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Masters Oral Questions

1. What ship certificates would you expect to find on :-

a) a 1590 GRT ini-!ul"er
#ertificate of $ritish Re%istry& #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate( #ar%o
'hip 'afety )*uipent #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip 'afety Radio #ertificate +or #ar%o
'hip 'afety #ertificate in lieu)( ,nternational -il .ollution .re/ention #ertificate(
,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention #ertificate( ,nternational 'ewa%e .ollution
.re/ention #ertificate +new ships)( )n%ine ,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention
#ertificate( ,nternational 1oadline #ertificate( ,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate( ,'2
3ocuent of #opliance and 'afety 2ana%eent #ertificate( 'afe 2annin%
3ocuent( ,nternational 'hip 'ecurity #ertificate
!) a 900 GRT oil-ri% supply /essel carryin% !ul" !rine
#ertificate of $ritish Re%istry& #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate( #ar%o
'hip 'afety )*uipent #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip 'afety Radio #ertificate +or #ar%o
'hip 'afety #ertificate in lieu)( ,nternational -il .ollution .re/ention #ertificate(
,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention #ertificate( ,nternational 'ewa%e .ollution
.re/ention #ertificate +new ships)( )n%ine ,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention
#ertificate( ,nternational 1oadline #ertificate( ,nternational 4oxious 1i*uid
'u!stances #ertificate( ,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate( ,'2 3ocuent of
#opliance and 'afety 2ana%eent #ertificate( 'afe 2annin% 3ocuent(
,nternational 'hip 'ecurity #ertificate( 3an%erous Goods 3ocuent of #opliance.
c) a 15000 3WT cheical tan"er
#ertificate of $ritish Re%istry& #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate( #ar%o
'hip 'afety )*uipent #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip 'afety Radio #ertificate +or #ar%o
'hip 'afety #ertificate in lieu)( ,nternational -il .ollution .re/ention #ertificate(
,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention #ertificate( ,nternational 'ewa%e .ollution
.re/ention #ertificate +new ships)( )n%ine ,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention
#ertificate( ,nternational 1oadline #ertificate( ,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate( ,'2
3ocuent of #opliance and 'afety 2ana%eent #ertificate( 'afe 2annin%
3ocuent( ,nternational 'hip 'ecurity #ertificate( ,nternational #ertificate of 5itness.
d) a 600000 3WT crude oil tan"er !uilt in 1970
#ertificate of $ritish Re%istry& #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate( #ar%o
'hip 'afety )*uipent #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip 'afety Radio #ertificate +or #ar%o
'hip 'afety #ertificate in lieu)( ,nternational -il .ollution .re/ention #ertificate(
,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention #ertificate( ,nternational 'ewa%e .ollution
.re/ention #ertificate +new ships)( )n%ine ,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention
#ertificate( ,nternational 1oadline #ertificate( ,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate( -il
.ollution ,nsurance #ertificate( ,'2 3ocuent of #opliance and 'afety
2ana%eent #ertificate( 'afe 2annin% 3ocuent( ,nternational 'hip 'ecurity
e) a lar%e cruise liner
#ertificate of $ritish Re%istry& .assen%er 'hip 'afety #ertificate( ,nternational -il
.ollution .re/ention #ertificate( ,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention #ertificate(
,nternational 'ewa%e .ollution .re/ention #ertificate +new ships)( )n%ine
,nternational 0ir .ollution .re/ention #ertificate( ,nternational 1oadline #ertificate(
,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate( ,'2 3ocuent of #opliance and 'afety
2ana%eent #ertificate( 'afe 2annin% 3ocuent( ,nternational 'hip 'ecurity
6. +a) ,n what circustances ust you send a na/i%ation warnin%8
'-10' re*uires the 2aster to send na/i%ation warnin%s if on eetin% :- 1)
3an%erous ,ce( 6) a dan%erous derelict( 9) any other direct dan%er to na/i%ation e.%.
container( 4:# ship( lar%e lo%( unlit fishin% /essels( ;) a tropical stor( 5)
su!free<in% teperatures associated with %ale force winds causin% se/ere ice
accretion on superstructures or =) Winds of $eaufort 5orce 10 and a!o/e for which no
stor warnin% has !een recei/ed.
+!) Who ust you address it to8
'hips in the /icinity and the copetent authorities.
+c) $y what eans ust you transit it8
$y all eans at the 2aster>s disposal. .refix with 'ecurite.
9. What spare official fors could usefully !e carried on!oard a :? ship8
-fficial 1o% $oo"( G23'' 1o%s( #rew a%reeents( 0rticles( Gar!a%e 1o%s( -il
Record $oo"( 20,$ 5ors etc. 2ost fors will !e found on /essels @)' syste.
;. What are the differences !etween an ,2--adopted and unadopted Traffic
'eparation 'chee8
,2- appro/ed schees are adopted and coe into force = onths after adoption !y
,2-. Rules for na/i%ation in an adopted schee are as in #-1R)G' Rule 10.
:nappro/ed schees ay lie totally in national waters and are unadopted. 3ecisions
concernin% routin% in such schees lie with the coastal state %o/ernent. 4ational
rules ay therefore differ fro the international rules.
5. +a) Where would you find a list of all Traffic 'eparation 'chees( !oth adopted
and unadopted8
0nnual 4otice 4o. 1A in the 0nnual 'uary of 4otices to 2ariners. :nadopted
schees are ar"ed with an asterix.
+!) Bow can you ensure that this list is up to date8
$y correctin% it with the Wee"ly 4otices to 2ariners.
+c) ,n what other pu!lications is inforation pu!lished a!out Traffic 'eparation
0diralty #harts( 'hips Routein%( The 2ariners Band!oo"( 'ailin% 3irections(
0diralty 2ariner>s Routein% #harts.
=. 0fter a!andonin% your ship durin% a aCor fire( and ha/in% !een rescued !y
another ship( what action would you ta"e8
2uster of sur/i/ors( liase with 2aster re. :naccounted persons( ensure welfare of
crew. ,f all crew are rescued( cancel 2ayday essa%e. 0d/ise 2aster or rescue
/essel to put out na/i%ation warnin% concernin% dan%erous derelict. #ontact owners
and arran%e 4-? notification( contact 20,$ within 6; hours( preser/e e/idence such
as -1$ and dec" lo%!oo"s and a"e entry in each concernin% the a!andonent
includin% position and description of casualty( warn crew a!out %i/in% stateents
without y authorisation. Write full report of the incident and as" others to do the
A. What action would you ta"e if( on Coinin% the ship that was not due for its 'afety
)*uipent 'ur/ey for another = onths( you found that soe aspects of the
lifesa/in% or fire fi%htin% appliances were not in %ood order8
Raise a non-confority in accordance with copany '2' procedures. )ither a"e
%ood the defects !efore sailin% or apply to the 2#0 for a %eneral inspection and %et
the 2#0>s written appro/al to sail
7. When ust your steerin% %ear !e tested8
'-10' re*uires steerin% %ear to !e tested !efore departure +not ore than 16 hours
!efore). )er%ency steerin% procedures ust !e tested e/ery three onths. Dessels
on trips of short duration ust test 'teerin% %ear wee"ly.
9. While on a 1 year tie charter( runnin% !etween the .ersian Gulf and Eapan( your
'afety )*uipent #ertificate !ecoes due for renewal in one onths tie. What
action would you ta"e8
0rran%e renewal sur/ey with 2#0. -nly initial sur/ey needs to !e perfored !y
2#0. Renewal sur/ey ay!e perfored !y classification society. There should !e
no pro!le in %ettin% class to attend the /essel in Eapan or the Gulf. -wners will
arran%e and pay for sur/eys.
10. +a) What is the purpose of an -.,# certificate8
-il .ollution ,nsurance #ertificate F a certificate of insurance or other financial
security in respect of ci/il lia!ility in e/ent of oil pollution daa%e. .ro/es( the
/essel is co/ered and satisfies the re*uireents of the ,nternational #on/ention on
#i/il 1ia!ility for -il .ollution 3aa%e 19=9. Re*uired !y tan"ers carryin% G6000 t
of oil.
+!) When is it to !e produced !y the 2aster8
-n arri/al or departure fro any port or terinal( to custos or any state or har!our
official re*uestin% it.
+c) Bow is an -.,# certificate o!tained8
-wners apply to the 2#0 enclosin% docuentary proof that an insurance policy
exists. .roof is norally shown !y a !lue certificate issued !y the owner>s .H, clu!.
11. What -1$ entry ust !e ade on the chan%e of 2aster8
-ff%oin% 2aster should a"e an entry in the narrati/e section to the effect that he has
deli/ered to the new 2aster all the docuents relatin% to the ship and the crew. $oth
he and the new aster should si%n this entry. The new 2aster should add his nae
and certificate nu!er to the list on the front co/er.
16. Who would you infor after :-
a) spillin% !un"ers in a forei%n port8
Bar!our authorities( ships a%ent( .H, clu! correspondent( 'hips -wnersIana%ers.
2a"e a report to the port state adinistration.
!) 'ustainin% collision daa%e at sea in way of a !un"er fuel tan"8
20,$( send a pollution report +B' report F Barful 'u!stances F see 2G4 6;6) to
the coastal state. Report to the owners and charterers.
19. What are the contents of a certificate of $ritish Re%istry8
-fficial 4u!er( ,2- 4u!er( Radio #all 'i%n( 4ae of 'hip( .ort of #hoice( Type
of ship( 2ethod of .ropulsion( en%ine a"eIodel( total en%ine power in ?W( len%th(
!readth( depth( re%ister tonna%e( GT( 4T( year of !uild( date and tie of issue of
certificate( date of expiry( instructions as to what to do if the ship is lost or ceases to
!e a $ritish re%istered ship( or if the certificate is lost( stolen defaced or daa%ed&
warnin% note to the effect that the certificate is not proof of ownership( address of
R''( on the re/erse - ownership details of the ship +share owners naes and
addresses and nu!er of =;
shares owned !y each).
1;. What are the contents of an ,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate8
'hips particulars& len%th( !readth and oulded depth& GT and 4T( -n re/erse F list of
spaces easured in the coputation of GT and 4T includin% the location and len%th
of each space. 0lso under 4T( the nu!er of passen%ers in ca!ins with not ore than
7 !erths( the nu!er of other passen%ers and the oulded drau%ht. 3ate and place of
ori%inal easureent( date and place of last pre/ious re-easureent.
15. What sur/eys or inspections are re*uired !y the 1oad 1ine le%islation8
,nitial +!efore issue)( renewal sur/ey +at inter/als not exceedin% 5 years)( 0nnual
sur/ey +JI- 9 onths of the anni/ersary date of the certificate).
1=. What ites coe into the scope of the 1oad 1ine .eriodical ,nspection8
Batchways& openin%s in the ship>s side !elow the free!oard dec" and in the sides and
ends of enclosed superstructures& achinery casin%s( copanionways and
dec"houses& freein% port shutters& /entilators and air pipes& special fittin%s for ships
ar"ed with ti!er load lines& any departures fro recorded conditions of
assi%nent& positions of load line ar"s and dec" line.
1A. What is a classification society8
#lassification societies pu!lish rules for the construction( aintenance and operation
of ships. They /erify copliance throu%h sur/eys. #opliance assures assi%nent
and aintenance of class !y the society.
17. What is the purpose of ship classification8
,t is a re*uireent of hull and achinery insurers( .H, clu!s( ship financiers and
car%o insurers. ,t is also useful in sale and purchase. #lass is lin"ed with statutory
certification. ,f a ship has her class withdrawn( she will norally lose her statutory
certificates +car%o ship safety construction certificate co/ers uch the sae as the
class sur/ey).
19. What are your le%al o!li%ations on recei/in% a 2ayday si%nal fro a near!y ship8
To proceed with all speed to the assistance of the persons in distress( inforin% the
or the '0R ser/ice( if possi!le that the ship is doin% so. 0n entry ust !e ade in the
-1$ and G23'' lo%!oo" of the receipt of the distress si%nal. )ntries should !e
ade fully descri!in% any assistance %i/en.
60. +a) When are you released of your o!li%ations8
,f re*uisitioned( you can only !e released on !ein% infored !y the persons in distress
or the '0R ser/ice or !y the 2aster of another ship which has reached the persons in
distress and infored you that assistance is no lon%er necessary.
+!) What -1$ entries ust !e ade concernin% distress si%nals8
-n receipt of a distress si%nal F the details of the call& if a call is recei/ed !ut the ship
is una!le or in the special circustances of the case( the 2aster feels it is unnecessary
or unreasona!le( an entry ust !e ade statin% the reason for failin% to proceed.
-1$ entry necessary if /essel is re*uisitioned and when released. 0 record ust !e
ade in the -1$ of e/ery si%nal of distress or essa%e that a /essel( aircraft or
person is in distress at sea.
61. What '-10' certificates would you expect to find on your next ship8
.assen%er 'hip 'afety #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate( #ar%o
'hip 'afety )*uipent #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip 'afety Radio #ertificate( #ar%o 'hip
'afety #ertificate( 'afe 2annin% 3ocuent. 0lso )xeption certificates.
66. What action would you ta"e re%ardin% a seaan who was drun" on!oard8
a) on duty.
)nsure the safety of the ship( personnel and the seaan hiself. Reo/e the seaan
fro duty and su!stitute another seaan. Ba/e the seaan so!ered up. 3iscipline
the seaan in accordance with the 2erchant 4a/y #ode of #onduct.
!) off duty
)nsure the safety of the ship( personnel and the seaan hiself. ,f there was no
threat to safety( ta"e no action !eyond an inforal warnin% unless the copany>s rules
prohi!its alcohol. Gi/e a dru% and alcohol test !efore the seafarer starts wor" a%ain.
69. a) :nder what circustances would you note protest8
,n e/ery case of General 0/era%e( 0fter wind or sea conditions encountered ay ha/e
daa%ed car%o. 0fter wind or sea conditions encountered ay ha/e caused failure to
eet a cancelin% date. 0fter car%o is shipped in a condition that is li"ely to
deteriorate on the /oya%e. 0fter the ship has !een daa%ed throu%h any cause. 0fter
a serious !reach of the charter party !y the charterer or his a%ent e.%. sendin% /essel to
unsafe port or refusal to load. 0fter the consi%nee fails to dischar%e or ta"e deli/ery
of the car%o or fails to pay the frei%ht etc.
!) Bow would you note protest8
2aster should %o to a notary pu!lic or other authori<ed person. Be should !e
accopanied !y one or ore witnesses +crew) who ha/e "nowled%e of the facts.
Ba/e with hi the -1$( dec" lo% and all rele/ant inforation surroundin% the e/ent
to !ein% protested. 2a"e a sworn stateent !efore the notary who will enter it in the
re%ister of protests. .urchase at least three certified copies of the protests +owner(
a/era%e adCuster and ships files). .ay the notarial fee and o!tain a receipt.
c) What is eant !y Kextendin% protestL8
,t is necessary to extend protest when it is ipossi!le to ascertain the full extent of the
loss or daa%e when first notin% protest. 5urther facts ay ha/e to !e added to the
ori%inal protest. ).%. after a sur/eyors report.
6;. :nder what circustances would you write a letter of protest8
When car%o is loaded too fast or too slow. When ste/edores are daa%in% the ship or
ishandlin% ship>s e*uipent. When the car%o specification is wron%. When there is
a discrepancy !etween the ship>s and shore car%o fi%ures. When the !erth or
fenderin% arran%eent are inade*uate. When doc" wor"ers are isusin% ship>s
e*uipent and are i%norin% duty officer>s ad/ice( or are urinatin% in car%o spaces.
When passin% /essels cause ran%in%( wash daa%e etc. when loadin% I dischar%in%.
,n any other situation where the aster wishes to forally record his dissatisfaction or
disappro/al of arran%eents o/er which the other party has soe control.
65. What sur/eyors would you expect to coe on !oard followin% a %eneral a/era%e
act( such as a tow into a port of refu%e followin% collision8
0/era%e adCustors F they will a"e an estiate of the total /alue of loss or daa%e
and ad/ise the shipowner of the rate of contri!ution re*uired fro each party.
#lassification society sur/eyor ay also !e present to issue interi certificate of class
so that the /oya%e can !e continued.
6=. What are the offences a :? aster can !e fined up to M650(000 on suary
$reach of 2' 0ct 1995 F ille%al dischar%e of oil pollutants in :? national waters.
$reach of Re%ulations 16 +!rea"in% rules re. 2achinery space oil)( 19 +tan"er
!rea"in% dischar%e criteria) or 1= +dischar%in% in special area) of the 2' +pre/ention
of oil pollution) Re%ualtions 199=.
6A. What is the difference !etween suary con/iction and con/iction on
'uary con/iction is a con/iction !y a%istrates followin% a trial usin% suary
procedure and is used ainly for inor offences. 4o Cury sits( so the Cud%es decide
*uestions of !oth law and fact. 'entencin% powers are liited !y statute. #on/iction
on ,ndictent follows a trial in a ore senior court where the accused is indicted to
appear !efore a Cury of 16 people. The Cury decide *uestions of fact( the Cud%e
decidin% *uestions of law only. The court procedure is soeties called solen
procedure. .rison sentences are liited !y statute !ut fines are unliited.
