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APA 6 Edition Sample References STUDENT LEARNING

Type of Citation
Book with one author
Book with two authors
Chapter in a book
Government document
Marshall, S.
In-text citation: (Marshall, 2012)
(2012). Academic writing: Making the transition. Toronto, Canada: Pearson.
Lightbown, P .M., & Spada, N.
In-text citation: (Lightbown & Spada, 2006)
In-text citation: (Dell, 2002)
(2006). How languages are learned (3rd ed.). Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press
Dell, C.A. (2002).
In W. Chan, & K. Mirchandani (Eds.),
The criminalization of Aboriginal women: Commentary by a community activist.
Peterborough, Canada: (pp. 127-137). Broadview.
In-text citation: (Health Canada, 2007)
Health Canada. (2007). The regulation of genetically modied food (Cat. no. H21-202/1-2005).
Article in an e-journal
Newspaper or magazine
In-text citation: (Lexier, 2007)
Lexier, R. (2007).The backdrop against which everything happened: English-Canadian student movements
and off-campus movements for change.
Location of Publication
(Date of publication)
Title of Book, Journal,
Volume and Issue of
Title of Piece Within
Book, Journal, etc.
Page Numbers
Website (URL) or DOI
Retrieved from
History of Intellectual Culture, 7(1),
In-text citation: (Stultz, 2006)
In-text citation: (Lakeridge Health, 2014)
In-text citation: (Hilts, 1999, para. 3)
Stultz, J. (2006).Integrating exposure therapy and analytical therapy in trauma treatment.
doi: 10.1037/0002-9432.76.4.482
American Journal of
Orthopsychiatry, 482-488.
In-text citation: (Semenak, 1995, p. A4)
Semenak, S. (1995, December 28). Feeling right at home: Government residence eschews traditional rules.
(Note: Magazines will also contain volume of publication before the page number)
Montreal Gazette, p. A4.
Online newspaper
or magazine
Hilts, P. J. (1999, February 16). In forecasting their emotions, most people funk out. The New York Times.
Retrieved from Website Lakeridge Health. (2014).Clinical research.
Example Citation Colour Key
Retrieved from
Retrieved from
Crimes of colour: Racialization and the criminal justice system in