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Myths & Unani Facts of Male Impotency BY Dr Izharul Hasan

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said: There are in fact two things, science and
opinion; the former begets knowledge, the latter ignorance". These words and the wisdom
are still relevant today.
Many of the myths about impotence, are out of ignorance. They influence our seual life.
Myth !o." # $eal men don%t eperience impotence
&act : 'll men over the age of () eperience impotence, atleast once in their lifetime. *t%s
estimated that over "+) million men worldwide have impotence; in fact, reports suggest
this figure could be as high as ()) million or more. ,stimating the numbers is difficult
because less than - men in ") seek treatment for impotence problems.
*mpotence .or erectile dysfunction/ is defined as the inability to produce and maintain an
erection sufficient for seual intercourse. *mpotence is not considered to include lack of
libido, inability to e0aculate or achieve orgasm, a lack of strength or the loss of
Myth !o.- # *mpotence is "all in the mind"
&act : 'ccording to the above cited author less than -)1 of impotence cases have a
primary psychological cause. The ma0ority of men with impotence have an underlying
physical condition such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure or prostate cancer.
2tress, aniety and loss of self#esteem are often secondary psychological factors that
occur if the impotence remains undiagonsed and untreated. Medically it is now realised
that incidence increases with age. 3ascular disease involving internal pudendal artery or
its branches. *t may be an early symptom of diabetes mellitus, multiple sclerosis 4 tabes
dorsalis. ,ndocrine causes may result in loss of libido.
Myth !o.( # *mpotence is natural part of growing old
&act : The chances of eperiencing impotence increase with age. *t is largely due to the
increased risk of having an underlying physical condition such as diabetes, high blood
pressure or heart disease. To compound this factor, a number of medications prescribed
for these conditions can cause impotence. 2cientifically 5enile erection and e0aculation
are under autonomic control via the pelvic nerves. ,rection is largely parasympathetic in
control and is impaired by drugs which have anticholinergic effect and also some anti#
hypertensive 4 anti#depression agents. 2ympathetic activity is important for e0aculation
and may be inhibited by alpha adrenoceptor antagonists.
Myth !o.6 # *mpotence is a man%s problem
&act : 7oth partners in a relationship can eperience problems when impotence goes
untreated. 8ften failure to recognise the problem leads to depression, aniety, and lack of
self#esteem for both partners. ' tendency to avoid seual contact can often leave the
partner feeling unloved, unattractive and unwanted.
Myth !o.+ # ,ncountering erectile dysfunction is inevitable with increasing age
&act : !ot necessarily. Though the level of seual stimulation in men changes as they age,
it does not mean that they are considered medically impotent. 8lder men may need a
longer time in order to become aroused or they may may need more physical stimulation.
They also have a higher risk of getting health problems like hypertension and diabetes
which can contribute to erectile dysfunction partially. 5roper medication and diet
improves the situation.
Myth !o.9 # 2moking does not cause impotence
&act : Medical research has proven that smoking does cause impotence by decreasing the
blood flow into the penis. !icotine, the chemical that makes smoking addictive, restricts
the flood of blood into the penis by blocking key arteries. 'side from blocking the
arteries, nicotine also impairs the valve mechanisms that store blood within the penis.
Myth !o.: # *f conventional drugs can not help impotence, then everything is lost.
&act : !ot necessarily true. There are other alternative system of medicine and methods
that are available now that can help in treating impotence.
Myth !o.; # <oung men do not eperience impotence
&act : This is completely false. *n fact, it is said that one out of ") young men are bound
to encounter erectile dysfunction. The causes of these cases are more likely due to the
mental health of the patient rather than his physical well being.
=ifestyle >hanges re?uired in *mpotency
's stated earlier many cases of impotence are due to reduced blood flow from blocked
arteries. *t is important to maintain the same lifestyle habits as those as suggested.
,veryone should eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and fibre and
low in saturated fats and sodium without any imbalance of 2odium 4 5otassium.
' regular eercise program is etremely important. 8ne study reported that older men
who ran 6) miles a week boosted their testosterone levels by -+1 compared to inactive
=imit 'lcohol and Auit 2moking
Men who drink alcohol should do so in moderation. ?uitting smoking is essential.
@epression and aniety
5sychological factors like stress, aniety, guilt, depression, low self#esteem, and fear of
seual failure. 2hould be addressed by use Binseng "C Tablets or 'lpha T2. 5ersons
should be advised to rela and try to be tension free while performing seual activities.
A guide for those using Damiaplant
7e gentle. Bentle touch goes a long way. ,periment with touching. =et your partner
control the touching and let her tell you when she is ready to be touched. Hold hands.
,periment with Touching. 'gain, see above. This is important enough to repeat.
,periment with non#seual touching first. Have foreplay, and not intercourse. Teach
your partner that touching does !8T always lead to se.
5ay 'ttention to your partner during se. 'sk your partner is she wants you to avoid
saying anything in particular or if they want you to say something specific. =ook at them,
may be not the whole time, but often enough to make brief eye contact and keep your
partner there with you.
Bive compliments. @on%t overdo it or you%ll look insincere, but it%s important to tell her
that you think she%s beautiful, that you love her, and if you can keep them, to make
promises that you won%t hurt her or leave her. reassure her, Tellher she%s sey.
=et your partner know how her actions affect you. <our partner isn%t the only one who
needs taken care of in this relationship#$emember that if your partner does someting to
hurt you, talk about it. <ou%re in this together. 2he probably won%t realiDe that if she hurts
herself, she%s hurting you as well.
@on%t have se when you know she doesn%t want to#when you%re not sure, 'skE and make
sure you have consent. >onsent is notalways implied. 'sk, 2he will apprieciate you for it.
@on%t tell her that her feelings don%t make "sense". ' lot of the time they probably won%t,
but think of another way to point it out. 2aying this will put your partner on the defensive
and discourage her from eploring their feelings further and of telling you about them.
@on%t ,ver say, "Fell, most girls like to do thisGwould do this..... "7y saying this, you
completely shoot us down. *t%s such a huge feelings of re0ection, and it causes feelings of
failure worthlessness, and resentment. Hold your tongue.
@on%t get too stressedH 2tress is conductive with impotence. <ou should find different
ways to rela. 2ome common ways to rela are reading a book, meditating, breathing
techni?ues, taking a nap, trying a glass of wine or 0ust closing your eyes.
@on%t eat processed foodsH 5rocessed or fast foods tend to be artery cloggers, which lower
circulation levels and cause impotence.
@on%t ignore the problem.
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