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No Gi Submission Grappling Chokes

Ken Primola, BJJ Black Belt
Copyright 2012 Ken Primola and I Love BJJ
All rights reserved !o part o" this p#$lication may $e reprod#ced,
copied, or redistri$#ted in any "orm or $y any means, electronic or
mechanical, or stored in a data$ase or retrieval system, %itho#t prior
%ritten permission "rom the a#thor

PL&A'& (&A) P(I*( to Practicing+
.his $ook is "or ed#cational p#rposes .he a#thor o" this $ook or
anyone a""iliated %ith, is not held responsi$le in any manner
%hatsoever "or any adverse e""ects arising directly or indirectly as a
res#lt o" the in"ormation provided in this $ook I" not practiced sa"ely,
martial arts can $e very dangero#s to yo# and to others It is very
important to research a trained pro"essional teacher %ho practices
sa"ety I also highly recommend seeing a physician prior to practicing
any o" the techni/#es in this $ook to make s#re yo# are physically

I %o#ld like to e0press my great appreciation to all o" the Bra1ilian
Ji#2Jits# athletes thro#gho#t the %orld, %itho#t yo# this $ook %o#ld
not $e possi$le
Also, to Kelvin, Katie, and to all o" my other st#dents "or taking the
time to help me make this $ook a reality
'pecial thanks to my coaches and mentors- Phil and (ick ,igliarese,
"or their contin#ed s#pport3 B#i# and (o$son ,o#ra, "or their
mentoring, and to all my st#dents %ho I have learned so m#ch "rom,
more than I co#ld have ever ta#ght
.hanks to my parents and "amily, "or s#pporting every endeavor I
enco#nter and each challenge that I meet
Bra1ilian Ji#2Jits# 4BJJ5 chokes are an essential part o" yo#r overall game .o
attempt any choke hand positioning and timing are o" vital importance I
%rote this $ook in order to demonstrate and ed#cate yo# regarding choke
options In some sections o" this $ook I sho% set #ps and se/#encing %here
necessary It is #p to yo# to practice and com$ine these techni/#es or add
them to yo#r already evolving game I recommend yo# practice each
movement to yo#r liking and %ork yo#r %ay thro#gh each techni/#e slo%ly
and e""iciently *nce yo# $ecome pro"icient, I $elieve yo# %ill then discover
ho% %ell they can adapt to yo#r game
I also highly recommend s#pplementation "rom yo#r instr#ctor or "rom other
instr#ctional materials yo# may #se Please see o#r other $ooks "or "#rther
BJJ kno%ledge I" yo# have any /#estions contact me on "ace$ook
at "ace$ookcom6kenprimo
About the Author
Jiu-Jitsu is a state of mind -Ken Primola
Ken Primola, J.D., is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt under the
Relson Gracie Lineage. Kens direct instructors are the !orld
reno!ned Pro"essors Phil and Ricardo #igliarese, under !hom Ken
began BJJ almost "i"teen $ears ago. %ince beginning, Ken taught "or
man$ $ears at Phils main academ$ and no! has his o!n academ$ in
&ilmington, Dela!are. Ken has accom'lished much as a com'etitor,
including !inning the #asters &orld (ham'ionshi's in Brazil and
!inning the Adult Pan Am (ham'ionshi's in America, among other
regional titles.
Ken has a uni)ue 'ers'ecti*e in this s'ort because he began his
gra''ling career as a !restler at the $oung age o" t!el*e and
continued !ith it until graduating "rom college +ending u' a Di*ision ,
*arsit$ com'etitor-. &restling encom'asses a lot o" gra''ling
elements similar to BJJ, and it enabled Ken to trans"er o*er to BJJ
)uite easil$. %tud$ing BJJ also hel'ed him better understand his
!restling. Although his !restling background also caused some
setbacks, such as encouraging the use o" too much aggression, it
!as, o*erall, a great start.
(oming "rom this background, Kens authorit$ on BJJ comes as
an e.'ert com'etitor, e.'erienced 'ractitioner, and global teacher.
/or man$ $ears Ken has e.amined the learning 'rocess o" BJJ. Ken
belie*es starting BJJ is a delicate stage "or most students, and this
can determine their "uture. 0o hel' ne!comers and *eterans alike,
Ken has authored a number o" tutorial D1Ds, designs "ashionable BJJ
!ear, and o"ten records "ree techni)ues that can be "ound at his
!ebsite2 !!!.,lo* Alone, Kens 3ou 0ube channel
+!!!.$outube.com4 ken'rimo- has o*er 5 #illion *ie!s !orld!ide and
is ra'idl$ gro!ing.