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Samsung TV Model: 20A5

Partial field collapse
Check IC301 (TDA8350Q) and the 2 associated unmarked capacitors (10uF and 100uF, 63v) and the
10ohms,5w ceramic resistor across pins 3/5 of the above chip

Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
Power supply flutters and standby light dims out
Replace mains filter capacitor (220uF 400v), also make sure the 4 capacitors in the primary are replaced (if
they havent already been)

Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
Vertical failure (common fault)
The reason for the failure is because the yoke is low impedance. The TDA3654Q i.c. has been designed to
handle 12 ohms and over. Heat is the reason it destroys itself, the best cure is to place a small cpu fan on the

Samsung TV Model: CZ-21D83NS
Double picture or raster shifted
Check R414 (15K)

Samsung TV/Video Combi Model: VM3105
No video, no audio. High pitch sound from power supply.
Replaced blown fuseable resistor R417 (1 ohm, 1/2 watt)

Samsung TV Model: CT566 (K51A Chassis)
No power
Voltage not changing on pin 18 IC901 (SZM-368ET2))

Philips TV Model: 28ST2781 (GR2.2 AA Chassis)
Dead, psu ticking
Flyback cap (11nF, 1600V) was burned which caused the BU508AF flyback transistor to fail. Changed both

Samsung TV Model: TXB1940
Red led blinks on / off, TV does not turn via power button and/or remote but after 20 minutes or so it turns on
and works fine
Replace R902, R901, R905, R903, R900A, Q902, and possibly the two (one small and one large) capacitors in
the section labeled as the power supply. The board will be black under the components that are bad. Q902 is
an NPN transistor and is hard to find.

Samsung TV Model: W124W6VN
Picture darkens and lightens continually
This was due to a faulty first anode potentiometer, as its part of the l.o.p transformer a new l.o.p.t had to be

Samsung TV Model: CB5012Z (P58SC Chassis)
Stuck in SECAM mode
Change resistor R514 (100K)

Samsung TV Model: CB5012Z (P58SC Chassis)
No colour, stuck on secam only
Check R514 (100K) open circuit or very high value)

Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
Vertical output problems, Vertical output ic fails repeatedly !
Fit a new IC, clean old heatsink compound, add fresh compound thinly on the surface. Now disregard all the
other modifications previously suggested and ADD a large heat sink on the existing heatsink (screw another
one on top)

Samsung TV Model: CK-5320ZR (SCT11D Chassis)
Field collapse
Check R410 (1ohm) in feed to D403 for o/c

Samsung TV Model: CW28C33N
Dead. in safety mode
Looks like l.o.p.t but was traced to small decoupling cap on 200v line (on tube base), dead short

Samsung TV Model: CS3339Z
No picture No sound
Faulty IC TDA6107q on crt board

Samsung TV Model: CX5012
Volume low, even at maximum setting
Replaced IC601 (TC4066BP) close to IF can

Samsung TV Model: CB5035Z
Stuck in osd mode, no functions
Change the eprom, check that the earthing of the green cable running from tuner is OK

Samsung TV Model: CB7230WT
High pitch frequency squeal from transformer
Fix, by replacing the main transformer which costs up to $350 Australian Dollars or doing it the cheaper way
covering the capacitors around the Transformer in glue as they cause frequency to run through to the main
transformer which make this noise

Samsung TV Model: TXG2547 (K51A Chassis)
No power, Voltage not changing on pin 18 IC901 (SZM-368ET2)
Check dz906 (short), key-in 1 pin 9 of ic901

Samsung TV Model: CB5020 (P58SC Chassis)
Tuning not stopping
Replace R116 (120Kohms) this was open circuit