67. What docuents should !e returned to the 2#0 if a :? ship is sold to a forei%n
#ertificate of re%istry( official lo% !oo"( G23'' 1o%!oo".
69. What reports would you a"e if you lost a container load of cheicals in drus
o/erside in !ad weather8
0 dan%erous %oods +3G) report and arine pollutants +2.) report as descri!ed in
2G4 6;6 to nearest #R' or coast%uard station. 0 report to 20,$ of the loss of
car%o o/er!oard and the possi!ility of serious har to the en/ironent. Report to the
owners and charterers. 0%ent at destination port should !e ad/ised in order to notify
recei/ers. 4a/i%ation warnin% should also !e !roadcast.
90. What is the procedure for reportin% to custos on arri/al in a :? port fro
#lose the !ond and tally the contents. ,f custos !oard on arri/al( they will norally
as" for the reports +2asters declaration( crew declaration( car%o declaration and
passen%er return) on !oardin%. ,f they do not /isit( you ust deli/er the report only to
the desi%nated place in the port e.%. custos office( har!our aster( police or a%ent
etc. Report ust !e ade within three hours of the ship reachin% its !erth. ,f at
anchor within port liits F within 6; hours of arri/al.
91. When are li%ht dues paid and on what !asis are they calculated8
.aya!le on a total of A /oya%es per year. 4ot necessary on ore than one /oya%e per
onth. ;0p per 4RT with iniu char%e per /oya%e of M=0. axiu fee is
M1=(000 per annu. Re%ional collectors eployed !y the ,nstitute of #hartered
ship!ro"ers will collect the dues
96. a) What are the functions of a 1loyds 0%ent8
0%ents are esta!lished in nuerous ports world-wide( to protect the interests of
1loyd>s underwriters and act in their interests. They collect and transit inforation
of li"ely interest to the 1loyd>s ar"et and insurers worldwide - ha/e a /ery thorou%h
"nowled%e of local facilities and custos. 3uties include "eepin% 1loyd>s infored
of the latest inforation re%ardin% o/eents of ships and car%oes( stri"es( port
con%estion( !ad weather and all other atters of special interest to underwriters&
0ppointin% sur/eyors to sur/ey daa%e to /essels and car%oes on !ehalf of
underwriters. ,ssuin% certificates of sea daa%e& and renderin% assistance to asters
in cases of wrec"( daa%e to ship or car%o( and difficulties arisin% in connection with
payent of port dis!urseents. 0lso conduct draft sur/eys( !un"er sur/eys( ship
daa%e and collision sur/eys( on-and-off-hire condition sur/eys( pre-shipents
sur/eys and car%o out-turn sur/eys.
96. !) When are you re*uired to report to a 1loyd>s 0%ent8
The 4otice of #lai and Tenders #lause in the ,nstitute Tie #lauses F Bulls
+1I10I79) re*uires that in any circustances that ay result in a clai on underwriters
relatin% to ship( car%o( !un"ers( etc.( the nearest 1loyd>s 0%ent ust !e infored if
the /essel is a!road.
99. $efore offerin% to tow a disa!led ship( what factors would you consider8
#onsider whether the contract of carria%e +#I. or $-1) perits /essel to en%a%e in
towa%e. 0re there sufficient !un"ers and 5W a!oard. ,s there a possi!ility of issin%
a cancelin% date in the charter party. 3oes the nature of the car%o perit len%thenin%
the /oya%e. ,s the ships achinery of ade*uate power and construction for towin%. ,s
the /alue of the tow plus her car%o of enou%h /alue to erit a sal/a%e ser/ice.
9;. What are the ain !enefits of usin% a 1loyds -pen 5or8
-wner of property is protected !y a K4o cure F 4o payL principle. #ontract can !e
ade in a few inutes o/er the radio. 'al/or retains a lien on the sal/ed %oods and
property. .arties in/ol/ed "now an experienced ar!itrator will hear the clais. There
is an a%reed appeals procedure.
95. What are the 2#0>s recoendations re%ardin% the use of Balon fire appliances8
0nnex D, of 20R.-1 states that new installations containin% B#5#>s are peritted
until 1 Eanuary 6060. The deli!erate eission of o<one depletin% su!stances which
include halons is prohi!ited.
9=. What special docuentation is re*uired in a ro-ro ferry concernin% sailin% drafts
and sta!ility8
0 special additional 5ree!oard 'heet 05'IR-I79. 'ince certain extra sta!ility details
are re*uired to !e recorded when a ro-ro ferry departs( the sheets printed in the -1$
cannot !e used. These for an annex to the -1$.
9A. a) Which ship>s ust carry a #ertificate of 5itness8
Gas #arriers and #heical Tan"ers. ,f !uilt after 1 Euly 197=( ships ha/e an
,nternational #ertificate of 5itness& others ha/e a certificate of 5itness.
9A. !) What is the period of /alidity of #ertificate of 5itness and who issues the8
5 years su!Cect to annual and interediate sur/eys as descri!ed in 2'4 1A51. 2ay
!e extended for up to three onths. ,ssued !y the 2#0. 0nnual sur/eys ay !e
underta"en !y classification society.
97. a) What are the contents of a .assen%er 'hip 'afety #ertificate8
4ae of ship( -4( .-R( GT( sea areas in which ship can operate( ,2- nu!er( date
"eel laid( certifyin% stateent that ship has !een sur/eyed in accordance with '-10'
and that the sur/ey showed the ship coplied with '-10' re*uireents as re%ards :
structure( ain and auxiliary achinery( !oilers( waterti%ht su!di/ision arran%eents(
+su!di/ision loadlines detailed on cert)( structural fire protection( fire safety systes
and appliances and fire control plans& 1'0 and e*uipent of life!oats( liferafts and
rescue !oats( 1T0( radio installations used in 1'0( radio installations( na/i%ational
e*uipent( pilot e!ar"ation arran%eents and nautical pu!lications( li%hts( shapes(
eans of a"in% sound and distress si%nals and all other respects. 0ny exeption
certificates. )xpiry date( place and date of issue( sur/eyors si%nature( nae and 2#0
stap. 'uppleented !y record of e*uipent. 'pace for any extension.
97. !) What is the difference !etween a .assen%er #ertificate and a .assen%er 'hip
'afety #ertificate8
.assen%er certificate only re*uired for :? ships operatin% on doestic /oya%es.
.''# is a '-10' re*uireent whereas a .# is a :? %o/ernent re*uireent for a
non-'-10' passen%er ship statin% ax .0N within specified plyin% liits.
99. a) 5or what reasons ay ost '-10' #ertificates !e extended8
0ny certificate co/ered !y the B''# ay !e extended for a period of up to 9 onths
in order that a renewal sur/ey can !e carried out. ).%. ship is delayed to arri/al of
sur/ey port.
99. !) Which statutory certificates cannot !e extended8
#ar%o ship safety construction certificate( #ertificate of 5itness for the carria%e of
1i*uefied Gases or 3an%erous #heicals in $ul".
99. c) Bow would you a"e a re*uest for an extension to the /alidity of a '-10'
The 2aster should send a written re*uest to the 2#0 !y telex or fax statin% ship>s
identity( certificates concerned& whenIwhere the renewal sur/ey was due to !e held&
the reason why the sur/ey ust !e delayed& whereIwhen the sur/ey can now !e held&
and his personal confiration that the ites co/ered !y the sur/eys due are in %ood
;0. a) What are the usual contents of an )xeption #ertificate8
The identity of the particular re%ulation+s) +or parts thereof) exepted fro& the
alternati/e arran%eents and conditions iposed !y the fla% state adinistration&
sur/eyor>s si%nature( port( date( official stap.
;0. !) ,n respect of which re%ulations are odern erchant ships ost li"ely to hold
an )xeption #ertificate.
-ission of radio direction finder e*uipent and 6176"h< hoin% recei/er. 0lso( if
na/ li%hts cannot !e located in positions specified !y #-1R)G' e%. 'upply ships.
;1. a) ,n what circustances i%ht an interi #ertificate of #lass !e issued8
When a classification society>s sur/eyor can confir that repairs or sur/eys ha/e !een
carried out to his satisfaction( and that he considers the ship to !e in a fit and efficient
condition to continue her /oya%e. 0n interi certificate of class is in effect a
certificate of seaworthiness.
;1. !) What are the contents of an ,nteri #ertificate of #lass8
'uary of class and statutory sur/eys held or wor" carried out( with status e.%.
coplete& date of copletion of the sur/ey or the wor"& list of any ites credited for
the hull andIor achinery special sur/ey or #ontinuous 'ur/ey of Bull& the sur/eyor>s
recoendations for continuance of class( any Kconditions of classL now iposed>
any Kconditions of classL deleted& the sur/eyors si%nature( port and date.
;6. 5ro who would you see" ad/ice re%ardin% the appointent of a suita!le
sur/eyor to issue a #ertificate of 'eaworthiness followin% inor hull daa%e8
The 1loyds a%ent F esta!lished throu%hout world in ports. They will arran%e
;9. What is a possessory lien( and how could you exercise it on !ehalf of the owners8
,n coon law a carrier !y sea has a possessory lien on %oods in his possession in
three cases:- To reco/er unpaid frei%ht& To reco/er expenses incurred in protectin%
car%o +since the aster ay ha/e acted as an a%ent of necessity for the !enefit of the
car%o owner)& and To reco/er a General 0/era%e contri!ution due fro car%o
+althou%h in practice car%o is norally released once a General 0/era%e !ond or
%uarantee has !een si%ned).
;;. What action would you ta"e if a consi%nee failed to produce an ori%inal !ill of
ladin% at the dischar%e port8
,nstruct the a%ent to infor the recei/er so that no car%o can !e dischar%ed until either
an ori%inal $ill of 1adin% is presented or an accepta!le letter of indenity is %i/en !y
the recei/er. The .H, clu! correspondent should also !e infored.
;5. What ust a shipper a"e a/aila!le !efore you load dan%erous %oods:
a) in !ul" li*uid for
'pecific anifest ust !e pro/ided settin% out details fro the shippin% docuents of
the dan%erous %oods !ein% carried. 2ust include correct technical nae(
classification within the ,23G code( ass or /olue and details of stowa%e location
in the ship. 2anifest or stowa%e plan ust !e "ept on!oard until dischar%ed.
4otification should also include flashpoint +if under =0 de%rees) and contact details of
the copany supplyin% the car%o. ,n addition( the ship ust carry and additional
docuents specified !y the $ul" car%oes code( the $#B code( ,$# code( ,G# code or
Gas #arrier code. These ay include certificates of a test of the su!stance or
certificate of fitness.
!) in pac"a%ed for +e.%. in a road tan"er or a container)
0 dan%erous %oods I arine pollutants anifest( stowa%e plan or list ust !e issued.
0s well as any additional special docuents re*uired for the acceptance of %oods. 0
container or /ehicle pac"in% certificate si%ned !y the person who stowed the %oods
ust !e pro/ided. 3an%erous %oods declaration ust include proper shippin% nae(
class and di/ision( :4 4o.( pac"in% %roup( type and nu!er of pac"a%es( total
*uantity of dan%erous %oods or net explosi/e content( 2. if appropriate( any other
info re*uired !y the ,23G code( date of preparation of declaration( nae and statusof
si%natory( their copany( postal( e-ail( telephone no.( and fax no.( of the person fro
who detailed inforation a!out the pac"a%ed %oods ay !e o!tained.
;=. What docuents ust you a"e out after shippin% dan%erous %oods8
3an%erous car%o lists( copies of anifest and copies of stowa%e plan. -ne copy of
anifests to !e si%ned !y aster and returned to a%ent. 'pottin% plan should !e ade
out on a container ship.
;A. a) What are the differences !etween Kdan%erous %oodsL and Karine pollutantsL8
3an%erous %oods are classified in the ,23G code( ,$# #ode or ,G# #ode as
dan%erous for carria%e !y sea( and any other su!stance which the shipper has
reasona!le cause ay eet the criteria for such a classification.
2arine pollutant is a su!stance classified in the ,23G #ode or as a noxious li*uid
su!stance in the ,$# code( oil as defined in 20R.-1 0nnex 1 and any other
su!stance that the shipper !elie/es i%ht eet the criteria for such classification.
;A. !) Where would you find a list of all reco%ni<ed Karine pollutantsL8
Dolue 6 of the ,23G #ode. ,ndicated !y word K2arine .ollutantL.
;7. a) There is no section of the -R$ specifically for recordin% !un"erin% operations.
Where would you record these8
3etails of fuel oil !un"erin% operations should !e recorded in the -il Record $oo"
part 1 in the K0dditional operational procedures and %eneral rear"sL section. .lace(
tie( date( type and *uantity of fuel oil !un"ered should !e included.
;7. !) Where ust the aster>s si%nature appear in the -R$8
)ach copleted operation ust !e si%ned !y the officers in char%e of the operation
concerned. )ach copleted pa%e ust !e si%ned !y the 2aster.
;7. c) 5or how lon% ust an -R$ !e "ept on!oard8
-R$ ust !e preser/ed for three years after the last entry has !een ade.
;9. a) Who can deand to see the official lo%!oo"8
To the R''& an 2#0 'uperintendent& a .roper -fficer& an 2#0 'ur/eyor& or a
#ustos -fficer. ,n practice shown to any forei%n stateI port official who deands it.
;9. !) Bow would you correct an erroneous entry in the -1$8
With a further entry. ,ncorrect entry should !e left as it is and another entry should !e
ade referrin% to the ista"e e.%. Kin the line a!o/e( for K'ithL( read KEonesL.
50. a) What should !e done with a deceased seaan>s %ear8
2aster should detail two officers to tally and pac" the %ear ready for returnin% to the
4-? /ia the a%ent at the next suita!le port. -ne copy should !e pac"ed with the %ear
and one inserted in the -1$ +as an annex). #ustos ay chec" %ear !efore landin%.
50. !) What should !e done with a deceased seaan>s wa%es and account of wa%es8
2aster should a"e up the seaan>s wa%es and o/ertie( and draw up an 0ccount of
'eaan>s wa%es +0'WI6) in accordance with the 2' +'eaan>s wa%es and accounts)
re%ulations. The account should !e sent to a 'uperintendent or .roper -fficer and the
wa%es to the 4-?.
51. 0 seaan sees to ha/e deserted in $an%"o". What would you do !efore sailin%8
#ontact a%ent. 0%ent will !e responsi!le for repatriatin% seafarer if he turns up within
three onths. #hec" '23 to see if /essel can le%ally sail without the seaan.
#ontact the 3.0 who ay ha/e to arran%e perission fro the 2#0 to sail. )nsure
'uperintendent or proper officer infored of seaans nae( hoe address( nae and
address of 4-?( ship>s nae( date left !ehind( place he was left !ehind and if "nown(
his present wherea!outs. 0lso infor of eployers nae and address and eployer>s
a%ent details. 1o% in the -1$ details of the e/ent includin% the fact that the proper
officer has !een infored of the seaan>s disappearance. 3ischar%e the seaan fro
the crew a%reeent( catalo%ue and land his %ear and si%n on a replaceent.
56. a) What accidents ust !e reported to the 20,$8
0ny accident leadin% to death or serious inCury( if it in/ol/es a :? ship +anywhere) or
any other ship in :? waters. Ba<ardous incidents ay also !e in/esti%ated such as
an o/er!oard( shiftin% of car%o( loss of car%o or unintended transfer of !allast
causin% a list.
56. !) What o/er occurrences does the 20,$ re*uire 2asters to report8

1oss or a!andonent of /essel or to her sufferin% aterial daa%e& any strandin%(
collision( fire( explosion or aCor !rea"down& any incident causin% har to any
person or the en/ironent& and any incident which i%ht ha/e led to inCury or which
ha<arded the ship.
59. What is an a/era%e !ond8
0 si%ned underta"in% !y car%o recei/ers statin% that( in return for deli/ery to the or
to their order of the %oods noted in the !ond( they a%ree to pay the proper proportion
of any General 0/era%e char%es +and sal/a%e or special char%es) which ay thereafter
!e ascertained to !e due fro the %oods.
5;. Two seaen as" you to arran%e the election of a safety representati/e for the crew.
What would you do8
2' +Bealth and 'afety at Wor") Re%ulations re*uire the 2aster of a ship with ore
than 5 crew to arran%e an election of a safety representati/e if the crew want one and
re*uest an election. #-'W. ad/ises the 2aster should or%ani<e an election within
three days of !ein% re*uested !y any 6 persons entitled to /ote. #andidate with ost
/otes is elected. They ust ha/e at least two years sea ser/ice and if on a tan"er( ha/e
= onths ser/ice on tan"ers.
55. 3urin% a life-extension refit( a new funnel is fitted different in shape to your old
one. What would you do8
0dditional sur/ey ay !e re*uired for '-10' certificates such as car%o ship safety
construction and 1oadline #ertificate. #ontact the 3.0 and the 5la% 'tate to arran%e
a sur/ey or appro/al. )nsure sae ar"in%s as old funnel are applied to the new
5=. a) What ships ust carry an -.,#8
'hips carryin% 6000 tonnes or ore of persistent oil in !ul" as car%o.
