w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e .

o r g
Newcomer Café, Sunday, October 19, after the 10:30 Service
Are you new to Nativity? Come join our clergy, vestry members, and Newcomers
team for Newcomer Café – a time to get to know each other in a friendly and casual
setting. We’ll gather in Christopher Hall after the 10:30 service for refreshments and
friendly conversation.
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity 22405 North Miller Road, Scottsdale, Arizona 85054 480.307.9216
Happy Fall!
Our wonderful 2014-15 programs are underway at Nativity, and Christ and our
neighbors are being served in many ways! Make a note of upcoming events!
Animal Blessing in the Park, Sunday, October 12, at the 10:30 Service
Bring your favorite furry, feathery, or fuzzy friends (on a leash or in a
cage, please!) and come to the park for our annual Animal Blessing
service, Sunday, October 12 at the 10:30 service. We’ll be at Sonoran
Hills Park, 7625 E. Williams, just down the street from the church
building. Bring your friends for a taste of what Nativity is all about.
We will have music, communion, and an individual blessing for each
pet. Note that the 10:30 service will NOT be at the church that day –
we’ll be outside in the shade!
This will a pot luck picnic, bring your favorite dish to share. The
parish will provide the main dish and plastic-ware.
Saints and Superheroes Youth Retreat at Nativity,
Saturday, November 1
Youth in grades 6-12 are invited to our terrific
youth retreat! Please see page 15 for details.
Veterans’ Day Concert, Sunday, November 9, 4:00 p.m.
This very special offering by the choir celebrates all our
veterans, with patriotic music and memories of times
past. Come take part in this lovely tribute to those who
have served our country.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Nativity Schedule
Take a moment to wish a Happy Birthday To:
Nativity Staff
The Rev. Susan B. Snook
The Rev. Dr.Wayne V. Whitney
Pastoral Associate
Dr. Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler
Director of Music Ministry
IlonaKubiaczyk-Adler @TheNativity.net
Shelley Byrnes
Director of Christian Formation
Susan Weidhaas
Mina Rafferty
Parish Administrator
Nativity’s Vestry
Senior Warden: David Bolger
480-945-3810 David@DJBolger.com
Junior Warden: Mark Miller
480-368-5530 msmiller@value.net
Treasurer Kara Erickson
480 518- 2683 theazericksons@hotmail.com
Tricia Beaird 480-699-7893 pbeaird@cox.net
Suzanne Cohen 480-586-6625 Secohenjd@yahoo.com
Jennie Dobbins 602-770-0513 jenniedobbins@gmail.com
George Hartz 480-513-3155 gehartz@yahoo.com
Kris Haugen 480-515-4803 kris.haugen@cox.net
Jane Heist 480-419-1229 Ljh0cpa@hotmail.com
Cotty Peabody 480-588-8328 Epeabody@earthlink.net
Sunday Schedule
9:00 - 10:00 a.m. Festive Eucharist Rite II
with Children’s Chapel
10:00 - 10:30 a.m. Hospitality
10:15 - 11:00 a.m. Sunday School for All Ages
10:30 - 11:30 a.m. Festive Eucharist Rite II
11:40 - 12:30 p.m. Adult Christian Formation
11:40 - 1:30 p.m. Youth Group
Judy Peavy 10/3
Alyson Orescanin 10/4
Austin Spencer-Treinen 10/4
Lisa Mozilo 10/6
Destiny Spencer-Treinen 10/6
Bob Schoenbachler 10/11
Syvlia Norell 10/14
Tristan Clarke 10/16
Nancy Bleasdale 10/18
Charlotte Erickson 10/19
Joy Wiseman 10/19
Susan Burnham 10/19
Christine White 10/21
Monique Whitney 10/24
Joe Banks 10/25
Evangeline Clarke 10/30
22405 N. Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Wednesday Schedule
6:00 p.m. Evening Prayer Rite II
featuring Healing Prayers
6:30 p.m. Wednesday Night Dinner Church
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
All Saints Day at Nativity – Sunday, November 2
Our celebration of all the saints brings some special activities to Nativity!
9:00 Service – Youth Sunday, as our teenagers present some of their findings
about sainthood from the retreat the day before.
10:30 Service – The choir and congregation join in a special service including
readings and musical presentations focusing on the saints of the church.
