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Dr.T.V.Rao MD
Today our life and development to face future challenges are
based on technology, we have a rapid expansion of educational Institutes
many institutes run without committed staff, shortage of staff and many
seniors teachers have little vision to develop the career of our future
generation of Students, to enhance literacy, and professional development,
impact language acquisition, even in Medical and many professional colleges,
even though medium is English people try to teach in Local languages it may
suit temporarily but will make the students inferiors when they have to
compete with the Society at competitive forms, However we teachers have
role to provide greater access to information, support learning, motivate
students, and enhance their self-esteem. Indeed, researchers have affirmed
that computer technology provides abundant opportunities for students to
build or modify their personal knowledge through the rich experiences that
technology affords. Never forget our Professional college students are well
adapted to Technology in the lower grades of Studentship. They studied the
potential of multimedia and hypermedia technologies, even when they are
young Even at major cities and many public schools students use multimedia
technology to enhance even sixth-grade students information gathering and
writing skills. The Projects were developed and tested in sixth-grade or higher
classrooms for two years and showed that students made statistically
significant improvement in their recognition and use of elements such as main
ideas, supporting details, and cause and effect relationships. As Medical
Teachers reading text alone in classrooms will not improve our Medical
students, as we do in didactic teachings, lecturing, and Enhancing access
efficiency through digital multimedia. Multimedia presentations (video,
images, sound, and text) can create stronger memory links than text alone. In
addition, digital technologies allow instant playbacks, which provide the
learner with quick and easy access to different sections of instructional
materials than when they are using a textbook. I made my impact on students
learning, just by teaching few facts from Textbooks and even from WIKIPEDIA
it has lot of knowledge from collective minds, and many authors contributed
facts and contradicted. Today in India teachers who make a replica of
textbooks and many authors publish the books just add the books to our
shelves without any real contribution from self, Today many students are
afraid to ask the questions, to our teachers, I am happy in one of the staff
meetings a very young Teacher suggested it is not everything if the teachers
are asking question why not students ask questions, I do not know how many
teachers are prepared for this situation, never forget if you wish to be
respected learn to accept that we do not know many matters we teach, if we
are wise better refer and tell the complex matters it makes the student have
faith in us that we are teachers with progressive ideas, accepting our
limitations, However many students may not ask questions out of fear and
many teachers are authoritative and find fault with students when they really
interact with teachers, I observed many good students switch learning through
World Wide Web Technology when the topics are taught without wisdom as
multimedia certainly increases self-esteem the research literature, skills also
suggests that technology can have a positive impact on the self-esteem of
students, especially for at-risk students with low self-esteem and self-
confidence They reported that the reviews show that technology can have a
positive effect on student attitudes toward learning, self-confidence, and self-
esteem (Sivin-Kachala & Bialo, 2000). Other reviews (Coley, 1997 Many have
reported that technology has been found to improve school and college
attendance and decrease dropout rates with a positive impact on students
independence and feelings of responsibility for their own learning. Computer
technology on the self-esteem of even dropout youth. Today many students
find many of our didactic teachings are boring and outdated as in many
upcoming institutions we have complex group of students, To keep the
students attention focused on teachers is difficult Moreover, technology use
in the classroom helped to decrease absenteeism, lower dropout rates, and
motivate more students to continue on to college (Sandholtz et al., 1997)I wish
to state that Technology is not everything a competent teacher have greater
role We often discuss how technology has made life easy but easily forget that
it has made us overly dependent on it. Have you thought of the impact of
technology from this point of view?
The impact of technology on society is deep. It is both positive and negative.
Technology has largely influenced every aspect of living. It has made life easy,
but so easy that it may lose its charm one day if the matters are not tailored to
the optimal needs, the great problem with internet is it takes away to others
areas which are not needed for our learning. One can cherish an
accomplishment only if it comes after effort it means the students should not
neglect basic skills in learning and practising, as everything has become so
easily available due to technology that it losing its value. There is a certain kind
of enjoyment in achieving things after striving for them. But with everything a
few clicks away, there is no striving, there's only striking. With the
developments in technology, we may be able to enjoy all the pricey luxuries in
life but at the cost of losing its priceless joys with the hard work and dedication
which are possible only by hard work and a not with click of Mouse
Ref what is the Impact of Technology on Learning? By Susan OHara Robert Pritchard
Pearson Allyn Bacon Prentice Hal
Dr.T.V.Rao MD Professor of Microbiology Freelance writer