5=. !) What ships ust carry an ,-..8
Tan"ers of 150GT and o/er and other ships of ;00 GT and o/er on international
5=. c) What ships ust carry a :?-..#8
:? ships of the a!o/e tonna%es which do not trade on international /oya%es.
5A. What is persistent oil8
.ersistent oil is defined !roadly as all hydrocar!on ineral oils( residual oil +residues
of distillation of or refinin% of crude oil) and whale oil.
57. Bow would you en%a%e three Kflyin% fittersL +sea%oin% aintenance %an%)8
-n 01#1+!) +list of exept crew). 0ny of the who are under 17 should also !e
listed on 01#1+c).
59. What are 250G>s and )2'8
2edical 5irst 0id Guide for use in accidents in/ol/in% dan%erous %oods and&
)er%ency response procedures for ships carryin% dan%erous %oods F The )2'
Guide. $oth are suppleents in the ,23G #ode.
=0. a) Where and when is a tan"er chec"list re*uired8
This is a Coint list pro/ided !y the terinal and which is si%ned !y a ship and the
terinal rep. 2ust !e used prior to loadin%( dischar%in%( !allastin%( tan" cleanin% and
%as freein% when alon%side. #hec"list is adapted when at sea.
=0. !) What does a tan"er chec"list contain8
0ll the %eneral precautions to !e ta"en prior to any of the a!o/e operations. ).%.
sufficient personnel( warnin% notices displayed( 550 in readiness( oorin%s taut(
a%reed counications( safe li%htin%( no na"ed flaes( car%o tan" lids closed( lines
properly set( drip trays in use( air conditionin% on re-circ( safe ship-shore access( ain
radio aerials earthed( scuppers plu%%ed etc.
=1. What eleents ust !e present in a sal/a%e case to *ualify for a reward8
There ust !e a peril& the sal/ed property ust !e a reco%ni<ed su!Cect of sal/a%e& the
sal/a%e ser/ice ust !e a /oluntary act& and the sal/a%e ser/ice ust result in success
+sal/ed property ust !e sa/ed).
=6. ,f a 2#0 sur/eyor decided that you were dan%erously unsafe to proceed to sea
without serious ris" to huan life( what would you do8
3iscuss with the sur/eyor the findin%s( and then consider whether his findin%s are
Custified. , would then #ontact the 3.0 and ad/ise hi of the situation. ,ediately
arran%e to ha/e the defects repaired or rectified. $efore a ship is released fro
detention( the detainin% officer or another 2#0 official on his !ehalf will issue to the
aster or the owner>s a%ent or representati/e a 4otice of Release fro 3etention
under the 2erchant 'hippin% 0cts +2#0 for 2'5 1A06). This states that the
detainin% officer is satisfied that the defectIs found in the +naed) ship hasIha/e !een
rectified( apart fro those defects +if any) which are listed( and that the ship can now
!e released fro detention.
=9. What does a port state control inspection consist of( and where would you expect
to ha/e one8
The inspection( which is norally unannounced( will consist of a /isit on!oard the
ship to chec" the certificates and docuents listed in 0nnex ,, of 2'4 1AA5. The
.ort 'tate #ontrol officer will also chec" that the crew and the o/erall condition of the
ship( includin% the en%ine roo and accoodation and includin% hy%ienic
conditions( eet %enerally accepted international rules and standards. ,n the a!sence
of /alid certificates or docuents or if there are clear %rounds for !elie/in% that the
condition of the ship or its e*uipent( or its crew does not su!stantially eet the
re*uireents of a rele/ant instruent( a ore detailed inspection will !e carried out.
Oou should expect a .'# in any ship not su!Cect to a andatory expanded inspection
and which has a tar%et factor of ore than 50 in the ',Re4a# data!ase( pro/ided that
at least one onth has elapsed since its last inspection in the 2-: re%ion.
=;. What are prohi!ition and ,pro/eent notices and who can issue the8
The 2erchant 'hippin% 0ct 1995 pro/ides that if any acti/ities which are !ein% or are
li"ely to !e carried out on !oard any ship and an inspector is of the opinion that( if so
carried out or is li"ely to !e carried out( the acti/ities in/ol/e ris" of serious personal
inCury( or of serious pollution( the inspector ay ser/e on the person a .rohi!ition
4otice statin% that the specified acti/ity ust cease iediately or !y a certain date.
The 0ct also pro/ides that if an inspector +2#0 or B')) appointed under section
65=+=) is of the opinion that a person is contra/enin% one or ore of the rele/ant
statutory pro/isions( or has contra/ened one or ore of those pro/isions in
circustances that a"e it li"ely that the contra/ention will continue to !e repeated(
he ay ser/e on that person an ,pro/eent 4otice which ay state what date the
certain acti/ities should !e reedied !y. ).%. !adly ri%%ed accoodation ladder.
0n ,pro/eent or .rohi!ition 4otice ay include directions as to the easures to
!e ta"en to reedy any contra/ention or atter to which the notice relates( and ay
%i/e a choice !etween different ways of reedyin% the contra/ention or atter. There
is a ri%ht to appeal !y eployent tri!unal.
=5. While dischar%in%( car%o daa%ed !y water is disco/ered in your lower hold.
What would you do8
0scertain the type of water( extent and cause of the daa%e. ,f it was sea water
daa%e fro extreely se/ere weather( the 2aster should note protest. This ay
help resist daa%e clais. 'iilarly( if the water daa%e is caused !y fire
extin%uishin% ediu whilst fire-fi%htin%( %eneral a/era%e could !e claied. ,n any
case( the charterers should !e infored( as should the local a%ent and the .H, #lu!
correspondent who ay arran%e for an independent car%o sur/eyor to inspect the
==. a) When and where can you pup achinery space !il%es8
$il%e water ust not coe fro car%o pup roo !il%es. 2ust not contain car%o
residues. 2ust !e proceedin% on /oya%e. -il content without dilution ust not
exceed 15pp. 'hip ust ha/e in operation oil filterin% and oil content easurin%
e*uipent and alar de/ices. -il filterin% syste ust !e e*uipped with a stoppin%
de/ice. Total !an in 0ntarctic areas. .rocessed !il%e water ay !e dischar%ed in
special areas as lon% as the conditions a!o/e are et.
==. !) ,n what sea areas ay a lar%e ship pup !il%es8
,n all areas except the 0ntarctic pro/idin% the a!o/e conditions are et. #ar%o hold
!il%e water should !e chec"ed prior to pupin% to ensure it does not contain any oil
residues or other pollutants. ,f it does( it ust !e puped into the car%o hold !il%e
holdin% tan" and ust pass out throu%h the oil filter syste !efore dischar%e
=A. a) Where ay %ar!a%e !e dischar%ed at sea8
3unna%e( linin% and pac"in% aterials which will float ay !e disposed of 65
nautical iles or ore fro the nearest land. :n%round or uncoinuted food
wastes and all other un%round or uncoinuted %ar!a%e includin% paper products(
ra%s( %lass( etal( !ottles( croc"ery and siilar refuse ay !e disposed of 16 iles or
ore fro the nearest land. Ground or coinuted food wastes and all other %round
or coinuted %ar!a%e includin% paper products( ra%s( %lass( etal( !ottles( croc"ery
and siilar refuse ay !e disposed of 9 iles or ore fro the nearest land.
=A. !) Where ay %ar!a%e not !e dischar%ed into the sea8
.lastics ust ne/er !e duped into the sea. ,n special areas +other than the Wider
#ari!!ean re%ion)( food wastes ay only !e disposed of without %rindin% as far as
practica!le and at least 16 nautical iles fro the nearest land. ,n the wider
#ari!!ean area( food waste ay !e disposed of if %round as far as practica!le fro
land !y in any case( not less than three iles fro the nearest land. 4o other %ar!a%e
ay !e duped in a special area. 4othin% ay!e duped in the 0ntarctic ' of =0.
=A. c) To what particle si<e ust food and other waste !e %round up where re*uired8
2ust !e %round down to pass throu%h a screen with openin%s of no ore than 65.
=7. What docuentation is re*uired when loadin% a !ul" %rain car%o8
'hip ust possess a docuent of authori<ation as re*uired !y the ,nternational Grain
#ode issued !y the certifyin% authority. 2ust also possess sta!ility inforation and
car%o loadin% anual.
=9. What would you do if your charterparty was at /ariance with your crew
)ployer will !e in !reach of contract with the crew e!ers if charter party
re*uires /essel for exaple to proceed to an area not co/ered !y the crew a%reeent.
#rew a%reeent ay therefore liit the ters of the charter party. #ontact the
charterer and the 3.0 to see" clarification. ,f the crew a%reeent needs to !e
chan%ed( the proposed chan%es need to !e a%reed !y the :nions and )ployer and
then su!itted to the 2#0 for their appro/al.
A0. What nautical pu!lications ust !e carried on!oard8
0nnual 'uary of 0diralty 4otices to 2ariners& ,nternational #ode of 'i%nals&
1ists of 1i%hts& 1ists of Radio 'i%nals& 2ariners> Band!oo"& 2erchant 'hippin%
4otices( 2arine Guidance 4otes and 2arine ,nforation 4otes& nautical alanac&
na/i%ational ta!les& 4otices to 2ariners& operatin% and aintenance instructions for
na/i%ational aids carried !y the ship& 'ailin% 3irections& tidal strea atlases& and tide
ta!les. .lus any re*uireents re*uired !y ,'2 e.%. %uide to port entry etc.
A1. What action would you ta"e if you disco/ered a stowaway on!oard8
1. The owner or ana%er +3.0) should !e contacted. The owner will norally
contact the .H, clu! to decide on a course of action. The .H, correspondent at the
next port will ad/ise what inforation will !e re*uired !y port 'tate and other
officials. 6. 0n entry should !e ade in the -1$ recordin% the disco/ery. 9. The
copartent in which the stowaways were found should !e searched. ;. Their
clothin% should !e searched for indications as to their ori%in. 5. The a%ent at the next
port should !e contacted and instructed to ad/ise the appropriate authorities. =. )ach
stowaway found should !e indi/idually inter/iewed in order to esta!lish: nae& date
and place of !irth& nationality& nae( date and place of !irth of stowaway>s parents&
postal and residential address of the stowaway and either parent& passport or seaan>s
!oo" nu!er( to%ether with date and place of issue& and next of "in details. A. The
'towaway 3etails 5or in 2G4 A0 should !e copleted and copied !y fax or e-ail
to the a%ent and .H, correspondent at the next port of call. 7. .hoto%raphs of each
stowaway should !e ta"en and transitted to the .H, clu! correspondent& these ay
ena!le tra/el docuents to !e o!tained ore *uic"ly on the ship>s arri/al. 9. 0ll
stowaways should !e housed in soe part of the crew accoodation which can !e
loc"ed when necessary. 10. The stowaways should not !e loc"ed in their
accoodation when the /essel is at sea and well clear of land unless they are
considered a threat to the safety of the ship or personnel on !oard. #onsideration
should !e %i/en( howe/er( to the possi!ility of un%uarded stowaways launchin% a
liferaft or !oat in an attept to reach land. 11. The stowaways should !e loc"ed
securely in their accoodation when the /essel approaches any port or nears any
land. 16. The stowaways should !e pro/ided with ade*uate food( water( sanitary
facilities( etc. 19. The stowaways should !e treated in a huane anner. 1;. The
stowaways should not !e ade to wor" for their "eep. 15. The stowaways should not
!e si%ned on the #rew 0%reeent and should not !e entered on any 1ist of #rew. 0
K'towaway 1istL should !e ade recordin% any "nown particulars( ready for
production to port officials. 1=. )/idence of costs relatin% to the stowaway case( such
as fuel( insurance( wa%es( stores( pro/isions and port char%es( should !e %athered to
support the owner>s clai on his .H, policy. 1A. 5ull details of all e/ents and
particulars relatin% to the stowaway incident should !e recorded in the -1$( if
necessary in an annexed docuent.
A6. What action would you ta"e if you found a !oatload of refu%ees in distress at sea8
The aster of any ship encounterin% people under such circustances is under a
statutory o!li%ation to render assistance to the. When i%rants are ta"en on !oard(
the followin% atters should !e addressed as priorities: #ounication should !e
esta!lished with the %roup. Bealth pro!les( e.%. dehydration( hypotheria(
alnourishent( should !e addressed. Radio edical ad/ice should !e sou%ht where
necessary. .recautions should !e ta"en a%ainst the spread of infectious disease where
this is a possi!ility. 5ood( drin"( clothin%( shelter( and washin% and toilet facilities
should !e pro/ided. )er%ency procedures should !e ade failiar to the refu%ees.
The accepted international practice is that i%rants rescued at sea should !e
dise!ar"ed at the next scheduled port of call( where the port 'tate should adit
the until their status can !e deterined and they can !e either resettled or
repatriated. 2asters should ha/e access to the Guidelines for the 3ise!ar"ation of
Refu%ees( which state: 1. When a /essel pic"s up refu%ees at sea( it should norally
proceed to the first scheduled port of call( inforin% the ship>s a%ent of the nu!er of
refu%ees the /essel has on !oard and the circustances of their rescue. 6. The a%ent
should in turn infor the port and ii%ration authorities of the situation( re*uestin%
perission for the ship to enter the har!our( 9. The a%ent should also infor the local
:4B#R office and the diploatic representati/e of the country whose fla% the ship is
flyin%. ;. 'hould the ship !e flyin% the fla% of a country in a position to resettle
refu%ees( the diploatic representati/e of that country will infor the local authorities
of his %o/ernent>s willin%ness to accept the refu%ees for resettleent( norally
within 90 days of their dise!ar"ation. 5. ,f the /essel flies a fla% of an open re%istry(
or a fla% of a country which cannot reasona!ly !e expected to accept refu%ees for
resettleent( :4B#R will contact countries which ha/e contri!uted to a special pool
of resettleent places to pro/ide dise!ar"ation %uarantees and share responsi!ility
for su!se*uent resettleent. =. -nce the %uarantee has !een con/eyed !y the rele/ant
diploatic ission to the local authorities( ii%ration and :4B#R officials will
!oard the /essel to inter/iew the refu%ees. :pon copletion of the inter/iews( the
refu%ees will !e allowed to dise!ar"( and they are no lon%er of concern to the
/essel. A. :pon dise!ar"ation( each refu%ee will !e exained !y the local health
authorities and %i/en edical assistance as necessary. :4B#R co/ers all care and
aintenance expenses.
The followin% inforation is %enerally re*uired at all ports !efore perission for the
dise!ar"ation of refu%ees can !e %ranted and should !e radioed or ca!led to the next
scheduled port of call as soon as possi!le: nae of the rescuin% ship& fla% and port of
re%istry of rescuin% ship& nae and address of ship>s owner& owner>s a%ent at next
port& estiated date and tie of arri/al at next port& exact nu!er of refu%ees on
!oard& date( tie( latitude and lon%itude at tie of rescue& and state of health of
refu%ees on !oard and whether they are in need of eer%ency edical treatent upon
arri/al. 3ise!ar"ation of refu%ees will usually !e hastened if a list of their full
naes( !y faily %roups( showin% date of !irth( nationality and sex( is typed out and
handed to the authorities.
A9. What is an ,41' certificate and what /essels re*uire one8
The ,41' #ertificate certifies inter alia that the ship is suita!le for the carria%e in
!ul" of the noxious li*uid su!stances listed in the certificate( pro/ided that all the
rele/ant operational pro/isions of 0nnex ,, to the #on/ention are o!ser/ed. The list of
noxious li*uid su!stances which the ship is certified to carry is entered !y the 2#0(
to%ether with any conditions of carria%e +with tan" nu!ers( etc.)( as well as a "ey to
the conditions of carria%e and a tan" plan.
0n ,41' #ertificate is re*uired !y any ship carryin% in !ul" noxious li*uid
su!stances or unassessed li*uid su!stances unless it holds a #ertificate of 5itness as a
cheical tan"er +in which case the #-5 is endorsed with the ,41' sur/ey details).
'uch ships will %enerally include oilIproducts tan"ers( dry car%o ships with deep or
dedicated car%o tan"s for the carria%e of 20R.-1 0nnex ,, su!stances( and offshore
supply /essels carryin% 0nnex ,, su!stances such as <inc !roide !rine and sodiu
silicate solution. Gas carriers also re*uire an ,41'# if carryin% any 20R.-1 0nnex
,, su!stance( e.%. in dec" tan"s.