After the 10:30 Service – our Second Annual Men’s Jambalaya Cookoff!
Men, bring your favorite gumbo, jambalaya, or other favorite treat, and we’ll
all taste them and vote for our favorites!
It is so good to
be back among all of the
dear parishioners at
Nativity! I thoroughly
enjoyed my summer
sabbatical, but I missed
seeing you. I am deeply
grateful to Dr. Wayne for
handling the Sunday
services during my
absence, and to David
Bolger and the other
vestry members for
providing lay leadership. It is a real blessing to have
such great leaders step up to the plate!
Many of you have asked what I did on my
sabbatical. I traveled to Israel with a group of clergy,
where we visited pilgrimage sites and learned about
the Israeli-Palestinian conflict by talking to leaders on
both sides. It was enlightening and fascinating, and I
learned a lot. It meant so much to be able to walk in
the places that Jesus walked and see the same
mountains, lakes, and buildings he saw.
I also went to San Diego for three weeks with
my family, where we enjoyed the beach, the
restaurants, the museums, and the other activities. We
were glad to be able to support our daughter Sarah as
she graduated from UC-San Diego, moved into her
new apartment, and started her new job. She is
working with Teach for America for two years,
teaching 7th grade science in San Ysidro, a school
district just north of the Mexican border near San
My third big activity was writing a book,
which will be published by the Episcopal Church
publishing house in Spring 2015. It’s about church
planting – a subject I know about because of my
experience right here, starting Church of the Nativity!
As I say in the Foreword, I am not an expert in church
planting – merely a practitioner.
What we have been able to accomplish here at
Nativity – growing from zero to almost 400 members
in eight years, becoming a parish, building our own
church home, doing great outreach work in the
community, bringing up many children and youth in
the faith of Christ – all of that has happened because,
from the beginning, this has been a team project. The
leader tends to get a lot of credit, but I want all of you
to know how deeply aware, and how very grateful, I
am, that we have been on this journey together.
Everything that Nativity has been able to do is because
of the great team of leaders, and all who participate
here. And even more, it is because God has been with
us from the beginning, helping us to live and proclaim
and serve others in the name of Christ’s love, and with
the power of the Holy Spirit.
So it is with new gratitude that I return to my
role as rector of Nativity. Thanks to all of you, and to
God, and I look forward to a great new era to come, as
Nativity continues to transform lives with the love of
Jesus Christ.
A not e f r om Pas t or Sus an
Page 3
Transforming lives with the love of God in Jesus Christ
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 4 Wayne’s World
The cycle of readings we get in our
Sunday Lectionary comes around
every three years. During this time
of "After Pentecost" the 1st
Reading from the Old Testament (in
the track which Nativity uses)
pursues a distinct story line,
especially in Year A, in which we
currently find ourselves. Lately we
have been travelling the wilderness
road of early Israel during their years in the
desert of Sinai after being freed from bondage in Egypt.
Our October lections will feature a lot of Moses interacting
with God in things such as the giving of the ten
commandments, the golden calf incident, the glimpsing of
God episode, and the veiled-Moses-due-to-his-shining-face
Of all the characters in the Old Testament who encounter
God, Moses' interactions are the most colorful. He argues
with god and gets mad at God, he listens to God and pleads
with God. All of these happenings will be explored in
detail in Sunday Morning Power Bible Study in October.
Come hear about how these incidents find parallels in our
own lives. Bible Study follows each of our Sunday
morning Eucharists. If you go to the 9:00 a.m. service and
stay for Bible Study you will be out at 11:00 and if you go
to the 10:30 service and Bible Study you will be done at
12:15. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to grow in
faith and fellowship. Nativity's commitment is that all of
your time that you spend here is well worth it as an
investment in your quality of life, as you walk with Christ.
Pax et Lux,
Dr. W+
Upc omi ng Ev e nt s
Five-Week Dinner Church Series
Embracing an Alternative Orthodoxy is the next Wednesday Night Dinner Church
series which commences on October 15. This 5-week theological study will feature
video teachings of Richard Rohr and discussion on these topics: Christ Before
Christianity, Orthopraxy versus Orthodoxy, Mysticism versus Moralism, Atonement
Theory, and Eco-Spirituality. The study revolves around the teachings of St.
