GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

Introduction to Apologetics
1. The word ‘apologetics’ comes from the Greek word ‘apologia’ which means:


Therefore, Christian Apologetics is that branch of ___________________ that deals with _______________ any and all critics who oppose or _________________ the revelation of God in Christ and the _____________. The apologist should always be able to _______________ his reasons for _________________. Areas of _____________ within Christian Apologetics deal with the use of _____________, reason, philosophy, etc. The Lord has called ___________ Christian to be ready to make a ________________ of his faith. If you want to be able to _____________ well to another person, ______________, or family member that may be in a __________, you need to be able to understand their _______________ as well as you own. We are commanded to defend the faith in:

3. 4. 5. 6.



Few things are as ________________ when defending the _____________ as being able to cite chapter and _____________ for any particular subject.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

The New Age Movement
1. The new age movement is a religious system with two basic beliefs: a. b. 2. New age philosophy generally seeks to ___________ with those philosophies that put man and ____________ on an ______________ level. 3. Since man is ____________ by nature, all people once they see themselves as such, will be helped in their unity of _______________, love, and __________________. 4. List 4 of the common ‘buzz’ words for new agers: a. b. c. d. 5. Only the Bible has the message of ___________; grace is the ________________ ___________ of God upon His people.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

1. Evolution is the ___________ that life developed by _____________ out of inorganic material and then grew in complexity and _____________ sufficient to fill the earth with all the _________________ we have today. 2. Evolution first became popular with Darwin’s book:

3. For life to ___________ by chance there would have to be an ________________ amount of time and an incredible amount of _____________________ of molecules. 4. The Bible says, ‘know that the Lord is _____________. It is ________ who _________ us’ Psalm 100:3 5. __________________ _________ was said to be one step up from apes and was dated at 200,000 years. 6. Evolution is taught as _________ in schools and television and is ___________, if ever, questioned or ________________ in a critical light. 7. Evolution is a ________________ and ________________ doctrine to the souls of men.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

The Do’s and Don’ts of Witnessing
1. People are __________________ for different reasons: some because they _________ knowledge, others because they lack the _________________, and still others because they lack both. 2. ___________ yourself to Him as an __________________ of His righteousness. 3. He will never ____________ you or _____________ you even while you are _________________. 4. List 3 important verses in witnessing a. b. c. 5. Memorization is like _______________. The more you do it, the _____________ it gets; the less you do the ______________ it gets. 6. The four spiritual laws are simple, to the point, and use scripture to convince, convince, and convert, they are: a. b. c. d. 7. What does Christian CPR stand for: C: P: R: 8. Each person who ______________ should have his ________ life ___________ with God. 9. Through _____________ you are in _______________ with the Holy Creator of the ___________________. 10. It is in ___________ the Bible that God ______________ to you. 11. Teaching is ____________ people knowledge and _____________________ that they don’t have.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

12. Justice is: 13. Mercy is: 14. Grace is: 15. This is a good way of _________________ when it comes to the _________________ of our sins, God must be the ________________ and that Jesus must also be _________ in order to make forgiveness possible. 16. When you need to answer a question from an _________________, take a moment to __________ and let the Holy Spirit __________ in your heart and mind and _____________ Him to give you the wisdom when you ___________ it.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

Christian Doctrine
1. All you need to do is get ________________ in the fundamentals and from there ________________ your Christian walk. A _________________ is only as strong as its _____________________. 2. Inspiration means that God, through the Holy Spirit, caused the ______________ of the Bible to write the _________________ and authoritative self ___________________ of God. 3. The Trinity is the doctrine that there is one God who exists simultaneously in three persons:

4. Original sin is:

5. With the _________________ of Christ we have the ______________ of the Holy Spirit who ________________ to the Church through the mediation of _____________ and the Scriptures. 6. Sanctification means:

7. The ________________ is the time when, at Chris’s coming, the Christians who are ____________ are ________________ into their resurrected bodies. 8. Good doctrine can ______________ you from being _______________ by the lies of the enemy as are found in the ___________ and ungodly teachings of the world.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

Three Essential Doctrines of Christianity
1. The Bible itself reveals those doctrines that are essential to the Christian faith. They are: a. b. c.

2. Jesus claimed 3. Jesus 4. The Father 5. The fruit of righteousness 6. Jesus died 7. Jesus delivers us 8. The Scriptures 9. We sin 10. Jesus has overcome 11. Jesus is honored 12. Jesus is able to save

( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (

) gives peace ) from the wrath to come ) the same as the Father ) to be God ) draws us to Jesus ) comes through Jesus Christ ) and rose again ) bear witness of Jesus ) completely ) the world ) against Jesus

13. The Holy Spirit is the _____________ person of the ______________. 14. He always bears _______________ of the Son which is why so little of Him is ________________ on in the Bible.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

What the Bible is all About
1. The Bible is about: _______________ 2. Jesus is prophesied 3. Jesus is coming 4. Anticipation of Jesus 5. Filled with typologies 6. Jesus is concealed 7. Pictures of Jesus ( ( ( ( ( ( ) Person of Jesus is presented ) Jesus is revealed ) Jesus is arrived ) Jesus is present ) Truth of Jesus is recorded ) Realization of Jesus

8. How many books in the Bible are History: ___________ Name them: a. b. c. d. e. f. g. h i. j. k. l.

9. ____________________________ looked forward to Jesus, our Savior. 10. Sin enters in _________________, but exits in ______________________.


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

Jesus in the Bible
1. The early church sometimes referred to the four gospels as: a. b. c. d. 2. John presents Jesus as the Son of God: 3. Matthew presents Jesus as the Messiah: 4. Luke presents Jesus as the Son of Man:

5. Mark presents Jesus as the Suffering Servant: 6. The twelve tribes were located in four groups of three: a. To the west were the tribes of: b. To the north were the tribes of: c. To the east were the tribes of: d. To the south were the tribes of :


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

Dictionary of Theology
Briefly define the following words: 1. Antichrist: 2. Apologetics: 3. Baptism: 4. Christian: 5. Condemnation: 6. Conviction: 7. Deism: 8. Excommunication: 9. Glorification: 10. Grace: 11. Heresy: 12. Immutability: 13. Just, Justice: 14. Kenosis:


GIBI Course Christian Apologetics, Lessons

15. Mediator: 16. Occult: 17. Prayer: 18. Redemption: 19. Sin: 20. Theism: 21. Tithe: 22. Tribulation: 23. Word: 24. Worship:


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