A;. What is the procedure for loadin% K2arine .ollutantsL8
,f %oods are dan%erous %oods or arine pollutants( a 3an%erous GoodsI2arine
.ollutants 4ote with #ontainer Dehicle .ac"in% #ertificate is issued !efore any
loadin% coences. They ust !e properly la!eled( ar"ed or placarded. This is
then chec"ed usin% 3an%erous #ar%o 2anual and ,23G code to ensure safe stowa%e
and location in accordance with the ,23G code. The declaration ust show their
correct technical nae& their :4 nu!er( if any& for any solid !ul" dan%erous %oods(
the classification as listed in the ,23G #ode& and for li*uid dan%erous %oods with a
flashpoint !elow =0# +closed cup)( the flashpoint. The /essel ust hold a 3ocuent
of #opliance with the special re*uireents for ships carryin% dan%erous %oods& and
a 3an%erous Goods or 2arine .ollutants 3eclaration +as appropriate) incorporatin% a
.ac"in% #ertificate. 5inally a arine pollutants list( stowa%e list and spottin% plan
will !e produced and carried !y the /essel.
A5. What docuents ust you o!tain !efore loadin% dan%erous %oods8
0 dan%erous %oods declaration and a /ehicle I container pac"in% certificate ust !e
supplied !y the shipper. 2ay!e called a 3an%erous Goods 4ote.
A=. Oour ship is fully con/ertin% to G23''. What new arran%eents would you
expect to see on!oard
5or a /essel operatin% in 01( 06 and 09 sea areas( the /essel ust !e e*uipped with :-
DB5 RIT( DB5 3'#( DB5 3'# Watch"eepin% recei/er( '0RT( 40DT)N recei/er(
)G# e*uipent and printer if outside 40DT)N co/era%e( ;0=2B< float free ).,R$(
25 RIT with 3'#( 25 Watch"eepin% recei/er dedicated to 617A.5 ?B<(
,420R'0T 2o!ile )arth 'tation( 25IB5 RIT with 3'# +scannin% watch) plus
4$3.. G23'' lo%!oo" ust !e "ept and all operators ust hold a G-#.
AA. What inforation is contained in a 3an%erous Goods 4ote8
3ocuent should show the followin% details: proper shippin% nae& class and
di/ision where applica!le& :4 4u!ers& where rele/ant the pac"a%in% or pac"in%
%roup& the nu!er and "ind of pac"a%es& total *uantity of dan%erous %oods or net
explosi/e ass of the contents& the words 20R,4) .-11:T04T where
appropriate& and any other inforation re*uired !y the ,23G #ode. This docuent
+which is usually "nown as a K3an%erous Goods 4oteL) ust !e co!ined with the
dan%erous %oods declaration( arine pollutants declaration or co!ined dan%erous
%oodsIarine pollutants declaration.
A7. Ba/in% !een %i/en a dan%erous %oods note( how would you find out how to load
and carry the particular car%o entioned in it8
, would consult the ,23G code for particular stowa%e and carria%e re*uireents. ,
would ensure that its positionin% did not conflict with other ,23G ites currently
on!oard. , would also consult the 3an%erous #ar%o 2anual for copany specific
instructions. ,f the dan%erous %oods were in a teperature re%ulated unit or a
controlled tan" container( , would ensure that the /essel recei/ed copies of the
operatin% instructions and any reportin% re*uireents.
70. What personnel re*uire a 3an%erous Goods )ndorseent to the certificates8
The four senior personnel ser/in% on %as carriers( cheical tan"ers and oil tan"ers are
re*uired to hold the appropriate 3#). 0lso( any person with iediate responsi!ility
for loadin%( dischar%in% and care in transit or handlin% of car%o on tan"ers
79. What cate%ories of ratin% are stipulated !y the 2#0 in safe annin% scales8
Ratin%s ay hold either a na/i%ational watch ratin% certificate or an en%ine watch
ratin% certificate. 3ec" ratin%s are either %rade 1 +hold an 0$ #ertificate) or %rade 6
+holds an )3B #ertificate and has copleted !asic trainin% plus at least = onths sea
ser/ice). G. ratin%s are trained in !oth departents holdin% each certificate F there
ate a%ain 6 %rades of G. Ratin%s. There is no su!di/ision of en%ineerin% ratin%s.
5inally there is a cate%ory of trainee ratin%.
7;. Where can annin% scales !e found for supply /essels( stand!y /essels and sall
coastal /essels8
0ll annin% scales can now !e found in 2'4 1A=A. -n any ship( this can !e /erified
!y chec"in% the 'afe 2annin% 3ocuent.
75. Where can the scales of certified officers !e found for dry car%o /essels and
2'4 1A=A contains ta!les showin% appropriate annin% le/els for dec" officers and
en%ineers on ships of /arious si<es and re%istered power in the unliited and near-
coastal tradin% areas.
7=. Bow can a shipowner deterine the nu!er of dec" officers to !e carried in a
passen%er ship8
2annin% le/els( e/en for officers( are now a atter for the copany to decide( with
%uidance fro the 2#0 +see 2'4 1A=A) on iniu safe annin% le/els. The
2#0 will consider a ship to !e safely anned if the crew includes sufficient officers
and ratin%s with appropriate s"ills and experience to ensure that .rinciples of 'afe
2annin% can !e followed. These .rinciples( which are contained in ,2- resolution
0.790+61) F see 0nnex D, of '-10'( should !e consulted !y copanies and others
when deterinin% safe annin% le/els. This contains the followin% principles:
2aintain safe na/i%ational( en%ineerin% and radio watches in accordance with the
'T#W #on/ention( and also aintain %eneral sur/eillance of the ship& oor and
unoor the ship safely& ana%e the safety functions of the ship when eployed in a
stationary or near-stationary ode at sea& perfor operations( as appropriate( for the
pre/ention of daa%e to the en/ironent& aintain the safety arran%eents and the
cleanliness of all accessi!le spaces to iniise the ris" of fire& pro/ide for edical
care on !oard ship& ensure safe carria%e of car%o durin% transit& and inspect and
aintain( the structural inte%rity of the ship. The a!ility to: operate and aintain all
waterti%ht closin% arran%eents( and also deploy a copetent daa%e control party&
operate and aintain all on-!oard fire-fi%htin% and eer%ency e*uipent and life-
sa/in% appliances( and uster and dise!ar" all persons on !oard& and operate the
ain propulsion and auxiliary achinery and aintain the in a safe condition to
ena!le the ship to o/ercoe the foreseea!le perils of the /oya%e.
7A. What docuents for a Re%ister of 1iftin% 0ppliances8
#ertificates of : +1) Test and Thorou%h exaination of liftin% appliances( +6) test and
thorou%h exaination of derric"s used in union purchase( +9) test and thorou%h
exaination of loose %ear& and +;) test and thorou%h exaination of Wire Rope.
77. What official lists of crew ust !e aintained in a typical erchant ship8
+1) 0 list of crew who are parties to the crew a%reeent& +6) a list of crew who are
exept fro the re*uireent to si%n a crew a%reeent e.%. the 2aster( wi/es( ridin%
teas etc.( and& +9) 1ist of youn% persons under 17 who are eployed on!oard.
90. -n which docuent should the 2aster si%n on8
-n the 1ist of #rew who are )xept fro the re*uireents to si%n a #rew
0%reeent +01#1+!)).
91. Who ust the 2aster notify of chan%es in a list of crew8
The 2aster ust always notify the eployer +the owner) within three days of any
chan%es to the list of crew. This ust !e deli/ered to an 2#0 superintendent
iediately +owners copy) if the ship is lost or a!andoned. R'' #ardiff can deand
to see the list and this ust !e deli/ered within 67 days of the re*uest. ,f a list of
crew ceases to !e in force( it ust !e deli/ered to an 2#0 superintendent or a proper
officer. 'iilarly( the owner ust deli/er a copy of the 1ist of #rew of each /essel to
an 2#0 superintendent at six onthly inter/als and these ust show all the crew
chan%es that ha/e happened durin% this inter/al.
96. What is the scope of an initial 'afety #onstruction 'ur/ey8
'tructural stren%th( pea" and achinery !ul"heads and stern tu!es& waterti%ht
!ul"heads( dec"s and inner !ottos& waterti%ht dec"s( trun"s( tunnels( duct "eels and
/entilators& waterti%ht doors& !allast and !il%e pupin% and draina%e arran%eents&
ain achinery& eans of anoeu/rin% and %oin% astern& !oilers and other pressure
/essels& !oiler feed systes& stea pipe systes& air pressure systes& coolin% water
systes& oil and %aseous fuel installations& lu!ricatin% and other oil installations&
reote control of propulsion achinery fro the !rid%e& steerin% %ear& /entilatin%
systes in achinery spaces& protection a%ainst noise& counication !etween
en%ine roo and !rid%e& en%ineers> alar& spare %ear& :2'& closin% of openin%s&
electrical installations: ain source of electrical power and ain switch!oard& li%htin%
systes& eer%ency and transitional sources of power and eer%ency switch!oards&
location and construction of ca!les& %eneral precautions a%ainst shoc"( fire and other
ha<ards& electrical e*uipent in ha<ardous areas and spaces& anchors( anchor handlin%
e*uipent and chain ca!les& eer%ency towin% arran%eents. 0dditional ites for
tan"ers:- location of spaces& car%o tan" /entilation& /entilation of pup roos and
other enclosed spaces& inertin%( /entilation and %as easureent& access to spaces in
car%o tan" area.
9;. What occurrences ay render a statutory certificate in/alid8
+1) expiration of the certificate& +6) if the 2#0 !elie/e that the certificate was issued
on false or erroneous inforation and +9) since any sur/ey re*uired !y the
re%ulations( the structure( e*uipent or achinery has sustained daa%e or is
otherwise deficient.
95. What is the le%al difference !etween a $ritish 'hip and a :nited ?in%do ship8
0lthou%h !oth ships fly the red ensi%n and ha/e their national re%isters controlled !y
the departent of transport( only ships re%istered in )n%land( 'cotland( Wales or
4orthern ,reland classify as :nited ?in%do ships. $ritish ships ay !e re%istered in
the :?( the #rown 3ependencies +Eersey( Guernsey and the ,sle of 2an) or the :?
-/erseas Territories +0n%uilla( $eruda( $ritish 0ntarctic Territory( $ritish ,ndian
-cean Territory( $ritish Dir%in ,slands( #ayan ,slands( 5al"land ,slands( Gi!raltar(
2ontserrat( .itcairn ,sland( 't. Belena and 3ependencies( 'outh Geor%ia and the
'outh 'andwich ,slands and Tur"s and #aicos ,slands.
9=. What two types of appro/ed crew a%reeents can !e used on :? ships8
0 $'5 a%reeent +siilar to the old 42$ a%reeent for Kfederated shipsL)& or an
453 0%reeent +a Kiniu tersL a%reeent). Whiche/er type is used( it ay !e
either a /oya%e a%reeent or a runnin% a%reeent( or( in special case( indefinite
9A. +a) What are the aCor differences !etween the two crew a%reeents8
$'5 a%reeents are often used for the eployent of officers whereas 453
a%reeents are usually used for ratin%s and hotel staff. $'5 a%reeents contain a
clause relatin% to the 2erchant 4a/y #ode of #onduct thou%h there is no such clause
in an 453 a%reeent +thou%h it ay !e annexed). $'5 a%reeents also contain the
42$ conditions that were in force on the 90
'epte!er 1990. The 453 a%reeent
has fewer standard ters than the $'5 a%reeent. Doya%es and 4otice clauses are
written in on the $'5 a%reeent. -n an 453 a%reeent( this is a standard printed
clause. $'5 a%reeent also contains clauses pertainin% to "eepin% crew
accoodation clean and tidy ready for 2asters inspections.
9A. +!) What is an unliited crew a%reeent8
0n 2#0 appro/ed crew a%reeent that ay !e applied for !y owners and runs
without liit of tie( i.e. not closed at the end of any particular period so lon% as the
crew aintain a re%ular dutyIlea/e rota. ,t is especially suita!le for ferries. They
protect eployers fro hi%h repatriation costs since a seaan ay %i/e notice at any
tie( irrespecti/e of the location of the ship.
9A. +c) What are the differences !etween a runnin% a%reeent and a /oya%e
0 /oya%e a%reeent is appropriate for a ship that is not continually anned with a
full crew. ,t is opened when the crew si%n on at the start of a /oya%e and closed when
the crew si%n off at the end of the /oya%e( followin% which the ship i%ht lay up in
port for soe tie not anned for sea. Runnin% a%reeents howe/er( are for ships
that are continually anned for sea( and run consecuti/ely( i.e.( as soon as one
Runnin% 0%reeent closes( it is replaced !y a new one which can !e opened whether
the ship is in port or at sea at the tie. 2ost :? ships are now on runnin%
a%reeents. Runnin% a%reeents ay run for 16 onths += onths on ferries) whilst
/oya%e a%reeents ay run for 6; onths.
97. ,f there was insufficient space in your -1$ for a lon% narrati/e entry( what would
you do8
The report should !e ade on a separate docuent +an annex) %i/in% it a reference
nu!er e.%. annex no. 1. This should then !e attached to the -1$( e.%. !y staplin% it
inside the !ac" co/er. 0n entry should then !e ade in the narrati/e section of the
-1$ referrin% to the existence of the annex( e.%. Kfor report of collision datedP( see
annex no. 1 attachedL.
99. +a) What details appear on the special pa%e in the -1$ for load line details8
.ositions of the dec" line and load lines F T( '( W( W40( Ti!er T( '( W( W40.
0llowance for 5resh water for all free!oards other than ti!er +and for ti!er).
:pper ed%e of dec" line fro where free!oards easured. 2axiu draft in
99. +!) When ust the loadline details !e copleted8
To !e recorded !efore the ship lea/es any doc"( wharf( har!our( or other place for the
purpose of proceedin% to sea.
100. a) What entries ust the 2aster a"e on the outer co/er of the -1$8
4ae of ship( .-R( -4( GT( 4T( nae and address of re%istered owner or ana%er.
2asters nae and certificate nu!er. 3ate and place of openin% the -1$.
100. !) When would you close an -1$( and to who would you send it8
2aster is re*uired to deli/er the -1$ to the appropriate superintendent or proper
officer within ;7 hours of dischar%e of the last person reainin% on the crew
a%reeent or as soon as practica!le thereafter. ,f the ship carries only a list of crew(
when it first calls at a port ore than = onths after the first entry in the -1$.
'hould there !e a pendin% wa%es dispute( appeal a%ainst a fine( or an entry relatin% to
a fine a%ainst which the tie for notice of appeal has not expired( the deli/ery of the
-1$ ay !e delayed for A days( or until the proper officer has deterined the dispute
or appeal.
101. Which docuents ust !e sent to an 2#0 superintendent or a proper officer at
the expiry of the crew a%reeent8
The crew a%reeent( the -fficial 1o%!oo"( Radio 1o% sheets and any -1$ 0nnexes
to the nearest 2arine -ffice superintendent in the :? or to the nearest .roper -fficer
a!road within three days of the crew a%reeent !ein% closed.
106. +a) What is the le%al si%nificance of 2erchant 'hippin% +2) 4otices8
2'4>s contain andatory inforation( in any cases !ein% the technical details of
',>s. These in turn are !rou%ht into effect !y acts of parliaent and it is an offence
not to coply with the.
106. +!) what is the le%al si%nificance of #odes of .ractice8
They pro/ide %uidance( ad/ice and %eneral principles to !e followed to inii<e ris"
to ships and personnel. 'uch ad/ice is contained in the #ode of .ractice for the safe
loadin% and unloadin% of !ul" carriers( #ode of practice for car%o stowa%e and
securin%. 0lthou%h it is not andatory to coply with the codes of practice( if an
incident occurred and it could !e deonstrated that this would not ha/e happened if
the #ode of practice had !een followed( a court of law i%ht not loo" as fa/ora!ly on
the defendants case.
109. Bow should you dispose of out of date pyrotechnics8
2G4 65= contains the 2#0>s ad/ice on ethods of disposal ashore of out-of-date
pyrotechnics. )xpired pyrotechnics should !e disposed of ashore !y one of the
followin% eans:- returnin% the to the supplier( directly or /ia the supplier>s local
representati/e& re*uestin% a liferaft ser/ice station in the :? or o/erseas to accept any
of the ship>s out-of-date pyrotechnics when liferafts are !ein% sent ashore for
ser/icin%& liferaft ser/ice stations deal with the disposal of expired pyrotechnics on a
re%ular !asis and ha/e arran%eents locally to do this& contactin% the local
#oast%uard( who will !e a!le to arran%e disposal throu%h a ilitary esta!lishent.
10;. What docuent other than a 3an%erous Goods 4ote( ust !e in the aster>s
possession !efore loadin% dan%erous %oods8
0 3ocuent of #opliance with the 'pecial Re*uireents for 'hips #arryin%
3an%erous Goods as descri!ed in 2G4 9= ust !e carried on!oard. ,t certifies that
the ship eets fire protection re*uireents of '-10' and the 2' +5ire .rotection:
1ar%e 'hips) Re%ulations with respect to fittin%s and e*uipent.
105. What are the sea areas in the G23''8
There are four G23'' sea areas( which are arran%ed accordin% to ran%e of
e*uipentIsyste in use as follows:-
0rea 01 is an area within co/era%e of at least one DB5 coast station in which
continuous 3'# alertin% is a/aila!le( i.e. approx. 60-90 iles( or line-of-si%ht( fro
coasts +!ut see note !elow).