Francis from the early 13th Century and promises to be profitable in our developing
maturity in Christ. There is a participant workbook that will be available for $11
for all registrants. This study goes from 6:30 till 7:45 p.m. on 5 consecutive
Wednesday Nights from October 15 through November 12. As a Wednesday Night
Dinner Church event everyone is asked to bring something to contribute to the
Nativity salad bar which we will partake of at 6:30. To register, send an email to
Dr. Wayne at waynewhitney@thenaivity.net.
Big Fun Bible Movie Night - Friday, October 10
"Elmer Gantry" is the story of a flawed man who became intertwined in the evangelistic
furor of 1920s America. As a satirical depiction of the activity of popular religion in
America, it pokes fun at the foibles of the human vessels caught up in the showy kind of
evangelism that dominated the midwestern landscape. "Elmer Gantry" is the 1960 Burt
Lancaster movie based on the Sinclair Lewis novel of the 1920s of the same name and will
be featured at Big Fun Bible Movie Night on October 10 at Nativity. Showtime is 7:00 p.m.
Popcorn will be provided; and, as always, bring your preferred libation of choice. Your hosts
will be David Bolger and Dr. Wayne so please let either one of them know if you are
planning to attend.
Men's Pub Fellowship
The October convocation of the Men's Pub Fellowship commences on Friday October 3 at 5:00 p.m. Come and enjoy a
libation of your choosing at the Tavern Americana with the men of Nativity. If you will be attending please email Steve
Smith claire.steve@gmail.com or Dr. Wayne at waynewhitney@thenativity.net.
!"# %&'#()*+,# -('"./.01 .2
3*4)' 5(*)647
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
A note from our Music Director Page 5
Dear All,
My maternity leave was very
rewarding - both of my boys are
healthy and doing well (photo below).
It is also nice to be back to worship
with you all! We are working on some
wonderful music which we will share
with you during our Sunday services
as well as afternoon concerts:
Veteran's Day concert on November
9th, and Christmas celebration in December.
As you might remember, our last season leading soprano,
Suzane Rovani, moved to Chicago for a semester. For this
time we hired a new soprano - Marcy McKee. I have been
also looking for a new leading tenor to support male voices
in our choir, and Michael Frongillo also joined us this year.
They are both accomplished and very fine musicians, as
well as great people to work with. As you might also
remember our regular trumpet player, Noah Simpson, and
saxophone player, Julian Peterson, moved to other states.
This year we are welcoming new instrumentalists who are
going to play with us occasionally: Shea Marshall on
saxophones and Bob Powers on trumpet. They are both
very respected musicians in the valley, and it is an absolute
pleasure to be working with them. Our fabulous violinist,
Daga Suchon Hobbs, will be joining us for Bach Sunday
on October 26th and other performances. Throughout the
summer two of our parishioners worked hard to prepare
beautiful music for you to listen during Communion:
Alastair Longley-Cook on guitar and Ann Phillips on
Native American Flute. They will continue performing for
us throughout the year.
Beginning of the season is always a good time to join the
choir. If you enjoy making music in a group, and want to
be involved in a ministry that brings a lot of satisfaction
and is always visible during our worship, consider joining
us. We are a very energetic and fun group of people who
rehearse every Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. and often
socialize afterwards. We love welcoming new members
(with choir experience or without) and sharing our love of
music. It does not matter which service you attend -
the choir divides into two groups on Sundays and we need
singers at both services. If you are interested, come to any
of our rehearsals on Wednesdays, talk to me after one of
the services, or email me at
In September the choir performed some old favorites:
Franck's "Panis Angelicus", Barnett's "Sing to the Lord a
new song", Spiritual "Go Down, Moses", and a brand new
anthem "Ubi Caritas" by Mark Burrows. In October you
will hear great anthems by very accomplished Christian
music composers: John Ferguson and John Rutter, as well
as the old masters: G.F. Handel and J.S. Bach. You will get
a chance to hear the choir and the soloists in some glorious
music during our annual Bach Sunday on October 27th. I
will also play the famous Toccata and Fugue in d-minor as
an organ Postlude - our yearly tradition.
I look forward to this exciting new season!
Ilona Kubiaczyk-Adler, DMA
Music Director, Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Nativity Choir is looking for new members!
