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Fiverr Quick Start Guide

Hello there! I'll bet you're here because you just can't wait to get started. Here's an easy
Quick Start sheet to get your Fiverr account up and ready for arketing in just !"
inutes! #fter you follow these steps$ I suggest reading %ltiate Fiverr &arketing so
that you can a'ii(e your account's effectiveness.
)*his is a word doc so you can easily copy and paste as you need+
Step 1) Set Up
,o to
Sign up for an account
-hoose a trustworthy nae
.rite a brief profile description /0 -opy and paste the following into your profile.
If you're looking for e'cellent Fiverr service$ you've coe to the right place.
Shoot e over a ail if you have any 1uestions about what I offer!
%pload a profile picture. If you're stuck$ go here and choose a free stock photo.
Step 2) Create a Gig
-lick -reate ,ig )or go to 4Seller4 then 4&y ,igs4 and then 4#dd a 5ew ,ig4
*hink of any talent or skill you have. )ake sure it6s a service or product you enjoy+
7video reviews
7picture taking
7sending tweets to followers
*hen take that skill and offer it for 8" )ake sure it doesn't take ore than 9: inutes of
your tie to coplete+
-reate at least " &ore ,igs )you can try a different skill for each gig$ or ake variations
of the first+
Step 3) Get Customers
*weet$ Facebook %pdate$ ;ost on Forus$ ;ost on -raigslist advertising your 8" ,ig.
<ou can get ==== For /nly 8"! Hurry though$ I won't be offering this forever!
Step 4) Hooking Interest
-heck your copetition by doing a search on Fiverr.
If soeone has a siilar gig to yours$ ake your gig stand out by enhancing what you
offer )offer greater value+
*he best way to get your gig featured is to create a uni1ue gig. >ook at what6s out there.
5ow put a spin on it.
For e'aple2 if everyone is doing video reviews$ you do video reviews as your pirate
persona *wo?legged @i.
Step 5) urning Fiverr Gig !eads Into "ea# Customers
-reate a website that has to do with the service you offer. )you can create a free website
at or
I would suggest registering at and purchasing a doain so you have your
If you want an article on how to build a 1uick .ordpress website$ just eail e at
/r if you have a website at the end write2
I want to ake sure you're !::B satisfied! If you need to reach e or want e to
answer any 1uestions$ contact e at www.</%0.CDSI*C.co3contact
5ote2 <ou can replace your website with another for of contact$ such as your twitter or
facebook$ or phone nuber if you like.
If they contact you$ offer the 4;reiu Services4 based off the Fiverr gig they ordered.
)a service that is siilar but has ore value$ therefore allows you to charge ore+
If they were willing to pay 8" for a certain service$ they're likely willing to pay 8":$ 8"::
or ore for an upgraded version of the service.
.hen you direct the to your website$ it should look like a siple portfolio or
business3card like site with your contact inforation on it. 5othing coplicated$ just
ake it easy for the to reach you and see that you6re a professional.
#gain$ this can be a single page site.
IF you want to take it a step further$ create a EstoreF of sorts where you can show
different services you offer and the prices for the on there.
*ake it as far as you want! <ou control how uch )or how little+ you grow and ake
fro your Fiverr &arketing!
*hat's *he Quick Start! *his will help you get started fast$
but for the Dest 0esults$ 0ead %ltiate Fiverr &arketing