0rea 06 excludes 0rea 01 !ut is within co/era%e of a shore-!ased 25 coast
station operatin% in the 6-9 2B< !and in which continuous 3'# alertin% is a/aila!le(
i.e. approx. 100 iles
0rea 09 excludes 0reas 01 and 06 !ut is within co/era%e of an ,420R'0T
%eostationary satellite in which continuous alertin% is a/aila!le
0rea 0; excludes 0reas 01( 06 and 09 !ut co/ers the reainin% sea areas of the
world( i.e. ainly the .olar re%ions.
10A. What are your statutory duties followin% a collision with another ship8
'o far as , a a!le to without dan%er to y ship( crew or passen%ers( , ust render all
practica!le and necessary assistance to sa/e the other ship( crew and passen%ers fro
dan%er. , ust stay !y the other ship until he has ascertained that it has no need of
further assistance. 5inally( , ust %i/e the other ship>s 2aster y 'hip>s nae and
the naes of its last port and next port. , will !e lia!le to a M50(000 fine if , do not
coply with this.
107. +a) What actions would you ta"e to protect your owners> interests followin% a
collision with another ship8
5irstly( , ust coply with y statutory o!li%ations as detailed a!o/e. , should
always o!tain the assistance and ad/ice of the .H, clu!>s local correspondent who are
experts in loss pre/ention procedures and will always su%%est appropriate ways to
safe%uard the owner>s interests and liit his lia!ility. , would infor the owner or
ana%er( as appropriate& and infor the .H, clu!>s local correspondent( who will
ad/ise on the !est action to ta"e in the owner>s interest in the circustances.
Generally( lia!ility should ne/er !e aditted to any other party. 0 .H, clu! ay
ad/ise the aster of a ship daa%ed in collision with another /essel( if a!le and
Custified( to ser/e written notice on the aster of the other /essel as follows:
Dear Sir
Re: Collision Damage
With reference to the collision which occurred between our respective
vessels on 1st April 1997 at 0635 hours Local Time, I hereby give
you, on behalf of my owners and their underwriters, formal notice
holding you and your owners solely responsible for all loss or damage
whatsoever sustained by my owners in consequence of the collision.
Please inform your owners immediately so that they and their
underwriters can take steps to carry out a joint survey on my vessel,
m.v. Hard Luck, in order to establish extent and quantum of damage.
Please let me have the name of your vessels agents. My vessels
agents are Seaville Agencies Ltd.
Please acknowledge receipt of this letter on the enclosed copy.
Yours faithfully
John Perfect
Master, m.v. Hard Luck (Port of Registry: Glasgow; Flag: UK)
Copies to owners, local P&I club correspondent, agents.
'hould , recei/e a siilar notice holdin% yself and y owners responsi!le for
daa%e to the other /essel( , should reply denyin% any lia!ility !ut acceptin% any
in/itation to attend a sur/ey on the other /essel without preCudice. The owner( a%ent
or aster should ta"e steps to ha/e other the /essel arrested pendin% payent of
security up to the liit of lia!ility. 0lternati/ely( the owner ay decide on an
ar!itration a%reeent usin% 1loyd>s 5or. ,n order to %i/e the owner>s solicitors
enou%h inforation to pursue the clai( a full report should !e drawn up descri!in%
all e/ents leadin% to the collision includin% extracts of lo%!oo"s( charts and course
recorders etc. 0ll e/idence %athered should !e stored securely until it can !e passed
to the copany>s .H, clu! or solicitors. , would warn crew e!ers of the
iportance of not %i/in% stateents to any person other than those lawyers and
in/esti%ators actin% for the owner. , should !e a!le to ascertain the identity of these
persons fro the .H, clu! correspondent.
107. +!) What actions would you ta"e to protect your owners> interests followin% a
collision with a fixed o!Cect8
0s a!o/e F contact the .H, a%ent and a"e a collision report. 0ny report should
include the followin% :- dec" and en%ine roo lo% !oo"s( o/eent !oo"s and
conteporaneous notes& %raphs and print-outs fro !rid%e e*uipent in use such as
course recorder( echo sounder and sat-na/& stateents fro all witnesses to the
collision includin%( where possi!le( pilots( tu%asters( etc.& full details of !oth ships(
includin% naes +correctly spelt)( ports of re%istry( call si%ns and %ross tonna%es&
exact location of the collision& exact tie of the collision( statin% whether :T#
+G2T) or local tie& difference !etween !rid%e and en%ine roo cloc"s& estiates of
speeds and courses of !oth /essels at the tie of ipact& estiates of an%le of ipact
+this ay ha/e to !e estiated !y an expert sur/eyor)& charts in use !efore and up to
the tie of the collision +unaltered and unerased)& weather and tide conditions at the
tie of the collision& list of all na/i%ation e*uipent in use at the tie of the
collision& records of all si%nals and counications ade !etween the collidin%
ships +and any other ships in the /icinity) prior to the collision& naes and positions
of other ships in the /icinity at the tie of the collision& details of any pilota%e or
/essel traffic control in operation at the tie of the collision& in the case of a collision
in/ol/in% a oored /essel( details of oorin%s deployed.
107. c) What actions would you ta"e to protect your owners> interests followin% the
disco/ery of stowaways on!oard8
#ontact the owner or ana%er who will norally contact the .H, clu! to decide on a
course of action. The .H, clu!>s correspondent ser/in% the next port will norally !e
contacted !y the clu! ana%ers. The correspondent will ad/ise what will !e re*uired
!y port 'tate and other officials. The copartent in which they were found should
!e searched. 0ny docuents or articles of clothin%( etc. ay %i/e an indication of
their place of ori%in. Their clothin% should !e searched. The a%ent at the next port of
should !e contacted and instructed to ad/ise the appropriate authorities. )ach
stowaway found should !e indi/idually inter/iewed to esta!lish: nae& date and place
of !irth& nationality& nae( date and place of !irth of stowaway>s parents& postal and
residential address of the stowaway and either parent& passport or seaan>s !oo"
nu!er and details& and 4-? details. The 'towaway 3etails 5or in 2G4 A0
should !e coplete and sent to the a%ent and the .H, clu! correspondent at the next
port. .hoto%raphs of each stowaway should !e ta"en and transitted to the .H, clu!
correspondent& these ay ena!le tra/el docuents to !e o!tained ore *uic"ly on the
ship>s arri/al. 0ll should !e housed in soe part of the crew accoodation which
can !e loc"ed when necessary. They should not !e loc"ed in when the /essel is at sea
unless they are considered a threat to the safety of the ship. #onsideration should !e
%i/en( howe/er( to the possi!ility of un%uarded stowaways launchin% a liferaft or !oat
in an attept to reach land. They should !e loc"ed securely in their accoodation
when the /essel approaches any port or nears any land. They should !e pro/ided with
ade*uate food( water( sanitary facilities( and !e treated in a huane anner. They
should not !e ade to wor" for their "eep and should not !e si%ned on the #rew
0%reeent or any 1ist of #rew. 0 K'towaway 1istL should !e ade recordin% any
"nown particulars( ready for production to port officials. )/idence of costs relatin% to
the stowaway case( such as fuel( insurance( wa%es( stores( pro/isions and port char%es(
should !e %athered to support the owner>s clai on his .H, policy. +The owner>s costs
associated with the landin% of stowaways are usually reco/era!le fro his .H, clu!.)
5ull details of all e/ents and particulars relatin% to the stowaway incident should !e
recorded in the -1$.
107.d) What actions would you ta"e to protect your owners> interests followin% the
disco/ery of a shipent of hard dru%s on!oard8
With at least one other officer( record the position of the shipent and ta"e
photo%raphs. 2a"e a detailed record of the disco/ery of the dru%s in the -1$(
notin%: tie and date of the disco/ery& location in which the pac"a%e was found&
approxiate *uantity of the su!stance or nu!er of pac"a%es& naes and ran" of the
finder& the naes and ran"s of all witnesses& reason why the finder was in the
location. ,nfor the shipowner or ana%er and the .H, clu! correspondent at the
next port. 0lso( infor the a%ent at the next port re*uestin% hi to infor the
appropriate shore authorities. Retain the pac"a%es in a secure place +e.%. ship>s safe
or !ond loc"er)( and ensure that the .H, clu! correspondent and a%ent are aware of
their retention so that they can infor the authorities. ,f necessary( search other
locations for further caches. 3o not perit crew to %o ashore on arri/al until
authorised !y the appropriate authorities. When handlin% the pac"a%es: wear s"in
protection and a face as"& do not so"e( inhale or taste fues or powder& wash
hands and !rush clothin% clean as soon as possi!le afterwards. .H, clu!s %enerally
ad/ise that if dru%s are disco/ered on !oard !y port officials( the aster should co-
operate fully with the authorities and see" help fro the clu!>s local correspondent to
ensure the owner>s interests are protected. The .H, clu!s also stress the iportance
of ta"in% all possi!le precautions to a/oid the concealent of dru%s on !oard(
especially when tradin% to the :'0. 2any shipowners participate in the :' #ustos>
'ea #arrier ,nitiati/e .ro%ra in which each participatin% carrier underta"es to ta"e
reasona!le precautions a%ainst the concealent of dru%s on !oard its ships. 0lthou%h
participants cannot !e exepted fro statutory sanctions any penalty for a participant
will !e liited if dru%s are disco/ered on !oard !y :' #ustos( and the existence of
an a%reeent( and the carrier>s pro/en adherence to it( ay !e iportant in iti%atin%
any fine if dru%s are found on the /essel or in the possession of a crew e!er.
.articipatin% copanies should therefore aintain a well docuented and enforced
syste of security( trainin% and instruction on !oard ship. ,f a seafarer was found to
!e co-operatin% with those supplyin% the shipent( he should !e disciplined in
accordance with the erchant na/y code of conduct.
109. What are the functions of the 'al/a%e 0ssociation8
The '0 is an association of sur/eyors( renowned for its inte%rity and ipartiality( with
head*uarters in 1ondon and offices in se/eral aCor ports worldwide. ,t in/esti%ates
casualties in which underwriters ha/e an interest( and will act for shipowners( .H,
clu!s( a/era%e adCusters( solicitors( %o/ernent departents( erchants and
anufacturers. -nce instructed( the '0 will in/esti%ate the circustances of a
casualty or car%o daa%e( deterine the cause and extent of any daa%e( and pro/ide
the owners and underwriters with inforation and recoendations for the protection
and preser/ation of the interests of all parties.
,t also conducts pre-ris" sur/eys and condition sur/eys which are !asically pre-
/oya%e inspections +e.%. of a hea/y lift ship dec" car%o) to ensure that all proper
arran%eents ha/e !een ade to iniise ris" of accident on a /oya%e( and issues
warranty certificates statin%( for exaple( Kwarranted approval of tug, tow, towage
and stowage arrangements by S.A. and all recommendations complied withL. The
'0>s warranty will usually a"e insurance easier to o!tain fro underwriters.
,t can assist in the ne%otiation of repair contracts( chec"in% car%o in con%ested port
areas or car%o stranded ashore( and sur/ey and appro/al of lay-up sites and
arran%eents. The ser/ices offered !y the '0 can !e suarised as casualty
ana%eent and ris" ana%eent. #asualty ana%eent +car%o) encopasses:
daa%e sur/eys and in/esti%ation( casualty coordination( G0 sur/eys( third party
lia!ility sur/eys( ad/ice on underwater location and reco/ery( hull or achinery
sur/eys( ad/ice on daa%e liitation and iti%ation of loss( and speed and an%le of
!low sur/eys. #asualty ana%eent +hull) encopasses: daa%e sur/eys( speed and
an%le of !low sur/eys( ad/ice on repairs and costs( preparation of repair
specifications( ne%otiation of repair accounts( ad/ice on sal/a%e operations and wrec"
reo/al( casualty in/esti%ation and co-ordination( daa%e en%ineerin%( third party
lia!ility sur/eys( and G0 sur/eys. Ris" ana%eent encopasses: ris" assessent(
car%o proCects( shipyard inspections( condition sur/eys( feasi!ility studies( and sur/ey
and ad/ice for: /oya%e or towa%e( /essel lay up or reacti/ation( oorin%
arran%eents( car%o load out( and stowa%e and towa%e.
110.Where would you find current international recoendations on the safe use of
pesticides on ships8
The ,23G #ode 'uppleent. 0lso see 2'4 1A17 and the ,2- pu!lication
Recommendations on the Safe Use of Pesticides in Ships.
111. What routine inspections ust !e ade on!oard( !y who
0t daily inter/als :- G23'' !atteries( paper( internal 3'# testin%.
0t wee"ly inter/als( sur/i/al craft( rescue !oats and launchin% appliances ust !e
inspected to ensure that they are ready for iediate use. )n%ines ust !e run ahead
and astern for a total period of not less than 9 inutes. The %eneral alar ust also
!e tested wee"ly. Wee"ly inspection of the accoodation includin% %alley and
pro/isions stores. G23'' :Q 3'# )xternal. Bandheld DB5. )er%ency %enerator.
0t onthly inter/als( all 1'0 includin% life!oat and rescue !oat e*uipent ust !e
inspected. This should include an exaination and test of fixed radio installations and
searchli%hts on sur/i/al craft( ensurin% that !atteries are char%ed when the en%ine is
runnin%. Water spray systes in life!oats ust also !e tested. Rescue !oat should !e
lowered and anoue/red in the water. 550:- )nsure all fireans outfits(
extin%uishers( hydrants( hoses and no<<les are in place and ser/icea!le. #hec" escape
routes are clear. .0 syste operati/e. 0ll fixed installation /al/es in the correct
position. 'prin"ler systes pressuri<ed. 'prin"ler tan" le/els correct and pups
wor"in% norally. 0ll fire pups operational. 5ixed fire installations free fro
lea"s. G23'' :- ).,R$ and '0RT( eer%ency !attery supply( aerials and insulators.
-thers :- cali!ration of atospheric testin% e*uipent. Test of BB23. Test of hold
!il%e alars( #-6 hold alars( car%o hold so"e detector. Winches.
0t *uarterly inter/als :- 5ire extin%uishers at correct pressure. 'prin"ler alars
wor"in%. ,'' a/aila!le. 550 loc"ers contain their full in/entory. 5ire dapers(
doors and closin% de/ices fully operational. 'ur/i/al craft lowered and anoeu/red
in the water. -thers :- test of ''0'. 2oorin% ropes and wires.
0t annual inter/als :- 5ire doors and dapers operate reotely. 0ll foa and water
spray systes operational. 5ixed fire fi%htin% installation thorou%h inspection. 5ire
pups de/elop correct pressure and flow rates. Bydrants operate. 0ntifree<e
solutions correct. 5ixed fire detection syste sensors fully operational. -thers :-
0nnual test of sta!ility coputer.
1iferaft da/its ust !e swun% out and winches operated at each a!andon ship drill.
116. When ust fire and !oat drills !e held in +a) class D,, 'hips8
Within 6; hours of lea/in% port if ore than 65R of the crew ha/e not participated in
drills on that ship in the pre/ious onth. -therwise each e!er of crew ust
participate in an a!andon ship and a fire drill e/ery onth.
116. When ust fire and !oat drills !e held in +!) class , 'hips8
0!andon ship and fire drills ust !e held wee"ly. 0lways within 6; hours of
passen%er e!ar"ation if /oya%e G 6; hours.
119.What is the current penalty on an eployee who !reaches soe aspect of BH'
le%islation( such as Cupin% ashore o/er the %unwale instead of usin% the
accoodation ladder8
Re%ulation 66 BH' pro/ides that no char%e in respect of anythin% done or pro/ided in
pursuance of any specific re*uireent of the Re%ulations ay !e le/ied or peritted
to !e le/ied on any wor"er. Bowe/er( under re%ulation 69 it is an offence for any
person to intentionally or rec"lessly interfere with or isuse anythin% pro/ided in the
interests of health and safety a!oard a :? ship in pursuance of the Re%ulations or the
Bealth and 'afety at Wor" 0ct or any re%ulation or rule ade thereunder. :nder the
erchant na/y code of conduct( they could !e char%ed with sect 1; :- !eha/iour
seriously detractin% fro the safe or efficient wor"in% of the ship.
11;.What is the scope of the annual safety e*uipent sur/ey8
The annual sur/ey will include a %eneral inspection of the fire safety systes and
appliances( life-sa/in% appliances and arran%eents except radio installations( the
ship!orne na/i%ational e*uipent( eans of e!ar"ation for pilots and other
e*uipent to which chapters ,,-1( ,,-6( ,,, and D of the 19A; '-10' #on/ention
apply( to ensure that they coply with the pro/isions of the rele/ant re%ulations( and
they are in satisfactory condition and are fit for the ser/ice for which the ship is
intended. ,n addition the fire control plans( nautical pu!lications( li%hts( shapes( eans
of a"in% sound si%nals and distress si%nals will also !e su!Cect to this sur/ey. The
sur/ey will ensure that it has !een aintained to confor with the pro/isions of the
rele/ant re%ulations to ensure that the ship in all respects will reain fit to proceed to
sea without dan%er to the ship or persons on !oard and that it reains satisfactory for
the ser/ice for which the ship is intended.