If you enjoy making music in a group, and want to be involved in a ministry that
brings a lot of satisfaction and is always visible during our worship, consider
joining us. We are a very energetic and fun group of people who rehearse every
Wednesday from 7 to 9 p.m. And often socialize afterwards. We love welcoming
new members (with choir experience or without) and sharing our love of music.
It does not matter which service you attend - the choir divides into two groups
on Sundays and we need singers at both services. If you are interested, come to
any of our rehearsals on Wednesdays, talk to our Music Director Ilona after one
of the services, or email her at ilonakubiaczyk-adler@thenativity.net.
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Living the vision
When you reach ouL Lo some new advenLure, whaL ls Lhe
ñrsL Lhlng LhaL hlLs you? lor me lL ls a feellng LhaL, º Lhls ls golng
Lo be someLhlng greaL, " you see, l am always looklng ahead Lo
Lhe nexL challenge, Lhe nexL achlevemenL.
Collecuvely, LhaL's whaL we all dld when we vlsloned Lhls wonderful famlly called
nauvlLy. We even drew a plcLure of our church belng a communlLy cenLer, a home for youLh
programs, a mlsslon orlenLed congregauon LhaL could look an ouLreach challenge ln Lhe eye, and
come away wlLh a map of how Lo do Lhe pro[ecL plus Lhe very wllllng people Lo do Lhe Lask.
We formed a church famlly. A famlly LhaL LrusLs ln Cod Lhrough !esus ChrlsL and makes Lhe
world a llule beuer place Lhan how we found lL. A place where you can be yourself wlLh frlends and
nelghbors. A place where you can ñnd Lhe comforL of belng ln Lhe house of Cod.
As we all know, Churches are noL bulldlngs, Lhey are people sharlng ln a splrlLual bond. 1here
ls noLhlng llke lL on Lhls earLh and lL's Lo be cherlshed and shared. Lach year we have an annual
campalgn Lo glve us all a chance Lo be a very core parL of Lhe llfe of nauvlLy Church.
Sunday, CcLober, 191P , we klck-oñ Lhls year's annual glvlng opporLunlLy. LasL year, we had
an exclung and rewardlng experlence semng Lhe nauvlLy famlly 2014 mlsslon agenda based on Lhe
lovlng and generous pledges of our fanLasuc famlly.
1hls year, we'll hear Lesumonlals of your fellow parlshloners experlenclng Lhe hand of Cod
Lhrough lnvolvemenL ln nauvlLy mlsslons.
So, be ready and glve from Lhe hearL. lL ls a wonderful feellng Lo know you made Lhe
dlñerence. l look forward Lo worklng wlLh you Lhls lall and Lo share by llvlng Lhe vlslon.
Mark uobblns
SLewardshlp Chalrman
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Upc omi ng Oppor t uni t i e s Page 7
Pictorial Directory!
How do I reach the leader of that ministry? Who was the woman I shared
the Peace with this morning? What is the name of the child who thanked me
for the last chocolate chip cookie at the hospitality table? The solution is a
parish directory. We will be taking professional photographs on the
weekend of October 24. Watch for the email link to sign up. Reserve your
time slot early to get the one that works best for your schedule. You can
also sign up after church the next two Sundays!
Community Christmas Day
The Second Annual Christmas Day
Brunch for anyone in our community
who wants to attend will be at Desert
Hills Presbyterian Church at 11:30 a.m.
December 25 (Nativity will have a 10
a.m. Christmas Day service). We are
looking for one or two lay volunteers
from Nativity to help coordinate the
brunch. There will be a meeting October
7 at 6:30 p.m. at Desert Hills for those
interested. If you are willing to help,
please contact Pastor Susan at
Newcomer Café, Sunday, October 19, after the 10:30 Service
Are you new to Nativity? Come join our clergy, vestry members, and Newcomers team for Newcomer Café – a
time to get to know each other in a friendly and casual setting. We’ll gather in
Christopher Hall after the 10:30 service for refreshments and friendly conversation.
There’s a seat waiting for you!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
The mission for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan is ending. Because of the draw down of troops, the commissaries and
REC centers are already shutting down. Soldiers used to receive 3 hot meals per day, now they are getting MREs
(Meals Ready to Eat). These backup field food packets have become their staple diet. Even basics, like socks, are
rationed to two pairs a month. Our soldiers are in desperate need for basic supplies—now more than ever.
