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#HOOPS4GRACE FIXTURE October 4, 2014

Teams Time Scores
Group A
La Classe Vs AFGM

11:00AM 11:15AM

Touch FM Vs La Classe 12:20PM 12:35PM

AFGM Vs Touch FM 1:40PM 1:55PM

Group B
KnightFrank Vs SMS Media 11:20AM 11:35AM

Mega Milk Vs KnightFrank 12: 40PM 12:55PM

SMS Media Vs Mega Milk 2:00PM 2:15PM

Group C
Quack Intellectuals Vs D-
11:40AM 11:55AM

Beans and Posho Vs Quack
1:00PM 1:15PM

D-Ruta Vs Beans And
2:20 PM 2:35PM

Group D
Danje Vs Benezeri 12:00AM 12:15PM

Round Bob Vs Danje 1:20PM 1:35PM

Benezeri Vs Round Bob 2:40PM 2:55PM

Be the Change You Want To See
#HOOPS4GRACE FIXTURE October 4, 2014
Teams Time Score
Group E
Pispa Afrika Vs Hirolla

11:00AM 11:15AM

Prosper Vs Pispa Africa

12:20PM0 12:35PM

Prosper Vs HiRolla

1:40PM 1:55PM
Group F
CCF Vs Barefoot Lawyers

11:20AM 11:35AM

Lions Vs CCF

12:40AM 12:55PM

Lions Vs Barefoot Lawyers

2:00PM 2:15PM

Group G
Historical Vs Sharp
11:40AM 11:55AM

Bank of Uganda Vs
1:00PM 1:15PM
Sharp Shooters Vs Bank of
2:20PM 2:35PM
Group H
Biti Vs Kitante

12:00PM 12:15PM

Shem Vs Kitante

1:20PM 1:35PM

Shem Vs Biti

2:40PM 2:55PM

Be the Change You Want To See!
#HOOPS4GRACE FIXTURE October 4, 2014
Quarterfinals Time Court
Winner Group A Vs Winner Group B 3:30PM 4:00PM TWO
Winner Group E Vs Winner Group F 3:30PM 4:00PM ONE
Winner Group C Vs Winner Group D 4:10PM 4:40PM TWO
Winner Group G Vs Winner Group H 4:10PM 40:40PM ONE
Semi-Finals Time Court
Winner A/B Vs Winner C/D 5:00PM 5:30PM Two
Winner E/F Vs Winner G/H 5:00PM 5:30PM One
Final Time Court
Semi-Final Winners 6:00PM 6:40PM Coin Toss

Games start at exactly 11:00AM.
A team that is not on court within 5 Minutes of the stipulated start-time
automatically forfeits.
In case all the 3 teams in the group are tied (1 Win each), the team with the
highest number of Points in its two games is considered the Group winner.
Each game in the Group stages is 14 Minutes and shall have only 2 halves. Each
half is 7 Minutes.
At the Quarterfinal and Semifinal Stages, the games shall have 3 Quarters, each
quarter shall last 10 Minutes.
The Final shall have 4 Quarters, with each quarter lasting 10 Minutes.
In case of any anomalies or complaints, report to the Tournament Administrator
who shall be introduced to all the Team Captains.

Be the Change You Want To See!