115.What would you do if your pilot cae a!oard apparently drun" when you were
a!out to doc" the ship8
, would not allow the pilot to con the /essel. ,nstead( , would as" hi to reain on
the !rid%e +too dan%erous to allow hi to cli! !ac" down the pilot ladder) and call
up the pilot station to re*uest another pilot. , would wait for another pilot ensurin%
the safety of y /essel. , would report the incident to the port authority and notify the
a%ent and y owners. To protect owners interests( , would write a letter of protest as
the ship ay !e delayed !ecause of the pilot.
11=.What are the statutory penalties for !ein% o/erloaded8
'ection 9; of the 2erchant 'hippin% 0ct 1995 pro/ides that o/erloadin% or unsafe or
iproper loadin% are atters !y /irtue of which a ship ay !e considered
Kdan%erously unsafeL( in which case the owner and the aster will each !e %uilty of
an offence punisha!le !y a fine of up to M50(000 on suary con/iction( or 6 years>
iprisonent plus an unliited fine on con/iction on indictent. ,n addition( a
penalty can !e iposed of an additional M1000 for e/ery centieter the ship was
o/erloaded !y.
11A.What are the other conse*uences of o/erloadin%8
,n addition( the /essel will lose its class( insurance( .H, co/er and all its statutory
certificates will !e suspended. The /essel will also !e considered unseaworthy at
coon law.
117.What are the six classification societies to whose $ritish #oittees are
dele%ated certain functions of the 2#0 +re%ardin% sur/eys and issues of
certificates etc.)8
1loyd>s Re%ister of 'hippin% +1R)& $ureau Deritas +$D)& Geranischer 1loyd +G1)&
0erican $ureau of 'hippin% +0$')& 3et 4ors"e Deritas +34D)& and Re%istro
,taliano 4a/ale +R,40).
119.What are the differences !etween a 20O30O( a .04 .04 and a ')#:R,T)8
K20O30OL +distress) indicates that a ship or other /ehicle is threatened !y %ra/e and
iinent dan%er and re*uests iediate assistance.
K.04 .04L +ur%ency) indicates that the callin% station has a /ery ur%ent essa%e to
transit concernin% the safety of a ship( aircraft or other /ehicle( or of a person.
K')#:R,TSL +safety) indicates that the station is a!out to transit a essa%e
concernin% the safety of na/i%ation or %i/in% iportant eteorolo%ical warnin%s.
160. What would !e your considerations if two or ore /essels offered sal/a%e
ser/ices followin% a aCor en%ine failure on your ship8
The assistance that sees the ost reasona!le( ta"in% into account the possi!le /alue
of the assistin% ships( their a!ility to perfor the sal/a%e ser/ices and the aount of
their de/iation fro their intended routes.
161. What is a K.ort of refu%eL8
0 Kport of refu%eL is a port or place that a /essel di/erts to when her aster considers
it unsafe to continue the /oya%e due to a peril that threatens the Kcoon safetyL( e.%.
when there is a dan%erous in%ress of water into the /essel( a dan%erous shift of car%o(
the /essel adopts an an%le of loll( there is a serious fire on !oard( etc. ,n such
circustances( enterin% a .-R ay!e considered an act of General 0/era%e.
166. Whilst !ein% towed towards a port of refu%e followin% the loss of your
propeller( what arran%eents would you want to a"e8
0s soon as the decision is ta"en to a"e for a port or place of refu%e( +whether under
tow or otherwise) infor the owner and charterer( statin% the reason for the de/iation.
Gi/e rele/ant details to duty superintendent& he will pro!a!ly call the underwriters. ,n
case of hull or achinery daa%e( the owner will contact the classification society(
who will infor their local sur/eyor. Record the ship>s position. 'ound tan"s for
*uantity of !un"ers on !oard. 5ro this point until departure fro the port of refu%e(
"eep accurate records of e/ents and expenditure( etc.( for e/entual deli/ery to the
owner and a/era%e adCuster.
Re*uest the owner to arran%e an a%ent at the port to handle the /isit. ,f the cause of
the de/iation is an KaccidentL as defined in the 2' +0ccident Reportin% and
,n/esti%ation) Re%ulations( infor 20,$. #all the a%ent as soon as his identity is
"nown. .ass )T0 and necessary inforation for the arri/al. Re*uest the a%ent to
notify: .ort 'tate 0dinistration if /essel is daa%ed or seaworthiness is affected&
har!our aster or port authority. ,nfor port authority of the full facts( as the
authority ay want to "eep /essel outside port until car%o dischar%ed( etc. Gi/e
details of the nature and se/erity of daa%e( entionin% any disa!led na/aids(
steerin% %ear( achinery( etc. 'tate any pollution ha<ard. #ontact pilot station(
linesen( !oatan( custos( port health( ii%ration( etc. and the local
correspondent of the owner>s .H, clu!. 0 representati/e fro the correspondent fir(
or an appointed sur/eyor( should attend on arri/al.
-n arri/al at the port or place of refu%e( the sal/or +if any) will re*uire sal/a%e
security( which should !e arran%ed !y the owner and car%o owners. 5ailin% this( the
sal/or ay ha/e /essel arrested pendin% satisfaction of his clai. -!tain health
clearance in accordance with local re%ulations. )nter /essel in with custos Kunder
a/era%eL. ,nfor the owner charterer of /essel>s safe arri/al. -wners will declare
%eneral a/era%e. 4ote protest as soon as possi!le !ut in any case within 6; hours( in
copliance with local custo( reser/in% the ri%ht Kto extend at a tie and place
con/enientL. Where there is hull or achinery daa%e( the owner will notify his
insurance !ro"er if the port of refu%e is in the :?. 0!road( the a%ent should !e
re*uested to notify local 1loyd>s 0%ent +Tender clause). Bull and achinery
underwriters norally instruct a sur/eyor( in aCor cases fro the 'al/a%e
0ssociation. Where there is hull or achinery daa%e( a class sur/eyor( if a/aila!le
at the port( will inspect and report on the daa%e( stipulatin% repairs necessary for the
/essel to aintain class. Teporary repairs ay !e accepta!le. ,f no class sur/eyor is
a/aila!le( the class society should !e contacted( and will ad/ise the appropriate steps
to ta"e in order for class to !e aintained until a port can !e reached for sur/ey.
169. ,f you had to dischar%e your car%o !efore enterin% a drydoc" in the .-R( what
arran%eents would you a"e8
,f car%o dischar%e is necessary !efore repairs can !e ade( call a hatch sur/ey !efore
coencin% dischar%e. )ploy only re%istered and un!iased sur/eyors
recoended !y the .H, clu!. #ar%o interests should !e notified so that they can
appoint their own sur/eyors. Ree!er that car%o sur/eyors are appointed !y car%o
interests and ay criticise the aster>s actions or alle%e that the /essel was
unseaworthy. $e %uided !y the .H, clu! correspondent as to who to allow on !oard
and a!out a"in% stateents which ay ad/ersely affect the owner>s le%al position.
,f the /oya%e is !ein% terinated and car%o owners are ta"in% deli/ery of their
consi%nents( General 0/era%e $ond and Guarantee fors will first ha/e to !e
si%ned. The owner>s lien on car%o should !e exercised if necessary& this should !e
discussed with the owner and a%ent. 0rran%e car%o dischar%e +under sur/ey) and
either trans-shipent or warehousin% of car%o durin% the repairs( if necessary. +This
will depend on the len%th of tie in port( nature of car%o( etc.).
16;. What is a safe port8
The le%al definition of Ka safe portL is contained within the followin% le%al opinion:
K0 port will not !e safe unless( in the rele/ant period of tie the particular ship can
reach it( use it and return fro it without( in the a!sence of soe a!noral
occurrence( !ein% exposed to dan%er which cannot !e a/oided !y %ood na/i%ation and
seaanship.L Re*uireents for a port to !e considered a Ksafe portL are as follows: 1.
There ust !e safe access to the port and it ust !e free fro peranent o!struction
or ice. 0 teporary o!struction( e.%. neap tides( does not( howe/er( a"e a port
unsafe. 6. ,t ust !e a port where the /essel can lie safely afloat at all states of the
tide( unless it is custoary and safe to load andIor dischar%e a%round or there is
special a%reeent to do so. Whereas the standard ters ay re*uire the /essel to
Kproceed to the loadin% port or place stated or as near thereto as she ay safely %et
and lie always afloatL( the ters will often !e aended to perit a short-sea /essel to
lie Ksafe a%roundL. 9. There ust !e ade*uate facilities for trade( includin% a safe
shore landin% of %oods( proper whar/es( warehouses and other esta!lishents for
dealin% with the "ind of car%o conteplated. ;. ,t ust !e a politically safe port( free
fro any state of war or e!ar%o. 5. The ship( ha/in% reached the port +and
dischar%ed her car%o)( ust !e a!le to lea/e safely( e.%. without ha/in% to lower or cut
her asts to pass under a !rid%e.
165. Bow are the pro/isions of ,2- #on/entions and .rotocols applied to :?
:? le%islation is ade to %i/e effect to particular con/entions and protocols.
#ontractin% %o/ernents enforce the pro/isions of ,2- #on/entions in respect of
their own ships and set penalties for offences. They ay also ha/e liited powers in
respect of ships flyin% the fla%s of other states when these ships are in their ports and
waters. )nforceent thus depends on Go/ernents of 2e!er 'tates i.e. fla% states
and port states.
16=. ,n what circustances i%ht you !e excepted fro the oil Kdischar%eL
,f you dischar%e oil to sa/e life or the ship. ,f all reasona!le precautions were ta"en
after sufferin% daa%e or disco/erin% dischar%e. 4o intent or rec"less !eha/iour on
your part. ,f su!stances containin% oil are used to co!at pollution incidents.
16A. ,n what circustances ust you %i/e a proper officer 4otice of ,ntention to
dischar%e a seaan8
0 proper officer ust !e notified if it is necessary outside the :? to dischar%e a
seaan when he is not physically present. ).%. when he has %one 0W-1(
hospitali<ed or has !een left ashore. 0n entry in the -1$ should !e ade statin% that
the proper officer has !een notified.
167. What is a ultiple ship crew a%reeent8
,t is an 2#0 appro/ed crew a%reeent relain% to ore than one ship +e.%. fleet of ro-
ro>s at one specific port). ,t ay !e used when an eployer has se/eral ships
operatin% fro the sae port and needs to !e a!le to eploy crews flexi!ly on any
ship durin% the currency of the a%reeent. ,t has the sae for and pro/isions as
ordinary standard runnin% or /oya%e a%reeents( except that the nae of the ship to
which it relates on the outer co/er. -ri%inal a%reeent is "ept ashore and each ship
carries a copy which ust !e certified !y the 2aster as a true copy and specify the
address where the ori%inal copy is held and the nae of the person "eepin% it.
169. When ust a seaan produce his dischar%e !oo" to you8
The 2' +'eafarers 3ocuents) Re%ulations 197A re%ulation 66+1) states that the
holder of a 3ischar%e $oo" ust produce it on deand at any tie to a
superintendent( a proper officer( the Re%istrar General of 'hippin% and 'eaen( his
eployer( the aster of the ship in which he is eployed( and to any other person
authorised !y re%ulation 60 to a"e an entry in it( for the purpose of a"in% that
190. What docuents i%ht you !e re*uired to %i/e a seaan on his dischar%e8
Re%ulation 65+;) pro/ides that if a seaan so re*uests( within a period of = onths
fro the date of his dischar%e fro or his lea/in% the ship( the aster( or one of the
ship>s officers authorised !y hi in that !ehalf( ust %i/e hi a certificate +which
ust !e separate fro any other docuent) either as to the *uality of his wor" or
indicatin% whether he has fully dischar%ed his o!li%ations under his contract of
eployent. Be ay also re*uest a certificate statin% that his ca!in has !een left
clean( tidy and in %ood order.
191. What docuents ust you a"e a/aila!le to a seaan when he si%ns on a
#rew 0%reeent8
-n deand( within reasona!le tie the aster ust Kcause to !e supplied to hiL a
copy of the #rew 0%reeent under which he is eployed or such extracts therefro
as are necessary to show the ters on which he is eployed. , should also Kcause to
!e ade a/aila!le to hiL a copy of the docuent referred to in the #rew 0%reeent
e.%. a copy of the 2erchant 4a/y #ode of #onduct if the ship is on a $'5 a%reeent
or a copany code of conduct if an 453 a%reeent. 0ny docuents referred to
under additional clauses such as the copany dru% and alcohol policy should also !e
supplied if re*uested.
196. ,n what territories does the Bealth and 'afety at Wor" 0ct apply to a :? 'hip8
Great $ritain F )n%land( 'cotland and Wales. ,t does not apply to :? ships outside
:? waters.
199. ,f a ste/edore fell down an open hatch on your ship while wor"in% car%o
alon%side in a :? .ort( who would you expect to conduct the accident
Bealth and 'afety )xecuti/e +B')) ,nspectors.
19;. What e*ui/alent re%ulations to the B0'0W 0ct ha/e siilar effect on :?
ships outside Great $ritain8
Re%ulation 6A of the 2' and 5D +Bealth and 'afety at Wor") Re%ulations 199A +',
199AI69=6)( pro/ides that K0 rele/ant inspector ay inspect any :nited ?in%do
ship and if he is satisfied that there has !een a failure to coply in relation to that ship
with the re*uireents of these Re%ulations ay detain the ship until the health and
safety of all wor"ers and other persons a!oard ship is securedL. 0lso effectin% :?
'hips outside the territories are the :-
2' +#ode of 'afe Wor"in% .ractices for 2erchant 'eaen) Re%ulations 1997.
2' +Bealth and 'afety at Wor") +)ployent of Ooun% .ersons) Re%ulations 1997.
2' +'afe 2annin%( Bours of Wor" and Watch"eepin%) Re%ulations 199A
2' and 5D +Bealth and 'afety at Wor") Re%ulations 199A +', 199AI69=6)&
2' and 5D +Bealth and 'afety at Wor") +)ployent of Ooun% .ersons) Re%ulations
1997 +', 1997I6;11)&
2' and 5D +2anual Bandlin% -perations) Re%ulations 1997 +', 1997I675A)&
2' +#ode of 'afe Wor"in% .ractices for 2erchant 'eaen) Re%ulations 1997 +',
2' +Guardin% of 2achinery and 'afety of )lectrical )*uipent) Re%ulations 1977
+', 1977I1=9=)&
2' +2eans of 0ccess) Re%ulations 1977 +', 1977I1=9A)&
2' +)ntry ,nto 3an%erous 'paces) Re%ulations 1977 +', 1977I1=97)&
2' +Batches and 1iftin% .lant) Re%ulations 1977 +', 1977I1=99)&
2' +'afe 2o/eent on $oard 'hip) Re%ulations 1977 +', 1977I1=;1)&
2' +.ersonal .rotecti/e )*uipent) Re%ulations 1999 +', 1999I6605)& and
2' and 5D +'afety 'i%ns and 'i%nals) Re%ulations 6001 +', 6001I9;;;).
19=. What circustances ay in/alidate a #ertificate of #lass8
The certifcate of class ay!e withdrawn or suspended when :- 1. When the society>s
re%ulations as re%ards sur/eys on hull( e*uipent or achinery are not coplied with
e.%. sur/ey o/erdue. 6. When it is found( fro reported defects in the hull(
e*uipent or achinery( that a ship is not entitled to retain class in the Re%ister $oo"(
and the owner fails to repair such defects in accordance with the society>s
re*uireents. 9. When any society-classed ship proceeds to sea with less free!oard
than that appro/ed !y the society( or when her free!oard ar"s are placed hi%her than
the position assi%ned or appro/ed !y the society. ;. When it is found that a
specialised ship is !ein% operated in a anner contrary to that a%reed at the tie of
classification( or is !ein% operated in en/ironental conditions which are ore
onerous( or in areas other than those a%reed !y the society.
19A. 5or what reasons ay the 2#0 detain a Kdan%erously unsafe shipL in the :?
+or a :? ship anywhere)8
'ection 9; of the 2erchant 'hippin% 0ct 1995 pro/ides that a ship is Kdan%erously
unsafeL if( ha/in% re%ard to the nature of the ser/ice for which it is intended( the ship
is( !y reasons of the atters entioned !elow( unfit to %o to sea without serious
dan%er to huan life. Those atters are:- +1) the condition( or the unsuita!ility for its
purpose( of the ship or its achinery or e*uipent& or any part of the ship or its
achinery or e*uipent& +6) underannin%& +9) o/erloadin% or unsafe or iproper
loadin%& and +;) any other atter rele/ant to the safety of the ship.