PfH has sent out an urgent request and we hope that Nativity members will answer the call. From this Sunday until
October 26th we will be collecting donations and specific items for immediate shipment to our soldiers overseas.
For more information contact Bill Worthington -480.575.7830 bandb718@msn.com
Women’s Group
Nativity Women's Group will have the first meeting of the season on October 30th at 10:30 a m at the Church. There will be
an organizational meeting followed by lunch at a nearby restaurant. Come and catch up with your Nativity friends and
enjoy lunching out.
If you have any questions please call Donna Hartz at 480 513 3155. See you then!
Ladies Wine Night
Join us on the first Thursday each month for a social gathering. On Thursday, October 2, we are
meeting at 5:30 p.m. At the La Bocca Wine Bar and Urban Kitchen at City North (5415 E High St).
For more information, please contact Brenda Burke via email at Bburke11@gmail.com or
1s and 2s GATHER
Ones and Twos is a social group of adults at Church of the Nativity which meets
about once a month. It is open to all adult members, visitors and guests! The first
Ones and Twos of the Fall will be held on October 24th. For more information,
please contact Annie Blum (annieb8@cox.net). We ask participants to please bring an appetizer or cheerful libation to
share with your Nativity friends. And please know that guests who might like to know about us and Nativity are most
welcome. Looking forward to seeing you then and don't forget to sign up at the coffee hour between Services.
Save the date for upcoming gatherings:
10-24 12-5 1-30 2-13 4-17 5-15
Page 8 Ur ge nt - Our Sol di e r s Ne e d Our He l p
Foot or body powder - @ Dollar Store
Toilet paper
Eye drops - @ dollar store
Tee shirts
Boxer shorts - med , large, X L

Single drink mix ( crystal lite, Wylers)
Pop tarts
Canned soup (10.5 oz.
Microwave Popcorn
Jelly plastic jar 14 -16 oz at dollar store
Ordination of John Christopher
John Christopher will be ordained a priest on Saturday, October 11 at 4:00 p.m. at St. Stephen’s in
Phoenix. Nativity originally sponsored John for ordination, and he is the son of our members Marty
and Bob Christopher. All are welcome to attend!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Native American Saints Recognition Day
October 11, 2014
St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, 1735 S. College Ave., Tempe, AZ
Organized by the Diocesan Native American Program Group
Holy Eucharist – 10:00 a.m.
Celebrants: The Rt. Rev. Kirk S. Smith, Bishop of Arizona The Rev.
Deborah Royals
Preaching: The Rev. Dr. Richard Valantasis (Service will include
Native Flute, Smudging, Four Direction Prayers)
Lunch provided by The Fry Bread House (Indian Tacos) – 11:45 a.m.
Workshop/Panel Discussion – 12:45-2:45 p.m. “Native American
Ministry in the Episcopal Church/Diocese of Arizona”
St. Augustine’s Episcopal Church, 1735 S. College Ave., Tempe, AZ
Organized by the Diocesan Native American Program Group
Mor e Upc omi ng Oppor t uni t i e s Page 9
    “The Promise & Shape of a Man’s Life”
Join Bishop Kirk Smith, Fr. Phil Jackson, Fr. Bruce Jackson, Fr. Jim Clark, and men’s group
lay leaders for an event geared to strengthen men in their spiritual journey.
The weekend includes:


insightful presentations

lay-lead group discussions

personal time
Dates: Fri., November 21 – Sun., November 23
Cost: $50 – $190 (depending on accommodation selected) (scholarships may be available upon
LOCATION: Chapel Rock Camp, 1131 Country Club Drive, Prescott, AZ
To register, go to www.azdiocese.org/digital_faith/events
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Here are the opportunities available to the children and youth this coming year:
9:00 Service Children's Chapel: This is a Children's worship service
that takes place at the same time as the 9:00 adult service. Children start
with their parents and right after the opening acclamation, the priest will
call the children up for a blessing and they leave to have their own
service which includes reading of the Word, a sermon and an activity to
help the children understand the Gospel, a children's version of the creed,
prayers of the people, and confession. The children then return to their
families for the rest of the service at the Peace. This is specifically
designed for children from 4 years old through 2nd grade. Older
children will participate in the service with their parents.
