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Context of Practice 3: Danielle Muntyan

Dissertation Question: How has the Commercialization of the Ideal

Body Image affected Eating Disorders?
A critical analysis of theories and evidence, regarding the idealisation and commercialisation of
the female body image, and its subsequent impact on eating disorders.
1.0. Introduction
2.0. Background and Context
2.1. Context & History of Disordered Eating
2.2. Eating Disorders: Facts, Figures & Statistics
2.3. Women and Body Dissatisfaction
2.4. The Rise of the Ideal Body Image
3.0. Theoretical/Psychological Knowledge of Bodily Changes
3.1. The Mirror Stage and Reflections
3.2. Self-Objectification and Sexual-Objectification Theories
4.0. The Media and the Fashion Industry
4.1. 21st Century Media Exposure
4.2. Fashion and its Impact on Body Image and Disordered Eating

4.3. A Fashionable Comeback
5.0. Conclusion
6.0. Bibliography
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Practical: The Evolution of the Ideal Female Body Image: 1900 - 2014
I intend to show, inform and educate both males and females on the commercialisation of the
female body image over the past 114 years, showcasing how considerably the ideal body image
has changed as result of synthesising sociocultural, economic and environmental issues, in return
leading to disordered eating and disordered views of a healthy body image in present day times.
Information will be collated in a hardback, perfect bound coffee table book, which will act as a
seamless timeline of images and information, showcasing and highlighting both obvious and
subtle female bodily changes, and trends.
Format: A coffee table book is usually designed to provoke conversation and stimulate thought.
Size & Orientation: 8x10 inches, Portrait.
Page Count: 156
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