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1. Who was the First President of the Republic of the Philippines?

- Emilio Aguinaldo
2. During his Presidency, he set the Malolos Republic - Emilio Aguinaldo
3. The President During the Philippine Independence Day (June 12, 1898) - Emilio Aguinaldo
4. He was the Head of the Magdalo Group of the Katipunan in Cavite - Emilio Aguinaldo
5. He Designed the Flag of the Philippines which was hoisted at the veranda of his house in Kawit, Cavite on June 12,
1898. - Emilio Aguinaldo
6. The First President of the Philippine Commonwealth - Manuel L. Quezon
7. What is the Cause of Death of Manuel L. Quezon - Tuberculosis
8. He was the first Assemblyman - Manuel L. Quezon
9. He made Pilipino as the National Language Manuel L. Quezon
10. During his presidency, he established the Commonwealth Government and the Fully independent Republic of the
Philippines (1946) - Manuel L. Quezon
11. According to him, he would prefer a worst government run by Filipinos to an ideal government run by Americans. -
Manuel L. Quezon
12. He Initiated the official use of the national language through the Commonwealth Law No. 570.- Manuel L. Quezon
13. He was named Ama ng Wikang Pambansa - Manuel L. Quezon
14. The first Filipino Leader to reside at the Malacaang Palace. - Manuel L. Quezon
15. He was the President of the Japanese Sponsored Republic - Jose P. Laurel
16. One of the So-called Seven Wise Men who studied the Constitutiton - Jose P. Laurel
17. He founded the Lyceum of the Philippines in Intramuros and the Philippine Banking Corporation. - - Jose P. Laurel
18. He was the Second Presidnet of the Philippine Commonwealth - Sergio Osmena Sr.
19. He was the Speaker of the 1st Philippine Assembly Senator (1922) - - Sergio Osmena Sr.
20. He is the Founder of the Nationalist Party (Partido Nacionalista) - Sergio Osmena Sr.
21. He was The oldest to become president in the history of the Philippines at the age of 67. - Sergio Osmena Sr.
22. He was the First President of the Third Republic of the Philippines - Manuel A. Roxas
23. During his presidency, there was Abuse of Military Police resulting to the rise of Hukbalahap (Hukbong Bayan Laban
sa mga Hapon) - Manuel Roxas
24. Who took his oath of office as President of the Philippines, serving the unexpired term of the late President
Roxas -- Vice President Elpidio Quirino
25. Who was Jose P. Laurel (Nacionalista Party and former Senate President Jose Avelino (rebel Liberal)' s
opponent during the November 8, 1949 presidential election? - Quirino
26. He was the second President of the Third Republic of the Philippines - Elpido Quirino
27. During his presidency there was growth of industrial ventures, expansion of irrigation, improvement of road system
and setting up of Central Bank and Rural Banking - - Elpido Quirino
28. He was the President during the RP US Mutual Defense Treaty ( August 30, 1951) - - Elpido Quirino
29. He was called the Architect of National Economy - - Elpido Quirino
30. He was the Third President of the Republic of the Philippines - Ramon Magsaysay
31. During his presidency, he opened Malacanang to the Public - Ramon Magsaysay
32. During his presidency, he built artesian wells and roads - Ramon Magsaysay
33. He was the author of the Agricultural Tenancy Act of 1954 - Ramon Magsaysay
34. He Played an important role in the passing of the bill on benefit grants by the United States to the Flipino veterans of
the war and one of these was the building of the Veterans Memorial Hospital. - - Ramon Magsaysa
35. He Founded the Guerilla Forces of Western Luzon after the Fall of Bataan and Corregidor. - - Ramon Magsaysay
36. He Received the Man of the Year Award in 1951. - - Ramon Magsaysay
37. He was called the Champion of the Masses. - - Ramon Magsaysay
38. According to him, those who have less in life should have more in law. - Ramon Magsaysay
39. He was hoping for a reelection but died in a fatal airplane crash at Mt. Manunggal in Cebu on March 17,
1957. - Ramon Magsaysay
40. Who was inducted into office to complete the last eight months of Magsaysay in office. - Carlos P. Garcia
41. He was the fourth President of the Third Republic of the Philippines - Carlos P. Garcia
42. He was the initiator of the Austerity Program - - Carlos P. Garcia
43. He was the initiator of the Filipino First Policy - Carlos P. Garcia
44. During his presidency, his government was the noisiest and expensive in Philippine history - Carlos P. Garcia
45. The Dr. Jose Rizal Centennial commission was created during the administration of ______________ - Carlos
P. Garcia
46. He was the Fifth President of the Third Republic of the Philippines - Diosdado Macapagal
47. What is the cause of death of Diosdado Macapagal? - heart failure
48. During his presidency, he reset the date of celebration of Philippine Independence Day from July 4 to June 12. -
Diosdado Macapagal
49. He Founded Land Bank of the Philippines - Diosdado Macapagal
50. He was tagged "The Incorruptible" because of his strict campaign against corruption. - Diosdado Macapagal