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Beale,Mike [NCR

Klenavic,Nancy [NCR]
February 7, 2014 1: 07 PM
Beale, Mike [NCR]
Milburn-Hopwood,Sue [NCR]
Subject: RE: Western Chorus Frog: Email for MINO
Ok, thanks
From: Beale,Mike [NCR]
Sent: February 7, 2014 1:07 PM
To: Klenavic,Nancy [NCR]
Cc: Milburn-Hopwood,Sue [NCR]
Subject: Re: Western Chorus Frog: Email for MINO
Can we shorten this a lot -- refer to most recent MtM -- note that the para on p2 says QC authorization pending -- this is
to advise that we understand QC will issue permit in next few days. That's ail we need to say; if there are follow up Qs
we'll answer them. Sue shd send. Thx! Mike.
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From: Klenavic,Nancy [NCR]
Sent: Friday, February 07, 2014 12:54 PM
To: Beale,Mike [NCR]
Cc: Milburn-Hopwood,Sue [NCR]
Subject: Western Chorus Frog: Email for MINO
As discussed earlier today- here is some text to send to MINO (Bryan Macleod) about the latest
development related to the western chorus frog.
ln December we advised the Minister that her predecessor had received 3 petitions requesting that an emergency order
be issued for the Western Chorus Frog's protection in La Prairie, located on the south shore of Montreal (MIN-
167227). The petitions stated that a residential real estate development project planned for La Prairie would destroy a
significant portion of the species' habitat.
We recently learned that the Government of Que bec will authorize the real estate development to proceed and that the
project will be initiated immediately following authorization. Given the media attention in the past concerning the
petitions, it is expected that the decision to proceed with the real estate development will generate additional media
attention. Media lines are being updated. The authorization is expected within the next few days.
The Department is in the final stages of its assessment as to whether this development poses an imminent threat to the
survival and recovery of the species. The recovery strategy for the species including the mapping of its critical habitat is
scheduled to be posted for public comment in March. The department has been working with officiais from the
, ..
provirîce of Quebec on the recovery strategy and they are aware that the project will destroy proposed critical habitat
for the species.
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