197. Bow often ust crew e!ers !e %i/en on-!oard trainin% in the use of the
ship>s sur/i/al e*uipent8
The 2' +2usters( Trainin% and 3ecision 'upport 'ystes) Re%ulations 1999
Re%ulation 16 applies to any ship on an international /oya%e. -n-!oard trainin% in
the use of the ship>s 1'0( includin% sur/i/al craft e*uipent and fire extin%uishin%
appliances( ust !e %i/en to each crew e!er a.s.a.p. and in any e/ent within 6
wee"s of the crew e!er Coinin%. ,nstructions in the use of the ship>s 1'0( in sea
sur/i/al( and in the use of the ship>s 550 ust !e %i/en at the sae inter/al as
statutory drills. ,ndi/idual instruction ay co/er different parts of the ship>s 1'0
syste and 550( !ut all the ship>s e*uipent ust !e co/ered within any 6 onth
period. Trainin% to consist of: operation and use of the ship>s liferafts& first-aid
treatent for hypotheria and other appropriate first-aid procedures& special
instructions necessary for use of the ship>s 1'0 in se/ere weather and sea conditions&
and operation and use of fire-extin%uishin% appliances.
-n-!oard trainin% in the use of da/it-launched liferafts ust ta"e place at inter/als of
not ore than ; onths on ships fitted with the. )/ery e!er of the crew with
assi%ned eer%ency duties in respect of a /oya%e ust !e failiar with those duties
!efore the /oya%e !e%ins.
199. Bow often ust life!oats !e launched8
)ach life!oat ust !e launched with its assi%ned operatin% crew a!oard and
anoeu/red in the water at least once e/ery 9 onths durin% an a!andon ship drill. ,f
the !erthin% arran%eents in port and tradin% patterns of a ship operatin% on short
international /oya%es a"e launchin% on one side ipractica!le( then launchin% of
!oats on that side will not !e re*uired( !ut all !oats on that side ust !e lowered at
least once e/ery 9 onths and launched at least annually. Rescue !oats other than
life!oats dou!lin% as rescue !oats ust( as far as practica!le( !e launched each onth
with their assi%ned crew a!oard and anoeu/red in the water. ,n any e/ent this ust
!e done at least once e/ery 9 onths. 0 free-fall life!oat should !e launched at least
once e/ery 9 onths( !ut where free-fall launchin% is ipractica!le the life!oat ay
!e lowered into the water pro/ided that the !oat is free-fall launched with the assi%ned
operatin% crew a!oard( and anoeu/red in the water( at least once e/ery = onths. ,f
it is ipractica!le to free-fall launch a life!oat within a = onth period( the 2#0( on
the owner>s application( ay appro/e an extension of the period to 16 onths. 'uch
appro/al will !e on the condition that the life!oat will !e su!Cected to siulated
launchin%s at inter/als not exceedin% = onths.
1;0. 5or what reasons i%ht a 1oad 1ine #ertificate !e in/alidated8
0 #ertificate ay !e cancelled if the 2#0 is satisfied that: the certificate was issued
on false or erroneous inforation& the ship ceases to coply with the #onditions of
0ssi%nent relatin% to it& the structural stren%th of the ship is reduced to an extent
that the ship is unsafe& or the inforation on the !asis of which free!oards were
assi%ned to the ship was incorrect. 0 1oad 1ine #ertificate ay also !e cancelled !y
the 2#0: if the certificate is not endorsed to show that the ship has !een sur/eyed& if
a new certificate is issued in respect of the ship& or if the ship ceases to !e a :? ship.
1;6. Bow would you o!tain K,nwards clearanceL fro #ustos on arri/al at a :?
#learance is %ranted !y the !oardin% officer when satisfied with all docuents and the
!ond loc"er count( !y stapin% the Kreport acceptedL space at the foot of the #.19.
The /essel is then said to !e Kcleared inwardsL. .ersonnel ay e!ar" and
dise!ar" and car%o operations ay coence. The aster ust report his ship to
#ustos if arri/in% in a port fro a place outside the )#. The aster>s report ust
consist of the ori%inal and one copy of: 5or #.19 - 2aster>s 3eclaration. +%eneral
info a!out ship( /oya%e( and details of the ship>s stores)& #.1;6 - #rew 3eclaration.
+aster and crew ust declare certain %oods. 4otes on the for explain which %oods
ust !e declared. 0ny sall parcels of erchandise and any addressed pac"a%es not
shown elsewhere on the report ust also !e declared). $oth declarations ust !e
si%ned either !y the aster or an authori<ed person& #ar%o declaration. The aster
ust declare the car%o in one of four ways: 1. -n a anifest( or other coercial
docuent( %i/in% full details for each consi%nent 6. ,f there is no suita!le docuent
#ustos will accept a car%o declaration on the odel for produced !y ,2-. 9. ,f
the ship is carryin% a sin%le coodity !ul" car%o( its details can !e %i/en in !ox 19
of 5or #.19 instead of a separate declaration. ;. 'oe ports in the :? operate a
coputerised in/entory control syste appro/ed !y #ustos. ,n this case the words
K3eclaration of car%o !y coputerL ust !e written in !ox 19 of 5or #19. ,f
applica!le( a .0' 15 +0rri/al) .assen%er Return should !e attached to the report.
The /essel>s -il .ollution ,nsurance #ertificate +-.,#)( if a tan"er( ust !e shown.
1;9. Bow would you o!tain Koutwards clearanceL at a :? .ort8
#learance ust !e o!tained at the Kproper placeL +ad/ertised in custos port offices)
!efore lea/in% a :? port for a destination outside the )#. 5or clearance outwards(
the aster should coplete 5or #.19 +2aster>s 3eclaration) in duplicate and %i/e
the fors to #ustos. Be should also: %i/e #ustos a copy of the car%o declaration if
any iported %oods reain on !oard for export& show #ustos any clearance %i/en at
other ): ports for the sae /oya%e& produce the followin% fors where
applica!le: T# 16 +:? 5or #A9) ,nforation 4ote for the ,ntended .ort of
3estination F includes /essel>s nae& port and date of departure& intended port of
destination& pro!a!le ports of call& si%nature of captain of the /essel or his
representati/e& official authentication !y the copetent authority at the port of
departure. .0' 15 +3).0RT:R)) .assen%er Return should also !e su!itted.
$efore %i/in% clearance #ustos chec" the followin% statutory ship certificates: in the
case of car%o ships o/er 500%t: 1oadline& ,-..& 'afety #onstruction( 'afety
)*uipent and 'afety Radio +or #ar%o 'hip 'afety #ertificate)& in the case of
passen%er ships: 1oadline& ,-..& .assen%er #ertificate or .assen%er 'hip 'afety
#ertificate. ,f all docuents are in order( the /essel will !e Kcleared outwardsL !y the
#ustos officer stapin% the Kclearance %rantedL space at the foot of the #.19.
:nless she is su!Cect to a 3etention -rder the /essel ay then le%ally sail.
1;;. What are the differences !etween 1loyd>s and 1loyd>s Re%ister8
1loyds +also "nown as 1loyd>s of 1ondon) is an insurance ar"et situated in 1ondon.
,t is not a copany( !ut a society of indi/idual and corporate e!ers with unifor
practices and procedures( re%ulated !y strict rules. ,t pro/ides facilities for the
transaction of insurance !usiness. 1loyd>s Re%ister is a e!er of ,0#' and
appro/es the desi%n( sur/eys and reports on: ho/ercraft( non-ercantile shippin%(
yachts and sall craft& acts with dele%ated authority on !ehalf of nuerous
%o/ernents in respect of statutory re%ulations& pro/ides other technical inspection
and ad/isory ser/ices relatin% to ships and the aritie industry %enerally. ,t will act(
when authorised on !ehalf of Go/ernents( in respect of national and international
statutory safety and other re*uireents for passen%er and car%o ships. ,t eploys
exclusi/e 5ull Tie sur/eyors worldwide.
1;5. ,n the scope of which statutory sur/ey does the tailshaft coe8
#ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate +#''##).
1;=. What are the statutory re*uireents concernin% the carria%e of charts8
'-10' re%ulation DI6A pro/ides that nautical charts and nautical pu!lications( such
as sailin% directions( lists of li%hts( notices to ariners( tide ta!les and all other
nautical pu!lications necessary for the intended /oya%e( ust !e ade*uate and up to
date. The 2#0 ad/ises that this re%ulation applies to all +:?) ships other than :?
pleasure /essels of less than 150%t. The 2' +'afety of 4a/i%ation) Re%ulations 6006
re*uire copliance !y a ship to the '-10' re%ulation. '-10' re%ulation DI6.6
defines Knautical chartL as a special-purpose ap that is issued officially !y or on the
authority of a Go/ernent( authori<ed Bydro%raphic -ffice or other rele/ant
%o/ernent institution and is desi%ned to eet the re*uireents of arine na/i%ation.
'-10' re%ulation DI19.6.1.; pro/ides that all ships( irrespecti/e of si<e( ust ha/e
nautical charts to plan and display the ship>s route for the intended /oya%e and to plot
and onitor positions throu%hout the /oya%e& an electronic chart display and
inforation syste +)#3,') ay !e accepted as eetin% the chart carria%e
re*uireents of this para%raph pro/idin% that all ships( irrespecti/e of si<e( ust ha/e
!ac"-up arran%eents if this function is partly or fully fulfilled !y electronic eans.
0n appropriate folio of paper nautical charts ay !e used as a !ac"-up arran%eent
for )#3,'. -ther !ac"-up arran%eents for )#3,' are accepta!le
1;A. What sta!ility and loadin% inforation ust !e carried on!oard8
'ta!ility inforation ust !e pro/ided on !oard under the 2' +1oad 1ine)
Re%ulations 1997. 1oadin% and !allastin% inforation ust !e pro/ided for and is
norally in a !oo"let "nown as an ,ntact 'ta!ility $oo"let or a $ul" #arrier 1oadin%
and $allastin% $oo"let. The loadin% and !allastin% inforation ust indicate the
axiu stresses perissi!le for the ship and specify the anner in which the ship
ust !e loaded and !allasted to a/oid the creation of unaccepta!le stresses in its
structure. The owner of e/ery ship ust pro/ide( for the %uidance of the aster(
inforation relatin% to the sta!ility of the ship. The inforation ust !e in the for
of a !oo" which ust !e "ept on the ship at all ties in the aster>s custody. ,n the
case of a :? ship the sta!ility inforation ust include all atters specified in 2'4
1A56. $efore the sta!ility inforation is %i/en to the aster( it ust !e appro/ed
either !y the 2#0 or the 0ssi%nin% 0uthority which assi%ned free!oards to the ship.
,nclinin% tests perfor the !asis of the intact sta!ility !oo". The aster of e/ery sea-
%oin% :? car%o ship of 500 GT or o/er and e/ery non-:? car%o ship of 500 GT or
o/er while in :? waters( ust !e supplied with such relia!le inforation as is
necessary to deterine the sta!ility of the ship under /arious conditions of ser/ice.
The inforation ust include: 1. one of the followin%: a cur/e of iniu
operational G2 /ersus drau%ht assurin% copliance with the applica!le intact
sta!ility re*uireents of the 1oad 1ines Rules or a +correspondin%) cur/e of the
axiu allowa!le /ertical centre of %ra/ity +?G) /ersus drau%ht& or a ta!ular or
e*ui/alent presentation of either of these cur/es& and 6. instructions concernin% the
operation of cross-floodin% arran%eents& and 9. all other data necessary to assist the
crew to aintain sta!ility after daa%e.
The 2' .assen%er 'hip #onstruction Re%ulations 1997 pro/ides that e/ery ship on
her copletion ust !e inclined and the eleents of her sta!ility deterined. The
aster ust !e supplied !y the owner with an appro/ed report of each inclinin% or
li%htwei%ht sur/ey carried out and of the calculation therefro of the li%htship
condition. Where eleents of a ship>s sta!ility ha/e !een found to ha/e chan%ed
followin% any inclinin% or li%htwei%ht sur/ey the aster ust !e supplied with
aended appro/ed sta!ility inforation. The 2' +#ar%o 'hip #onstruction)
Re%ulations 199A pro/ides that there ust !e( exhi!ited or readily a/aila!le on the
!rid%e( plans and !oo"lets showin% clearly for each dec" and hold: the !oundaries of
the waterti%ht copartents& the openin%s therein& the eans of closure and position
of any controls thereof& and the arran%eents for the correction of any list due to
floodin%. $oo"lets ust contain %eneral precautions( conditions and operational
procedures( considered necessary to aintain waterti%ht inte%rity under noral ship
operations and specific precautions +such as closures( security of car%o( soundin% of
alars)( considered to !e /ital to the sur/i/al of the ship and its crew.
1;7. #ertain ship>s certificates ha/e another docuent annexed to the which ust
!e carried on!oard for the inspection of a sur/eyor. Which certificates are they8
#ertificates of fitness ha/e annexed list of products that /essel can carry as well as
tan" loadin% conditions and the tan" plan. 0 record of construction and e*uipent
ust !e annexed to the ,-.. certificate. #onditions ay!e attached to the '23.
)xeption and exception certificates ay also !e annexed to certain certificates.
1;9. What plans or dia%ras ust !e a/aila!le on the ship>s !rid%e8
The 2' +#ar%o 'hip #onstruction) Re%ulations 199A pro/ides that there ust !e(
exhi!ited or readily a/aila!le on the !rid%e( plans and !oo"lets showin% clearly for
each dec" and hold: the !oundaries of the waterti%ht copartents& the openin%s
therein& the eans of closure and position of any controls thereof& and the
arran%eents for the correction of any list due to floodin%.
The radar shadow sector dia%ra for each radar ust also !e exhi!ited +'-10' #h
D). '-10' re%ulation DI6= re*uires that siple operatin% instructions( with a !loc"
dia%ra showin% the chan%e-o/er procedures for reote steerin% %ear control systes
and steerin% %ear power units ust !e peranently displayed on the na/i%ation
!rid%e. 2anoeu/rin% inforation( as descri!ed !y 2G4 601( is recoended !y the
2#0 to !e displayed( in accordance with ,2- Resolution 0.=01+15) consistin% of: a
wheelhouse poster +containin% %eneral particulars and detailed inforation a!out the
anoeu/rin% characteristics of the ship). 0 de/iation cur/e for the a%netic copass
should also !e displayed.
150. ,s there a statutory scale of pro/isions and water for seaen8
4o( despite the practice of soe asters of :? ships of attachin% a Wee"ly 'cale of
.ro/isions and Water to the #rew 0%reeent docuent and of postin% this on the
01#=( there has !een no statutory scale since the current .ro/isions and Water
Re%ulations cae into force in 1979. The 2' and Water) Re%ulations
1979 %i/e effect in the :? to ,1- #on/ention 4o. =7 concernin% food and caterin%
for crews on !oard ships. ,t iposes a duty on the eployer and the aster of e/ery
ship to ensure that pro/isions and water are pro/ided on their ship which: are suita!le
in respect of *uantity( nutriti/e /alue( *uality and /ariety ha/in% re%ard to the si<e of
the crew and the character and nature of the /oya%e& do not contain anythin% which is
li"ely to cause sic"ness or inCury to health or which renders any pro/ision or water
unpalata!le& and are otherwise fit for consuption. There ust !e wee"ly inspections
of pro/isions and water. Dessel ay !e detained until the health and safety of all
eployees and other persons a!oard ship is secured.
151. What circustances would render a tonna%e certificate in/alid8
0 tonna%e certificate is in/alidated when alterations are ade in the arran%eent(
construction( capacity( use of spaces( total nu!er of passen%ers as allowed !y a
.assen%er #ertificate( assi%ned load lines( or peritted draft such as would increase
the %ross or net tonna%e. ,t will also !e in/alidated if the ship is transferred fro the
:? re%ister( except when the transfer is to another #on/ention #ountry( in which case
it ay reain in force for not exceedin% 9 onths or until the new 0dinistration
issues another ,nternational Tonna%e #ertificate( whiche/er is earlier.
156. Where ust copies of the #ode of 'afe Wor"in% .ractice !e "ept on!oard8
-n a ship in which 5 or fewer wor"ers are eployed( at least one copy ust !e on
!oard( in the custody of the aster. ,t ust !e readily accessi!le and a/aila!le to
wor"ers. -n a ship in which !etween 5 and 60 wor"ers are eployed( a Ksuita!le
nu!erL of copies ust !e carried: one copy ust !e "ept !y the aster( safety
officer( each safety representati/e( where elected& and one or ore copies ust !e
"ept in a place readily accessi!le to other wor"ers. -n a ship in which ore than 60
wor"ers are eployed( a Ksuita!le nu!erL of copies ust !e carried. -n these ships:
one copy ust !e "ept !y the aster& chief officer& chief en%ineer& the purser or the
caterin% officer& the safety officer& each safety representati/e( where elected& and in
addition( a nu!er of copies which is ade*uate for the nu!er of wor"ers eployed(
ta"in% account of the nature of their duties( ust !e readily a/aila!le. ,t is an offence
for any person to reo/e a copy of the #ode( carried in copliance with the
Re%ulations( without the consent of the #opany or the aster.
159. What are the followin% :-
i) 01#1 F -uter #o/er F 0%reeent and 1ist of #rew
ii) 01#1+a) F 1ist of crew +for non-exept seaen)
iii) 01#1+!) F 1ist of exept crew
i/) 01#1+c) F 1ist of Ooun% .ersons
/) 01#1+d) F #rew 0%reeent
/i) 01#= F 3isplay copy of #rew 0%reeent and #lauses.