10:15 Sunday School: This is Christian Education rather than worship time. It is NOT a duplication of
Children's chapel at 9:00. We have two classes meeting at this time:
Primary Elementary: 4 years old - 2nd grade Focused on hearing the stories
Upper Elementary: 3rd - 5th Grades We are using the Spark Classroom Curriculum for both of these classes
this year. This is a two year Bible Story Curriculum that includes take
home flyers for the kids to continue their learning after class. The
curriculum is very focused on the developmental levels of the children
in each age range so they get the most out of the lessons for their
cognitive levels. Remember that class starts at 10:15 even though
Church starts at 10:30! Please arrive early so that all the children can
benefit from the full time. When children arrive late, they not only miss
the first part of the lesson but it disrupts the class that has been going
on. Teachers find it difficult to teach the full message when they
continually have to repeat the lesson for late-comers. We know that life
happens and sometimes arriving late is inevitable but do the best you
can! For children whose families attend the 9:00 service, your children
will be finished at approximately 11:15. Children whose families attend
the 10:30 will join their families in the service at the Peace.
Page 1 0 Chi l dr e n & Yout h Mi ni s t r i e s
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Prayerful Performance Group: We've discovered we have quite a few kids and youth who not only enjoy
acting but are talented! And we know from experience that there are some of the Adults out there who are
also gifted! Darrell Spencer has kindly agreed to lead this new intergenerational group who will be
dramatizing the Gospel for us in our services about once every six weeks,performing the lead parts in the
Christmas Pageant and something special for Holy Week this year. Any child or adult is eligible to
participate in this activity as long as he/she can read well and is interested in drama! Children and Youth can
sign up at the registration table and then Children, parents and adult participants Mark your calendars for a
very quick organizational meeting after each service on September 14!
Youth Choir: Look forward to information regarding the youth choir from Ilona when she returns from
maternity leave!
Youth Group: Based on feedback from both parents and
youth, we will be having youth group meetings right after
the 10:30 services starting on September 7. We'll have
lunch together and then split up by age group for fun and
study. We will also being doing full group activities once
a month. Our first combined activity will be a kick off
pool party hosted by the Spencer-Trienen family after the
10:30 service on September 7. We have a wonderful new
youth leadership team and this will be a great time for the
parents and the youth to meet (or re-meet) the leaders and
discuss our plans for this year! Please watch emails to
sign up to bring something to share for the lunch at the
pool party!
Chi l dr e n & Yout h Mi ni s t r i e s Page 1 1
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Arts and Crafts
Art Graf
Lani Sambach
Shannon Rafferty
Snack team leader
Kathy Graf
Media coordinator
Destiny Spencer-Trienen
Drama, stories and music
Jasmine Youssefi
Aaron Graves

The Workshop of Wonder Players
and group helpers:
Jasmine Youssefi
Destiny Spencer-Trienen
Jeremy Spencer-Trienen
Brady Miltenburger
Crystal Rothanburger
Aaron Graves
Gracie Byrnes
Sawyer Forbes

Group Leaders:
Lana Albright
Janice Williamson

Snack Team:
Kathy Graf
Lana Albright
Annie Blum
Nancy Bleasdale
CeCe Bleasdale
Sadie Bleasdale
Debbie Myrick

Before and After Care Team:
Maggie Forbes
Dear Nativity Families,
So many people helped with Vacation Bible School in so many ways: donating supplies, making and bringing snacks,
donating cash, or volunteering before and during the week that I wanted to be sure to THANK YOU ALL!

I especially want to thank all the volunteers! These are the people who made it all work! These people are dedicated and
devoted to the children of Nativity! They each gave there time, talent and heart to be sure that each child at VBS felt
special and had fun! I cannot be more thankful for their help!

VBS Coordinator Extraordinaire! - Tracy Creamer
Thank you also to all of you who brought supplies! We couldn't have done it without you! The kids had a great time and
learned to Imagine, Build, Grow, Work and Walk with God! We were happy to have 28 children ages 4 - 11 years old
attend VBS from 9-noon. That's a 47% increase in participation from last year! Fourteen children also stayed for before/
after care between 7:30 am and 6:00 pm.
