designation: ..

3. Organization: ...

4. Address:


5. Phone number: .

6. Fax number: .

7. E-mail: ...

8. Type of participation:
o Author participating.

o Non-author participating.

9. Title of the paper (attach the soft copy): ........


10. Registration category:

1. Author 7500 INR
2. Student - 2500 INR
3. Non-author participant 10 000 INR
5. International author: 400 USD.

Date: (Signature)
Kindly return the above to the following
address: Dr. R. Sharma, Department of Ocean
Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology
Madras, Chennai (TN) - 36, PIN - 600 036, India.
Phone: +91-44-2257-4822
+91-9444389570; +91-8122636837