15;. What are the differences in functions of a 2#0 superintendent and an 2#0
0n 2#0 'ur/eyor is in effect a ship>s inspector. Be ay conduct sur/ey and
certification of ship>s safety e*uipent& inspectin% crew accoodation& inspectin%
pollution pre/ention arran%eents& port state control& appro/al of ''0>s and issue of
,'.' certification& rando %eneral safety inspections of :? and forei%n ships&
rando inspections of the condition( loadin% and stora%e on ships of pac"a%ed
dan%erous %oods& inspectin% ship!oard operational arran%eents for oil( %as and
cheical tan"ers and -'D>s& inspectin% arran%eents relatin% to occupational health
and safety of seafarers& safe annin% and certification of crews& di/in% operations
fro :? /essels& eyesi%ht testin%& oral exainations. Be ay detain a /essel were
re%ulations are !reached.
2#0 superintendents are !ased at 2arine -ffices and are epowered !y the 2' 0ct
1995 to deal with seaen>s docuents( en%a%eent of seaen and exeption
pro/isions& dischar%e of seaen& seaen>s wa%es and allotents& resolution of wa%es
disputes& relief and repatriation of seaen left !ehind& returns and reports of !irths
and deaths at sea& in*uiries into deaths on!oard ship& property of deceased seaen&
official lo%!oo"s& annin% of erchant ships& seaen>s health and safety& receipt and
onward deli/ery of ship>s docuents& coplaints !y seaen a!out pro/isions or
water& coplaints a!out seaworthiness of ships& and in*uiries into isconduct of
155. When ust an ,R5 for !e copleted8
The ,ncident Report 5or +,R5) was introduced to facilitate reportin% under the
0ccident Reportin% and ,n/esti%ation Re%ulations. ,t can !e used to aplify the
initial report of any accident and can also !e used to report serious inCuries. ,f
copleted and sent within the tie allowed( its su!ission will suffice without a
separate initial report. -ne ,R5 should !e used for each incident. 'ection 0 is for the
date and tie of the incident and identity of the /essel. 'ection $ is for the /oya%e
details( location of the incident and type of incident +fatal inCury( non-fatal inCury(
/essel lost or a!andoned( /essel daa%ed( or other). 'ection # is for details +i.e.
position and a%e only) of the person+s) inCured or "illed. 'ection 3 is for a !rief
description of the e/ents leadin% to the incident. 'ection ) is for stateents of how
the incident is thou%ht to ha/e happened( whether any action !een recoended as a
result( whether any action !een ta"en. 'ection 5 is for the si%nature and nae of the
aster( and the safety officer>s si%nature and nae. 'ection G contains the followin%
stateent: K,f the incident in/ol/ed a reporta!le personal accident or was a dan%erous
occurrence59 and there is an elected 'afety Representati/e on !oard the /essel( he
ust !e shown the copleted report and allowed to write in this section any
coents which he ay wish to a"e. ,f the inCured persons are represented !y
different 'afety Representati/es( each ay a"e additional coents if desired in
the space !elow !ut in any e/ent( they should all si%n the forL.
15=. What ar"s are re*uired !y law to !e cut in to the ship8
When satisfied that the ship is entitled to !e re%istered( the R'' issues to the owner
the ship>s -fficial 4u!er and a #ar/in% and 2ar"in% 4ote. The owner appoints an
,nspector of 2ar"s +sur/eyor of an authorised classification society) and deli/ers to
hi the #ar/in% and 2ar"in% 4ote. The official nu!er and Kappropriate tonna%eL(
are to !e conspicuously car/ed or ar"ed& the nae( to !e ar"ed on each of its !ows
and its stern& the port of choice( to !e ar"ed on the stern. The ship>s official nu!er
and re%istered or net tonna%e ust !e ar"ed on the ain !ea of the ship( or if there
is no ain !ea( on a readily accessi!le /isi!le peranent part of the structure of the
ship. 0lternati/ely it ay !e en%ra/ed on plates of etal( wood or plastic( secured to
the ain !ea +or to a readily accessi!le /isi!le part of the structure) with ri/ets(
throu%h !olts with the ends clenched( or screws with the slots reo/ed. The ,'.'
#ode re*uires the ships ,2- nu!er to !e peranently ar"ed on the /essel>s stern
and on each side of the superstructure and on the end of a trans/erse !ul"head in the
achinery space. 5inally( /essels assi%ned a free!oard should !e ar"ed with a dec"
line and a free!oard ar" in accordance with the 2' +1oad 1ine) Re%ulations 1997
and ha/e a scale of drau%ht ar"s at the !ow and stern on each side. The dec" line
and free!oard ar" should !e red on a contrastin% !ac"%round. 4o ar" ay !e
applied for fresh water allowance. ,f the 2#0 is the 0ssi%nin% 0uthority the letters at
the sides of the rin% should !e K3TL( and in the case of any other 0ssi%nin% 0uthority
should !e K:?L.
15A. What is the le%al definition of :-
i) 0ccident F Three %roups of e/ents or occurrence :- accidents to
persons +1oss of life or person& aCor inCury& person lost fro ship or
ship>s !oat& and an o/er!oard)& e/ents in/ol/in% the ship itself
+causin% loss of life( aCor inCury or aterial daa%e& if ship is lost or
presued lost& is a!andoned& aterially daa%ed !y fire& explosion&
weather or other cause& %roundin%s& collision& disa!led& or causes
si%nificant har to the en/ironent) and dan%erous occurrences.
ii) 'erious inCury F 0ny inCury( other than a aCor inCury( to a person
eployed or carried in a ship which occurs on!oard or durin% access
which results in incapacity for ore than 9 consecuti/e days excludin%
the day of the accident( or as a result of which the person concerned is
put ashore and the ship sails without that person( unless the incapacity
is "nown to !e of 9 consecuti/e days or less excludin% the day of the
iii) 'erious incident F e/ents in/ol/in% the ship itself +causin% loss of life(
aCor inCury or aterial daa%e& if ship is lost or presued lost& is
a!andoned& aterially daa%ed !y fire& explosion& weather or other
cause& %roundin%s& collision& disa!led& or causes si%nificant har to the
i/) 3an%erous -ccurrence F 0ny of the followin% if the occurrence i%ht
ha/e resulted in serious inCury or daa%e to the health of any person :-
5ailure of pressure /essel( pipeline or /al/e& failure of liftin%
e*uipent( access e*uipent( hatch co/er( sta%in% or !oatswains chair&
collapse or unintended o/eent of car%o or !allast to cause list or
loss of car%o o/er!oard& sna%%in% of fishin% %ear which results in
dan%erous an%le of heel& contact !y a person with as!estos fi!res and&
escape of any harful su!stance or a%ent.
/) Ba<ardous ,ncident F 0ny e/ent( other than an accident( associated
with the operation of a ship which in/ol/es circustances indicatin%
that an accident nearly occurred. ).%. near isses includin% failure of
procedures in ship!oard operations& aterial defects& fati%ue and
huan failures. These are reported /oluntarily.
/i) 2aCor inCury F 0ny fracture +not to a di%it)& loss of li!& dislocation of
shoulder( hip( "nee or spine& loss of si%ht& penetratin% inCury to eye& or
other inCury leadin% to hypotheria or unconsciousness( re*uirin%
resuscitation or adittance to hospital for ore than 6; hours.
157. What would you do if you experienced any of the ites in the last *uestion8
The aster ust( so far as is reasona!ly practica!le( ensure that the circustances of
e/ery accident are exained. Where a ship!oard safety officer has !een appointed(
the accident in/esti%ation should !e ade !y hi and lo%%ed !y hi in the accident
lo% which he is re*uired to "eep. )xcept in the case of a serious inCury( the aster
ust( on re*uest( pro/ide the 20,$ with a report( in addition to any initial report
ade( %i/in% the findin%s of the exaination and statin% any easures ta"en or
proposed to pre/ent a recurrence. ,n the e/ent of a serious inCury( the aster ust
pro/ide the 20,$ with a report within 1; days %i/in% the findin%s of the exaination
and statin% any easures ta"en or proposed to pre/ent a recurrence. This report could
!e ade on an ,R5 for. The aster( owner and any other rele/ant person or
corporate !ody ust( so far as is practica!le( ensure that all charts( lo% !oo"s( /oya%e
data and other records( electronic and a%netic recordin% and /ideo tapes and all
docuents which i%ht reasona!ly !e considered pertinent to an accident reporta!le(
are "ept and that no alteration is ade to recordin%s or entries in the( and that any
e*uipent which i%ht reasona!ly !e considered pertinent to the in/esti%ation of the
accident ust !e left undistur!ed as far as practica!le until notification is recei/ed
fro the #hief ,nspector that no in/esti%ation is to ta"e place& or unless notified of a
decision to in/esti%ate( 67 days after receipt !y the 20,$ of an initial report of an
accident or serious inCury& or the #hief ,nspector or the inspector carryin% out an
in/esti%ation indicates that he no lon%er re*uires the. , would also infor the
owners( coplete reportin% as re*uired !y the '2' and hold a full on!oard
159. What are the ain pro/isions of the ,nternational 'afety 2ana%eent #ode8
The purpose of the ,'2 #ode is to pro/ide an international standard for the safety
ana%eent and operation of ships and for pollution pre/ention. The ,nternational
ana%eent #ode for the 'afe -peration of ships and for .ollution .re/ention
pro/ides the followin% :- )nsure safety at sea( pre/ention of huan inCury or loss of
life( and a/oidance of daa%e to the en/ironent and to property. 'afety
ana%eent o!Cecti/es of the copany should +aon%st other thin%s) :- +1) .ro/ide
for safe practices in ship operation and a safe wor"in% en/ironent& +6) esta!lish
safe%uards a%ainst all identified ris"s& and +9) continuously ipro/e safety
ana%eent s"ills of personnel ashore and a!oard ships( includin% preparin% for
eer%encies relatin% !oth to safety and en/ironental protection. ,t re*uires owners
to ipleent and aintain safety ana%eent systes co/erin% a ran%e of factors
includin% safety and en/ironental protection( defined areas of responsi!ility and
authority( and ipro/in% ana%eent s"ills of ship and shore !ased personnel.
1=0. What trainin% would you %i/e a newly Coined seaan8 Why8
, would a"e sure the chief officer %oes throu%h the failiari<ation chec"list with
hi co/erin% eer%ency duties( security procedures( 550 and 1'0 failiari<ation(
edical inforation and first aid procedures( ..) issue and trainin%. , would ensure
he copletes any copany #$T such as security inductions. The ate would ta"e
hi for a tour of the dec" pointin% out ha<ards and explainin% the operation of /arious
dec" achinery. Be would !e shown the ships '-10' trainin% anual( 5ire Trainin%
2anual and #-'W. and the 2aers" .oc"et 'afety Guide. Be would !e told of the
copanies alcohol and dru%s policy( en/ironental policy +includin%
ipleentation)( so"in% policy and health and safety policy. , would a"e sure he
"new who "ey persons were such as 3.0( 'afety -fficer( 2edical -fficer( 'afety
Representati/e and 'hip 'ecurity -fficer. , would ensure that all personnel in/ol/ed
with his trainin% coplete and si%n the chec"list.
1=1. Who can carry out a Ris" 0ssessent on your ship and how would it !e done8
The eployer ust conduct ris" assessents. 0lthou%h anyone on!oard could
conduct a ris" assessent( it is norally carried out !y an officer with consultation
with the crew and the findin%s would !e counicated to the crew. The process
in/ol/es :- +1) #lassifyin% the wor" acti/ity( +6) identifyin% ha<ards and personnel at
ris"& +9) deterinin% the ris" F what is the li"elihood of har occurrin% and the
potential se/erity if it does happen& +;) decidin% if the ris" is tolera!le& +5) preparin%
an action plan +if necessary) F what control easures can !e adopted to reduce or
eliinate the ris" of har& and +=) re/iewin% the ade*uacy of the action plan.
1=6. What is the Baronised 'yste of 'ur/ey8
The Baronised 'yste of 'ur/ey and #ertification is intended to alle/iate the
difficulties and extra expense for ship owners and operators who had to put their ships
out of ser/ice at different ties for different sur/eys. ,t is a andatory syste( !ut
ay !e ipleented on indi/idual ships on different dates. The date for introduction
of the B''# should norally !e the latest expiry date of certificates issued under the
'-10'( 1oad 1ine and 20R.-1 #on/entions. ,t co/ers the followin% certificates(
and sur/eys for issue of those certificates( under '-10'( 20R.-1( the 1oad 1ine
#on/ention and the Gas and #heical Tan"er #odes( as follows: .assen%er 'hip
'afety #ertificate& #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction #ertificate& #ar%o 'hip 'afety
)*uipent #ertificate& #ar%o 'hip 'afety Radio #ertificate& ,nternational -il
.ollution .re/ention #ertificate& ,nternational 4oxious 1i*uid 'u!stances .re/ention
#ertificate& ,nternational 1oad 1ine #ertificate& ,nternational #ertificate of 5itness for
the #arria%e of 1i*uefied Gases in $ul"& and ,nternational #ertificate of 5itness for
the #arria%e of 3an%erous #heicals in $ul". The haronised syste pro/ides
for: 0 one-year standard inter/al !etween sur/eys( !ased on initial( annual(
interediate( periodical and renewal sur/eys( as appropriate. The renewal sur/ey
ay !e copleted within 9 onths !efore the expiry date of the existin% certificate
with no loss of its period of /alidity. There is a Ktie windowL of = onths( fro 9
onths !efore to 9 onths after the anni/ersary date of the certificate for annual(
interediate and periodical sur/eys. 0 axiu period of /alidity of 5 years applies
for all certificates for car%o ships and 16 onths for the .assen%er 'hip 'afety
#ertificate. 0 syste for the extension of certificates liited to 9 onths to ena!le a
ship to coplete its /oya%e. The period of /alidity of the new certificate startin% fro
the expiry of the existin% certificate !efore its extension( when an extension has !een
%ranted +therefore nothin% %ained !y delayin% the sur/ey). ,t incorporates a flexi!le
syste for the inspection of the hull on the followin% conditions: a iniu of two
inspections durin% any 5-year period& the inter/al !etween any two such inspections
ay not exceed 9= onths. ,t pro/ides a pro/ision for a #ar%o 'hip 'afety
#ertificate( as an alternati/e to separate #ar%o 'hip 'afety #onstruction( )*uipent
and Radio #ertificates. ,nterediate sur/eys are conducted within 9 onths of either
the second or third. :nder the pre-haronisation re%ulations( a #-5 could not !e
extended. To chec" if a ship is on a B''# syste( chec" the headers of each
certificate. 'iilar expiry dates on the rele/ant certificates is further confiration of
ipleentation of the B''#.
1=9. What ay replace the '05#-4 and other certificates8
The #ar%o 'hip 'afety #ertificate.
1=;. What is the difference !etween eployer and copany in the 199A )ployent
The eployer uses the ser/ices of a person in return for payent. 0 copany is a
!ody of persons asse!led for a coon coercial purpose. Thus a copany
could utili<e annin% a%encies as eployers without eployin% the seafarers directly.
The copany is howe/er responsi!le for ensurin% the eployer coplies with
re%ulations such as hours of wor" and eployent of youn% persons etc.
1=5. What would you do if you suspected soe of your crew had fraudulent
'T#W95 #ertificates8
#hec" with the eployer who ay !e a!le to chec" with the 0dinistration which
issued the certificate( since this is re*uired under 'T#W 95 to aintain a re%ister of
certificates issued. The 2#0 cannot /alidate forei%n certificates as no record is "ept.
,f it is a #-# or #)# issued !y the 2#0( the /alidity can !e chec"ed online.
1==. 'u up the fundaental differences !etween an ,'2 #ode 0udit and say( a
1oadline inspection8
1oadline is all a!out the waterti%ht inte%rity of a /essel and is done in accordance
with the rules of the 2#0 +who ipleent 1oad 1ine 19=7 Rules). ,'2 howe/er is
all a!out the safe operation of the ship and pollution pre/ention with reference to its
safety ana%eent syste. ,t is uch ore li"ely to in/ol/e chec"in% of paperwor"(
lo%!oo"s( charts and record !oo"s to ensure procedures ha/e !een followed and
e/idence "ept. 1oad line and other siilar certificates in/ol/e physically inspectin%
the ship for deficiencies.
1=A. What are the ain roles of the 3.08
To ensure safe operation of each ship and pro/ide a lin" !etween #opany and crew(
e/ery #opany( should desi%nate a person or persons ashore +3.0) with direct access
to hi%hest le/el of ana%eent. Responsi!ility and authority of 3.0 should include
onitorin% safety and pollution pre/ention aspects of operation of each ship and
ensurin% ade*uate resources and shore !ased support are applied( as re*uired.
1=7. Oour 'afety -fficer wants to fill in an ,R5 a!out an incident which is potentially
e!arrassin% to you. What would you do8
, would tell hi to fill out the ,R5 !ut a"e sure he understands that it is only
necessary to put a persons a%e and position on the /essel F no naes ust !e sent in
with the report.