The children's reflections and pictures are below and on the next page so you can share in their experiences!

Shelley Byrnes
480.307.9216 (W) / 480.993.7377 (Cell)
Page 1 2 Vac at i on Bi bl e Sc hool 2 01 4 Re c ap
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
VBS 2 01 4 Re c ap, c ont i nue d page 1 3
The girls "Build with God."
Elysa, Charlotte, Ava and
Erin all said that their
favorite parts of Workshop
of Wonders Vacation
Bible School were the
games and crafts!
Ryland is FAST at
"Tootie Tot!"
Ryland, Aubry and
Gavin said their
favorite part of VBS
was music with
Jasmine Youssefi, and
"the goo in science,
games and also the
goo. But mostly the
Mentoring at VBS
(Colin and Sawyer!)
Ready to learn how to
"Grow with God!"
Rivet (the ant) and Sandy Paper talk about
how we can Build with God!
The guys in before and after
care having fun with Legos!
(Colin, Jake and Nate)
Doing Sign Language for the
Bible Memory Verses
(Luke, Lily, Kaley and Aubry)
A tootie tot, a tootie tot, a
tootie tot tot!
The kids gave us great suggestions for next year too! We're already starting to plan . . .
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
This is the "demo" crew who worked at
St. Vincent de Paul site where they
prepped and service lunch to
approximately 950 people a day. They
worked HARD and by the last day, the
kitchen manager, Theresa (center)
declared them the best volunteer group
ever! Debra Williamson, Crystal
Rothanburg, Katie Call, Gracie Byrnes,
Sawyer Forbes and Abby Call!
This is the "serve" crew who worked
at the Adult Day Health Center. This
picture includes Mary and Sterling
from St. Patrick's church in Thousand
Oaks CA as well as Delia and Don
who are participants at the center and
Jeremy Spencer-Treinen, Emily
Weidhaas and Alyson Orescanin.
Page 1 4 Upc omi ng Oppor t uni t y &
Mi s s i on Tr i p 2 01 4 Re c ap
We drove to San Diego where we met
up with Debra and three other youth
groups where we were divided to work
at two different work sites: St Vincent
de Paul and an Adult Day Health
Center. The days started early and site
maintenance and devotionals before
we left for our work sites.
The whole Youthworks
San Diego
Mission Trip!
Four Church groups
and Staff!
Mark your calendars for the
Diocesan Service Lock-in at Church
of the Ascension November 7-8.
Watch for more information soon!
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
Page 1 5 Yout h Mi ni s t r y Updat e s , c ont i nue d
I live in a world with a Starbucks on every corner. Not everyone lives like that.
Coming on this trip I was expecting to do stuff like painting houses. Instead I
was assigned to a soup kitchen called St. Vincent de Paul. We served over 900
people everyday. After the trip I had a new perspective on the world. Serving
people most in need of food was a life changing experience that I will keep with
me forever.
- Katie Call
I met a very friendly man named Ronnie who told me how he came to the Adult Day
Center 2 years ago in a walker and kept pushing himself and exercising until he got a
cane, because he did not want to be dependent on someone else. This touched my heart
and reminded me of my own father who was in a wheelchair when he came out of the
hospital and now he very rarely needs to even use the cane. God helped my dad and I felt
so much love from Him. I want to be like Jesus, so I may love, serve and help other
people to heal.
- Jeremy Spencer-Trienen
November 1st. At Nativity
Learn about heroes of the bible
Plan a mini-comic-con
For more information or to register, please contact Shelley
Byrnes at
12:30 - 1:15 LUNCH
3:45 - 4:00 BREAK
6:00 - 6:30 DINNER
w w w . N a t i v i t y S c o t t s d a l e . o r g
The Episcopal Church of the Nativity
Mailing Address:
22405 North Miller Road
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255
Worship Sunday
9:00 & 10:30 a.m.
Mark Your Calendars
October 12 Animal Blessing in the Park
October 15 5 Week Dinner Church begins
October 19 Newcomer’s Cafe
October 19 Stewardship Kickoff
October 24 Photos for the Parish Directory begins
November 1 SuperFaith Retreat
November 2 All Saints Celebration