Theology III Period A Test 1 The Roman World Short Answer Name____________________

1. Who helped expand Hellenism to the East? 2. According to legend, who founded Rome? 3. When was Rome founded? 4. How did Rome benefit from the Punic Wars? 5. How did Julius Caesar become dictator for life? 6. Who was “Augustus”? How did he receive that title? 7. How did Augustus retain the appearances of a Republic? 8. In what different areas did Greek and Roman civilizations excel? 9. How did early cults placate their gods and secure protection for their state? 10. How did the fundamentals of Stoicism appeal to the Romans? 1. How did the change from republic to empire hurt the Romans? 12. Who led the Jews from captivity? 13. Who were the Sadducees? 14. Who were the Pharisees? 15. What happened to the Jews in AD 70? 16. What term describes Jews who do not live in the holy land?

Augustus __________________ Chattel __________________ __________________ __________________ __________________

Punic Wars __________________ Stoicism __________________ Diaspora __________________ Essenes __________________

Hellenization Mithraicism Pax Romana Pietas

Pharisees __________________ Sadducees __________________ Sanhedrin__________________


Pontifex Maximus __________________ Define the Following Terms:

What does it mean to say that history began in the mind of God? Why is it important to study the covenants of the Old Testament to understand Church history? Do our decisions make any difference to shape human history? Why or why not? On the back of the paper answer one of the following:

Both Hellenism and the Roman Empire provided the cultural and political unity in the world at the time of Christ. How might have this helped the spread of Christianity? How was the Jewish culture at the time of Christ different from that described in the Old Testament? How was it the same?



The history of the Jewish people is filled with incidents concerning God’s promises and providence, sometimes unfolding in an unexpected way. How would a Jew explain the fall of Jerusalemn and the Great Diaspora?

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